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  1. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    I don’t believe it can do that, no. But it’s ok I think. Btw I’ve been calling it Kensington, but it’s actually Kingston (Kensington is an old Mac accessory maker from way back)
  2. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    Oh I can definitely wear a light backpack on my shoulders, I have one that I've used on previous photo trips. But it is what you describe, for water and snacks and small items. I've decided to go all-in on SD cards, along with the Kingston transfer device. I'll probably end up with 4 or 5 64GB cards which I'll back up to a USB drive and, when full, just pack away for redundancy. I suppose I can get another there if needed. Oh, the Craigslist tripod was gone. But I'm now seriously considering getting the v1 Carbon BeFree given the big discount on it being an old model...since it's both smaller and lighter than the new one.
  3. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    I found a person on Craigslist selling a brand new Carbon BeFree (v1) for $180. Sent them a note to inquire.
  4. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    Yes, the "Advanced" is the V2 version. It features some design tweaks which doubles it's load capacity (but also raise the weight by .4 lbs), is slightly longer (.3")and adds ARCA support...which is what my Really Right Stuff L-plate uses. I guess for absolute portability the V1 wins out. It's rated to hold 8.8 lb which is a lot (I think my 5D with the 17TS is around 5lbs). I'll take a look at the V1 again, perhaps I can just use its plate instead of trying to shoehorn my RRS plate into the mix. The V1 is still available and discounted since it's 'old'
  5. rustyjaw

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    So, can I change the subject a little and inquire about strategies for travel photography? I'm going to Europe this spring for 2 weeks. This is NOT an abandonment exploring trip, so my normal camera packing routine doesn't apply. I'm going to lug my 5D MkIII with me, but paradoxically, my goal is to travel as absolutely light as possible. Lenses: I'd normally bring my 17mmTS, 35mm 1.4 Sigma, 50mm 1.4, and 85mm 1.8. But, to pare down the lens swapping, I'm thinking of not bringing the 35 (which is fairly heavy) or the 50 (which is not) and instead bringing my 24-70 2.8 (which is fairly weighty). I prefer primes for tack sharpness, but I'm willing to compromise as this is tourist photography. I also have the 70-200 4, which is light, but cumbersome, and I rarely find myself shooting that long...and this isn't a wildlife trip...so I think I will go without it. The 17TS is all but a sho-in, just because it's my favorite lens, and it's incredible for architecture. But it's also the heaviest lens I own...so I'm not super thrilled...but the results from it are so gorgeous. That means I'd be bringing 3 lenses, 17, 24-70, 85, which adds up to a moderately heavy camera bag. Camera bag: I believe I have this settled, I have used a Tamac hip bag on every exploring phototrip I've gone on and it's worked well on those. At the risk of looking dumb, I can't wear a heavy backpack because of my bad lumbar disc...and also I like that my bag offers quick access and acts as a shelf at times...like this middle pic (again, at the risk of looking dumb 🙂 Cards and backup: I'm also planning to not bring my laptop (again, light traveling is paramount), so there goes an easy way to back up photos. I looked into portable card backup solutions, and the CF versions cost an absolute fortune...but SD ones are pretty cheap. Like this Kingston device, which accepts an SD card, allows you to connect a USB drive and, using the Kingston phone app, move files from the SD card to the connected drive. (Bonus that it can also serve as a charging battery pack for USB devices.) The only thing about this is that I'm CF based. That said, I believe the speed advantage of CF is gone now, and reasonably priced SD cards are more than suitable for shooting (I don't need multi-shot speed). I'd love to hear opinions about this. I can easily replace my CF cards with equivalent sized SD for not a lot of money and then take advantage of the portable backup device. Tripod: This is the most vexing of my issues. I've considered not bringing a tripod at all, given the restrictions on them at some places...but moreso the awkward luggability issues. That said, I've carried my (approx 4 lb carbon fiber) Benro with me through thick and thin, over fences, crawling through dirty debris and for marathons of indoor 'hiking' in abandonments. For it's size, it's not a heavy tripod. I've even discovered that I can sling one leg around the waistband of my Tamrac bag like a sword to carry it. However, it's still pretty bulky...it's min folded length (including the Really Right Stuff head) is 22" - the length alone makes it awkward. I'm considering buying the Manfrotto BeFree Advanced...the carbon version (with head) weights 2.8lbs and its min folded length is 16" (!), it gets good reviews...but it's definitely speedy ($320). The aluminum version weighs 3.6lbs, and is much less expensive. The .8 lbs difference doesn't sound like much...but another way of thinking about it is that the aluminum version is almost 30% heavier. Ooof. The only other issue here is that I much prefer 'lever' style tripod leg locks and the BeFree Carbon version only has twist locks...but I think I'm willing to compromise, if only because slinging the legs into my hip pack will be easier without the levers getting in the way (which they do with my Benro). Recharging Power: This is my first trip to Europe in 22 years, so I have no power converters. Any recommendations? I will need to plug in my Canon Battery charger and also some USB devices (phone). What am I missing? I'm sure I'm not covering something important. I'm not an experienced international traveler, so any other advice is welcome.
  6. rustyjaw

    Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    The Deluge is proving to be a real joy to use. And pairing it with the Digitone synth is inspiring. This took less than a week to put together: Working in my kitchen is awkward at times, but I do like the change, and the view outside.
  7. rustyjaw

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2019

    Saw Won’t You Be My Neighbor? yesterday. Quite a lovely documentary, where the filmmakers stay out of the way and allow the subject of the film to shine through. It’s a portrait of a remarkable man with a remarkable outlook on the world. It’s the latter point that stuck with me most after watching. Particularly at this point in history when so many in power aren’t even hiding their selfish motives and inward focus, Fred Rogers shows the courage and power of being radically open.
  8. rustyjaw

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2019

    Saw The Favourite tonight. Really fantastic. From top to bottom a real gem. It’s called a comedy, but it really defies simple categories. It’s tragically funny and sharp as a tack. It’s cynical and lavish and artful. Really, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.
  9. It's a slow build, but worth the time, IMO. It has a unique place in SciFi TV
  10. I don’t think Dirt Rally is that much more difficult than Dirt 4. The physics are similar, except for dry tarmac (which I think D4 does better). The stages in DR are definitely more difficult though. The auto-generated stages in D4 just don’t achieve the gnarly, unpredictable state that the hand crafted, true to life ones in DR do. If you’re playing with a wheel, I think one key is feathering the throttle to try and keep grip as much as you can. (I suppose that advice works for a controller, but I’ve never played it with one). Flooring the pedal for more then a second or two is bound to bring you trouble. I must say the game rewards sinking time into, though. Its goddam hard, but it’s fair and a blast when you get a feel for it.
  11. I had no idea this was happening. Sadly, no VR support at launch...which probably means none at all. This is a huge disappointment. Rally + VR is arguably the best combination in gaming in terms of how much the game experience gains from true binocular vision. Without VR support, I'm likely to not buy this game. I'll keep playing Dirt Rally 1 in VR for now, what a game.
  12. rustyjaw

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Thanks for those tips! I'm all about the views and the brews. I will be bringing my camera of course. Not a smoker. But I am considering shipping beer back, oof. I'm not sure which city I'm more excited about. Brussels ostensibly is the least interesting city, but the beer scene there is amazing. And the Toer only happens every other year. I stupidly skipped a night in Amsterdam, our last night there, when reserving the AirBNB. And the place wasn't available for the night I missed, so I looked around and found a boat, so the last night will be spent on the canal 🙂
  13. rustyjaw

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2019

    Train to Busan - I really enjoyed this modern take on a zombie infestation. Perhaps a little predictable at times, but it's very well executed and the pacing is great. City of Ghosts - A documentary following a group of citizen journalists recording and presenting to the world, at great personal risk, life inside Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of the ISIS caliphate. Absolutely harrowing film, which gives renewed appreciation for the freedoms we have, and also demonstrates forcefully why a free press is so critical. A tale of real life heroes.
  14. rustyjaw

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Welp, I'm going to Belgium (and Netherlands) this spring. Just secured lodging in Brussels and Bruges. I'll be in Brussels the weekend of the Toer de Gueze, where are group of Gueze Lambic breweries open their doors to the public and release special blends. The days before that, I plan to hit up a bunch of other breweries and pubs in Brussels, including Cantillon, of course, but also several that don't get exported to the US. Then for the Bruges leg, I may rent a car to get to some of the Flanders breweries like Westvleteren and Verhaeghe. While beer is a big draw, I'm also excited to visit these historic cities, including Amsterdam. If anyone has tips for any of these cities, please share. I've not been to any of them.
  15. I replaced the lamp in my current projector not too long ago, so I'm good on that score. I was really close to ordering the 5040ub around black Friday, but given the introduction of the 4010, which brings it close to the 5040, I figure there's an update to the 5040 coming this year. I'm hoping that will resolve the holes in HDR support. I've no doubt the current model puts out a great image...but if I'm going to upgrade now, I want all the bells and whistles I can get at the ~2.5k price point.