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  1. That movie was bad. My wife bought it at $15 and immediately regretted her decision.
  2. kelley

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    I still remember the day Jay and I set this place up. I did the setting up he just encouraged me to do it and helped me test it.
  3. kelley

    Death Stranding Gameplay Reveal

    In the gameplay trailer the music from 4:30 to the end is so beautiful.
  4. Hey guys. I’m back from the dead. AKA opening up six new locations in 60 days. Ouch.
  5. I told a Spurs friend on Friday that no way would Chelsea win, most of our players bunked off to Dubai and were seen partying and the others were off on International duty. The team is rotten at the core and needs rebuilt, let's see if Roman has the stomach for it this time or if he puts all his money into the new stadium.
  6. Conte is going to be fired, he's lost the team. Courtois doesn't seem to care anymore, I guess all the rumors of him wanting to be back in Spain are true.
  7. The toy version of the double blade praetorian guard energy weapon works the same way, when it's separated into two the blades do not light up.
  8. Damn. I don’t have it on my phone.
  9. Cahill has been telling people the team is tired, so hopefully the 3 days rest Conte gave them will help them out. Last two managers were sacked after losing to West Brom and our next game is West Brom.
  10. kelley

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I'm getting ready to leave to go get my HomePod. Pretty excited for it.
  11. Did you do this thru the Xbox or someplace else?
  12. I do wonder how many zones will be on the 85" X900F. That would be a great living room TV for me.
  13. Chelsea have fallen apart. I’m shocked Conte wasn’t fired today. He did give the team 3 days off this week. They’ve played almost 20 games the past two months.
  14. kelley

    Monster Hunter World [PS4/XB1/PC] - 2018

    Guys at work bought it, came in today raving about it. I'm still playing Horizon or else I would have jumped onto it as well. Plus the multiplayer sounds kinda janky right now.