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  1. Both Classic Mini systems (NES and SNES) are no longer in production and will most likely be gone very soon. https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/14/18140804/nes-classic-snes-classic-out-of-stock-nintendo
  2. PSVR back on sale for Christmas. From Dec 16-26 $100 off and includes the new Borderlands VR and Beat Saber Bundle. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2018/playstation-vr-tis-the-season-to-play/
  3. That’s too bad. I had assumed Valve was involved (even after watching the first couple minutes where he says they didn’t call him back I figured something might have happened while they were making it). Are there any any interviews with people involved that aren’t with Valve anymore? Or is it just about its influence?
  4. New NoClip Doc on Half Life. Haven’t watched it yet, but am anxious to.
  5. Sounds like you’re maining Yoshi. Who’s your 34ther though?
  6. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/12/global-avengers-initiative-to-assemble-earths-mightiest-heroes-at-disney-parks-around-the-world/ New info and details on the Marvel attractions coming to HK, California and Paris. Notice the world Marvel isn’t used (except in the author’s title and Captain Marvel). Not a heck of a lot here though, except for a broad overview of what’s coming and what characters are involved.
  7. Very cool. The first Panzer Dragoon was my go-to game to show off the Saturn in its early days. The opening cinematic completely blew my mind back then (but seems like it could be done by a 5th grader nowadays). Zwei was an amazing upgrade and right up there with VF2, Sega Rally and Virtua Cop in showing what the Saturn was actually capable of once they got used to the hardware and had their tools matured. I welcome the remakes. I hope they’re good, but at the very least it shows us that this series isn’t completely forgotten about, which is nice.
  8. The V1 and V2 boxes are not compatible with the other headsets, so there’s no worry of getting stuck with a V2 headset and V1 box. Personally I’d probably wait for another sale. They happen quite frequently. For an extra $50 you’d get brand new hardware, guarantee of V2 headset and a couple of games and you could sell a camera.
  9. I dislike you all.
  10. Here is the English version without any Japanese subtitles Its looking pretty good. The trackless vehicles are perfect for this ride, and I can only imagine what a “Be Our Guest” scene and the final ballroom will be like with a number of “dancing” vehicles moving around the room. Makes me wish they could have done this for The Little Mermaid instead of the Omnimover system. The animation in the animatronics is fantastic, but the models themselves seem a little off. Almost like they tried to make them a touch anime looking or something. It’s also kinda funny to see the imagineers with their Japanese style hard hats on with the chin strap.
  11. I got a rejection email.