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  1. I've really liked what I've done with it so far. I like that I don't have to talk. I just wish I didn't have to listen to my teammates. Game needs a "mute everyone" option.
  2. The city and the people, I like. It's just the Yankees I'm obligated to hate.
  3. I should be in the Division 2 demo this weekend, and will see what happens. I played a metric shit-ton of Division, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out. I know I'm definitely tired of all the snow and cold in the first game...
  4. The Hobbs & Shaw mission that gave birth to the spinoff was the best part of F8. That and Charlize Theron. yow
  5. Whoops, forgot the WW B.O. numbers...
  6. As long as the movies keep doing this, they'll keep making 'em. Can't say I haven't enjoyed them, though.
  7. I feel like Anthem is more about the Abilities, rather than the gunplay. Playing as a Storm, I really only use my guns when the abilities are on cooldown, or to finish off a combo. I'm loving it so much right now...
  8. Reminder: The Anthem Demo this weekend is open to everyone that downloads the client. I don't know about PS4, but on Xbox One you can search for Anthem Demo in the Store, and it should come up. You'll need to use the Origin client for PC.
  9. I was thinking maybe they were going to put "Black Widow" in Guardians' old spot.
  10. Here's my VIP Demo Friend Code link. It's good for three uses, so first come, first served! https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/anthem-demos/redeem?token=MXBIUm1ubz0jTSMxMDAwMDIwODA0ODgy edit: One use left!
  11. VIP Demo starts @ 11am CST today. Right in the middle of my work day. Awesome. 😛 Excited to see where it's at since the Alpha. My understanding is the build is about 6 weeks old, and is already quite a bit different than the final product we'll see next month.
  12. With that most recent news, I'm guessing we won't see another Star Trek movie for a good long while. Maybe not until DISCO has been on for a few years. We're probably done with the Kelvin timeline for all intents and purposes.
  13. Whooter

    The Punisher - Netflix Marvel Series

    Jan 19th: Punisher canceled.
  14. Whooter

    4K for life......for now.

    Got my Vizio P-Series 65-F1 on Monday, and I adore it. Got a great panel with little to no DSE, except in the corners where it's barely noticeable. Now I have spend a good amount of time with the settings and get the picture set up for TV/Movie and Gaming, but it looks spectacular with very little fiddling already. My wife even admitted it was money well spent (she was dubious, until I fired up the demo program on the set when I got it put together.)