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  1. Magness

    Yoshi's Crafted World [Switch] - 29th March

    I can’t wait for the full release. It’s not challenging no but, that’s ok 😊 it’s gorgeous, feels unique and is just so full of goodness I can’t help but smile. I’ve played through the demo 3 times now even after 100% everything and I’m still enjoying it.
  2. So Anthem early access is up now and it does look and play smoother for me (PC) but, it’s still got most of the same bugs from the last demo... Freeplay sessions won’t exit, items disappearing from inventory, audio dropout for no apparent reason, crash to desktop on loading some areas, etc. Hope this is in better shape by the 22nd. They have already patched it twice just since Friday so I’m hopeful... what’s here is fun and pretty good but, buggy enough that this should still be a beta IMO.
  3. Magness

    British TV shows are the BEST!!!

    Killing Eve series 2 trailer is up
  4. Magness

    Yoshi's Crafted World [Switch] - 29th March

    Damn you and your cold heart Romier, just love Yoshi for his yarni-goodness
  5. I’m particularly loving Gibraltar myself. I have to say playing on PC I haven’t noticed any issues with latency or input lag or audio feedback but, I’m on mouse/keyboard too not a controller. I have the 1070Ti and playing on all high at 60fps and 1080p resolution so nothing too taxing on the PC for this one at those settings. Can’t wait for cross-play now
  6. Magness

    Metro Exodus (PS4, XB1, PC)

    I was looking forward to this one but, the Steam/Epic store shenanigans and Anthem... and now Apex Legends have dulled my interest in it. Will watch for it in a sale maybe closer to summer, unless you guys rave about it then I’ll break
  7. Magness

    My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Very cool jacket
  8. I got the beta installed and me and a friend goofed around in it for a few. It’s surprisingly solid for a beta and in much better shape than Anthem IMO. Graphics and frame rate are good, gameplay was all problem-free, thenserver que was nice and quick and even co-op was really good - no problems joining my friends game or him joining me and it scaled the difficulty for the 2 of us; all good. I’ll play more this weekend but, I’m pretty sold on it just based on the beta and the fun I’ve had with Division 1
  9. Looks like this is only included with the Xbox Gamepass not the “UWP” Gamepass that includes the PC version. That’s too bad... I’ll wait for impressions here and reviews.
  10. Magness

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Holy shit Kabal was my favorite in MK3
  11. Magness

    Days Gone - New Sony Bend game

    Damn that zombie wolf was good
  12. I’ve decided I’m going to play Anthem so setup the Origin Access account for it. I’ll be playing on PC and the last demo being better than the VIP demo is what decided it for me, at least enough to pay for 1 month or OA. I think there’s enough here to like that it’s a fun game and the demo this past weekend was much better than the last demo so I hope they get the rest of the game into shape for launch and the following weeks.