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  1. Ni no Kuni 2 [PS4/PC] - 2018

    Heheh I can’t imagine how that sounds - a Scottish/Glasgow wood-elf
  2. Can’t wait to get this one and Detroit. Great summer for PS4
  3. Skyrim VR is just worlds better IMO than Fallout 4 VR is. It’s not just the native Oculus support either, mod support is already better, performance in VR is better, you have your choice of multiple movement methods, lots of VR and game specific sliders and settings to tailor the experience to your tastes and, with the mods it looks better than FO4VR - I would honestly say like a gorgeous current gen title really. I’m so impressed with this one, it’s a defining moment in VR gaming for me For what its worth, here are the mods I’m using (20+ hours without crashes using these): Skyrim SE unofficial patch (game fixes, etc) SMIM (improved object models and meshes) Vivid Weathers (great, more realistic weather effects) Mountains, Bridges, Roads, Mines, etc HD (2K-4K landscape textures) Road Signs HD (2k version, much better looking in VR) Various cities in HD (Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, etc) With these loaded (ends up being about 14 mods/plug-ins loaded in total) the performance is very solid (almost no reprojection) and the graphics, sound and gameplay are all excellent. Can’t recommend this enough.
  4. Post Your Gaming PC

    Very nice
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I am so ‘meh’ on this one too...
  6. Oh, also the Oculus daily deal is Eve Warzone for £5 which is a steal btw
  7. So mod support is working in Skyrim VR now - first thing I loaded was the 2017 texture pack. The texture mods in particular make the game prettier in VR. The game is playing brilliantly so far (about 8hrs in) and I haven’t had any issues so far with the new Steam scaling feature; and it’s just like playing it “new” in VR. The immersion is off the charts and it just absolutely clicks in VR for me. Quests that I know by heart still feel new which I strange and combat is very much 1:1 to your movements so it’s amazing but, weird too... stuff like swinging the sword and hitting a dragon in the face works perfectly whether you swing across or an uppercut or whatever but, not feeling any impact is just weird because the immersive ness of the environment makes you think there is something there that you’re hitting. Anyway,. I loved Skyrim before and played the shit out of the original game but, in VR it’s like I don’t want to leave; I’ll just move-in
  8. So... I had Steam wallet funds - so it’s not hypocritical of me - but, I bought Skyrim. It’s really amazing in VR and I really am liking this one even more than Fallout 4. The graphics are a little dated but, on high settings with SS set to around 1.4 it looks really nice in VR to me and I have to say, the first night in-game, walking to Whiterun and seeing the moon - standing there in Tamriel - was just jaw dropping. It does feel like you’re there - the immersion is just awesome. The controls using Oculus Touch worked really well too I have to say; I’ve had no issues reading text or with menus at all (which were a real pain in F4). I am playing it with full movement control including turning with the FOV effect on but lowered to only 3 or so. It’s a Very good port but, it really should be available at a cheaper price.
  9. Definitely - you just need time to build up,your “VR legs”. Initially, I couldn’t play anything with free movement without getting an almost instant sense of nausea, now though I can play anything in full motion with no probs. When I first got the Oculus, just the idea of Doom in VR with full motion would have had me puking my guts out but, I can play it fine with the full motion mod and don’t really ever get nauseous anymore. To be fair though, it took time - and I stuck to cockpit games like Elite or Project Cars for a few months.
  10. Between this, RE7, Moss amd 20 or so other games + the recent price drop - I SO want a PSVR. Not that I’d give up my Oculus but, to have both... think the wife would kill me though
  11. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Saw Ready Player One tonight - it was good but not great IMO. It’s sentimental in that way the Goonies is which is kinda sappy but loveable. Also, I forget where I read it but, it Really is a love letter to gaming specifically with all the retro games, references and stuff (I wanted to play VR the minute I left the cinema). So, without spoiling anything, seeing some great classic spaceships fly over some classic movie characters alongside some gaming classics characters was pretty nerdgasmic. It also has a great scene with an older film that was really well done. It has that kids-saving the day kind of vibe thing like the Goonies had but, just like the Goonies there is no real character development or anything; the good guys are the quirky band of misfits and are always good and the bad guys are sinister for no real reason and are always bad. None of that matters though - if you can suspend your disbelief it’s a fun movie that’s feels like it came straight from the 80’s.
  12. Looks like the game is getting VR support too for PS4 and PC... could be very cool.
  13. Apple Discussion Thread

    The new iPad is a really great tablet for the price. Basically the 9.7 Pro for less $. I have no reason to upgrade my 12.9 Pro personally but, the wife is due for a new one later this year and some friends are asking for a recommendation to update their iPads this year too; it’s hard not to just say go with this one.
  14. Planet Coaster announced for PC

    Heheh sounds like your park is perpetually under construction that’s ok though. I love watching the clips for this game so I can wait till 20:27 p.m. That’s what you meant right?