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  1. Graeme

    2018 TV Discussion

    If anyone is a fan of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may be interested in the news that Apple has ordered a series written by Charlie Day and Rob McElhenny which takes place at a Video Game Developer. Could be interesting. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/charlie-day-rob-mcelhenney-apple-comedy-series-1202901078/
  2. Graeme

    2018 TV Discussion

    We just finished the first season of Killing Eve last week. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to season 2. I have a few issues with Eve as a character, but not serious, and Sandra Oh is great in it. Villanelle is really interesting. I love smart villains with no remorse and she fits the bill. We also just finished watching season 1 of Marvellous Mrs Maisel on Amazon. Well written, funny, and a great cast.
  3. I miss the wonder of it. New websites popping up I had never thought of before. New mindblowing technologies that changed it forever like animated gifs and frames. Playing games online for the first time and wondering what it would be like when we had faster connections. Realizing you can download things like mp3s, ROMs and software, and what that meant. And yes, discovering new communities of people that shared your interests and becoming a part of them. There are are lots of things I don’t miss also.
  4. Graeme


    The AMC one just started recently and some smaller theatres and chains offer them, but it’s not as prevalent yet. Reserved seating is really just starting to be the norm, things are a bit behind here. If I were in the market for one of these services (assuming I lived in the US), the AMC one, to me, makes the most sense (assuming I lived near an AMC) even before all the recent changes to Moviepass. The ability to use it on 3D and Imax, reserve seats, and the better experience in purchasing tickets through the app would be more than worth the extra money. The only way I could get my money’s worth on these right now though would be if they provided babysitting as part of the deal.
  5. Graeme


    Who knows? I’ve heard people speculate that once they got enough subscribers, they were probably hoping to sell off user data to advertisers and possibly theatres and studios. I’ve also heard they might have wanted to try and use that data to convince theatres to give them a cut of the box office since they are driving people to the theatres where they are buying more concessions (which is where they really make their money). Maybe they thought it would be like a Gym where they sign people up and then they never use it? Maybe they were just hoping for a buyout? I’m sure that once they’re dead, there will be a very interesting article written somewhere about all of this.
  6. Monster Hunter is notorious for being a bit difficult to get into. Monster Hunter World is apparently the easiest, and even that I was scratching my head over plenty of things. Once I got into it, I really liked it a lot. I hit a roadblock in the story, and don’t usually feel like playing with strangers, so I kinda fell off it.
  7. Graeme


    It’s changed again! They are now selecting 6 movies each day that you can use Moviepass with. If they aren’t playing near you, or you don’t want to see any of them, it’s tough luck. People are also reporting that after 4 or 5pm, all available screenings are gone (presumably, they’ve used their allotments for the day). Seems almost pointless at this point. I guess their plan to stop hemorrhaging money is to drive away anyone that actually wants to use the service.
  8. F&F feels just like Disaster. Only worth going on just because it’s there and to say you’ve done it, and only if the wait is short.
  9. https://micechat.com/203028-star-wars-land-update-with-aerial-photos/ New Nearmap aerial photos of Star Wars Disneyland. Looks like it’s coming along well. I wonder what the inside of those buildings is like.
  10. Beat Saber is easily my most anticipated game right now. Can’t wait to try it.
  11. Graeme

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Global would be too tough due to different release dates worldwide. There could be movies released in other countries (mainly China) that aren’t even released in the US this summer that could be in the top ten. It is interesting to look at the numbers though.
  12. Graeme

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    I had kind of assumed that MI wouldn’t catch Ant-Man, but you’re right, it could. It’ll probably be very close. Sept 3 is the last day. It needs to make up about 3.2 million over Ant-Man per day on average. It’s doing that now, but will it do it for another 2 weeks? So I’m hoping that those 2 stay where they are, and pray to god that The Meg either drops off a cliff or runs out of time and stays out of the top 10.
  13. Graeme

    Doom Eternal Announced - 2019

    Resident Evil 7 was doing that. I assume since they got the engine working for Doom already, they wouldn’t need to resort to that.
  14. Apparently the cast members tell guests that it is Andy’s new toy set which he’s setting up.