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  1. Our built in entertainment center only has a 48" wide space for a TV which is about 1/2" too narrow for most 55" TVs. Otherwise that TCL would be mine.
  2. Do you remember how long it took GTA5 to go on sale? Does amazon still do the 20% off preorders? If so, I may have to treat Rockstar like Nintendo and preorder assuming that's going to be the best price for a good while.
  3. Kyle-K

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Yeah... I've been dead for a while.
  4. I don't think Disney will rehire him. I do hope that the positive support allows him to find more work, and not end up completely blacklisted.
  5. I will be giving it another go next week. (Still crossing my fingers for a surprise PSVR announcement, but doubtful)
  6. Kyle-K

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    It would be if Skyscraper was on my list. It looks like I accidentally put The Spy Who Dumped Me in it's place. Or maybe it'll be the sleeper hit of the summer!
  7. ... and that sale is NOW. $18 for PS+
  8. Honestly, I've had a hard time getting into it as well. I think I like more novel VR stuff.
  9. Well, then I definitely can't buy 6 for a LONG time. Still waiting on a sale on zero. Then I'll slowly work my way up numerically. ... should only take me 3 or 4 years.
  10. Kyle-K

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Yeah... looking over my list today three weeks or so after making it and I'm already not sure what I was thinking .
  11. Kyle-K

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Mudtrooper? We are long past specialized Stormtrooper overload. I want a dusttrooper or drizzletrooper in the next spin-off.
  12. That kinda swimmy feeling, when the the world is moving even though your head is not. I had the issue more often when I was using psvr with my projector. It's been much less frequent now that it's set up with the camera on top of my TV. Camera up high seems to work better for me, especially for move based games. That way the moves don't get between the camera and the headset as often.
  13. When I have drift issues, I usually do a full reboot (not sleep) of the PS4. Usually takes care of it for me.
  14. Blasters of the Universe (and Wipeout) are on my watchlist. Just waiting on a sale, or to reduce my backlog a bit.