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  1. So I hear this game is pretty good.
  2. 2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    The Slashfilm lists have been posted and the podcast is now out. http://smoview.a2hosted.com/index.php?year=2018 If you haven’t made a list yet, here’s your cheat sheet. I’m not surprised everyone put Avengers first. I am a little surprised everyone put Jurassic World second.
  3. Oh, I’ve seen complaints about Everest too. I think it’s perfectly acceptable as it’s well themed to fit the Asia area of the park and is about an encounter with a mythical creature. Mythical creatures has always supposed to have been part of AK, so I don’t really see all that much to complain about. Well, I’ll complain about the Yeti not working!!! Anyone who has been to AK knows that nature and conservation is as much a part of the park as animals. It’s funny how the names of their parks have caused such issues. California Adventure, Disney Studios, Animal Kingdom, and even EPCOT have all caused messaging issues over the years. I suppose Universal had plenty of issues when they were trying to call the Florida resort the Universal Escape. I understand why it bugs some people, but it doesn’t bug me enough to care. DCA would have been better (but it’s not California!) but I’m sure they had their eyes on building Marvel stuff at the same time. I would much prefer having Star Wars at DL and Marvel at DCA. I’m glad that they decided to build it where they did though instead of taking over Toon Town as rumoured. That was a large part of the park that wasn’t being used, the rock work appears to blend well with frontier land, and the transition from Critter Country and the far side of Fantasyland looks like it would work better than the back of Fantasyland (assuming it would have used the same entrance as Toon Town. The only thing that would bug me would be if they decide to build a third park in Anaheim in the near future where it would have been a better fit.
  4. Honestly my post was not directed at you and your comments. They were just the launch point for me to rant about people complaining about theme park themes. I still see/hear people complain about how all the new stuff in DCA isn’t themed to California, when that was obviously forgotten about long ago. Or how Avatar isn’t about animals, and how Epcot is being destroyed (which is pretty much true), while at the same time asking what theme a new park should have and forgetting that Disneyland doesn’t have one single theme. With that said though, if a Park does have an overarching theme, I do think they should try and stick to it. There can be some leeway given, like with Avatar, and when the Indy at Animal Kingdom rumours were swirling I would be fine with a South America themed land with and Indy ride, but would not have been OK with and Indy themed land.
  5. Oh I agree. I would much rather see it in a new park where they could possibly make it bigger to start with and have room for expansion. It just seemed like it going into Studios was a lock with that leaked “blueprint” and a third park seeming a long ways off. Perhaps the Studios plan was an option if they didn’t get the legal stuff out of the way with the new park, but plans for park 3 are further along than we think. I do also think that people can get a little hung up over what the overarching theme of a park is though. Most theme parks, including Disneyland, don’t have one single theme, but are large parks with themed lands. These parks even have a history of simply creating new lands when an attraction doesn’t really fit one of their existing lands (Critter Country, New Orleans Square, Toon Town). The parks that have had these singular themes have always struggled to maintain it once any expansion happens, even ones which are a broad as “movies and television” or “Animals”. People also have a tough time of letting go when it’s clear the theme isn’t working anymore. The worst example of this is California Adventure. That park was built with the misguided mission to give people a taste of California without having to visit the rest of California. The original park fit that all fairly well, but they obviously started to ignore this as soon as they realized people don’t really care about visiting a fake farm and watching movies about wine. They had to start putting new attractions in to try and lure people to the park and it’s harder to keep with a theme when that is the new mandate. Sure, you could make cases for Bugs Land, and Tower of Terror, but they weren’t really about California. Toy Story Mania is themed to the midway that it was built in, but that’s about it and I’m not too sure how Monsters Inc fits. Once the big rebuild was started and we got Little Mermaid and Cars, any relation to this being about California should have been eradicated. This is now Disney Adventure Park In California instead of Disney Adventure Park About California. Yet people still question how Marvel, Cars and Pixar fits the California theme. They don’t and the park is better for it. I’ve seen suggested that they should theme the third park at Universal to Dreamworks animation. While this may seem like a good, and fairly broad, idea at first, and may be spectacular at opening, I think it would just limit what they can do with it in the future. You could just as easily build a park with Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar lands, but leave it open to put Nintendo, LOTR, or more Potter there if need be. Not to mention, the Illuminations animated movies which aren’t Dreamworks. Two parks that do this well, are Universal’s own IOA and DisneySea. Both appear to have an overarching theme to them of water, adventure and discovery, but really you can make just about anything fit in them. IOA has the Port of Entry which is themed to nautical exploration, and then once you leave, it’s simply that each land is on its own island. You can put anything in there and it works. DisneySea is even better at this. It has different ports for the lands, but they are all very different and don’t really need to fit any one theme to work in the park. Yet they all seem to work well together, just like at Disneyland. Whatever the third (technically fourth) gate at Universal ends up being, I hope they go the IOA route and give themselves the flexibility to use whatever properties they want.
