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  1. Whew. She’s finally dead. Sometimes all you need is to go to bed. Got her on my first try this morning. Probably helped with my timing. Video below. After watching it, I saw that I missed a lot of hits, but it was enough. I was also lucky that she tried the swoop move more than she normally did. Thanks for the video Starhawk. Biggest takeaway after finally watching it last night was how calm you seemed in the video. That came in handy as I stopped myself from pressing to much near the end.
  2. boogieman

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Oh damn. I’m starting to get shortcuts. 👍🏽Brilliant
  3. boogieman

    The Retro Gaming bug

  4. Thanks! I'll watch your video for tips. I'm getting closer, with my best so far was getting her down to about 1/4. The frustrating part has been when the camera loses the lock on her and she pounces on me before I can find her. Or when she jumps, I roll out of the way but she still lands on top of me. I'll get her.
  5. Fuck that bitch. I'm being stubborn and trying not to do that. but i really would like to put the game away and start spiderman.
  6. boogieman

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Sept 2018

    Thank you sir. 👍
  7. boogieman

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Sept 2018

    I didn't watch the video. Did they say anything about us poors with an original PS4 and Xbox 1?
  8. I think I have the hang of the Valkyrie fights, an now I only have the queen left. Ripping those wings off is immensely satisfying. I'll try to find time to tackle the Queen this week. Hopefully before I lose the timing and rhythm of the fights. Besides that, I still have some random stuff to go do. Random collectibles and treasure maps, about 20 or so Ravens left to find, and the impossible trials of Muspelheim. I've also got to figure out why I haven't gotten the "Explore the Lake of 9" trophy. Not sure I'll have the energy and patience to go backtrack through all of that. I wish fast travel was actually fast. The combat part of the Baldur fight was a little anti-climatic, but man, the whole sequence was epic. Classic God of War. Love this game.
  9. Oh man. I still have the Valkyrie, and I may wait to do that later, but I finally finished Ivaldi's workshop last night. What a grind. The 2nd realm tear with the 3 Revenants ate my lunch. Damn that was brutal. Hopefully I can get this wrapped up before Spidey comes out. #fingerscrossed
  10. boogieman

    Creed II

    Great trailer. MBJ looks fucking jacked in that poster.
  11. boogieman

    Arrested Development

    May 29th! Need to give the S4 Remix a watch.
  12. boogieman

    Mario Tennis Aces [Switch] - June 2018

    Chain Chomp as a playable character? Awesome
  13. Well, if it's still available, I'll take Logan Lucky off your hands.
  14. boogieman

    Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.