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  1. Netflix members...

    My wife and I ended up binging it over two days (staying up until after 4am to watch the last six episodes back-to-back) and really enjoyed it. While it is essentially a ...it was still quite enjoyable. Here's hoping for Season Two.
  2. Somehow, I missed the first one. I will have to remedy that...
  3. Deadpool 2 - Teaser

    "So dark..." Alamo doing a double-feature on Thursday night. I'm there...
  4. Also of note: If you have Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime is included in the subscription. You just need to link it to your Amazon account...
  5. 2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Can you not edit your list once you've made it?
  6. Xbox Games With Gold...

    Agreed. I've started and stopped every A.C. game between Revelations and Origins within an hour or so, but Origins has really pulled me in...
  7. test...

    This thread is dusty...
  8. Perfecting the water, I guess...
  9. From scanning ResetERA threads it sounds like not a whole lot of content was added from the beta. Will be interested to hear from you guys...
  10. New "Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado" (slight name change) trailer:
  11. As long as you pretend Andromeda isn't a thing that happened...
  12. The difficult Search Thread...

    "How do you use up a wrench?" From The Hurt Locker?
  13. I don't think Vibranium absorbs kinetic energy by default. I'm pretty sure that's a feature that Shuri built into the new suits.
  14. Being a freak of nature, I have seen all of the MCU movies in a theater.