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  1. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I’m ready to replace my 2012 Mac Mini with a new one so i’m Hoping the specs are good for a refreshed model at the same price point. I could be persuaded to go back to a MacBook and dock it for home server use when not portable but, I prefer the Mini for the home server use and that 2012 model has been going strong since I bought it. It would be nice to have a 4K capable Mini hooked up to the TV with a faster processor/memory, etc. to handle more concurrent sessions or make Xcode better on it (not fun to use it on the old Mini now). I could also be convinced to replace my 12.9 IPad Pro but, he’s also still working like a champ and fast at everything so I’m not too bothered to replace him yet.
  2. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    So the next event is October 30 and I’m hoping for a refreshed Mini to replace mine. A new iPad Pro would be cool of course so that would be fine by me but, I REALLY want an updated Mini.
  3. Magness

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    Yay - finally Forsaken will include the previous 2 expansions so no more weird bundle requirements to update: https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/14/destiny-2-forsaken-includes-earlier-dlc/ I’ve been waiting for a sale so will likely update this week now
  4. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Congrats Joey - got Siri working on it? I use the raise to speak on mine and it’s incredibly good and useful. Depending on the task she’s a little slow from the Watch though so the usefulness depends I guess. Playing music or turning on lights is quick enough but, other stuff like “convert this to that” or “remind me at a location” type tasks take a min before they complete. Still, it’s nice if my hands are full or something to just lift up my wrist and say turn on the living room lights or message Elena that I’m heading out in a minute or something like that. For what it’s worth, I initially set my Watch to mimic the iPhone for notifcations and I think that’s a great starting point but, over time I started removing and/or editing them to customize what I use on the Watch. The sheer number of notifications was overwhelming at first but, it’s much more usable now. There are some that I personally don’t think are useful on the Watch but, that will depend on how you guys use yours of course. For me, it was stuff like Facebook - the notifications are quick to read but, I can’t usually do any actions that I want to do from the Watch so I removed those. Others like Stand or Breathe reminders I do find useful but, I changed the intervals of how often you get them, weekly summary’s, etc. I also use DND mode at night because that thump on the wrist from the Watch is VERY good and “pronounced” (for lack of a better term). It makes for a great silent alarm but, too many notifications might wake you up inadvertently.
  5. Borderlands in VR should be a lot of fun. Gunheart is a very similar titles on PC and works beautifully in VR but, is more of a standard graphic shooter. The Borderlands aesthetic style will fit even better I think in VR.
  6. Magness

    Made by Google

    Love the Top Shot commercial The Slate looks great and should be a solid tablet with a great keyboard case too. Very curious to read reviews once their out.
  7. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Nice I love the AW and between Maps use for directions (walking, driving, silent, etc) and Apple Music streaming its invaluable; let alone fitness features, messages and everything else.
  8. PSNow is pretty solid at this point in its lifespan. I’ve played several titles including stuff with QTE’s and it all plays very well these days. There is still only lag and some compression to the video but, its really good and incredibly convenient to never have to install or patch With MS and Azure they should be even better equipped to handle latency and bandwidth.
  9. Nice. Game streaming works really well on PSNow so I would imagine the xCloud service will be just as good or better. I don’t think performance will be much of an issue in most major cities and Azure has been very reliable in my experience. You’re right though about pricing - that’s what kills PSNow for me and the lack of PS4 content (only a few titles). Hopefully this drives Sony to offer more or a bette price (or both) on PSNow and MS do the same on xCloud.
  10. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Nice man - the Hermès look really cool and especially the stainless steel with a tan leather band. I have a stitched tan leather band (not Hermès) on mine as well and love it with the copper-gold color on the S3.
  11. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Silver and black looks great IMO and yea, I’ve stuck with the 42 size on my Series 0 and Series 3 so I think the 44 is the natural extension of that with the new design. Larger screen without feeling oversized and a slightly bigger battery
  12. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Nice Joey - post some pics once you get it
  13. Per reddit posts the devs are adding a full campaign mode to VM as well as randomized missions and a few other features. It’s such a great game already in early access, I’m thrilled to have them add more
  14. I got to play a little more of Vox Machina and it’s pretty awesome 😎Giant Mechs with “sim-light” controls and a fully interactive cockpit. The graphics are good and the way comms are handled in-game using the radio handset is great. This is just a perfect VR game for me so will definitely be playing more. It’s still listed as early access but, it seems pretty clean to me, no bugs or anything so far.
  15. So Vox Machina was a surprise early release - I grabbed it but haven’t had much time with it of course. From what I did look at though, the in-cockpit experience in the mechs is just awesome. Been waiting for a good mech game in VR for a while and this seems like it