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  1. Netflix members...

    I finished S1 of End of the Fxxxing World last night. Turns out that when I watched 4 eps in a row the first night, I saw the best of the show. After that, the pace falls dramatically. The effervescent, manic tragicomedy turns into something more traditional. Still, it was fun to watch and I'll be tuning in to see what happens next season (assuming there is one), as it ends in a bit of a cliffhanger.
  2. Netflix members...

    Haha. Well I’d say watch the trailer and decide. I may have not done it justice by trying to describe it in so few words.
  3. Netflix members...

    Just watched the first 4 episodes of the British (Netflix for the US) show End of the Fxxxing World, and I’m blown away by it. I don’t want to give away anything, but it’s a pitch-perfect blend of crime drama and teen angst comedy. Kinda loving the fact I have 4 more episodes to go.
  4. 1. The Vientam War - Nothing on TV this year was as riveting to me as this documentary, a history lesson that reveals as much about the present as it does the past 2. Rick and Morty S3 - The long hiatus between S2 and 3 was clearly spent developing clever storylines and deeper characters. 3. Mindhunter - Just a beautiful production from top to bottom 4. Game of Thrones S6 - Probably the best season yet. 5. High Maintenance (both the web series and HBO produced series) - Every episode of this show is a revelation. It tells beautiful and simple stories that are poignant, funny and real. 6. Stranger Things S2 - Not perfect, but so fun to watch 7. Ozark - Clever, tightly wound story and a cast of great characters 8. Lady Dynamite S2 - If you're a fan of absurd humor that has a beating heart of gold, Maria Bamford is your lady. 9. Abstract - An inspiring and well-made documentary series profiling creative people at the top of their game, from an illustrator to a shoe designer. 10. Vice News Tonight - Going to the source to get stories, and telling stories most news outlets don't. Other admirable shows: Icarus, Narcos S3, Dark, Big little lies, Baskets, Insecure S2, The Fall S3 (I think this was a 2017 Netflix debut), I love you America edit: well fuck. I somehow neglected to put Wormwood on there. It’s mind-bendingly great filmmaking.
  5. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    I went to see The Shape of Water this afternoon. What an exquisite bit of filmmaking. It has so many layers, so skillfully and lovingly crafted. It honors classic movies and yet, at very precise moments, also challenges modern sensibilities. It turns classic “monster movie” themes on their head, by remixing those themes with a story about outsiders who find comfort in each other. Perhaps it’s only shortcoming is the relative one-dimensionality of the villain. While Michael Shannon shines in this role, he is presented as an old-school mysoginstic shitbag without much exploration as to his inner workings. I get that guys like this exist, but a little digging below the surface might help make him feel more real in the film. Meanwhile Sally Hawkins is amazing as the mute “Eliza” - surely a performance that will get an Oscar nod. So much communicated in very few words. She gives her character so much empathy, life and verve, and yet doesn’t draw undue attention to herself in the role. Her sidekick, played by Octavia Spencer is heartfelt and hilarious. I might have the same complaint about her as Michael Shannon’s character if not for a few scenes of her “home life” that give some background. And you can’t talk about this film without acknowledging the other amazing performance by Richard Jenkins who is flat out great in his supporting role. He’s magnetic on screen. Visually, the film evokes not only classic noir cinema, but also strongly borrows from Jeunet/Caro films like Delicatessen and City of Lost Children. But perhaps not as grimy as either of those. It’s a look that suits the fantastical subject of the film very well. The creature design is also a throwback of sorts, the most obvious heritage being Creature from the Black Lagoon. Opting to not use excessive CG is a smart move, reinforcing the ties to classic “creature features” and also fitting in with the organic feel of the rest of the film.
  6. This film makes coming to terms with TFA easier for me. What I really wanted from TFA is here now in TLJ, namely an expansion of the Star Wars world that stokes the imagination. But what I didn’t bargain for is a film that explores such deeply personal struggles so effectively. Put those two together, and this stands out as one of the best SW films of all.
  7. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    So I've assiduously avoided most conversation about Episode VIII let alone spoilers. I knew very little going in, outside the obvious ties to the previous film. I didn't even know Laura Dern was cast, and had forgotten that Benicio Del Toro was too. Before I get to anything else, I have to say I loved, for lack of a better word, the diversity of the cast. That includes the role that women play in the movie...they are not just women playing roles men would be traditional cast in, but playing them as women. And I like how it plays with stereotypes on both sides, the subplot where the hot-shot due swoops in to save the day, and without diminishing his intentions or efforts, the women actually save the day. It feels silly to even bring it up, indeed it seems like the 'diversity' buzzword has been around for a long time—it almost feels passé to talk about it. But I think this movie offers a great example of how to achieve genuine diversity without it feeling like it's a conscious part of the filmmaking. It's less than remarkable to feature a nerdy asian girl in a major role, but it is remarkable to do so without it feeling like pandering or tokenism. Anyway, the film. Wow, I really enjoyed the heck out of it. I love the emotional authenticity of this movie, first and foremost. The characters felt like living, breathing (or not, if you count Droids), beings with vulnerabilities and aspirations and conflicting interior lives...it was all palpable. The cast was fantastic, I felt like all of the actors who reprised roles from the previous film effortlessly grew into their roles here. I was particularly impressed by Adam Driver, who I never felt very comfortable with as the tortured villain in VII. Here he sells it way more effectively. Daisy Ridley has also matured, figuratively and literally, and brought so much to Rey. John Boyega too gains depth. Mark Hamill is also excellent as the emotionally defeated and weary Skywalker. The Light/Dark struggle here is ferocious and equal to any of previous films. I'm willing to accept that these characters were well realized by the end of TFA too, but the things I found so annoying about that movie have colored my feelings for almost every aspect of it. I can't be objective about the acting, so I'll just say I think it's gotten better here. Another thing that was so wonderful about this movie is how it pays tribute to Carrie Fisher. I've no idea if any of the story was re-written after her death, but it did definitely feel like they paid homage to her, and also said goodbye to her. This can't have been an easy thing to do, let alone to pull it off, again, with emotional authenticity. The only 'off' things in my opinion were: 1. Some of the attempts at humor were ham-fisted, but that's really a pretty minor issue. On the whole, the humor was mostly in line with the tone of previous Star Wars films. 2. Some nearly Wall-E level, hit-you-over-the-head morality plays. Also a minor complaint given the achievement of the rest of the film
  8. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Just walked out of The Last Jedi, and fuck that was a good Star Wars movie! More thoughts later.
  9. Netflix members...

