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  1. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Skylines. Nice.
  2. Sony 85x900f ordered. Will be about a month before it’s here and in place. Finally, my home theater will emerge from its years-long slumber, having assuming its greatest shape and form yet... 😉
  3. I would give it a whirl but I’m temporarily without headset. Soon...
  4. While I share concerns about consolidation, it’s hard to argue that 40 percent of box office receipts constitutes a monopoly in this day and age. In and of itself, that only constitutes a single revenue stream for either company. And as Romier said, the blurring of lines between distribution and content creators makes the pie much bigger. Remember that Microsoft only had to let Apple keep (and indeed, prop Apple up enough to keep) a few percentage points to prevent itself from being declared a monopoly back in the dark times, before the Internet.
  5. Yep — I’m in. Also, the PS4 themes for disaster relief donations have a great retro feel to them.
  6. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I play a lot of games. I’ve never paid real-world money for a “loot box,” and while I won’t say that I never would, I’ve never felt that my gaming experience was being ruined by having them there. If it truly affects gameplay — as it was designed into Battlefront II before Disney put the kibosh on it — that’s just poor game design. But it’s not the government’s place, nor should it be, to regulate poor game design. The free market can’t always police itself efficiently, but I’d wager that this is a case where it can — and the sales to date of Battlefront II compared to its predeccessor would seem to be an early indication that it is. As an aside, I will be shocked at this point of loot boxes ever make their way back into the game. There’s no way Disney will allow it, and EA doesn’t want to extend this PR nightmare either.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    And a bit hyperdramatic, I would say. EA deserves the flogging it’s received, but I’ve no patience for politicians looking to score easy points with overwrought rhetoric aimed at scaring underinformed parents. Put a password and proper parental controls on your account and your kid won’t be able to “gamble” away a dime.
  8. Canceled my Amazon order (due to their very unfriendly price-protection policies) and re-ordered from Best Buy. I swear, between Gamers Club Unlocked and Amazon’s increasingly customer-unfriendly policies, Best Buy is winning more and more of my business.
  9. GT bundle doesn’t not include new headset, but Skyrim and Doom VR bundles do, apparently. I just cashed in a bunch of Amazon credit to pick up the Skyrim bundle.
  10. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Thanks. Like you, I suspect that won't be the approach for long...
  11. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Just so I'm 100% clear, because I'm still confused... There will be no "Xbox One X" games, right? I just buy an Xbox One copy and if, enhanced for Scorpio, I automatically benefit from those enhancements? Similar to PS4 Pro approach?
  12. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    I have dozens of old Xbox OG games in storage. Would love to be able to pull those out and play.