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  1. Just bought my dad the Golden Tee one for Father’s Day. He’s got a “pub” in his basement with a pool table, full bar, sports memorabilia, etc. so it will fit right in.
  2. There are no words in English or Aurebesh to express my excitement. (And I know I said I had room for only one of these... but I might need to find room for that Namco cocktail table too.)
  3. I will weep happy man-tears if it is the original vector Star Wars. I have room for one of these units In the cottage and I have literally been holding out for that.
  4. I'm gonna need a little help with this one again, fellas. I believe I benefited greatly from Kelley's generosity last time.
  5. Yup. I know I'm a sucker but I will love playing this with the boys.
  6. About time they fixed networking. All of my PS4 units have been bog-slow, even on a wired fiber connection.
  7. I just.... can’t. I want to get excited but this one is going to be a wait-and-see, and probably a price-drop buy.
  8. Multiverse? Here comes Doom and Secret Wars. YAAASSSS
  9. Cost? Or free but I have to purchase the content? Color me intrigued but skeptical. Streaming live sports on my 85-inch 4K Sony barely looks acceptable with a gigabit fiber connection. Add in the additional complexity of interactive content at 4K/60? We’ll see.
  10. I’m playing this one more than I expected and genuinely enjoying it.
  11. Just got AT&T Fiber at gigabit level with no data cap. Which of the TV streaming services is the fave around here? I have PS Vue and like it, excpept for the lack of Viacom channels. But, it has all my locals and the SEC Network...
  12. Bought digitally on Xbox; won’t be able to play until THU.
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