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  1. Persistence is on sale now as part of the Day of the Dead sale. I won’t be getting it this time as I’ve bought so many games recently. But I did finally rebuy RE7.
  2. Graeme

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I though you meant an iPad mini and thought you were crazy. I’d say we have a better chance at a new iPod mini over an iPad. A new Mac Mini makes much more sense. Like that would even enter their mind as a reason not to.
  3. This seems like a PR move..... Half Life 3 confirmed!!!
  4. Graeme

    Apple Discussion Thread

    My non 4K one is sort of a matte grey colour with a fairly round plug end.
  5. Graeme

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    PC too. I think that covers all of them.
  6. Graeme

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    Forsaken is on sale for PS4.
  7. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA13568_00-PFVRDEMO000000US Astro Bot demo is out. Has 2 levels and a “taste” of a boss level.
  8. Ack! That IS terrifying. They could have reopened ExtraTERRORestrial and just used a skinless Stitch.
  9. Graeme

    Nintendo 64 Classic

    I feel like the words “memory expansion” may not be on the final version of the N64 Classic. The flap that covers the controller ports seems poorly designed (does that make it more or less likely to be legit?). I’ve said for awhile that an N64 Classic doesn’t appeal to me the same way as the first two. I bought one on day one, but really didn’t play it much after Mario and Pilotwings. Seeing the list of games proposed here though, makes me realize there are a lot of games that are considered classics that I never played, so maybe this would be a nice thing to have to try some of them out. You think the controller will have rumble?
  10. I have too many games just for PSVR, let alone non VR games. Good thing there isn’t a highly anticipated open world Rockstar game coming out soon or anything.
  11. Graeme

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Popular retro game enthusiast and author, Chris Kohler has started a series of articles on retro game collecting tips for beginners. I don’t really collect in this way, but there seems to be some good stuff there. https://kotaku.com/video-game-collecting-tips-for-beginners-1829641056
  12. According to the numbers on Wikipedia, quite a bit bigger. Total enclosed space is 1.6M square feet to 720K. The exhibit hall alone in Anaheim is 813K.
  13. It's even higher end than the ones they have already. The city had actually identified a need for 4 Diamond resorts in the area and were giving incentives for them to be built, not just to Disney. The clientele for these resorts are not so much park goers, but people coming to Anaheim for conventions. The convention center is right across the street from the back of DCA and is apparently the biggest convention center on the west coast. I read today that the starting rate was going to be something like $1200/night, and because there are no resorts like it in Anaheim, the people that want this type of accommodation are actually staying out of town. With how busy the convention center is, and the high price of the rooms, I'm sure that was appealing to Disney, especially with incentives. They probably hoped that anybody staying there would also take their deep pockets to their parks and restaurants while they are there.