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  1. Destiny 2

    You have to wonder who is running the studio over there at this point.
  2. Apple Discussion Thread

    I have PSVue and you have to go thru it for everything, none of the 3rd party apps work (HBOGo, Starz, ESPN, etc.) BUT it's not bad because everything they have is also on PSVue.
  3. How much of that 40% was comic book movies? Those eventually will run out of steam.
  4. Apple Discussion Thread

    Apps have to be updated to support it.
  5. Apple Discussion Thread

    Anything using the new AVDisplayManager feature yet?
  6. I finished it today as well. I think the story was fantastic, the writing and pacing are wonderful. I was really hoping BJ would take out director of the movie, that bit was my favorite scene in the game. The toilet scene was a great one as well. Really can't wait to see what they do with Part 3.
  7. I’m in! That’s great.
  8. I'd love to see the 77" get down to $8,000 range to compete with the Z9 from Sony.
  9. A thread about Lego

    I'm going today to make our Lego Christmas haul which consist of some Ninjago Movie sets and the new Joker Manor set from the Lego Batman movie.
  10. Destiny 2

    Bungie seem to be doing everything they can right now to kill off what is left of their player base.
  11. As i said on Twitter, I thought Thanos looked really bad.
  12. Apple Discussion Thread

    I walked into Best Buy on Wednesday while waiting on a lunch appointment next door and they had 1 Verizon Wireless X. So dumb luck. The staff were debating about if they were supposed to hold it for Black Friday or not, the store manager eventually let them sell it to me.
  13. Apple Discussion Thread

    I got my X on Wednesday. Amazing device. Face ID works pretty good, except for when I'm wearing my sunglasses, I just lift them up and it logs me right in. When I first got the device I was absolutely missing the home button, it took me a couple of days to fully come to grip with the change. Swiping up to log in while it does a Face ID check is seamless and awesome. The screen is beautiful and it really does feel like there is nothing between you and the image on the device. Battery life is the biggest surprise, it seems to run just as long or better than my 7 Plus.
  14. Robinho will never go to jail for it. Brazil doesn't have an extradite agreement with Italy.