  6. Universal has acquired more land around their expansion areas south of the resort. They've also settled a lawsuit with the previous owner of the land they have been purchasing regarding their ability to build a theme park on the land. Apparently Universal-Vivendi used to actually own all this land previously and sold it off, but attached a restriction on the land to prevent the building of theme parks on it to keep away any competitors. Now they are buying it back, and most likely want to build a theme park on it. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-bz-universal-acquires-more-property-20180412-story.html This picture is from before the most recent purchase, but I'm pretty sure, from the description in the story, and an image Bioreconstruct posted, that it's the red land below Lockheed Martin. Numerous stories that I've read about this land mentions that the Nintendo area could go in this new park. I thought Nintendo was pretty much a lock for the Kids Play area at Studios, so I wonder if these stories are unaware of that, or if the plans are changing. In other Universal news, the new Fast and Furious Supercharged attraction (I hesitate to call it a ride), has soft opened. It looks rather dreadful, but probably still better than Disaster was. TimTracker went through it twice, and the thing that struck me was how the preshow cast members can really change the experience (similar to the Jungle Cruise). They're playing the same characters, but they're doing it quite differently. Finally, they've also announced that there will be a Stranger Things maze at Halloween Horror Nights this year. I'm not the biggest fan of the Halloween stuff (at least not viewing from a distance, I did enjoy visiting) but this is one that I'd be interested in seeing.
  7. I'll be curious to see what they look like. I'm not a huge fan of Shenmue, so I doubt I would ever play them.
  8. It really depends on the ride. Some rides, like say Splash Mountain, you see all of the themed queue area but are usually zipping by it to get to the end, so you don’t really get to take it in. Many newer rides have added interactive elements to keep you entertained while you wait, but the queue itself isn’t as interesting. Soarin, for example, has these huge screen games (which are timed to end when the line is about to move) that you play with the people around you in the line. Other than the games, the queue is a nondescript brown building.
  9. 2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Took a couple hours today and made my list. It's going to be an interesting year I think. My order from 2-5 could be in almost any order, and 8, 9 and 10 seem to be as much a crapshoot as the dark horses. I feel like Jurassic World could the real decider this year, similar to Wonder Women last year.
  10. One thing that I am worried about with Galaxy’s Edge is that they are being too ambitious with it, and that something fairly major will be stripped out of it before too long. I’m most worried about the interactions with people in the park and the reputation system as something that just doesn’t work on an operations level. It could also be something like how they apparently won’t sell normal items in the gift shops and that you have to travel outside Galaxy’s Edge for something like a tshirt, or not selling Coke. It’s possible that these types of things, for what ever reason, be it operations or marketing or just profit, which could make the land very special and immersive, will be gone by the time the majority of people get to experience Batuu.
  11. So, 1 out of 2. Does that mean you’ll be Microsoft’s servant for a limited amount of time? I’ll repost this for ya.
  12. ORIGINAL XBOX GAMES RELEASING ON APRIL 17: Blinx: The Time Sweeper Breakdown Conker: Live & Reloaded The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Hunter: The Reckoning Jade Empire Panzer Dragoon Orta SSX 3 ORIGINAL XBOX GAMES RELEASING ON APRIL 26: Destroy All Humans! Full Spectrum Warrior Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction MX Unleashed Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory (Europe only) Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars: Battlefront II Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Star Wars: Republic Commando X ENHANCED 360 TITLES: Darksiders Gears of War 2 Portal 2 Red Dead Redemption Sonic Generations (first time available on Xbox One) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  13. Thanks for your thoughts on your trip. Disney Cruise discussion would be welcome also. Through various podcasts and YouTube videos by the Touring plans guys, they have mentioned that FoP in Pandora has not had the usual drop off in wait times that most new rides get after they’ve been open for awhile. Even the most popular rides will see their ride times drop from the initial rush, but FoP hasn’t really seen that. It’s the top rated attraction in all of the resort, gets fantastic word of mouth, and is something people want to experience multiple times. It just goes to show, that despite whatever the IP is (as so many people were not enthusiastic about an Avatar land at Disney) that if you create an attraction that gives people an incredible experience, they will flock to it. Harry Potter is a great IP, but it’s the immersive environments and attention to detail combined with things that people recognize and love, that keeps people engaged and entertained. Its too bad the Navi River Journey can’t quite live up to, or complement that experience quite as well. I hope that that whenever I get to go, the line will be a bit shorter, as I’m not a morning person (and Florida is 3 hours ahead to begin with) and I don’t want to do Fastpass as I really want to see the whole queue.
  14. The Retro Gaming bug

    Looks like your kids figured out how to cheat in Duck Hunt.
  15. All I really hope is that Rey doesn’t turn out to be related to anyone. They can “be” someone. They can be force users. They can be nobodies. They just can’t be a Skywalker or Kenobi. Other than that, have at it. Bring back Snoke, make Luke some super powerful and wise Jedi ghost, whatever. Have the Ewoks in it for all I care.