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  1. So far I'm having a lot of fun. It's safe to say this is the best looking game that's ever graced my PS4. Luckily, so far the story and gameplay are also quite enjoyable. I always have a rough tme memorizing new button combos, but so far this seems sensibly arranged. I don't have a ton of experience with GoW games, but is it new to have upgradable weapon and skill trees? EDIT: The graphics are so good, at first I found myself waiting for the cinematic sections to end and return to the game, only to realize it already did. ;-)
  2. Netflix members...

    I'm actually enjoying Lost in Space quite a bit (up to ep 4), to me it manages to evoke a nostalgia for an earlier, you might say less cynical, period of sci-fi and then blend that with a very modern family and also some dastardly intrigue. There is the questionable dialog from time to time, but the overall character development is making up for that, IMO. At first I was really puzzled by the 'dad' character, the guy seemed more like a hardened cop escorting juvelines, rather than their father. But a few episodes in his demeanor makes more sense, although I'm still not convinced he was well cast. But otherwise, there is lot to like. The boy-robot story in particular is fun.
  3. Can you describe the “symptoms” of drift? I’m not sure I get it.
  4. This is strange to me, as I've found the camera placement to be somewhat flexible. I don't yet have a permanent place for it, so for now I've put it on a tripod and I stand it up when I want to use VR...so I know it's not in the same exact place each time, or aimed precisely, but it is at the same height which is slightly lower than eye level. Aside from alignment issues where the camera got rotated substantially, such that I was barely in the frame, it has always tracked really well, to the point where I've stopped examining it so carefully when i put it up. In the case where it did rotate, the game used that silhouette, reverse color thing that showed me I need to reposition it. FWIW, my camera position is close to 10 feet from where I sit. I've only played UD: Rush Of Blood with the Move controllers, and it's fantastic...although I find the Move's sometimes get out of alignment, but mostly they work very well. I think the Move tracking is a little better in Blasters.
  5. Damn, just downloaded this. It's amazing.
  6. Am I correct that no one has mentioned Blasters of the Universe yet? I think its a PC port. Just spent a couple hours with it. Dumb name, but great game! It's billed as a "VR Bullet Hell" which is pretty accurate, but undersells the game. It makes brilliant use of (in fact it requires) the motion controllers. Right hand holds a blaster, which I understand there are many unlock-able variations and ammo types. Left hand holds a shield (literally like a knight's shield), you have a limited number of shield uses (graphically they show this by having the slough off after each use). With the initial gun and ammo, you have to manually reload in VR, by mounting the new magazine with the other hand, the result is like a genuine gunfight kind of feel. I unlocked the auto-ammo, but it's drawbacks sent me back to the more engaging manual loading...at least until I unlock something even better. Enemies show up from different locations, but making great use of VR. Enemies can be shot at as soon as you see them, if your aim is good enough. The bolts move fairly showly, so it requires aiming ahead of moving targets. I only have the initial weapon unlocked, so I expect weapon characteristics will change. Every bit as important as aiming, shooting and reloading efficiently is dodging the oncoming fire. This game will really only work if you are standing, it has you contorting to save as many shields as you can for emergencies, which can give you a bit of a workout. You have to really pay attention, and you have to remain spry. You'll do a lot of arms-out side shooting, hands out away from your head as you dodge. If you can pull it off, it feels pretty bad-ass. Or like me, you just flail more often. :-) The environments are perhaps not the most exhilarating, but they aren't ugly either. They suit the mood overall. Here is a basic gameplay video of level 1 (starting mid-level, casual difficulty):
  7. OK, played a ton more Dirt Rally and it's just so great. Either the AI times are a lot easier on PS4 than PC, or I'm driving way better in VR. I'm consistently top 2 or 3 against AI times in Championships, when I played on PC, top 10 was a good finish. I just won the Finland rally, which was one of my weaker locations on the PC. I have to believe I'm driving better because I'm certainly not making as many mistakes, and I feel a lot more comfortable on the courses...being able to sense the camber and tightness of the turns makes such a difference in preparing. Dirt Rally is the 'killer app' for me in VR. I'm loving many of the other games, especially Wipeout and Rez, but the experience of this game with a wheel is off the charts great. I feel like I'm playing a rally game for the first time in many respects. I'm not sure if I can ever go back to playing rally in 2D.
