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  1. I’m really curious about Firewall, but that curiosity is tempered because I know I’m going to be terrible at it. And it being a team-based game, I’ll likely be the boat anchor In any given group.
  2. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I'm really very happy with my 8. Most apps still open almost instantly, battery life is great. The only thing I long for is dual cameras, but not interested in paying an arm and a leg and a eyeball for that.
  3. At this point, racing games without VR support might as well be Pole Position as far as my interest level goes.
  4. Will the PC version support VR? That might tip me into getting a headset for my PC.
  5. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    On the other hand, the new watch design is nice. I always thought the initial design was a little too inflated and bulbous looking.
  6. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    From a company that prides itself on the details, the naming feels cheap and slapped on as you noted. Honestly, Galaxy Note 9 is a better name than iPhone XS Max.
  7. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I realIze that, strictly speaking, the XS moniker follows past tradition, but they broke with that tradition with the original “X” by changing to Roman numerals. That, by itself, wasn’t a huge deal, even though I’m sure many people called it the /eks/. But now that they’ve appended another letter to the end, to me it no longer reads as 10, but really looks like “iPhone Excess” Yes, they have a particular type treatment in their logo mark that isolates the “S” - but the majority of mentions will be in plain text and it just looks like a new Oldsmobile model. And “Max”? Ugh.
  8. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    If this 'leak' is accurate, the new iPhones will be named the XS, XS Max and XR. https://allthings.how/iphone-xs-and-iphone-xs-max-names-confirmed-in-apple-products-sitemap/ Those names are horrible, I hope they are just placeholders in the code.
  9. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    Yeah, the more I hear about Canon's first entry in this market, the less likely I am to move away from my 5D. I'm certainly in no rush.
  10. rustyjaw

    Netflix members...

    Watched the first episode of Ozark S2 tonight. Woo! Great opening. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Last week I watched the last episode of S1 to regain a feel for the story and the mood, and to me, this season just picks it up and runs with it. I have to say I'm impressed that Bateman directed both that finale and this first episode.
  11. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    Wow that happened fast. The next few months are going to be interesting as reviews come out for these systems. I'm certainly leaning toward Canon simply because I suspect the lens compatibility will be best with EF lenses. The adapter with the filter insert is ingenious, it will allow us owners of the 17mm TS-E to use filters, something that wasn't possible before. I'll be pretty tempted to move from my 5D MkIII to the R if it offers significant benefits (aside from the obvious). I just took my MkIII out hiking this past weekend and I'm reminded why I'm ready for a smaller camera. One key thing I'm curious about is if Canon can improve their DR. They consistently lag behind Sony's sensors in that department. The fact that they haven't gone overboard in the MP count is perhaps a suggestion that DR will be better-than-decent.
  12. rustyjaw

    Netflix members...

    The show tries to do SO many things, and succeeds at enough of them to keep it interesting...but without a compelling end to wrap up S1, it could have collapsed under it's own weight...alas, they really finished strongly. I'm imagining the making of S2 is a huge challenge.
  13. I've put in a ton of hours on the VR Wipeout, probably my most played VR game (only because Dirt Rally VR is hard for me to play for extended periods with my wheel setup and my back issues), I got spots of queasiness at first, but not any more. It is one of those games that proves the worthiness of VR, as it's deeply immersive, puts you right in the pilot's seat.
  14. rustyjaw


    Did they really ever have a plan? Yes, partly that question is pure snark...but also, I'm really curious how the founders there hoped this would play out.
  15. A Super Monkey Ball game would very likely push me into getting a Switch, especially if it included those great mini-games.