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  1. So I’ve almost completed Hellblade again in VR now and it’s just a profoundly disturbing - and moving - experience in VR. This was already a great game but, damn does it feel so incredibly immersive in VR ( given the nature of the game “oppressive” is fitting too I think). This is despite the fact that you play form a 3rd person perspective (or overhead/underfoot) and the in-game cinematics are done as-is with a cinema screen pull back effect. It works but, does break immersion of course and, despite this as soon as you are back into the gameplay, you’re right back in her head. Unbelievably well done IMO. It’s because of this game that I haven’t jumped into Marvel Powers United yet but, I expect to finish Hellblade today so will give Marvel a proper try later tonight.
  2. I kinda love the look of that and have been tempted to update to a pro a few times now... i’ll Have to see if I can get one also - DAMN, 500M is impressive. Well done Sony
  3. Magness

    Post Your Gaming PC

    The 1080ti is a great card and will provide a lot of power but, depending on what you’re playing this time next year it may only be keeping up. Between VR, 4K, etc that 1080ti isn’t too much card anymore
  4. Magness

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    Animal, something big and scary... and likes donuts preferably.
  5. Magness

    No Man's Sky - (PS4, P, Xbox One)

    What a perfect name Dan
  6. No experience with it personally but, there is a subreddit for people who switched from WMR headsets to Vive/Oculus and almost no one seems to regret switching. On Hellblade, it plays beautifully on my 1070ti at High settings but, on this card there is noticeable pop in and LOD changes as you move around. Definitely pushes a system in VR but, damn does it look gorgeous
  7. Senua’s Sacrifice VR released yesterday as a free update/add-on to the standard game. It is amazing looking and is genuinely breathtaking in VR but, can be WAY more disturbing in VR too...
  8. Magness

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Depending on the solution, liquid cooling can also be much quieter than standard air cooling fans which is nice. In my experience liquid cooling has certainly allowed for more aggressive overclocking while still keeping the system stable but, that was 2+ years ago now. Over the last few years games themselves have been getting more and more unstable on overclocked systems (not always the OS like it used to be with OC’ing) so any performance gains might be app/game dependent.
  9. Magness

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Congrats man - would love to see some pics of the finished rig. As far as benchmarks, I use GTA5 (not free), the Nvidia VR benchmark for VR (free), Crystaldisk for storage devices (NVME, etc and free) and other benchmarks for individual components. There’s lots out there depending on what you want to gauge the performance of.
  10. Watching vids of ST Bridge Crew TNG and the music, PADD use, the bridge, the uniforms, etc
  11. Magness

    Cutting the Cable Cord

    Ouch - data caps suck, sorry man 😕 No caps here thankfully and yes, 4K content would eat up network quickly... I think the average Netflix stream in 4K is 25Mbps (something like that) so maybe UHD discs or hosting files on your own network might help to reduce usage. With digital files and local hosting, you’ll still have the itinial download eating up,bandwidth but, not each subsequent viewing.
  12. Very cool - I like it
  13. Heheh true In other news it looks like the ST Bridge Crew TNG DLC content is already out (thought it was due next week) so that’s good too.
  14. Magness

    The Persistence PSVR - Out today!

    Love the idea of the game scaling based on your “terror” level looks fun
  15. So Hellblade in VR next week was a surprise https://www.roadtovr.com/exclusive-first-look-at-hellblade-senuas-sacrifice-vr/ And the 1st couple reviews of Marvel - Powers United are good (wave shooter) https://www.roadtovr.com/marvel-powers-united-vr-review-oculus-rift/