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  1. Almost finished Wilson's Heart now - really good, immersive game with some genuinely creepy moments. Also, as pointed out in some of the reviews it really does feel like a Twilight Zone episode. As as far as the 1.17 update, I added a few Steam games to the OH page and they seem to work just fine - including Alien Isolation. Not bad at all...
  2. Finished the game (again) - it just never gets old. And really, the entire game in VR is pretty damn cool and plays beautifully... and Area X in VR is flat-out amazing.
  3. Cool - curious to hear if it's good or not.
  4. Planet Coaster announced for PC

    Incredible detail in the environments
  5. Version 0.2.0 is out and another update is expected this weekend. 0.2 smooths out head bobbing so doesn't require "stout" VR legs and makes the menus and cutscenes a little better/easier on the eyes. Can't believe how great this game is in VR with just a simple patch like this... Seriously impressive.
  6. So... playing this in VR is just surreal in the most amazing way. Using the touch controllers too has been incredible, it just feels so much more intuitive and natural using headlook with touch control for targeting, etc. Rez was an amazing game from the very first version on Dreamcast but, this I would personally consider the definitive version.
  7. Nice - sounds cool and reviews are solid all around. Planning to grab it later this month.
  8. Time for an Updated Gamertag List

    It's been a while since I updated my profile but, I figured it was time to refresh it. Feel free to add me - I'd love to have some LCVG crew to play Switch games with or in Oculus/Steam for some co-op VR Updated usernames in sig and updated profile page.
  9. Netflix members...

    Ha! That looks great
  10. It uses free movement in VR and supports the Xbox controller or keyboard/mouse. The free movement is very fluid which is great but, if you get queasy from yaw movement this will be hard to play.
  11. Yes - I love Alien Isolation and thought the slow build up was one of its best aspects. And, if you are super brave like me (I didn't scream at all and anyone who says I did is a liar) then try it in VR
  12. So... there is now a VR patch for this on PC to support the Oculus (fan made). And I tried it and, ummm... yea. The underpants-mess aside, it works surprisingly well and plays smooth as silk on my 1060 at Ultra settings in VR. As it's fan made with no access to the source code it does act strangely in some parts like cutscenes (they play in a floating window) or when accessing terminals (it zooms in too close) but, otherwise it's Alien Isolation in VR. I mean - wow. If you thought they nailed the environment and feel of Alien playing it on a monitor/display it is seriously on another level in VR. Hiding in a locker while the Alien is nearby, seeing only its tail - it's just amazing and shit-swirlingly terrifying. Having said that, it is not recommended for the faint of heart or those affected by yaw movement in VR. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/07/fan-made-oculus-vr-patch-for-alien-isolation-now-available-for-download/
  13. Apple Discussion Thread

    I have to agree that buying the phone outright has been much better for me as well versus the contract purchase. These days with the multisim design it's even easier to switch carriers for a better sim-only tariff so I'd like to stay off of contract plans but, as you said the iPhone 8 is likely to be more expensive so would be hard for me to justify that...