    I finished S1 of Dark last night. It’s a remarkable show. It doesn’t nail everything it aims for, but it aims very high and manages to deliver in unexpected ways. It bends and blends genres in a unique manner. Actually “blend” isn’t even the right term. It moves through genres starting as one sort of show and branching out into others almost seamlessly. In contrast with Godless, where a number of story arcs are started but never really develop, Dark has multitudes of strands that all intertwine in a fabric and continually offer surprises and at times gut-punches. Admittedly, I got a bit lost at times, but that’s part of the fun. I will almost certainly watch it again before S2, it’s the kind of story that should reward a second viewing.
  10. Netflix members...

    Watched 6 episodes of Dark and it remains quite fascinating. It's now veered very far from the comparisons with Stranger Things, taking on a darker, more adult tone, and dwelling in the deep end of existential uncertainty and agitation. The story-line is unfolding, and folding back in on itself like a precision machine, while the characters fill it with complicated emotions. There is a repetitiveness in certain themes and even shots, but given the story, I think that's fully intentional. They got Ben Frost to score it, his solo work is downright harrowing at times, but here it's more restrained. For the most part the score is excellent, although there are a few too many thudding bass drops at various points that seem to serve not much of a purpose. Overall it's very well done. Looking forward to finishing the season.
  11. Apple Discussion Thread

    I'm curious what Apple's pricing scheme will be with their original content. Will they shift to a subscription model like the rest of the streaming crowd or change per episode/season as they do on iTunes now? It's obvious that the subscription model works, but it's not obvious where the limit is for how many subs a typical consumer will stomach. I know for me, I'm hugely hesitant to move beyond the two I have now (Netflix and HBO). And, in fact, I like that iTunes charges per-show like they do. I cherry pick shows this way, spending $2 per episode to see if the show has my interest enough to buy a season. It helps that for each episode you watch, they subtract that cost from the total season price, which is usually a slight discount.
  12. Netflix members...

    Mindhunter is fantastic. Just gets better and better as it proceeds. I love the chemistry of the leads, and the supporting cast is also really good. I started Dark last night, watched ep 1. Really nice setup, great mood and compelling characters. I definitely got Stranger Things vibes from it, but it's seems to be aiming for something more sinister. I'm curious if everyone gets English dubbing by default? I got only as far as the little preview that Netflix app/Apple TV shows before diving into the menus to turn of the dubbing and use the original German w/ subtitles.
  13. Netflix members...

    I finished Godless last night, I'm really conflicted about it. There is a lot to recommend about it, the performances to start with, the production values and camera work, art direction. But too many characters are not well developed, characters we are supposed to care about. It tries to carry so many threads of story lines that it gets tripped up. Not a bad show, by any means, but it doesn't quite reach greatness, IMO.
  14. Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    Wow, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.
  15. Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    Hi, just me again. I got a new module recently, my first percussion-specific module. It's known for the ability to make a huge amount of percussive sounds, many of them very aggro and abrasive, but my hope was that I could find some sweet spots within it's huge repertoire of sounds. But, as often happens with modular synthesis, it was an unexpected pairing with another module that kind of blew my mind. I took the abrasive metallic output and fed it into a resonator module and out sprang these gorgeous gamelan-like chimes. If i tweaked the percussion module's parameters, the sound would mutate into various shapes. That single pairing inspired this patch, which grew up around that sound. Edit: if you're curious what it sounds like by itself, check out this guy's demo, it's off the hook: