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  1. It’d be nice if they gave Roger Rabbit some love too. It’d be nice if they gave it some of the upgrades the Fantasyland darkrides. I wonder if they could make the Black hole effect better with the tech they have now.
  2. Not a huge surprise. I guess that takes Toon Town off the chopping block for awhile. I hope the give it some love with this addition. The whole place needs an overhaul.
  3. I’m very curious to see what the Jurassic World makeover of the ride in Hollywood is like. The scene shown in the trailer is cool, but I hope it isn’t overly relying on screens.
  4. JJ Abrams? Not that I blame him. It seems bizarre that LucasFilm and Kathleen Kennedy didn’t have some sort of framework in place as to where the story was going. I understand wanting to give your filmmakers some freedom.... but that doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want.
  5. The same site as above also has a great article and aerial shots of the Hagrid Motorbike Adventure, with a fantastic overhead 3D Model of the ride and surrounding area, similar to the Blog Mickey shots of Galaxy’s Edge. https://orlandoparkstop.com/news/theme-park-news/amazing-photos-reveal-new-details-for-hagrids-motorbike-coaster/
  6. Saw this video the other day which hypothesizes what the layout of the new Universal Park may be like based off the work that is already done, and permit filings. It’s interesting and well done.
  7. Its set during the events of the current trilogy. I don’t know if it’s specific, but it’s definitely after TFA. The story of the ride is that Chewie is having the Falcon repaired by Hondo at this outpost and Hondo recruits you (and your party) to run a smuggling mission. The way the queue works, your party gets “alone” time in the holochess room where you can look around and take pictures. Apparently there was originally supposed to be meet and greet with Chewie in here also, but that got axed for obvious reasons.
  8. It’s been out on PC for awhile. There are plenty of reviews and impressions already.
  9. “Summer” starts on April 25. Time to start compiling lists.
  10. I’m glad for the change in refund policy. They’ve had a similar policy in place in territories that require it for some time.
  11. Disappointed there’s no volume slider on the front. It looks pretty silly attached to the CD systems, but it’s cool that it can do that.
  12. Hello gents, The “Summer” movie season is fast approaching. I hope some of us are still willing to play the Summer Movie Challenge again this year. Slashfilm have a poll on Twitter as to when the Challenge should start this year, as the Avengers movies have caused a bit of controversy (as it’s released in April and is/was the clear consensus no 1). Personally I think it should start the first weekend in May, as that is what it had more of less been up till last year, and is the date that Box Office Mojo uses. As someone who spends too much time pouring over the numbers on Mojo, I prefer the seasons to line up. The end of this week’s podcast has an Afterdark discussing this dilemma. Regardless, it’s time to start thinking about lists. If they go with Avengers weekend, it’s only a month away.
  13. I bought a pair of the original AirPods about a month ago. I knew the new ones were coming, but I really didn’t want to wait, and the rumoured changes didn’t really matter much to me. Thankfully, the actual change is even more underwhelming. I love them though. It’s amazing how freeing it is to not have a cord tethered to the phone. I can be “watching” a video or listening to a podcast and just walk around the room or the house, and not worry about having to carry my phone around with me. I’ve also been primarily using just one earbud at a time which is much easier to do since they’re completely separate. The range on them is outstanding also. I have almost left the house twice without my phone because I had forgot I walked away from my phone while listening to something. In both cases the phone was on the third story of my house, and I was on the bottom floor and it didn’t cut out at all. I wasn’t sure if I’d use them enough to justify the price, but I use them every day.
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