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    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    My guess is that the sticker’s dodgy and we only get the extended on streaming and Blu but are stuck with theatrical on UHD. But it could also be that the U.K. get extended on disc because the US have quality streaming options we don’t. Particularly if the Blu has both, but they mean the only 4k extended is the iTunes stream Americans get on MoviesAnywhere, Warner not being happy with their branching code for UHD?
  2. Yes please. Good to see doggo is useful in a fight, too.
  3. iainl

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    Out of interest, since I don't know the Kensington thing, will it also give you the option of using your phone's wifi to do a cloud backup if you get online somewhere, too? That would be an extra degree of peace of mind, and we're fairly civilised over here...
  4. That day being when a combination of improvements to panel brightness/contrast and the software that controls that panel mean that HDR10 is good enough without needing the extra metadata crutches of DV or 10+, at a guess.
  5. If you're projecting, you're sitting in a dark room, and you don't need 1000+ nits of brightness searing your eyeballs. So you may be happy to just get the extra crispness of the resolution. But otherwise, you're going to want to look at TV panels, sorry. On the bright side, if you're not getting HDR or a wider colour gamut (low-end "4k" DLP projectors only have Rec. 709 gamut as well) then you can be happy about how Blu-rays are half the price of UHDs as well.
  6. Oh that's clever - so a bit like having 2 million local dimming zones? Panasonic were talking about a year ago of doing a double layer of LCD, weren't they? This is presumably the same thing. I wonder, when signals are typically 4:2:2 anyway, why they didn't do a 1080p colour layer and 4k luminance, rather than vice versa, though? I presume there's a good reason.
  7. iainl

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    It's a pity you can't go for at least a moderate rucksack as they have the big advantages of also having room for a water bottle, snacks etc. Maybe bear that in mind when looking at overall bag size - or possibly just decide on days where you don't need anything other than the body with the 24-70 on and you can use the rest of the bag space for travel essentials, leaving the other kit behind at the hotel. Alternatively, don't be afraid to use more than one bag - if you end up like a pack horse with one on each hip then so be it; it'll be both a lot more comfortable than one gigantic shoulder bag for everything and allows you more flexibility to only grab one or the other without repacking it all. Everything you've described so far is either dual-voltage capable (check, obviously, because I wouldn't want you to fry your battery, but my first Canon was certainly able to handle 240V) and so you'll just need a tiny travel adapter available all over the place, or if you're charging off USB you could always just buy a European USB charger while you're over here. Re: Tripods, I've got the Manfrotto Element Big; I'm sure there are lighter ones out there but it was a reasonable price, much better than the cheap one I had before, and could stay rock solid with my 7D and the 100-400mm f/4 fully extended when I was trying to photograph Saturn last year; I can't ask more than that.
  8. iainl

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    They're practically lying about the download anyway, when it's limited to the Flixster system at VideoCD quality. So why not lie further?
  9. iainl

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Streaming only? On a bloody Warner title? Well, that's a bummer. Hopefully it's just the gimmick of shoving bonus scenes that were cut for a good reason back into the movie, given that I'll only be able to see it on a telephone.
  10. My biggest problem with all of From’s games like this is the way they buffer inputs - I get far too panicky and spam attacks that I can’t cancel out of.
  11. iainl

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    If I had to guess, they’re unhappy about either dumping the NAS game out cheap / free so quickly due to “disappointing” sales, or the subsequent attempts to milk all those who will pay to stay on the current version for all they’re worth. Destiny 1 prices were far more reasonable.
  12. iainl

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    There’s nothing like a double bill of extraterrestrial horror to soothe the pain of Brexit, I guess.
  13. As I understand it, very few projectors have the dynamic range to get much out of HDR of any kind, so it’s not hugely worth worrying about, I believe.
  14. Beyond is marvellous; tonally it's a lot lighter, visually it's far more into colour rather than everything being white but I'm fine with that. The Beasties moment is admittedly divisive, but I'm on the side of finding it hilarious rather than scene-breakingly ridiculous. Into Darkness certainly has its moments with a couple of great action scenes, but the Khan thing is a poor move. Anyone who knows and loves the old Wrath of Khan is going to find the big sequence of self-sacrifice and saying goodbye devoid of the emotion they hope to piggyback, because even in the cinema it was telegraphed what we're doing, and it's just a case of sitting there and waiting for them to get it over with, like putting up with 6th-form students quoting an entire Monty Python sketch at each other. I would love to know how someone who's only ever seen the Kelvin timeline feels about it, and whether it works without that context. Because it really doesn't with it.
  15. MVC3? Oh go on, then. Was only trying to persuade my son to try SFIV at the weekend. Don't really need to let Just Cause 3 spend another 72 hours unpacking itself after the PS4 release, though. "Aftercharge is a team-based cooperative multiplayer online first-person shooter game " NO THANK YOU.
  16. Not tried this myself yet, but Finn seems to be enjoying it.
  17. OH WHAT? Hang on. This list must be incomplete. Surely. Because otherwise they've killed the whole 4k range below the 85, and if you want anything smaller than 55" then it's either the half-arsed XG90 or a 1080p W-series set. More details here: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1546907558
  18. The replacement of the XF90 with an XG95 for all above 49" is a curious one, but basically seems to boil down to the 49" being a cheaper model closer to the XF90 in spec rather than the full update of the 95. Otherwise, in practice they're not pushing array-dimmed backlights any harder than this year, no? What -is- new is that the XG95 gets the acoustic panel tech from the ZF9 / AF9 and so presumably a glass front rather than the soft LCD of the XF90, and also their faster CPU so that they don't have the comically poor UI response that made me splash out on an LG OLED (something I don't regret, because I'm expecting the 55" XG95 to not be much, if any, cheaper than I paid for a C8 of the same size at first).
  19. Very unimpressed with the British Public, as I've become used to over the last few years... Mamma Mia! 2: Electric Boogaloo was good, but a top ten that contains Irritating Rabbit but not Fallout is just embarrassing: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/uk/yearly/
  20. That Annihilation set is one of my LPs Of The year.
  21. iainl

    Apple Discussion Thread

    The fact that I put it on for two minutes to see what it looked like, and only forced myself to stop after the bit at Not Sarrat Honestly says a lot for how good it is. It’s also nowhere near as vivid as Labyrinth (intentionally, obv) but the HDR Pass is likely to be making the big difference, yes.
  22. iainl

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Set mine up this morning - seems to work well enough. Not a fair test as different films, but while the image is bloody gorgeous overall, I didn’t find the grain on The Living Daylights to be quite as crisp as my UHD of Labyrinth, which is a similar age. Does make it less attention-seeking, I guess.
  23. I've been flip-flopping on Steep since before release - unsure which format to get it on, whether to just get the base game first or go straight to the Olympics bundle and so on, so I'm really pleased by this news.