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  1. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Just got the email from Bethesda that the B.E.T.A. is available for download!
  2. Late to the party but I finally picked up Spiderman on the weekend. Started playing it last night. Beautiful game and has decent difficulty at default settings. Too many games to play!
  3. GunnerX

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Really enjoying the watch quite a bit. It's great for workouts. Actually, the workouts app is quite impressive. I ended up getting a set of Airpods as they were on sale at WalMart. Was quite impressed at the sound quality. Didn't think they would sound good but they are not bad at all. I like being able to switch easily from using my phone to listening to music on the watch. My biggest disappointment is finding out that there's no spotify for the watch.
  4. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    So, I've never played any Fallout games before. However, I had a blast with this. Too bad nothing carries over. Can't wait for the Beta.
  5. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Done downloading. Can't wait.
  6. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Got my stress test code!
  7. Finally! Picked up: Farpoint Firewall Raw Data Ultrawings One piece (I'm a fan and it was cheap. )
  8. GunnerX

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I went to the Hermes store and checked out the different bands. I was actually set on getting the darker band but after trying it out, I decided to get the tan instead. However, they did not have any in stock. I'm quite surprised by how many people are buying these. I kept checking Apple online and finally one of their Higher end stores had it in stock so I purchased it right away for pick up. Really enjoying the watch right now. The Apple pay is very convenient and have been using it for everything. Also, I like using it when purchasing stuff at StarBucks. The workout feature is quite nice. Was out for a walk and it automatically started recording and asked me if I wanted to continue the activity. Apple also released 12.0.1 which fixed connectivity issues on the Xs Max. After updating, my phone instantly connected to 5Ghz for the very first time. Glad their making changes quick!
  9. I use my Xbox One X as the centre of my entertainment unit. I have my satellite receiver going into it and use One Guide to watch TV. I'm using the Logitech Harmony Hub to control everything so "Alexa, turn on the TV" will turn everything on properly. Kids have been using this for a while now and it has been working great. I know I can use Cortana to control other Xbox features but sometimes, I just don't have the Kinect on. Seems they added a decent set of commands and it's in Beta right now. Hopefully they stick with it and add a lot more functionality!
  10. Anyone using Amazon Echo to control the Xbox yet? I just linked my Xbox One X to my Alexa account and it's neat that you can choose certain devices to control it. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet but will most likely play around with it tomorrow.
  11. GunnerX

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Picked up my first Apple Watch on Thursday. Loving it so far.
  12. Been playing this on my One X and really enjoying it. Decided to play it on my PC today and wow, it looks great! Looks great on 3440 x 1440. I should overclock it to 120hz and see how it is. Seems to load a lot faster then the One X also.
  13. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    For some reason I ended up pre-ordering this for the Xbox and PS4. So I got 2 invites to the B.E.T.A. program.