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  1. Less Kill Bill than The Villainess, I suspect:
  2. Sounds good. I fear the well is drying, though.
  3. Obviously I hate it, because I'm the sort of person who still buys physical products like Blu-rays and vinyl records. But I fear that's the case for the Big Experience games they demoed it with, and it doesn't matter how many times you say it's for "everyone" when they quote 25Mbps for a recommended performance; that's way beyond the average for just about every nation outside a few major cities. Most of all, I wouldn't personally have unveiled my new cloud-based expensive stuff ownership system the same week I emailed every Google+ owner to remind them all of their content will vanish at the end of the month because I was bored of hosting it.
  4. Oooh, Edith Finch please. I honestly doubt I could tell the difference between MvC3 (that's already on GP) and Infinite anyway. Didn't have a single clue what I was doing with it, and rapidly retreated to the safety of SFIV.
  5. Really hope "Arcade" is just a Vol. 1 because I'll happily take the rest of the Gradius games as well as Gyruss, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Time Pilot, Commando, Gyruss and probably about half a dozen others.
  6. Vulcan Venture AND Salamander? Nemesis actually called Nemesis rather than Gradius? Unless they get this horribly wrong I'm in.
  7. Really? Because I'm inferring from the name that it's less fast than the Radeon Pro Vega 56, and that was about GTX 1070 Mobile speed - I'd guess it's going to end up about 1060ish. Which is fine, really.
  8. I loved it - we've known from her announcement that they're introducing her to the MCU because she's crazy-level powerful, so I went in expecting two hours of pixels punching each other. To find out we've got a remarkably small-scale, emotionally-led human drama was a complete delight. During the "why do we fall, Master Bruce?" bit I practically punched The Patriarchy in the face.
  9. Pale redheads are usually from the Celtic Nations. Of course Hollywood makes us play the bad guys.
  10. This is a very long list of games THAT ARE NOT PROJECT GOTHAM ONES.
  11. Not trying to be “Outraged of Chesham” but I’m not sure the trailer (and probably not to movie, spoilerphobes) so clearly aping Schindler’s List was entirely a good choice. Unless, of course, this is the world's most subtle way of saying that they've banked on the merger completing in a couple of weeks, and Magneto's showing up to save the day by wrenching the glove off Thanos's hand.
  12. Oh wow, that's great news. I don't have a lot I'm playing on PC rather than Xbox at the moment, but it should stop me buying games I have there twice.
  13. I really enjoyed it in the cinema. Conversely, I have Strong Opinions about Bad Things in the deleted scenes and will be mostly sticking to the theatrical cut. But I'm a big, dumb Potterhead who's all excited about going on a second trip to Leavesden to see the sets at the end of the month, so coped just fine with the way most of it relies on 'shocking' revelations about who's related (or otherwise) to whom, which character's in or out of love with which other one and so on. You're right that it's We-Have-A-Multi-Sequel-Deal-in-Place City, however. Fantastic Beasts is a standalone film giving them ample get out if it tanked to cut their losses. $814M Worldwide on that means that they have a hell of a lot of worldbuilding to dump on us in this one, though. Makes even Marvel films look restrained in their balance between making this one exciting and teasing the next three.
  14. That's a very good point; Disney won't even let the UK have a 4k stream of Die Hard With A Vengeance.
  15. I know they're massive earners as general franchise. I know. But it still baffles me that the merger talk is ALL about whether and how Feige gets to play with Mutants, rather than what Disney might do with the original Star Wars films. Because that's all I really need to know - when am I going to be allowed a UHD of the Trilogy without CG?
  16. As we've mentioned before, there's a tonne of games out there that don't fit on a dual-layer BD50, and either (like Just Cause 3) require you to leave the console running for ages while it procedurally generate landscape elements before you can start playing, or (like GT Sport, Destiny etc.) have significant sections of the game only available once you've downloaded enough additional data to bring the overall size up to the 70+ GB mark. Making texture, model and other data assets ever larger (because what are more powerful GPUs for, if not shoving ever more detailed graphics around) only means even more space.
  17. I suspect Microsoft will be watching the reaction to the disc-less Xbox keenly. If it dies on its backside they'll at least want a disc-supporting version of their next machine available, even if they don't make it the only option.
  18. Oooh, that's interesting. I really enjoyed 3 for the amount of time I played it (has anyone ever finished a Just Cause game? They're great fun for a few hours, before each map of unending repetition gets too much) but that was through PS+, so I'll lose it soon. Are the physics less broken than at launch?
  19. Trek is US-only, sorry. Curious if Spider-verse is just the picture disc release we got in the UK as standard.
  20. So what's on everyone's RSD2019 list? It lands on my wedding anniversary, so I'm not sure I can make it, but damn there are some enticing things on there. Definitely want the "Rated PG" compilation of Peter Gabriel songs for films, particularly for the WALL-E one, the new Sunn O))) (though I could just wait for the regular vinyl a few weeks later), The Depreciation Guild's 'In Her Gentle Jaws' (I got a promo digital at the time, but it deserves a record), and Twin Peaks Season 2. Might grab the Suede, depending on price (it's not like Head Music had the best B-sides, but completion is required) and the Sherman Brothers Songbook (depending on the track list).
  21. BALL TOP FOREVER. Otherwise, I'd rather have separate sticks and a console; I don't have room for a whole dedicated unit, sadly.
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