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  1. Brandon H

    Battlefield V

    I’m playing this one more than I expected and genuinely enjoying it.
  2. Brandon H

    Cutting the Cable Cord

    Just got AT&T Fiber at gigabit level with no data cap. Which of the TV streaming services is the fave around here? I have PS Vue and like it, excpept for the lack of Viacom channels. But, it has all my locals and the SEC Network...
  3. If you have a One X, the Xbox is the way to go.
  4. Brandon H

    Battlefield V

    Bought digitally on Xbox; won’t be able to play until THU.
  5. Brandon H

    Sony announce the PlayStation Classic for Dec 2018

    Personally — if we’re beating horses — I would have preferred OG Ridge Racer to Type 4. Still, this is an absolute purchase.
  6. Brandon H

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Sept 2018

    Thanks for the help. I’ll pick up a physical disc then — likely at first sale or price drop, even if it’s around the holidays. The backlog is deep enough to warrant a brief wait...
  7. Brandon H

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Sept 2018

    Does anyone know if this is an Xbox Play Anywhere title? “Rise” was, I think, but I can find no mention of it for this one. Trying to decide whether to buy digitally or get a physical disc (at Gamer Club Unlocked discount.)
  8. Finished Titanfall 2 and Doom and concur on both. Not Doom VFR yet though, so... hmmm....
  9. I’ve not played Detroit or Hellblade yet. Those definitely go on the list, although I am always iffy on David Cage’s work. But it makes me think, even if I don’t ultimately Iike it. Romier also reminds me that I not only have the Shadow remake, but The Last Guardian in the queue. Those might get moved up. Thanks!
  10. So, I’ve been playing “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” all summer (I saved it until I could play in my new home theater with proper HDR and Dolby Atmos.) Started June 26 or so, and finished the last expansion Sunday. I’ve hit every quest and a huge chunk of the side missions. It’s a great edition in my favorite franchise and I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Now — what to play next? The backlog is significant, but most of it is more giant open-world titles, and I’m not quite ready to jump into another just yet. Plus, the advance buzz on “Insomniac’s Spider-Man” has me thinking that’s a rare Day One, dive-in purchase, and so I want to play something next that I can finish in a couple of weekends. I need a palate cleanser, or the gaming equivalent of a bag of chips. Junk food. Any thoughts or ideas? Help me out!
  11. Man, I am also tempted by that Joust/Rampage unit. I think I want a cocktail table version though.
  12. Which makes it just like 99 percent of all the other content published by Motley Fool. Quoting TLJ's Rotten Tomatoes score is worthless, given that the worst of the Internet's trolls have admitted to purposefully sinking it because DURR THE HEROES AREN'T WHITE OR MALE DURR.
  13. Calling bullshit on that one. A. -- Firing Kennedy would be an extraordinarily, historically dumb move; B. -- Throw enough money at it and people would be lined up and offering firstborn children to take that job. Look, the franchise is in a tough spot right now, and Kennedy clearly needs to be more careful in choosing directors. But "Solo's" biggest issue was poor marketing and a bad release date. Send it off in December and it makes a mint. (As it is, it stands a shot of breaking even, even IF production costs doubled due to reshoots, as has been reported.) "The Last Jedi" was polarizing, but it was a well-made movie -- unlike the prequels, which were polarizing AND poorly made, and people still lined up to see those. If anything, personally, I'm not super-excited to see another Abrams take on the franchise, especially since I am deeply nervous about his choice of co-writer. Give us a nice 18-month break until Episode IX, open the theme park, and slow down the release schedule a bit. Take some chances and give us new stories beyond the characters and storylines we're already familiar with -- unless top-flight directors like Mangold and Daldry promise to knock their flicks out of the park. No need to panic here.
  14. Brandon H

    Mesh Network Discussion

    I tried Google WiFi and found it to be absolute trash. Poor signal, lack of options, refusal to reliably use wired backhaul, and constantly fighting with my Comcast cable modem. At least one reboot a day. I went to a Synology Rt2600ac and it’s been perfect, using my old Airport Express units as access points throughout the house. Waiting for Synology to release its mesh system, which will supposedly be compatible with its legacy hardware.
  15. Sorry, I’ve been traveling a good bit for work and when I have had time, I’ve wanted to enjoy it. 😁 I’ll take some pics and do a longer writeup this weekend, but my short review is that I am thoroughly pleased with the Sony 85X900f. It’s got a beautiful image and its black levels are far improved from my other televisions — granted, my previous model was an edge-lit quasi-HDR model, so not a great comparison. My model has a wee bit of vignetting in the corners, but it’s hard to spot unless you want to stare and look for it. I’m usually too engrossed in the image in front of me to care. (I sit about nine feet away.)