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  1. Apple Discussion Thread

    I stepped out of my house to head for work, and snapped this photo with the iPhone 8. Right from the camera, but scaled and saved as a JPG from photoshop: Here is a 100% crop, also saved out from Photoshop as a JPG I notice some blotchiness in the bokeh, and some sharpening edges around the flower petal. But this is a huge step up from the iPhone 6 on all fronts.
  2. Apple Discussion Thread

    Well after all this time, I have yet to buy any percussion-specific modules, so I'm looking closely at the Basilimus Iteritas Alter from Noise Engineering. It's designed for percussion, although it's capable of much more. Here is an example where it is the only sound source...with clever patching you can get multiple drum sounds out of just the one. This example is pretty harsh, but it's capable of smoother tones too. I'm taking it as a good omen that the price of this module is very close the price difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X :-)
  3. Apple Discussion Thread

    Well I got an iPhone 8. After heming and hawing for weeks and thinking I’d wait for the X, I decided I really just need a new phone and I don’t need the fancy new shit right now. I have other priorities, like new synth modules that will bring me more joy than a flagship phone. So a basic 8 256GB it is. I even broke with my own tradition and got a white one! Its a beautiful device. Feels great. Love the speed and love the camera in less than ideal lighting. It’s my first phone with 3D Touch and the non-physical button (I already don’t miss the button). I don’t think I’ll bother with a case as the glass back makes it quite grippy.
  4. I know this is slightly off-topic here, but consider getting Dirt 4 instead (I realize there is likely a significant price difference), because the tarmac physics in DR are kinda messed up (aside from Rallycross, which is great). They really did a nice job correcting the issues in D4. If you don't care for tarmac rally, then DR has plenty of offer.
  5. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    As an aside, regarding Blade Runner, I found the visual quoting of Edward Burtynsky's photography to be equally surprising and achingly gorgeous. There's no question that certain scenes were inspired by his shipbreaking series, for example: https://www.edwardburtynsky.com/projects/photographs/shipbreaking
  6. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Let me be clear that I was reaching for something to find fault with. And the music was the only thing that, during the film, I felt was not holding up to the rest. But those were momentary issues in an otherwise rapturous viewing. I haven’t enjoyed a film this deeply in a long time.
  7. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    OK, after many more hours of reflection, I will say that the only weakness I found in Blade Runner 2049 was the music. While I appreciated the attempt to channel Vangelis, too much of the music was too similar and simply adding thunderous percussion is a cheap way to amp up the drama, over and over. It wasn't all bad, some of the film's high points are well supported by gorgeous soaring pads, with long filter sweeps that slowly reveal razor-edged tones. But outside of those moments, it was just a bit too samey. That said, I still enjoyed the show of electronics in the score, the crackling bass so big you could almost see the oscillator waveforms. It's about as aggressive as ambient can get. Also, there are several moments when it's difficult to distinguish the score from the sound effects, which I enjoyed. At it's best, this film feels like a distilled work of art, and this occasional blurring of boundaries added to that.
  8. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Just got back from my first viewing of Blade Runner 2049 and my imagination is still on fire from the experience. A film both of epic proportions and epic restraint. The paradoxes continue; it's both decadent and full of stillness, it's sumptuous to the senses but singular in vision. It's a much-needed* reminder of the power of film as an art form. And by "film" I do mean the full experience, the visuals, the sound, the story, the music, the characters. Is it perfect? It's fair to ask. That's enough. *for me at least
  9. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Interesting article on NPR about the sour beer craze and how it's fueling microbiology research into yeasts and bacteria. They rightfully note that sour beer styles are actually very old, despite the recent increase in interest. Although saying the style 'started' in Belgium is not entirely accurate, as it's extremely likely that the yeast strains and bacteria that produce acidic, sour tastes have been naturally occurring in beers around the world for millennia before the Belgians built an industry around it. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that the Belgians have mastered the style and are the source of it's current resurgence.
  10. Apple Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I didn't mind that. It feels "substantial". I think the screen is better too, but it was hard to tell. I was in Apple's flagship SF store where the front of the place is basically one 20' tall sliding glass window (and it was open). So all the phones were bathed in bright sunlight. Sadly there were no Xs on display, but that sort of makes sense as that would probably only serve to stop people from buying an 8...and people were. I was rather surprised to see the Watches sitting on tables about 8' from the sidewalk completely untethered. I picked one up and toyed with it. Perhaps there is a hidden security strip inside, but a thief who could run fast and far could easily slip away with one. Speaking of watches, that section of the store was the busiest.
  11. Apple Discussion Thread

    Stepped into an Apple store to check out the phones. The 8 is impressive in terms of the finish and the raw speed. It’s noticebly heavier and a bit thicker than the 6. All in all, a very nice device. But I’m holding off for the X.
  12. After playing Nex Machina for what seemed like 24/7 for 6 weeks, I had to take a break. So I dove back into Dirt 4, and the time away from it seemed to do me a lot of good. I found that I am doing much better than I was after it came out (able to crack into the top 3 against AI times on hardest difficulty). I think perhaps I still had a lot of residual muscle memory from Driveclub that was causing me to flail a lot, especially on the non-tarmac courses. You simply cannot drive flat-out in this game, you have to feather the throttle pretty much constantly in response to traction. Also, you have to get the hang of quick counter-steering correctives, even better if you can time those with the throttle, to get the car to regain traction. If you can do all of this while also accounting for weight transfer, it's possible to get into a zone where it's more like ballet than rally racing. It's pure joy. I find, though, that as soon as I'm NOT in that zone, it's difficult to not destroy the car. When that starts to happen, it's time to switch to something else. EDIT: Oh, and the fact that the stages never repeat is so amazing. It really opens up a new way of approaching driving, you really do need to rely on the co-driver to clue you in to what's coming. This weaning off of memorizing stages has lead, over time, to turning off the entire HUD except for the speedometer, which has further distilled the experience of the game to pure driving. It's really thrilling.
  13. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Took the plunge tonight into tasting these two simultaneously. It’s really very informative. As if I wasn’t already enough of a barrel aged snob, this just confirms my sense that wood aged beers are the fucking bees knees. The original G&T is light and tasty. It’s main draw is a fairly dry lime zest acid tang. It finishes even more dry, but the tang lingers. Switching to the BA version and you can immediately taste the bourbon, the tannins from the wood are rounded down into vanilla. Everything about the BA version is more balanced and has more depth.
  14. Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    Wow, Albert, that's so nice. I can't play a piano/keyboard for shit, let alone with nuance or dynamics. Well done.
  15. Apple Discussion Thread

    I've had this conversation in my head over and over, and it's got me waiting on the sidelines until the X is released. Last year, I had a 7+ in my hands at the store and was ready to buy it, but backed out at the last second because I just felt it was too large. I wanted that normal focal length then and I still do. I never considered a 7 of either size again. The X is really the answer and Apple priced it that way.