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  1. Just watched Winter Soldier yesterday and the 4K transfer is really great. Also, damn do I love that movie Next up is Civil War but, probably not till Monday.
  2. I was surprised too but, some missions (on the projects list) do have a drop as a mission reward so may try grinding through those specifically
  3. I have to say, using FaceID daily between my iPhone and iPad Pro has become pretty invisible for me. I have gotten used to just picking up the phone or iPad and checking whatever I need to with the swipe up and not even thinking about authentication much. It’s so fast it’s unnoticeable on the iPad and iPhone for day to day use but, you do still have to double tap the side button for ApplePay stuff. As as far as your upgrade, it will be a huge jump from your 6 to any of the current gen models, let alone a new one in Sept
  4. 505GS now but, man are the gearset drops rare... Still only 3 pieces in total for me and 2 were holsters so stuck on the 2 piece bonus ability. Also, only 4/10 for the Hardwired components for that project and not a single gearset piece in that set so far 😕 even after 3 Hard Invaded missions. Any specific activities that should be better for gearset drops?
  5. That looks awesome man - great bar. Congrats on the opening
  6. Nice gear set Angel - do you get the Red/White/Blue perk with 5 out of 6 pieces? That seemed like a cool one. I’m enjoying bounties as well but, anything Challenging or harder is still too tough for me, will keep working on those... It’s cool that all of you guys are doing co-op. This is one of those games that feels “perfectly” built for co-op and I always have a ton of fun playing with a friend or in a group. Even just freeroam can be a lot of fun. You’re all bastards for playing on PS4 instead of PC but, I forgive you
  7. WT5 now, GS 465 and working my way up. I have 2 gear set pieces so far but, not the set I want Love this game and especially the Invaded missions - they are so fun and challenging in a good way. Just did the Bunker on Hard/Invaded and it was really difficult but, didn’t feel cheap (thankfully). My friend and I just needed to be careful and use strategies to work through the baddies: flanking the tougher guys, using suppression, using the environment, focusing on problem baddies, etc. Feels so rewarding in this game to beat these missions and the loot drop rotation is still fun.
  8. Well, Season 8 is off to a good start with lots of plot threads already lining up...
  9. This seems really good so I’ll likely subscribe once it’s available here. Curious to see the streaming 4K quality and the amount of content in 4K.
  10. AirPods will work as Bluetooth headphones on an android handset if you do switch
  11. Just played through Ninjaworld this morning - SO great and fun. This game is just perfect at that “relaxation” gaming feel; fun to play and a great art style and somehow peaceful/calming. Love it.
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