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  1. I love this series. It’s easily the best racing game this gen in my opinion. The game is beautiful. The change of seasons is a nice addition, though I don’t think I will care for winter. Driving in ice and snow in any racing game has never been really fun for me. But, for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel the sameness of it all. Take out the incredible locations, I was just going thru the motions with the actual events. Obviously, it’s just a demo, so hopefully once I have the full game, there will be some new things to keep it interesting.
  2. This looked much improved from the reveal to me.
  3. I would have given it a B+ if that was an option. The Game pass bit really slowed the momentum and while the announcement of studios was nice, most of their exclusives is the same old stuff. Forza looks amazing, and some of the indie stuff looked really cool but they only gave us a quick glimpse. But overall the focus was on games, and the pacing was mostly great. Real solid show.
  4. Paul

    Rate the Betheda Conference...

    I love their self awareness. And Todd Howard should be at every conference but a lot of their stuff doesn't speak to me. Have no interest in any of the mobile stuff or Quake and they didn't actually show much of anything outside of Rage and Fallout, both which I think look great. Solid C.
  5. Paul

    Anthem Impressions and Q&As

    I’m going to be that guy. But no romance options in a Bioware game just seems wrong to me. I was disappointed when I read that. Plus, while I know it is supposed to look cool, I don’t know what it is, but nothing is exciting me about this game yet.
  6. I think I’ll bite on $20, given all the post launch support they have given the game.
  7. Paul

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey leaked

    When is the last time an Assassin ‘s Creed game didn’t leak? Lol. I really like Origins, it’s the most I have played of this series since Brotherhood. if they continue with that moving it even closer to a Witcher 3 style of play, I’ll be there. The only thing i dont like is they quickly went back on the every other year schedule they were talking up before Origins came out.
  8. Paul

    Fallout 76

    Fallout Online, much like Elder Scrolls Online.
  9. Paul

    Fallout 76

    Possibly a Fallout 3 anniversary edition or maybe a Fallout 4 off shoot like New Vegas? Can't imagine they would do a Fallout 5 before a new Elder Scrolls. Speaking of which, could they possibly be pulling a fast one and announce a Skyrim 2? It's been what, 5-6 years since the last Elder game, seems hard to believe it's still so far off. They may be slow, but they have pretty much stuck to a rotating 3 year schedule.
  10. I’m imagining the Hulk and Banner will have a heart to heart, realize they are much better accepting each other for who they are, and come back stronger then ever.
  11. Pearlmutter, how could I forget that name. But I thought Feige is now the head of Marvel Studios and answers just to Eisner? I don’t know, it’s hard to keep track of all this. Either way, since Ultron, there is a consistency to the quality of the movies they put out.
  12. I think Feige gets it. I don’t think it’s coincidence the MCU has reached the levels it has since Feige was given complete control from the guy who runs the tv side and name I cannot remember.
  13. I thought I read Antman and Wasp run concurrent to Infinity War, with the Russo's having included little stitches from the movie that show up in Antman, and then the end, or end credit scene, would conceivably be when Thanos snaps. I don't think Strange faked it either. Whatever ending he saw that they won, I think will be revealed that Thanos got the stones and Stark was an important part of it.
  14. And 630 million worldwide, shattering the record for furious 8 at 532 million. Poor Justice League. Their entire run was beaten in one weekend by Avengers.
  15. It can't be coincidence that all original Avengers did not fade out, right? Peter Gunn in an interview was talking about how he had big plans for Gamorra in Guardians 3, so I really wonder what they do there. I have seen some theories in regard to the soul stone, that maybe all the souls get sent to some sort of purgatory within it, seemingly like Gamorra. Ruffalo in an interview referred to this as a 3 part Hulk movie, with it culminating in Avengers 4. Next year will be nuts with Marvel releasing a month before Avengers and then Spider-Man after, which people are saying takes place minutes after the ending of Avengers 4. Going a second time when my oldest comes home from college.