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  1. Yep! Big props to you, your nephew, and your brother/brother-in-law(?) for all the help you gave me. Been having a blast in the endgame, and still trying to figure things out. I have 3 or 4 of the True Patriot set and 2 of the Ongone Something-or-Other Set. Still need to figure out what kind of build I want to do, and then how to achieve it.
  2. Thanks for helping me today, Angel! Sorry I couldn't get back on later in the afternoon. Someone was hogging the TV. Hopefully I should be on again tomorrow morning, if you're available.
  3. I fucking LIVED for the "Shazam/Isis Power Hour" on Saturday mornings!
  4. Oh! Well, that could be a game-changer! I'll definitely keep an eye out for Angel next time I'm on. Unless he doesn't want me. lol
  5. Just hit 16 this morning. Wish I'd had more time to put into it. Would love to group up, Angel, but I'm hearing that if a 30 groups with lower levels, the 30 spends most of their time reviving the one-shot lower level toon, as the scaling doesn't seem to work very well? Once I get to Endgame it'll probably be easier to get together...
  6. Incredible story I saw on reddit. I'm super keen to trail a group of NPC's scavenging, myself, now.... Wow.
  7. Official release is Friday, but it's been open for play since yesterday (got a great deal on a resold Amazon price error Gold Steelbook edition.) I would think you'd see something soonish. I imagine a game like this and other GaaS titles are hard to review right away.
  8. Played a little bit yesterday and it feels a little more polished from the betas, but there are still some issues (hopefully being addressed in a patch, soonish.) Performance is a mixed bag on my One X. Sometimes it's spectacular, and other times it's nearly a slideshow. Not sure what to make of that... The game opens a little differently from the betas, but eventually gets you back on a path you'll recognize if you played in them.
  9. I know the feeling, but I'm gonna try and juggle them anyhow.
  10. Open Beta this weekend, starting at 4am EST tomorrow morning. I have not tried yet, but you should be able to download the client from Uplay and the Xbox and PSN stores.
  11. Oh, I really like walking around town and seeing new people show up and changes get made to the Fort as you progress through the storyline and level up your faction reps. Launch bay is okay if I want to just run a bunch of Strongholds or anything, though.
  12. I just renewed for a year back in November, but if they continue with just 2 games a month, it's no longer worth it to me, either.
  13. I am not sure if dialog choices change anything or not. I'll have to play through the story on a different character and choose all the "dickhead" responses to see. I have not experienced too many bugs on the X1 version of Anthem, but have seen some whoppers when they do show up. I hope they will get things fixed sooner rather than later. I find I don't have too much trouble getting around town once I learned the layout and the sprint option (although it's really more of a fast walk than a sprint)
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