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  1. You would hope it is a precursor of things to come but from what I heard on a podcast, it was part of Nintendo’s agreement with Nvidia for their part in the Switch. It is China only. At least we now know 1080p remasters exist of those games, it should be simple to put them on VC if they ever announce the damn thing. Right Nintendo, RIGHT?
  2. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

    As is Wolfenstein II... so tempting, been buying mostly digital lately edit: for people that didn’t look in that thread anyway
  3. So yeah, I just downloaded off the App Store. Seems to be available a day early.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I thought I heard they were removing the timer for arcade mode, that is crap if they don't. Just another bad idea in a game full of them.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    And all they have to show for it is 2 Battlefront Games. Visceral is gone and no word on when Respawns game will show up. All they needed to do was update the Old Republic games for a new generation and people would have probably been happier. I know I would have been.
  6. From what I read, the Target deal is for the old model and the Skyrim bundle does have the new headset. They did not specifically mention the GT bundle.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Activision made 3.6 billion in micro transactions last year while EA made over 2 billion. This is the future, these companies are not going to give up that kind of money. And obviously, there are a lot of people supporting this. But I think they are still learning, trying to figure out the right balance. The best thing we can do is talk up the games that do it right, and call bullshit on games such as Battlefront and NBA 2k that destroy the experience. They aren’t going away, but the Internet is powerful enough these days where it can at least affect some change. And maybe I’m optimistic, but I think companies will get better at implementing them in less intrusive ways.
  8. Sony has never really been the company to push the next gen forward. If they can get away with it, I think more 2020.
  9. I don't see that at all. I've seen some comparisons to how sony turned things around last gen, but I would argue their first party output had a lot to do with that. MS simply does not have that, now or the foreseeable future. They have quietly done some great things, bc, game pass, ui, and redesigned consoles, but I don't think that moves the needle much except the hardcore. The price point is too steep, and from what we see now anyway, their exclusives are not even close to sony's. I do think this puts them in a great position for the next true console launch, as they are creating a lot of good will that should carry over. Just ask sony about that.
  10. Got my ex to go to Best Buy for them first thing this morning. They had 50+ and was able to get it but they limited it to one so it went to our son. I managed to get there 10 minutes later just after the last ticket was handed out. I still want one so I will keep a look out but don’t have much confidence in Nintendo after the NES fiasco.
  11. I really these games. Still own the originals actually. Definitely will check this out.
  12. I bought it digitally a couple of days ago in anticipation. Reading about the update combined with the sale was enough for me to finally get it.
  13. I bought it earlier in the day, plan on digging into it tonight or tomorrow...with headphones.
  14. Back to Iron Man, let's not forget they contrived a reason to make the suit less powerful to even make it a fight. That ending battle lowered the overall movie for me, Spider-Man's did not. I liked it better then the Garfield movies, though Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite one. That movie was just about perfect to me. That said, I love a lot of the things they did in this one and they completely nailed the character. The one drawback for me was just how involved Stark was. I wish they had dialed that back a bit and I'm hoping by the events at the end, that's exactly what they are doing for 2. And one quick thing, the identity reveal was great. I did not see that coming at all. I lied, one more thing. Anyone else confused by the whole timeline at this point when they say in the beginning "8 years later"? I always thought it was understood the original Avengers took place in 2012...