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  1. More goofiness: Spolier Warning. These are both from the epilogue.
  2. The Hori joycon won't work with the flip grip though, right? The Hori doesn't work wirelessly, and you are wireless when using the flip grip. The only reason I haven't picked up one of the Hori's (or the flip grip) is that I usually still use my switch docked.
  3. Kyle-K

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    I saw this at Barnes and Noble over the weekend, and had Saturday morning cartoon commercial flashbacks. Is the game any good though? Or is is nostalgia? (I've never actually played it) Seems like my kids might like it...
  4. It's sooooo good in VR. It's at the same time easier to focus on the board, and way more immersive. I love it. I feel like one of these days I may just put the headset on, turn on theater mode, and just relax, completely blocking out the world. I knew it was hiding in the game somewhere... There's some copyright mention of the theme when the game boots up.
  5. Played through the intro chapter and a bit more. I love the atmosphere. But, I have not yet got a handle on the controls. I played Mad Max over the weekend while waiting for this to arrive, and now I keep quickdrawing my pistol instead of running. People in town don't like that for some reason. I'll need a few more days to get used to it.
  6. Looks good... I don't know that it's going to draw me back for a while, but I did have a good time for a week or two after Next was released.
  7. I am still waiting on it to ship (but it was only $35, so I guess I can wait a few more days)
  8. I think it's list price is now $20 (on PSN)
  9. I'm probably going to pick up To The Top and Wipeout before the sale ends... Just need to see if there's anything else to grab.
  10. I don't know how many you actually need to platinum though. My son was playing and needed a couple extra challenge tokens so he asked me to get a couple extra for him. When I got him silver, after he already got a bronze, he got 2 tokens. I thought it was 1 - 2 - 3 tokens depending on how you did, but I think they are actually additive. So I think the token distribution is actually 1 - 3 - 6. I don't think platinums are required (at least not all platinunm)
  11. I'm addicted to Firewall... I keep thinking about playing it when I'm not. All I wanted to do this weekend was play it... but I had to stare at my kid to make him work on his book report instead. Astrobots and Tetris soon! I'm glad the weather is starting to cool off so I can play VR without sweating too much.
  12. Throw a lifter gadget into the crowd of baddies. Wait... When the lifter wears out throw a web bomb to the same place. Crowd dealt with. (Doesn't work as well against armor) I used the wrap up crime hunt as a way to play with gadget combos. Web bomb + the push wave thing... Air slam + web bomb... Electric webs vs. armor... That was how I spent the push to 100% without getting bored.
  13. 100% complete and I wish there was more. I don't often buy DLC, but I'm pretty sure I'm sold on whatever they put out for this one.
  14. Really? I didn't notice. Sorry! I had my mic off because I was talking with my wife. I don't have a good VR space anymore, since I gave up my theater/game space to the kid. (I need one more room in my house)