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  1. GunnerX

    Mesh Network Discussion

    Finally got sick and tired of my TP Link Deco M5 setup. While it has been quite stable, it was just too slow and really lacked in features. Decided to forgo the consumer systems and went for an enterprise solution. My friend told me about Unifi previously so I decided to check it out and it turns out NewEgg had their products on sale so I bit the bullet. I set it up last night and with one Access Point, it's already functioning better than the M5 setup with 3 APs. I will be setting up a second AP in the second floor so it should be more than enough. One great thing is the Cloud Key which keeps track of everything going on in the network and I'm having fun playing around with it. Here's the link: https://unifi-sdn.ubnt.com/
  2. Dang. I was in Burlington which is not too far away!
  3. Couldn't find any AIM Controllers here in Toronto but was in North Carolina last week and grabbed one at GameStop. Now need to grab the games.
  4. Picked it up. Hope to try it out later on.
  5. Whoa! That looks awsome! Not bad if it will be $19.99.
  6. I currently have the Dell Visor and it works great for VR. However, I'm wondering if the Vive or Rift would be that much better. Anyone have experience with all 3 types?
  7. GunnerX

    FS: PSVR Skyrim Bundle Brand New

    This is gone. Thx
  8. Seems there's a big sale again and DiRT VR Bundle is part of it. Will grab it for sure this time.
  9. GunnerX

    Post Your Gaming PC

    I'm using the H75 and it's a perfect size.
  10. GunnerX

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Thanks all for the suggestions. Will check them out once I get the stuff I need running installed. Will take pics of the rig once I get done cleaning up. I'm currently using the dining room table as my desk lol.
  11. GunnerX

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Completed my build last night. Was easier than I thought. Installing windows 10 pro only took 10 mins which was really surprising. Was prepared for it to take hours. Is there any free benchmark software that people use? Would definitely like to see how it stacks up.
  12. GunnerX

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Purolator was being a pain yesterday. They delivered the monstrous monitor but did not deliver the CPU. So I have to go to their depot to pick it up today. Was ready to finish setting up the PC too. However, I did setup the Monitor and connected it to my laptop with the 1060. Too bad it's only HDMI so it's stuck at 50Hz. Gotta say I'm very impressed with it. It's definitely quite a beauty.
  13. Great tip. I will definitely play it on my own first and see how it is.
  14. Have a brand new PSVR Skyrim Bundle in box never opened. Asking $300 Canadian Pesos. I'm located in the Global Toronto Area/Markham. Also have Assassin's Creed Origins Brand New for PS4, asking $20.
  15. GunnerX

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Put the PC together last night. Was surprised at how light the case was and how massive the 1080 is. It's really been quite a while since I've bought components. The Samsung 970 m2 is quite tiny. Quite impressed at the PSU also. My buddy definitely gave me some good components. The CPU and Monitor are arriving today so I don't have to do as much. After I was done, I did some tidying and decided to take a look at the CPU cooler (Corsair H75) and the first thing it said was to put the standoff behind the CPU and I almost freaked out. I really didn't want to take the mobo out. Luckily, when I Iooked on the other side of the case, it was open so I was able to install it without doing anything. Crisis averted. Can't wait to install the CPU tonight and test it out. Well, assuming that updating the BIOS, OS and drivers goes well!