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  1. Apple Discussion Thread

    That is a great pic
  2. Good step in the right direction so I’ll take it
  3. Splatoon 2 if you care at all about multiplayer or want to see Nintendo’s version of Overwatch Mario Kart if you want the best version of it yet Sonic Mania on the Switch is priced reasonably and plays perfectly Puyo Puyo Tetris is really good but, find a deal on it Snipperclips is cheap and good co-op fun
  4. Apple Discussion Thread

    That’s too bad but, understandable. I am loving it (still only been a few days) but, I’m not putting it through “marathon” paces
  5. I was just on PS4 but didn’t see a link to a beta or demo, only the new trailer (looks great of course). Is it a pre-order perk?
  6. Apple Discussion Thread

    Congrats on the new phone I agree, the 8 has been a very good upgrade from my 6S as well and eases the wait for the “X” or “XS” or whatever I end up with next. It’s interesting that you mention the sound - I was really impressed with the sound output to Bluetooth headphones on the 8 vs. the 6S and figured it was just the upgrade to BT5 but, maybe the audio DSP was updated as well? My Bluetooth headset supports Asx (or whatever the acronym is) for better BT sound but, I guess I never got that via the 6S because it’s noticeably clearer with better bass on the 8. Likely a mix of better DSP, BT5, Asx, etc but I agree that the sound output is much improved on the 8. On the Apple Watch Series 3, I’m getting a solid 2 days of use on a charge even with a cellular call, a (moderate) workout and lots of notifications, Siri use for reminders, timers and more. So, the call on the Watch was just unbelievable: I went on a dog walk specifically without my phone and called my wife from the middle of a field while we were making our way around. I’m in the middle of an empty field with Loki tromping around and talking to Elena in a pretty normal voice (not yelling) and she is coming through on the Watch speaker - clear as day. I had 2 signal bars and I did raise the Watch up when I spoke but, not like at my mouth, just kind of raised like when checking the time. I couldn’t believe how well it worked and just how Star Trek’y it felt (to me) to be on a call and hear her so easily and clearly from that tiny little Watch. It was one of the coolest/geekiest/awesome things I’ve done with technology in years.
  7. Agreed - A decent case and Pro Controller. If the bundle didn’t already included it, a microSD card as well.
  8. The planetary updates alone look like a major improvement.
  9. So... the ED: Beyond update looks pretty damn amazing: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/383217-Frontier-Expo-2017-Recap The planets look SO much nicer, better Enginnering, better missions, wing missions (particularly cool), carriers and player groups are all great additions. And I can't believe this is included with the Horizons Pass - no new purchase necessary?!? That's Awesome. I am buying that Chieftan as soon as she's up
  10. Apple Discussion Thread

    So my Series 3 finally came in (woot)! I’ve only had it for a day but, setup including wireless activation was all smooth as silk. The speed of the Watch is noticeable faster in everything which is great, especially compared to the old Series 0. Using Siri is worlds better and hearing her on the Watch is awesome if a little surreal. Stuff like dictating a text response or Shazaming a song is in real-time now which is great; there’s no lag to it at all really (as good as I hoped). I wear mine to sleep and the battery was still at 80% this morning - much better but, I haven’t had it long enough to really gauge how well it will last after a few full days use. It should obviously be better than the Series 0 but, I want to see if I get a full 2-3 days out of it with normal use and wearing it to sleep. Overall my first impressions are excellent - it’s a great update to the Watch and a massive improvement compared to my old Series 0.
  11. A South Park thread.

    Ep3 was really good I thought. The quotes the Native American kept saying to Randy had me rolling: “I can’t quit you”
  12. Apple Discussion Thread

    Just a quick update that I ordered an Anker wireless charging mat off Amazon for £10 and it works flawlessly with the iPhone8. The rapid charger is what I really want and will order that soon but, I can’t argue with the convenience of wireless charging.
  13. Agree - I’ve watched through ep3 now and it’s not working for me so far. It feels like Abrams Trek and something like Very disappointed so far...
  14. Doom VFR is up for preorder on Amazon for £12.99 - looks like an OH code on a card rather than a Steam code on a card or PSVR code too which is surprising but, it may be updated closer to release.