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  1. rustyjaw

    Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    Noodling around on the Deluge, baby steps at this point. This is a mix of Deluge internal synth and the JP-08 being sequenced by Deluge. So far this box is delightful. It’s a nice change of pace to work this way. 708CF4BB-32C2-4072-BE82-3A45B1A231BF.mp4
  2. No game has exposed the cognitive difference between morning-me and evening-me more than Tetris. I play when I get home from work and it's pathetic, I lose games within minutes of starting...but morning me (with caffeine, of course) can just 'see' the board with so much more clarity, the right move is way more apparent, more immediately. This isn't the only game that has made this difference clear, Lumines was similar...it's just strikingly different with Tetris. I might as well not even play in the evening if I'm trying to score well.
  3. rustyjaw

    Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    I just took a leap in a new direction by ordering a portable workstation, the Synthstrom Deluge. After looking in depth at what it's capable of, I could not resist it. It's really like a miracle box, nothing else on the market can touch it's capabilities. So what is it? At its heart, its a piano-roll style sequencer. But it's also a powerful synth, a sampler, a groovebox, a control surface, a live improvisation tool, and a full multi-track studio in a box that runs off USB or battery. It has 2 tracks of CV and 4 gates, so it can interface directly with my modular. Really, this thing seems too good to be true. Every other device like it has some limitation that feels like you'd have to work around, the Deluge is astonishingly free of limitations. I watched a LOT of videos about it, but this one is the cleanest and simplest. It does not dive into all the features, but just gives a sense of how you built tracks. Since this video was made, they have introduced new features that make building entire tracks (song mode) a lot more powerful...although it was pretty good before. While it might appear to require a lot of menu diving (something I detest), it's worth noting that almost every editable parameter has a pad associated...so in most cases you can simply hit a pad and turn a dial to alter settings. The whole thing is just genius.
  4. Because this game requires no head turning to speak of, I've donned my heavier, but much better sounding NAD headphones to play. At first it feels rather confining to have all this gear on, but once the game starts it's the opposite, the sensory world expands...and after playing for a while I lose track of my body position.
  5. Oh man, I forgot about that game since that was the last generation of consoles I missed completely. I only played it on a friends 360. But that's good call, it does seem primed for a VR release.
  6. That DF video is interesting. I'm pretty sure the very first version of Tetris I ever played was on a C64, which was probably a Spectrum Holobyte game. I was surprised to see Welltris come up in the video as I played that quite a bit on Windows 3. I remember being very confused by it for some time, but in those days, I had so few gaming options that I stuck with it and eventually got pretty good at it. These days, I'd probably just give up because of how hard it was to wrap my head around. Then the Gameboy came out and that is still my defining Tetris experience (although I'm certain Tetris Effect will take over that spot). In somewhat related news, I would LOVE to see a new version of Lumines in VR. It almost seems obvious at this point that it should happen.
  7. OK, I spent some more time this morning playing and it's just glorious. I was particularly taken the DaVinci level which doesn't even have music, but instead has a creaky, windswept soundtrack with floating windmills sailing past you. Another fave is a desert theme, you start floating above a caravan of camels and nomads. I took a moment to look around and, sure enough, the theme surrounds you in VR, you can see dunes in every direction. Then at the moment the music transitions, your viewpoint zooms up higher over the dunes. Then at the next music transition, the dunes transform into a moonscape with the earth hovering over the horizon and the classic moon buggy roaming around the surface. And a few of the other skins start out kind of ordinary, but by the end, surprise with some really cool effects. Looking forward to unlocking more skins.
  8. I played it for about an hour before my brain started to give out. Lovin’ it so far.
  9. Started to get a feel for the “Zone” thing. Scored an Octris and a Dodecatris in one game. It’s a smart addition to the game without disrupting the standard mechanic. I havent played much Tetris since my original Gameboy, where I played the living shit out of it. If only the 20 year-old me knew I’d be playing Tetris again at 49 in virtual reality 🤯 Pre-ordered
  10. Page 9 is the first place where it's shown in detail. Interesting. I would assume this (should it ever be produced) would be to accompany the PS5 VR headset.
  11. I think that’s my second fave after “Deep” - love the ambient vibe even without the vocals.
  12. Yeah, I don't think it's any worse. But I think the nature of the game, where you are constantly evaluating smallish, sharp-edged, 90-degree shapes, sort of plays to the weaknesses of VR right now. I should add that I've gotten used to the look in VR. And after playing more in both VR and 2D, I definitely prefer VR even with the resolution, it's just more exciting to feel like you're in the world.
  13. Well in the harsh, cold light of the morning, I think my sense that the game is anticipating how well you are doing was just my overactive imagination.
  14. Have played a few runs, only in VR thus far, and it's a delight. The music, the visuals all contribute to the experience of playing, elevating Tetris into something bigger and better than Tetris. One thing that really gets me is how the game appears to me to be evaluating how well you are doing, bringing swells in the music up before you score a Tetris, for example. And if I'm not mistaken, the music also gets more tense (maybe faster?) when the board is filling up with pieces. Although, It's possible that my brain is just reading into the synaesthetics of the game more than is warranted. I do find the resolution of VR a little bothersome when focusing on the pieces, etc. I'll have to try it in 2D to see how it compares.
  15. OK, well I think I solved it. I forced the PS4 to shut down, unplugged it, plugged it back in and powered it on. The controller that's been charging then connected after it booted.