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  1. rustyjaw

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    Yeah, those creatures, while not perfect, move a lot more realistically and are more detailed than anything I've seen before. Also the vegetation looks more varied too. Ah, yes, I've still not played that game. As I continue to re-acclimate to NMS, I'm starting to notice the things that changed already, and there are a lot. In fact the ground buffer-zone I mentioned before, where your ship won't fly close to the surface, was removed in the current game..you can run into ground objects if you fly too close. I haven't gotten to base building yet, but there is an in-game tutorial/glossary thing that tells you how bases work and what they offer (various improved planet scanning abilities, farming, and other things). I also completed a mission for the first time (very simple, got a new blueprint out of it).
  2. rustyjaw

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    That does look pretty, but to be honest, some planets I explored in 1.0 looked almost that good...it's just that many others are fairly barren. If they are pushing the engine to create worlds that are more lush, then that will be a nice improvement as it's hard to deny it's more enjoyable to explore those kinds of worlds. I actually spent a couple of hours last night playing this. The hardest part is that I think I dropped the game at a low-point in terms of resources on hand and also in terms of needing to craft a hyperdrive to enable long-distance travel. So I didn't set myself up for an easy re-entry to the game. It took me a while to work backwards from a non-functioning hyperdrive to the warp cell you need to fuel it, to the suspension fluid and antimatter and electron vapor you need to craft/buy to get the hyperdrive working, whew. Also, I forgot that I never got the level 2 or 3 Atlas Passes (just level 1), so there are still doors I can't get through. The only thing I found truly unfair about playing again, is that some resources I (90% sure) was able to harvest before now require an upgraded beam tool. I can tell that I don't have the patience I originally had for the game, but it's undeniable that it still has a certain magic about it. The palpable sense of isolation, and the powerful existential notion, as you scour the worlds, that they aren't necessarily going to cater to your needs. Sure, there is a safety net, in that you can always find the most basic resources to hop from local world to local world. But I've never played a game that brought such a strong sense of being a microscopic particle in a huge, uncaring universe. It will be curious to me to see how the changes in "Next" alter that feeling. My suspicion is that it's going to feel very different...but maybe that's OK
  3. rustyjaw

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    Digging the new changes, it's really a whole different game. I may have to get a microphone (the only one I have is the PSVR one).
  4. rustyjaw

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    They can't have been astronomically low, as I encountered a previously discovered world (or rather a set of worlds) in the original game. I even messaged the player letting him know, and we became PS-friends. I landed on the planets and found that he or she had also scanned most of the fauna before.
  5. rustyjaw

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    Obviously, I can't speak to the "Next" update, as it does appear to be quite different, but I definitely spent most of my time flying/walking and looking for outcrops of resources which I used either to fuel/upgrade/repair my ship/suit. The crafting system is integral to the game. I also spent a fair amount of time scanning for scrapped ships that had better stats than mine, but each time you move into such a ship, you need to repair it to get it functional, which means more resource gathering (which I would try to keep up with so when I found a new ship I could get it up and going asap). I also spent a fair amount of time scanning for wildlife as you get "units" for discovering new fauna...but that was hard to maintain interest in. I always appreciated the stark loneliness of the original game, and I was always fascinated by the procedural system, but there wasn't quite enough variety to keep me engaged for more than a few months. If the trailer is representative of the update, the universe will not be as lonely, which will probably make for a better game. I just hope you can still spend time idly exploring worlds like you could before. One notable thing in that trailer is that it looks like you can fly right along the surface of the planets, which should help it feel more immersive. Before there was an invisible barrier (I always thought of it as a kind of auto-safety-pilot) that kept you a certain distance from the surface until you executed a landing.
  6. rustyjaw

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    In anticipation of this update, a few weeks ago I opened NMS for the first time in a while. There was a 7GB update to download first. Once I opened and started to play, I realized I forgot almost everything. The worst part was losing the knowledge of the crafting system. maybe I'll spend some time getting re-acquainted because this looks like it might be worth getting back into. Curious if this will, in fact, support the PSVR.
  7. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Actually this stopped working on Netflix for me. I think it might be because I share my Netflix account with a friend, and sometimes I notice I have to tell it who is watching, so when it’s logged out that way it won’t load stuff I had been watching.
  8. rustyjaw

    Netflix members...

    Speaking of Ozark, I'm frankly a little mystified at how Bateman can get an Emmy nom for Actor and Linney doesn't. Not saying Bateman is bad, but Linney brings a deep emotional weight that Bateman can't quite match. It's particularly noticeable in scenes they share. OTOH, that Bateman can even compete in a dramatic role like this is something. He has more of a range than I knew.
  9. rustyjaw

    Netflix members...

    OK, thanks. No need to rewatch anything now!
  10. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Just a quick PSA regarding AppleTV, I recently discovered that certain apps will display more information, like "continue watching" or other useful stuff along the top bar of the UI, if you put them in the top row of icons. Netflix, for example, does this, as does Plex. I tried putting various apps there...including Prime, HBO and YouTube, but haven't found any others that offer this. (actually they may show this info along the top bar no matter where they reside, but if the app is at the top of the icon list, you can page up into the top bar to access the suggestions)
  11. rustyjaw

    Netflix members...

    I noticed that Ozark S2 is scheduled to start Aug 31st. I think I may need to revisit the last couple of episodes before then to reacquaint myself with the storyline.
  12. rustyjaw

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Woohoo, I'm back in business. The first shipment of my replacement hard drive disappeared...so they shipped another and I got it today. I felt pretty prepared to do the surgery on my iMac having watched two different tutorials twice each. And so it went quite smoothly, really not that difficult. I think the hardest part was making sure I got all the remaining original adhesive strips off the chassis before applying the new ones. And getting the fiddly connectors back in place while putting the screen back on. In fact, I made sure to run a test-boot before I resealed the screen to the new dhesive, because to open it again would require cutting the adhesive I just put in...and I don't have any more. But in the end everything went about as smoothly as I could have hoped. I even was able to reconstruct a Fusion drive, with the help of yet more online tutorials for the terminal commands. So I now have a 4TB Fusion drive running internally. The last, and probably most important piece was restoring from Time Machine, but as usual it was a breeze. It took about 3 hours, but everything is exactly how I had it set up before.
  13. Still my favorite VR experience so far. Sadly, I can't play for long stretches because the sitting position with the wheel aggravates my back issue.
  14. rustyjaw

    Car Wreck

    Ooof glad you are yours are OK. I've never been a driver during an accident, just a passenger on 3 occasions. I can only imagine how it would affect me as a driver. I can relate to that lingering fear that strikes when you're back in the same environment (e.g. a moving car). It definitely will fade, but it's probably best to acknowledge it and let it run it's course. Your amygdala has been put on alert and exposure to driving will slowly calm it down.
  15. Yeah, this game has bugs for sure, a couple of times in Shuffle mode, the whole screen has gone bananas with the timeline glitching out and no blocks dissolving for about a full minute...and then suddenly it starts working and all the blocks that had been set up actually dissolve. It's super bizarre. The slight pause glitch still happens too, hope that's fixed in the update. I upped my high score in "basic" mode to 615,000 and finished the mode. The PS4 leaderboard tops out at 1.7million, so someone has some huge combo skills to get that kind of score by the end. Would be nice if they just had shared leaderboards like Nex Machina does.