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  1. Time for an Updated Gamertag List

    Ok I think I’ve added you all on Switch but, none of you were on playing Splatoon so that needs to be remedied immediately 😊
  2. Steam games work fine on the Oculus as long as the game’s listing shows it as Oculus compatible (ie: not Fallout 4 VR). Almost everything in Steam is Open VR compatible which works on any headset. So yes - something like Star Trek bridge crew you can buy through Oculus or through Steam; it’s the same game, plays the same way and works fine whether you have a Vive or Oculus. There are certainly some benefits to buying through Steam instead of the OH, especially if there’s a good steam sale or you use Steam’s integrated voice chat or friends list. Depending on the game if you purchase it through Steam they will sometimes still give you an Oculus code to redeem in that store as well (ie: Adrift). Also, as long as the game supports standard and VR modes (both) then yes, something like Resident Evil 7 you can play in VR or standard mode which ever you choose but... the VR mode for the PC version hasn’t been enabled yet. The big limitation to this is that not all VR games in Steam are compatible with the Oculus Rift. Some of them like Fallout4VR or DoomVFR will work technically but, they’re not directly supported so have some issues (ie:weird movement controls or no support for ASW and other features).
  3. Loved this one on WiiU so will rebuy on Switch gladly.
  4. As an interesting follow-up to this one, Medium has posted that the pricing rumor was wrong and that the headset will actually be $349 and that a full set with the 2.0 trackers later this year will be $749. If that’s true that’s a great headset and much better pricing...
  5. Planet Coaster announced for PC

    That is amazing - and the model of the Queen at the end is unbelievably good.
  6. Kinda disappointed that it doesn’t include the new trackers and still uses the fresnel lenses. Per roadtovr it is likely going to be more expensive as well. Just my opinion but, I think they should have waited for the 2.0 trackers and knuckle controllers and released the new HMD in the summer. Not that it’s a bad headset or anything really and the increased resolution will be nice just, doesn’t seem like a good upgrade - more of a mid-grade. Maybe now the original Vive will get a price match to the Oculus though and that would be great.
  7. Apple Discussion Thread

    Very nice upgrade
  8. True - Elite is a sim and learning the controls is a big step towards playing (and enjoying) the game especially if you use a HOTAS. Also, your view in VR is set on a predetermined default that’s not related to Oculus itself; you just need to reset the view (Fn+F12 or something like that) once your in you spot on the couch/chair. I have to reset the view once in a while like after new graphics drivers are installed or a game update but, not too often.
  9. New AV Receiver

    Yea I guess so - the web link for that model shows all 7 but, if the manual shows on;y 3 are 2.2 compatible then you could use the switch.
  10. New AV Receiver

    Actually in your case no, since your receiver has seven HDMI 2.2 compatible inputs I think you’re probably fine without the switcher.
  11. Really good sale on by the way and I think today is the last day... https://www.oculus.com/experiences/section/rift/1296788723718034/
  12. Grabbed Unspoken since it’s on sale and they've added the single player campaign mode now. I’ve only spent an hour or so with it but it’s pretty fun so far https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1070597869619581/