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  1. I started playing this game again last week after basically ignoring it for the last year. It’s really grabbed a hold of me, so much so, got all the DLC finally. But the LCVG clan seems long dead. Is anyone here in an active clan that doesn’t mind a low level warlock, currently 245 light level? Think I’m going to stay pretty active, thought I don’t have the annual pass yet, probably will pick it up once the holidays are done. on PS4 by the way
  2. Crazy work schedule kept me from playing very much, my son played more then I did. But I liked what was there, I find myself more interested then before but I can’t say I will be purchasing...yet.
  3. And I’m in. Downloading now. Look forward to trying it this weekend, maybe it will spark some interest in me.
  4. The only thing I ask, now that Andromeda got an X enhanced patch, is an announcement that the originally trilogy has been enhanced. Is that too much to ask? Make it happen MS.
  5. I say do it. You only live once. If the cost doesn’t break you, then buy it if that’s what you want. No, it probably doesn’t make sense no matter how you justify it, but as someone who owns a Switch that I can’t remember the last time I turned on, sense is very rarely a part of this hobby I have loved for almost 40 years. No, I don’t play nearly enough to justify owning all three consoles these days, but I like knowing I can whenever I want, and that there will not be a game I will ever miss out on if I don’t want to. Now as as someone who will end leaving a very large back log of games I will never finish to his kids when he dies, I will shut up now.
  6. Paul

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey leaked

    The store is shit. Ubi deserves crap for that. But to say they artificially inflated the grind to sell you the time savers seems a bit disingenuous. It’s an RPG.
  7. Paul

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey leaked

    It’s an RPG where you have to grind to level up. I know, we’ve never had a game like that before.(insert sarcasm) From comments I have seen of people that have played the game, it doesn’t really sound much different then Origins. This just seems like clickbait.
  8. I have game pass until the 23rd so I will be downloading it day one, and will buy it at some point. Played 1 and 2 yesterday, I forgot how much better I liked 1 compared to 2, mainly in the way they handled the unlocking of events. It is was simpler and while a small thing, I thought the idea of wristbands made sense going with the whole festival theme, while the road trips to get to the next destination in 2 just seemed unnecessary. anybody else play in first person? I haven’t seen too many people play that way. I just wonder if it’s because of the arcadey nature of the Horizon series because while I play most other racing games in third person, I have always played this series in first.
  9. Yeah, I think it’s not useable with these new avatars. But don’t worry, they have a shop set up where you can buy new stuff...but nothing like I had before.
  10. I don’t think it’s just you at all, there just seems to be a buzz around the Horizon releases that doesn’t exist for Motorsport. I want to say it’s also better reviewed at this point, and Horizon 3 outsold the last Motorsport.
  11. I had the beta for the new Xbox avatar program, and yes, before you say it out loud, there was a beta for this. I’ve always used them as my gamer pic. It’s fine, I don’t know that it is much of an improvement, especiallly when they took away the shit I had earned in game over the 360 years(RIP Mass Effect t-shirts).
  12. I love this series. It’s easily the best racing game this gen in my opinion. The game is beautiful. The change of seasons is a nice addition, though I don’t think I will care for winter. Driving in ice and snow in any racing game has never been really fun for me. But, for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel the sameness of it all. Take out the incredible locations, I was just going thru the motions with the actual events. Obviously, it’s just a demo, so hopefully once I have the full game, there will be some new things to keep it interesting.
  13. This looked much improved from the reveal to me.
  14. I would have given it a B+ if that was an option. The Game pass bit really slowed the momentum and while the announcement of studios was nice, most of their exclusives is the same old stuff. Forza looks amazing, and some of the indie stuff looked really cool but they only gave us a quick glimpse. But overall the focus was on games, and the pacing was mostly great. Real solid show.
  15. Paul

    Rate the Betheda Conference...

    I love their self awareness. And Todd Howard should be at every conference but a lot of their stuff doesn't speak to me. Have no interest in any of the mobile stuff or Quake and they didn't actually show much of anything outside of Rage and Fallout, both which I think look great. Solid C.