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  1. He does. I wasn’t sure if this was the only one though. He does a number of these around E3 and can repeat himself from time to time. Despite him acting candid and off the cuff, I’m sure he goes in with “talking points”
  2. Phil Spencer’s yearly GiantBomb E3 interview is a good one, as usual. It’s always refreshing how candid Phil is. If nothing else, I remain excited to see what an Xbox division lead by Phil will produce.
  3. I personally think that if either company says this generation of games won’t play on the next system, it’s a completely daft decision and basically a non starter for me. I no longer see playing old games as backwards compatibility, but as just letting me play my games. The changes to these systems are no longer the architectural leaps that they were from generation to generation, and the gaps in the games themselves is continually diminishing. I just wrote and then deleted quite a long rambling of how I think things may develop. But the more I thought about, the more unsure I was about everything. I think there will definitely be more cross generational software, but I also think developers need to be able to take full advantage of the new hardware without being limited by the old if they want. But then there are those that won’t need it, and would be happy for their games to work on systems old and new. How that will all be controlled and marketed and messaged by the platform holders will be interesting to see. The road I was seeing after I wrote what I wrote was: Game A works on the NewXbox, the X and S Game B works only on the NewXbox Game C works on the NewXbox and the X, but not the S. Game D (Let’s call it FIFA 21) has a version that will work only on the NewXbox and another version made for the X and S, but will also work on the NewXbox since it’s an X/S game, but is not as good as and will not play online with the NewBox only version. That seemed like too many variables and confusion.
  4. Graeme

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    I think Incredibles will have some good legs. Successful Pixar films usually do, it’s getting good reviews and good audience scores. I wasn’t super crazy about Finding Dory, and it just kept chugging along to the top spot 2 years ago. I’m pretty confident (now) it will probably be #2, unless Jurassic World completely surprises me.
  5. Graeme

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Here is an update with the first weekend numbers for Incredibles 2. Incredibles is breaking records with its $180mil opening, and is ahead of Finding Dory. Probably look for it to be in the $500mils in the end. I’m looking forward to see what Jurassic World does. It’s opened internationals already and doesn’t seem to be doing nearly as well as the first. Jubjub is in last place right now, but look for him to make some jumps up once Incredibles settles into second and Jurassic World opens. The bottom half though is still to be decided. 38 38 33 30 29 Updated: 06/17/2018 CaptDS9E Shundi AverageJoe KKilz jubjub75 1. Avengers: Infinity War $664,199,950 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 2. Deadpool 2 $294,680,808 5 7 3 3 3 3. Solo: A Star Wars Story $192,845,087 ☆ 10 7 7 7 7 4. Incredibles 2 $180,000,000 7 ☆ 10 7 7 5 5. Ocean's 8 $79,175,170 3 ♞ 1 3 ♞ 1 6. Book Club $62,000,093 7. Life of the Party $51,862,768 8. Overboard (2018) $48,541,784 9. Breaking In (2018) $45,159,605 10. Hereditary $27,187,120
  6. I got Doom VFR and Wipeout the other day, and tried both last night. I started in Doom with the Move controllers, as that seems to be what is recommended if you don’t have the Aim. I was having all kinds of trouble with the movement though. I don’t mind teleporting, but having no way to reorient the way I’m facing except to turn my head/body mean I’m constantly worrying about cables and if I’m facing the camera or not. I tried with the DS4 and was feeling a little queasy pretty quickly. How was everyone else playing this one? Wipeout was very cool. For some reason I wasn’t expecting it to put me in the cockpit, and I thought that was just great. The game plays nice and smooth and looks fantastic, but again I was feeling a bit motion sick and had to take a break after each race. I feel fine most of the time, but then hit a drop that crashes me back onto the track or something like that, and it starts to make me feel not so great.
  7. Yes, I noticed that too. It’s funny though, 24FPS is rarely the threshold you see quoted, but usually 60.
  8. Big expansion announced for Tokyo a few days ago. Adding a new port at DisneySea, with 3 themed areas (Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan), which will include 4 attractions and 3 restaurants. A new Hotel is also being built. This is in addition to the Beauty and the Beast Themed area currently being built at TDL and Soarin at DisneySea. Should be interesting to see how this develops. It seems a bit odd to me to have a classic Disney character such as Peter Pan in DisneySea. I think it would be kind cool if they had a sort of back door entrance (like at Epcot and DCA) for hotel guests to use, but that could also in a way, connect the new land with Fantasyland
  9. It looks like it’s still there at WDW. The scene the replaced it at DL, wasn’t added at WDW, so that’s probably why it’s still there. I’m personally in favour of removing anything relating to the movies.
  10. From what I’ve read, it a much lessened experience with the DS4 and doesn’t support move at all, so I’m gonna hold off. There were pretty good sales on the bundle recently before I got my headset, so I may wait for another sale. Although those sales might have been to clear out the Farpoint bundles, as it seems the Bravo team one is what’s mostly available now.
  11. Is Farpoint worth $20? I’d obviously be playing without the Aim controller.
  12. Graeme

    Netflix members...

    I cant trust anything you say anymore.
  13. Steam has released an updated preview build of Steam Link for iOS which removes the ability to purchase software from the app (apparently you can still purchase certain add on content like loot boxes). Hopefully this will be enough for approval. https://toucharcade.com/2018/06/14/valve-updates-steam-link-ios-app-to-remove-game-purchasing/
  14. I thought I had heard/read something that the Fox shareholders were still more interested in the Disney offer because it offered them Disney stocks instead of straight cash. If that’s the case, Disney might not have to sweeten the deal too much.