  8. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    By far, most of what I know about WWII is from watching the 26-hour UK documentary series "The World At War." It was made in 1973, and so it features a lot of screen-time with people who were involved in the war, on all sides, both military and civilian (also narrated by Laurence Olivier). It's an astonishing achievement in historical documentary filmmaking. My formal school education on the subject was basically nil.
  9. I'll have to work my way up to RE7, haha. Ooh, I like rails shooters, I'll have to check out Until Dawn I managed to find a copy of Dirt Rally used, so I grabbed it and the VR upgrade for about $25 bucks less than new. And after playing it for an hour and a half, I'm impressed. I played this game a lot on my PC, so I'm very familiar with it (although I haven't played it in almost 2 years). As you would imagine, VR is a step down graphically...but in every other way, it's a big improvement. I can safely say I have little desire to play it in 2D now. The ability to read the road and anticipate terrain is leaps and bounds better. I think the game is actually a bit easier in VR because of that (and yes, I turned off all the assists right off the bat). The rush of driving those twisty roads in Monaco and actually sensing the looming rocks jutting out into your pathway is palpable. It's flat out FUN like I haven't had in a while. It's also a thrill to look around the cockpit, to look over at the co-driver...just not while you're driving! It took a bit of configuration to get things settled. First of all, if you leave the in-game hands on, they only turn the wheel a fraction as far as you do in reality, which is off-putting. If you turn the hands off, the wheel matches your rotations more closely...but not exactly. I may play with the rotation settings in the config screen to see if I can get a better match. It really helps to have the on-screen wheel match, the sense of connection to the car is better. On that note, I also had to turn on camera shake in VR (it's off by default) because it just feels strange to have the car bouncing around while your viewpoint is perfectly steady. It's a little jarring to turn shake on, but it helps, again, feel connected. On another note, its been equally interesting to return to Dirt Rally after playing Dirt 4 so much. As much as I enjoy Dirt 4 for it's endless procedural stages, the 'hand crafted' stages in Dirt Rally still reign supreme for the sheer challenge they present. For example, the way the Moncao stages in DR that transform from slippery ice at the top to drier tarmac at the bottom has no correlate in Dirt 4, the enviroments do not change that way. I still believe there is a solid future in procedural stages, I just hope Codemasters can perfect it a bit more.
  10. Is there a demo? FPS is not my fave genre, so I'd love to try it first. Cool thank you, I'll see if I can find a used copy for a decent price before it goes on sale again.
  11. Does anyone know if you need to own a new copy of a game to qualify for the VR upgrade? Specifically, if I found a used BD version of Dirt Rally, could I use that to qualify for the $13 upgrade...or is there a one-time use code involved...or some other caveat?
  12. I guess I'm just distracted distracted by teh pretteh VR
  13. I was ready to chalk it up to just poor memory and also playing in VR...until I tried the alternate mode "Direct Assault" last night, which felt a lot more familiar in terms of enemy type/timing/placement (there is definitely a difference between the main modes and Direct Assault). The differences are for the most part minor, but noticable. EDIT: It could also be that the PS2 version was altered from the DC one, and that the main modes in Infinite actually do match the original. So my assumption that the PS2 one is the 'original' may be mistaken.
  14. Since this is as close to a dedicated Rez Infinite topic here, I'll post my question in this thread even though I'm playing on PSVR. It's been a while since I played Rez, but it seemed to me that they made changes to the gameplay for the main Rez modes (even though "Play" says "The Original Rez experience"). But I tried "DIrect Assault" mode last night and that felt much more like what I remember. In some ways it's harder and in other easier than the main modes...but it seemed truer to the original (actually, I have to caveat that because I never played the DC original, only the PS2 port). Does anyone know if my hunch is correct, did they alter the gameplay for the main modes in VR, and is "Direct assault" the original game??