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  1. GunnerX

    Mesh Network Discussion

    For an apartment, Amplifi would most likely be more appropriate. Unifi requires a lot more components more suited to larger areas. However, it also depends on what devices you will be using. For example, if you have a lot of Smart Home devices like Hue, Smart Things, etc. Those require their hubs to be wired to the network which might be easier with Unifi. Of course, you can just get a switch and use that with Amplifi. Amplifi will most likely be cheaper also.
  2. I tried the racing games and was not really too impressed with them. Gran Tourismo was just so so for me. However, if you haven't done so, give Wipeout a try. I guess the wipeout environment allows it to give you a more feeling of being in the game.
  3. Astro Bot is currently $19.99 on Amazon.com. I really hope I can get in on these deals for Astro Bot being in Canada.
  4. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    My copy arrived from Walmart. I'll have to start installing it so I can play!
  5. GunnerX

    Apple Discussion Thread

    For those with Apple Watch, Spotify has finally released an app for the AW and soon to come will bee offline play!
  6. GunnerX

    Diablo Immortal (Moible)

    It's not even an original game.
  7. Downloaded it on the Canadian site. Very cool! Will definitely pick the full game up. Specially since it's on sale. Will have to try it with VR tomorrow.
  8. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Anyone want a PS4 BETA key?
  9. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Managed to play on the 27th but missed the 28th. The stress test helped as I knew where things were already so I was able to get to the waypoints rather quickly. Too many great games coming out.
  10. GunnerX

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Someone on Reddit created a Spotify app for the Watch. It's a remote for the phone so it won't work with just the watch on it's own but it's quite well done.
  11. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Just got the email from Bethesda that the B.E.T.A. is available for download!
  12. Late to the party but I finally picked up Spiderman on the weekend. Started playing it last night. Beautiful game and has decent difficulty at default settings. Too many games to play!
  13. GunnerX

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Really enjoying the watch quite a bit. It's great for workouts. Actually, the workouts app is quite impressive. I ended up getting a set of Airpods as they were on sale at WalMart. Was quite impressed at the sound quality. Didn't think they would sound good but they are not bad at all. I like being able to switch easily from using my phone to listening to music on the watch. My biggest disappointment is finding out that there's no spotify for the watch.
  14. GunnerX

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    So, I've never played any Fallout games before. However, I had a blast with this. Too bad nothing carries over. Can't wait for the Beta.