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  1. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    The details are lost in the fog of the evening, but at some point we may have made a blood-pact to undertake a pilgrimage to the brewery and implore them to make more.
  2. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Had another group beer tasting last night. Lots of great beers. The highlights for me were a collab between local Alvarado Street and Atlanta's Creature Comforts called "continental drift" - an amazing Pilsner. It definitely felt like a modern take on a classic, while still adhering pretty closely to the qualities of a traditional pilsner. Delicate malts and a subtle spicy hop boost. One of the best pilsners I've tasted. A Treehouse coffee stout called "double shot" - really did have an espresso tang, semisweet cocoa malts and super weighty mouthfeel. One guy brought a one-off beer that was brewed for the 30th anniversary of the legendary SF Bar, the Toronado. It was a delightful dank IPA. But the star of the night was a beer that I've saved for 2 years. A bourbon-barrel pumpernickel rye sour from local brewery The Hermitage. One guy literally said "this beer made my evening". As it's been 2 years since I tried it, it was far from an exact science to compare the change in taste. But it does seem that the sour aspect was a little more pronounced over the molasses-like malts I remember being more prominent. Which makes sense as the Brett should continue to consume sugars over time. But in place of the sweeter, heavier malts was an amazing sweet/sour tang, with a smooth bourbon lining, that just kept going and going, revealing more layers as you tasted it. The malts had turned more caramely which interacted with the sour in the most delicious way. Every sip was an experience. I'm sad it's gone, but happy to have shared the last bottle with friends. I snapped a pic of it before finishing it off. Note the classy glassware
  3. This seems perfectly timed as I've kind of hit a wall in Nex Machina in terms of high scores.
  4. Netflix members...

    Speaking of Netflix, I watched the new documentary Icarus the other night, about the organized Russian doping scheme. It's a very good doc overall. It explains the breadth and depth of the scheme in vivid detail. And it makes a star of the scientist who lead the doping effort and then exposed it to the world. It's quite evident that this was not the movie they intended to make, since it seems the scandal broke while they were already making a different documentary which involved the very same scientist. So the film starts out as one sort of documentary about doping, and ends up smack-dab in the center of the international scandal. The way it changes gears is kind of confusing for a bit, but it quickly shakes that off and goes full-bore into the larger doping scandal. In some ways it reminds me of CitizenFour, and not only because Edward Snowden is referenced a few times. There is a very real sense of danger that swirls around the main scientist as he boldly exposes a decades-old program that pretty clearly implicates Russian government officials up to the very top (yes, all the way). Highly recommended.
  5. Netflix members...

    It's actually pretty useful if you use other services besides Netflix. I rarely need to even open HBO Now, I can just go to the next episode of an HBO show directly. But if it had Netflix too that would be a huge boost.
  6. Netflix members...

    Apple TV does the integrated search results as well, showing results from whichever channels you have installed. Apple also created a "watch next" feature at the top level of the navigation that collects into one place the next episodes of series you have been watching, which is handy EXCEPT that Netflix declined to participate, limiting it's usefulness. I hope Netflix reverses that decision, because it's great for HBO Now and iTunes TV shows, for example (which, of course, may be precisely why they didn't join in).
  7. Netflix Original Series - Ozark

    I totally agree about Linney. She's really flawless. I suspect that the sparks of marital friction in the scenes that she and Bateman share are some of Bateman's best because he's opposite her. And some of those arguments were devastatingly authentic. Oh, and on episode 8. It was curious, right? Why 8? I enjoyed that one a lot. Many series would have sprinkled that backstory into multiple episodes. It was a daring move to hold off that long.
  8. Netflix Original Series - Ozark

    So I finished this show (season?) last night. It's really very good with some drawbacks, but the drawbacks weren't enough to derail enjoying the story as it unfolded. The main issue I was was the impossibly delicate suspension of disbelief that the story asks you to to undertake. There are so many contingencies, not really plot holes, but just contingencies that pile up...if any one of the were to fail, the whole thing collapses. I feel a few times it gets very close to that. At the same time, the twists are turns that result from those contingencies are fun to watch. It's a complex story and it's told well. Also, on the whole, the acting is really excellent. From the kids to the ancillary characters. Very believable. It's hard to fault Bateman too much, as his character is central and he is on screen more than anyone else. But I feel he occasionally lets up on the gas a little here and there, at points where the story is asking for a lot. The kids, all of them, are really good. The young woman who plays Ruth is excellent (you'll recognize her from The Americans, but this role is way more meaty). I'm so down for another season, although I haven't looked to see if that was even part of the plan. It's certainly left open for that.
  9. Netflix members...

