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  1. Should be downloading now... so hopefully I'l give this a try tonight
  2. I've had some fun with it over the last two nights... though I've realized I am absolute trash at this kind of game.
  3. Kyle-K

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I thought the super move-thing was the finisher, and was thinking brutal. But then it said finish him and the real fun began.
  4. I'm not a big fan... I've been entertained by all but the second one but I do remember really liking numbers 4 and 5. This looks like they are continuing the downward trend.
  5. I was underwhelmed by the demo weekend. It got better once I unlocked the second mech, (I went with the wizardy one) but I don't think this one is for me. Next up; Division 2. That being said, I could see this getting better with a little more variety of skills and weapons, so I'll wait for final impressions.
  6. I feel like I dropped out of Destiny 2 too long ago now, and I should just wait until D3 at this point. Besides I think I can only manage one of these type of games at a time. Maybe I do go back to destiny after seeing how the other two play.
  7. If i end up playing it... I would be a PS4'er. Will give it a try this weekend and see, but I'm thinking division 2 may be more my speed.
  8. This is a good month for games... I had a lot of fun with For Honor back when it came out. I may need to jump back in with the new influx of players and try it out again. I bought Hitman 2 during xmas sales, so I'm excited to be able to add all of the hitman 1 levels into my game! Rogue Aces is a fun little game (bought it on switch a while back)
  9. Kyle-K

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I can't play these anymore... I have kids
  10. I saw a few at Fry's before xmas. The trackpad seemed fine... but the spinner on the asteroids machine was complete trash. I don't know how they hold up over time though.
  11. Three in a row throwbacks.... Ranking the three for me: 1) MIB - Ragnarok Reunion 2) Hellboy - Tone felt weird 3) Aladdin - I haven't really liked any of these disney live action remakes. Not starting now
  12. More goofiness: Spolier Warning. These are both from the epilogue.
  13. The Hori joycon won't work with the flip grip though, right? The Hori doesn't work wirelessly, and you are wireless when using the flip grip. The only reason I haven't picked up one of the Hori's (or the flip grip) is that I usually still use my switch docked.
  14. Kyle-K

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    I saw this at Barnes and Noble over the weekend, and had Saturday morning cartoon commercial flashbacks. Is the game any good though? Or is is nostalgia? (I've never actually played it) Seems like my kids might like it...