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  1. I only own Die Hard 1 through iTunes but, it is 4K and in my que for this weekend (being Christmas-time and all)
  2. Magness

    Psychonauts 2

    I am SO excited for this game. Rhombus of Ruin only made me want Psychonauts 2 more 😊
  3. Yea what Joey said basically 😊 but, yes - to your point, if the movie you want to watch isn’t under iTunes Movies on that account you’ll need to switch accounts. But, it’s a pretty easy process on the ATV to switch accounts so no big deal. DM sent btw
  4. Setup an iTunes US account and buy from both stores 😊 Hidden Figures is great in 4K especially at that price
  5. Hey Dan - I do use my US and U.K. iTunes accounts on my ATV. For 4K movies I definitely favour the US account as it’s not only less expensive (most of the time) but has a wider selection as you noted. I have about 200 US movies and 40 or so U.K. movies now in iTunes between them and just use PayPal for both with a US and U.K. address respectively. Everything I buy I also drop into Plex so that I do have an offline copy as well but, as you pointed out earlier this leads to quite a bit of storage required (I’m sitting at 20TB currently).
  6. Since you have SMO, I’d say Diablo or Xenoblade if either appeal to you. The Switch is also thankfully region free so you can always create accounts for other regions and grab games, demos or whatever there if you want (Or boxed games from other regions).
  7. Grab some games from the eshop while they’re on sale for the Game Awards and enjoy Mario 😊
  8. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    So… I’ve been using the new iPad Pro for about a week now and thought I would post my impressions as an update. Nothing major and no real changes, just a few things: The size and weight are damn near perfect and I can’t believe how heavy my previous Pro feels now (by comparison). Using it one-handed in landscape or portrait mode is a complete non-issue and this was simply not workable with the original Pro Speaking of the size - I’ve gotten used to the new display size over the past week so it doesn’t feel like such a dramatic change anymore. No desire at this point to change this out for the 12.9 model It’s ridiculously fast and smooth at everything I’ve tried - work apps, remote access, games, web, movies, etc. My impression is that this is a combination of both the new SoC and the 120Hz display. It’s kind of amazing how smooth all of these animations and things look on the new Pro. It’s not like they ever looked bad before on the original Pro but, damn does this new one make the old one look bad 😊 Battery life has been great. I expected it to be about the same as the old Pro in real-world use (8-9hrs) but, it is lasting a solid 10-12 hrs for me with regular use including the same apps, work stuff, games or whatever The sound is remarkably good for such a thin tablet. Listening to them side-by-side I think this sounds just as good as a second gen Amazon Echo
  9. For what it’s worth I haven’t had any issues with UHD rips over the past year so, this isn’t a problem anymore - for new releases or older ones. I still have both Plex and Infuse but, I pretty much stick to Plex now since UHD MKV’s play fine on the current version. I haven’t had issues with HDR in general on my UHD rips but you’re right and Dolby Vision won’t work through Plex as far as I know.
  10. It’s a nice theme. Looks kinda like the Google Earth VR intro, did Google Earth VR ever get ported to PSVR?
  11. I manually loaded some TV seasons into iTunes before but, it was years ago now and it was quite picky about the formatting and file structure. As far as the meta-data and extras for TV shows or movies I never got those working outside of Plex or one of the media center variants. I haven’t looked at this kind of stuff recently though so maybe it is better or easier to do these days...
  12. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Forgot to post about this but, thought I would add how incredibe the speakers are on this new iPad Pro. The previous Pro had really good speakers for a tablet but the new Pro is noticeably better and has a surprising amount of depth to the sound despite how thin this thing is. Speaking of sound, the lack of a headphone port hasn’t been an issue but, this probably affects others more than me since I use the AirPods anyway.
  13. Magness

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I’ve got the new iPad Pro now and its all set up. I don’t do this often anymore but, it’s nice restoring from one iPad to the next and how quick the whole process is these days. The iPad Pro itself is incredibly fast and smooth. I was expecting it from the reviews but it’s still surprisingly fast and smooth compared to the older Pro or even browsing on the MacBook. The display is outstanding and colors look more vibrant and more accurate at the same time to me - despite the previous Pro being an excellent screen as well. I’ve commented before on the iPad screens and how the displays almost look “painted on” thanks to the screen bonding process putting it so close to the top glass but, this Pro in particular looks incredible - like the screen is floating on top of the frame or something. The new bezels are good and feel minimal - nothing taking away from the screen - without making it weird to hold; they are still a good size when holding the iPad for me. I don’t really miss the Home button but, I’ve had the X for a while now so the gestures, etc from the iPhone X feel second nature to me already on the iPad Pro. Face ID has worked without a fault so far and its quicker than on the iPhone. Plus, it’s really cool to be using it and have Face ID work seamlessly despite whatever orientation the iPad is in. The weight is shockingly light I would say... I’ve used iPads for years now from the original models through the Retina models, Airs and the iPad Pro for the last 3 years now and this feels the lightest out of everything. I knew it would be significantly lighter shifting from the 12.9 inch Pro to this new 11 inch Pro but it was still surprising. It’s a little unbelievable to hold this thing and think it’s an actual electronic device and not a fake demo model for a shop display or something. As far as the changing display size - it’s definitely noticeable. I loved the 12.9 inch pro and having all that screen, I regularly had apps running side by side or in the three-quarter view with a floating video playing somewhere. It never felt cramped on the 12.9 so I was not sure how that would feel on the 11. So far the 11“ screen feels like a good compromise to get a smaller, more portable iPad and reduce the weight (and the cost) while only losing 1.9” of screen. I’m running apps in three-quarter view with a floating video window and it doesn’t feel too cramped but, I definitely have to move the video more often to get it out-of-the-way of wherever I’m working. I also would not use side by side mode on this screen as much as I did on the 12.9. Will have to use it a little while longer to decide if the screen size difference bothers me or not but so far it has been a good compromise.