    I saw that too. Honestly, I don't watch much Disney content, so not a big impact personally. But I understand from an industry standpoint, that's huge news.
  10. Netflix members...

    Wow, David Letterman is going to do a series of hour-long shows for Netflix!
  11. Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    Really been in a huge creative lull lately. Felt like I hit a wall in terms of exploring new ideas on the modular (which is patently ridiculous, I realize, given the open-ended nature of it). I was so uninspired that I didn't even turn it on for probably 6 weeks. I often fall into this mindset that I need to have a fully-formed idea before I even start something, which is really a creativity-killer. And even though a lot of the finished pieces I've done have come from pure experimentation (at least at the outset), I still seem to fall into that trap of thinking. So I finally forced myself to power up the modular and do something. Instead of striving to birth some work of creative genius, which inevitably leads to frustration, I kind of went the opposite direction. I decided to try something a little old-school, beginning with an 8-step arpeggiated bassline, a bedrock of electronic music stretching back to the early 70s. From there I just winged it until I came up with something I enjoyed listening to. One key thing I did (to alleviate my own boredom) was to use random voltages to introduce variations in the arpeggio, there are actually two sets of variations, one set affects notes 1 and 5 in the 8-step sequence (I plug in the cable carrying those voltages at 43 sec), and the other set affects steps 2,3,4 and 6,7,8 (plugged in at 1:23). While variations are random, they are also constrained to stay in the key of the track. I also copied those same random voltages into an separate part of the track, so that subtle shifts occur in a few layers at the same time, even though the sounds are very different. I hastily recorded a run-through this morning (hence the click at the very start, doh!)
  12. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Oh yes, thanks for reminding me of Crux! I actually hadn't even looked in Bend yet, even though I hear Bend rivals Portland for breweries. Ale Apothecary was a name I saw in searches, but have no experience with. Bend is definitely on the map now.
  13. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    I'd love to hear suggestions. Right now, my "must visit" list is not that large. - De Garde tops the list. - Logsdon was also top 5, but it seems they closed their taproom. - Pfriem happens to be in the same town as Longsdon - The Commons - Cascade Any brewery in Portland is easy pickings. It's linking up the more rural or far-flung ones that I'm working on now.
  14. Apple Discussion Thread

    As much as carrier freedom sounds like a good idea to me, I'm still on AT&T and have been for 10 years now. I don't feel especially drawn to other carriers, not that I love AT&T. I'm impressed that my 6 gives me as little grief as it does. It's a little pokey at times. But the main issue at this point is the battery, which is no surprise. Umpteen thousand charging cycles later, and it still does an admirable job...but I noticed once it gets below 20%, the accuracy of the indicator is wildly unpredictable. I've had the phone go from 15% to dead in minutes. But, really the solid performance of the 6 is why I kept it this long. I could get a replacement battery from iFixIt, but I'm ready to move on to something faster.
  15. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Yeah, ironically Rogue was not on my list of breweries to visit. The one beer I recall enjoying a lot is their pumpkin beer, which I believe is made from pumpkins from this farm. The only other one I explicitly remember trying is Dead Guy Ale, which was fine, but not especially notable (I think I've had others, but I might be confusing them with Rogue River Brewing). There is a tasting room on the farm, so I'm sure I'll get some tasters to see what's what. I'm hoping the Total Darkness is some kind of barrel aged stout... But yeah, the eclipse and the environment are the real draw. By the looks of the property, the sun should be over the river on the east side for the eclipse. Could be a great show, weather permitting.