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  1. Played the first mission from the beta this morning, I was surprised how easy it was compared to the beta. Otherwise still loving it.
  2. Well that didn’t take long, City Never Sleeps DLC is on sale for 16.74 this weekend. Purchased and downloading now, looks like I’m swinging back into this game.
  3. I loved the beta so I’m getting it, standard though, couldn’t justify the extra $40 for what is basically just 3 days early access at the moment. Digitally on PS4 because I have two PS4’s. Anyone interested in squading up, feel free to send an invite or just simply join. IGN and Gamespot have both posted reviews in progress that were good, I’ll be surprised if this game doesn’t get favorable reviews. Early impressions are near unanimously positive. Feel like I’m going to be spending a lot of time in this world.
  4. Congrats. Check your email over the next couple of days. They sent me a message and a free avatar as reward for the plat.
  5. From what I have seen there is no cross play between pc and Xbox or PS4.
  6. I really liked it. They improved on the original in every meaningful way. The cover system is more responsive, the enemies are less bullet sponges, the bosses using armor is a better way to handle it, the map is more varied and interesting. Factions, settlements, end game, all of it, they have done a great job here. However, if you didn’t care for the first, this won’t change your mind. But as someone that was on the fence, I am definitely getting it now. Probably PS4.
  7. One of my top 5 games this gen. Absolutely loved this game. The sequel would make for an awesome PS5 launch title.
  8. It also helps when you can almost always find a sale at some point for $40 for the year like I did yesterday. Good point about the cross platform. Hopefullly, they will throw in a bonus title whether it be a new indie or a VR title some months.
  9. I know it definitely feels as if you’re getting less value, but honest question, were people actually going back and playing those PS3 or Vita games? My own personal experience, while I have downloaded them pretty faithfully every month, I haven’t actually turned on my PS3 in about two years as it sits in my closet. With online games like Anthem, The Division, and Destiny, plus the weekly and flash sales being generally better then on the Xbox store, I plan on keeping my sub.
  10. Definitely worth it if you liked Origins. I think it’s more Mass Effect lite. New daily quests, constant updates, and they are raising the level cap to 99 with the newest update. Don’t waste your money on the booster packs. Like Mark said, plenty enough experience if you do other things besides just the main story. I suppose my one complaint, there’s too much for someone that can be very OCD about trying to do everything in these type of games.
  11. On sale as of tonight on Xbox for $24, and I believe $33 gets you the season pass also, which includes the remaster of AC III, which is out next month.
  12. I really want to play the DLC but since I’ve waited this long, just waiting for a sale. I really loved this game, probably will do new game plus at some point.
  13. It doesn’t really seem like a game that has been in development for six years. I wonder if when Casey came back, the game was a mess and they scrapped a lot of what they already had and started over. I feel like there is something to build on but I don’t trust EA to give them the time and resources needed. I hope I’m wrong, because I really like what’s there. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if they moved some people over to Respawn, with the majority starting Dragon Age, leaving just a skeletal crew to give the perception that they are still working on their “10 year plan” while letting the game slowly die.
  14. It’s Crackdown with a new coat of paint. While I appreciate the simplicity, especially after putting 30 hours into Odyssey lately, I really can’t see myself staying interested like I did 10+ years ago. Right now, it doesn’t really seem like it’s going to be more then LT to aim, RT to shoot with a lot of orbs to collect. But I am having fun with it for the moment. I just don’t think it’s going to last.
  15. I started playing this game again last week after basically ignoring it for the last year. It’s really grabbed a hold of me, so much so, got all the DLC finally. But the LCVG clan seems long dead. Is anyone here in an active clan that doesn’t mind a low level warlock, currently 245 light level? Think I’m going to stay pretty active, thought I don’t have the annual pass yet, probably will pick it up once the holidays are done. on PS4 by the way
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