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  1. I was trying to figure out the other day how to play Forza Horizon 4 after it downloaded, it took me forever to figure it out. Maybe it's because I'm using GamePass but it was way too difficult.
  2. NOLF and NOLF2 were both so good. It's too bad that they are trapped in rights issues. Also its crazy what some of these systems are going for these days. I paid $30 for my Jaguar new in the box and another $80 for the CD attachment new in the box. Are you still using the Sony TV or did you go with the TCL LCD for these consoles?
  3. United still look awful but somehow Mourinho gets them to show up when his back against the wall.
  4. I've got a Pixelbook, last years model, running the latest dev train...Google has some work to do on the performance bugs, some websites just bring it to its knees right now with 8GB RAM. I understand what they are trying to do with it but ChromeOS is still not close to being ready to go up to iOS from a touch standpoint. Mouse and keyboard you're fine. Early days yet and I'm sure it will get better.
  5. I really like the X hardware, but I cannot stand fumbling around the Dashboard's UI. They need to do a complete reboot of it like they did on the 360.
  6. I wouldn't wish that game on my worst enemy, even if they were stuck in a demilitarized zone with nothing to do.
  7. I saw it at Walmart Monday in the less than $20 game section.
  8. I finished this over the weekend, such a good game. I enjoyed the boss fights a whole lot, especially later in the game when you had the tag team ones. I'm looking forward to doing the DLC and I haven't said that about a game in a long time. I'm going to wait until it is all out.
  9. This is really good. I'm using the suit power that launches the little drone. It does a great job with the mobs.
  10. holy crap at Man U losing to Brighton. Also Man City are just too good. Might as well hand them the league trophy.
  11. That movie was bad. My wife bought it at $15 and immediately regretted her decision.
  12. I still remember the day Jay and I set this place up. I did the setting up he just encouraged me to do it and helped me test it.
  13. In the gameplay trailer the music from 4:30 to the end is so beautiful.
  14. Hey guys. I’m back from the dead. AKA opening up six new locations in 60 days. Ouch.
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