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  1. That’s interesting. I’ve played that mode a few times (terribly), but I don’t recall it showing you the next 4 pieces. That clearly is the secret to success, the ability to look that many pieces ahead to plan a good fit. I probably don't remember the 4-piece preview because my brain was not able to do anything useful with it.
  2. A commenter on Arstechnica who claims to be in the beta said this The Arstechnica writeup says cost was not discussed at all, not even a pricing model was mentioned. This, plus the fact that the demo units did not have the controller and only one game was demoed might suggest they rushed this announcement for GDC.
  3. Prospect (2018) - A small, beautifully simple sci-fi movie. It's one of those 'lived-in' kinds of films, while the scenarios are fantastical, the world is grimy, the tech is lo-fi, and the characters are flawed people. The story is centered around a teenage girl and her father who are literally prospectors in search of a last chance at a big payload. There is a wild-west aspect to the film that never lets up. My minor, niggling complaints are that the outdoor scenes are a bit too obviously earth (although there is a visible miasma floating through the air, which at least emphasizes the toxic nature of the environs), and the story occasionally stalls, but this is fleeting and things move along well most of the time. I really enjoyed the performances and the writing, and the young actress playing the main character is very good. Also of note is Pedro Pascal from Narcos. It's funny that this post is right underneath Carlos' First Man review as I was just about to watch that, but remembered a friend telling me about Prospect and decided I was in the mood for something a little more gritty and understated.
  4. What kind of controller are you using, a steering wheel?
  5. Nice! That road surface looks appropriately brutal. Looks like Dirt Rally, where you can't relax for a second because your wheels can lose traction at any moment.
  6. It's killing me to see the (mostly glowing) reviews and videos coming out for this. Graphically, it's a pretty big step up from Dirt 4, and the terrain deformation system looks stellar. Apparently the physics have gotten a boost too, and provide even more nuance than the original DR. I have to say I welcome the return to hand-crafted stages. While I think procedural stages have a lot of promise, they need to find a way to avoid the sensation of repetition that cropped up now and then in D4. Apparently the stages from DR1 will return in a future DLC, which some people feel ripped off by...personally I'd welcome those stages back as they are supremely well done. I'd really love to play DR2, but I just can't help thinking how much better everything would be in VR.
  7. So there's been an interesting development on the DR2 - VR story. Codies have announced that VR support will be coming to PC via Oculus. The linked article posits that Facebook/Oculus be at least partly funding the VR conversion. I hope that, somehow, this will lead to VR on other platforms. If not, I may consider upgrading my aging PC to be VR-capable.
  8. I got a new synth a few weeks ago, it's the Novation Peak. The most capable stand-alone synth I own. The new acquisition meant I needed to dismantle my temporary kitchen setup and move back into my "AV" room. Tech-wise, the Peak has 3 digital oscillators that are massively oversampled, which makes them free of artifacts (aliasing) that many digital synths exhibit (and some people actually buy digital synths specifically for the aliasing), and also makes the Peak particularly adept at sounding 'analog'. After that stage, the the signal path turns analog. The VCAs, the filter are analog. One big selling point of the Peak is that it features 3 on-board analog distortion circuits...a very unusual feature for a synth. Normally distortion is something you add externally. It's very nice to have it built-in and at different points in the signal chain. Soundwise, the Peak is a chameleon. It can sound like so many different things. Partly this is due to the flexibility of digital oscillators, in fact while the peak emulates all of the primary analog waveshapes, it also has a generous bank of wavetables, which is strictly a digital feature and allows the Peak to move into chime/bell like sounds that are difficult for analog synths to produce. Last week I started a new track and was so inspired by the Peak it became the centerpiece of the track (the first and 'primary' sound is all Peak). I used the Deluge as a sampler and loaded it up with Piano samples. I then tweaked a patch on the Digitone synth to emulate a piano sound, and layered the 'real' piano samples and the synthetic ones. I thought the combo was interesting. Pretty happy with how this turned out.
  9. In the short preview that plays on AppleTV when you highlight a show, the GD aspect was made very apparent right off the bat.
  10. I got the Tripod from B&H this week. It's in absolutely flawless condition, really seems un-used for being used...BUT it was missing the mounting plate, D'OH! I wrote to B&H about it, they responded in a few hours saying they would look into it, and the next morning they had shipped me a package with a new plate. Did I mention I love B&H? Almost every single camera purchase I've made is from them, either online or in store (when I've been in NYC). Very much worth the loyalty.
  11. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody last night. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie with so many flaws that was still so exhilarating to watch. The flaws are many; uneven acting, some very poor editing decisions, a few cliché moments, awkward script at times. I think the single biggest problem I had was that, at a few points in the film, it seemed clear that events had unfolded outside of the movie, that the viewer only sees the consequences of. For a biography this is confusing and pulls one out of the story. Although I must say the film covers a lot of ground, so I'm not sure the answer to this is necessarily more story. I should add, I was never a fan of Queen so, going in, the film didn't interest me on that level. But, despite all of that, the sizable heart beating at the center of the film far outshines all of the niggling issues. Rami Malek is mostly great as Freddie, and the rest of the band are well cast. The music is very well presented, the performances are inspired, Malek is exuberant to a degree I didn't think possible (only knowing him from Mr Robot, where he is anything but). By the end, the film is playing on its strengths and finishes in a wonderful, emotionally satisfying, if bittersweet, crescendo.
  12. I've gone back to B&H a few times to check out tripods, and today the BeFree Carbon (v1) showed up as a used item for $170, so I grabbed it. Seems ideal for travel at 2.4lbs and 15.75" folded up. In other news, I got the Kingston MobileLite and it works flawlessly. Connect to its WiFi on my phone, put in SD card, connect portable USB drive, use phone app to copy photos from card to drive. Easy. And you can create folders on the destination, so I can put each day's photos in a folder on the portable drive. That it will also function as a portable phone charger is a nice bonus.
  13. I don’t believe it can do that, no. But it’s ok I think. Btw I’ve been calling it Kensington, but it’s actually Kingston (Kensington is an old Mac accessory maker from way back)
  14. Oh I can definitely wear a light backpack on my shoulders, I have one that I've used on previous photo trips. But it is what you describe, for water and snacks and small items. I've decided to go all-in on SD cards, along with the Kingston transfer device. I'll probably end up with 4 or 5 64GB cards which I'll back up to a USB drive and, when full, just pack away for redundancy. I suppose I can get another there if needed. Oh, the Craigslist tripod was gone. But I'm now seriously considering getting the v1 Carbon BeFree given the big discount on it being an old model...since it's both smaller and lighter than the new one.
  15. I found a person on Craigslist selling a brand new Carbon BeFree (v1) for $180. Sent them a note to inquire.
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