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  1. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Armond White’s review of Justice League is classic Armond. Worth a read just for how ridiculous it is. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453824/justice-league-triumphs-zack-snyder-masterpiece
  2. Apple Discussion Thread

    I think they wanted lines. After the non event the iPhone 8 was, and the negative press that followed, I think they really wanted to show that THIS is the next big thing.
  3. Soooooo.... I beat Bowser last night. I know this is hearsay, but I’m not LOVING it. It’s very very good, but..... I’m not at the same place as so many others. I think the one big criticism of the game has been there are SO many moons that the one that is just sitting there waiting for you to pick up makes the harder to get ones feel a little less special, and I’m feeling that quite a bit. Combined with a pretty straight forward path through the “story” parts of the level and the quick pace at which you unlock the next level, I’m not feeling a huge sense of accomplishment (perhaps EA could interest me in their new Star Wars game eh?). I feel like I would be happier with 5-10 harder to find moons per level with some sort of riddle to help figure out where it is, like Mario 64. But I think the biggest thing is, I’m not craving it. When Zelda came out I was needing to play that game whenever I could. Every time I left the house I was asking myself if it made sense to bring the Switch with me. Every night I was doing “one more thing” and hours would melt away. With Mario, I’m perfectly happy to pick it up and play at the end of the night and fine putting it down a few hours later. Its like a good friend I’ve known for years and like to hang out with vs a new girlfriend you want to spend every waking minute with. I wish it was my new girlfriend.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Oh god, there’s so many places THAT could go.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I hope this isn’t just them pulling it back until the heat dies down and then turn it back on again. There was some speculation that some games (Forza 7 for example) are being built with micro transactions in mind, but then waiting until after the launch windows to turn it on to avoid bad reactions and reviews. Either way, let’s hope they make changes that improve the game in light of this and figure out something fair when they do decide to try monetization again. Maybe white and camo Vader skins.
  6. Anytime the subject of Nintendo online comes up, I can’t help but think about comments made (probably at HTF) during the GameCube, on how Nintendo may be late to online, but can see what MS and Sony do, learn from that and catch up..... Still waiting for that to happen.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Exactly. They've discovered that this is where the real money is. You look at how much games like GTA5 and Overwatch are raking in each month, consistently without any real ceiling, and they are going to all want in on that action. They can complain (or try to justify) by saying games still only cost $60, but given the choice of having games cost a one time $80, or even $100 fee or a $60 charge with unlimited earnings potential.... and they will choose unlimited earning potential. If they wanted to increase the price of games, they could have. People will complain, but will get over it and buy it anyway, just like they do with everything else they want that isn't a "AAA" video game. In Canada, the price of new games shot up practically overnight from $60 to $80 when our dollar dipped a bit. It was quite a shock then, but now it's the norm. People are still buying games. But now, with this crap, they're all just pushing it to see what we will accept and what will be the breaking point. And what we will accept and what is the breaking point will change and we will continue to accept more. It's not hard to see how a game like Overwatch would have been burned at the stake 5 to 10 years ago, and now it's the shining example of how to do it "right". This kind of stuff is probably here to stay, and as mentioned above, kids playing games now will view this as normal pretty quickly, which is a bit scary to think. I don't blame the companies trying to make more money. I don't blame them for wanting more than $60 (or at least their cut of that) for a game you could potentially play for years, which they have to support and potentially run servers for. They probably deserve way more than $60 for that. But it can't be pay to win, and it can't be gambling. It also really can't be "we want to you feel a sense of accomplishment for the effort and that's why it will take you 40-80 hours..... or you can just pay us money instead to skip it." Fuck that.
  8. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    This movie is strange. I had absolutely no idea it was coming out this year until the marketing campaign started hitting me in the face. I had just assumed the WW was this years DC movie and the JL was at least a year off. Ah well. I won’t be seeing it in theatres either way.
  9. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Its like that weird stigma of going to the movies alone. For some people, going into a big dark room with a bunch of strangers where people aren’t supposed to talk for 2 hours has to be a social experience and something you couldn’t possibly do by yourself.
  10. I use the USB-C to A cable that came with the Pro controller with an IPad charger. I also have an extra Nintendo brand AC Adaptor (or as you folks like to call it, a “lead”, which I plug into the “mains”). I think the official adaptor charges it faster, but the iPad charger is much smaller. Most of the time it just charges on the dock though.
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Wasn’t the controversy over the Horse Armor that it was purely cosmetic and didn’t actually do anything? Now we’re at “cosmetic changes are fine as long as they don’t change the game”. Seems funny.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    https://kotaku.com/the-curious-case-of-the-ea-game-dev-who-said-he-receive-1820474458 The guy claiming to have received death threats may not actually work for EA. That doesn’t mean he didn’t receive any death threats as he’s been claiming to work at EA for awhile, but it does call them into question.