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  1. I've been sticking with it, and the game has improved a bit as a few more areas have opened up, but there's still a lot of routine in the game. Go to classes, grind skills, etc. One other annoyance is that there's a task early on that gets framed as critical to finish by a particular time, but the nearest I can tell, there's no way to finish it before day 16, so I kept reloading looking for what I missed. Eventually I just created a "rollback point" save, and powered through, and sure enough, the solution was exactly what I thought it was, but I just couldn't do it earlier in the week. It's actually made me want to go back and replay QFG though... I can't remember most of the solutions (although I do remember that "razzle dazzle root beer" unlocks the character editor in the original), so I wonder how those have aged.
  2. Played through to in--game day 6, and so far the game is...kind of boring? The whole "school for heroes" conceit is a neat idea, and I like the character interactions, but the one thing it seems to be missing from the original QFG games are the puzzles and quests. So far the game loop seems to be "choose which skills to practice" along with "choose a bunch of character interactions", framed with a system of time constraints. The whole curfew mechanic is a huge pain in the ass, and I'm not sure whether there's something I'm missing to avoid Terk in the halls or not. I suppose the time limits were in QFG2, which was one of the things I didn't like about that game, but others seem to be fans. In any case, I'm going to stick with it in the hopes that the story goes...somewhere? Maybe it's just a slow burn...
  3. ChrisBardon

    A thread about Lego

    Meh, I'll pass. It looks like a good model, but I've never really been into the car sets they've done, so not a huge surprise. Lego shopping list at this point is Voltron, and probably the Roller Coaster at some point, although that's going to depend on finding space for it.
  4. I should try out the demo for this, but then again, I should also just go back and finish (probably restart) Bravely Default.
  5. ChrisBardon

    Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Yeah, I'm in Beta as well, so I'm thinking that might be related. I don't think there's an active beta out there right now, but next step is probably to try getting back to the known "stable" version.
  6. ChrisBardon

    Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Anyone else had a problem where their XB1 keeps freezing, especially after resuming from sleep? For a while there, I was getting a problem where anytime I went to play something, I had to hard reboot (pull the power) the console to get a game to start. If I just tried to relaunch, the game would freeze pretty quickly. I also had a problem with the BR player last weekend freezing midway though a movie. Same fix-hard reboot. I'm starting to think the console is dying, but don't really feel like buying a replacement to find out. Could it be something as simple as an overheating problem?
  7. Played a little of this over the weekend, but just up to the point where you get to the school. The time mechanic in the game seems interesting-I wonder how much it'll actually come into play? I wonder if it's worth save-scumming to be able to interact with everything, reload, and then go back to redo the critical path to save time, or if the time limit is going to be generous enough to let you get a full experience of the game? It seems like it's designed for multiple passes though, and even for multiple games in the series highlighting different classes.
  8. They've posted backer updates reasonably recently, so I'm still confident we'll see it eventually, but who knows when. One of the last two kickstarters I'm still waiting on right now.
  9. So a little later than expected, but the keys for this went out yesterday. Haven't had a chance to fire it up, but it's awesome that they made it to release, even if it did take almost 6 years.
  10. ChrisBardon

    A thread about Lego

    OK, if it actually separates/forms, that's pretty badass. Lego transformers next? Double VIP points June 30-July 7 as well, but that's before Voltron is available for preview.
  11. ChrisBardon

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Started listening to Business Wars yesterday, and it's great! Made it most of the way through Netflix/Blockbuster already, and I already have the rest of the back catalog downloaded and ready to go.
  12. ChrisBardon

    Retro Gaming - The Legacy of Kain Series

    That's funny-I was just thinking about Soul Reaver the other day and wondering if it holds up. I was never as big a fan of the original Blood Omen-I tried playing it after Soul Reaver and from what I remember it was really clunky, but that's going back a lot of years now.
  13. Hmm...PC or switch? I notice that there was an older Lumines release for PC-was there ever a modding community for that? I could see people coming up with some pretty bonkers skins for the game.
  14. ChrisBardon

    Gamestop considering buyout

    I don't know-things seem to be OK on Steam these days. Look at what's on sale this week, and how quickly prices can drop. You don't think the same thing would have happened on consoles? All things considered, I think they've done better than I expected they would have on digital game pricing. Being able to get things like Wolfenstein 2 for >50% off shortly after release is not something I would have expected to see on a console. The biggest problem Steam has is the way that you can't share games between steam profiles on a given machine, so my kids can't have their own steam accounts like they can on XBL.
  15. Still plugging away on this, and it's still a lot of fun. Up to level 39, and getting to a point where it seems like the main quest is wrapping up. I figure there's one more target reveal to go, but I've been clearing off things on the map as I go. You have to zoom in reasonably far to get all the icons to show up on the map, and I find that the contrast between the beige terrain and white icons/text isn't great, so I'm sure I've missed a few things. I'm starting to get a little tired of the "loot treasure/kill commander" locations, which there are a LOT of on the map. The magic eagle helps make those pretty quick though, so in a lot of cases it ends up being "as long as I'm here, might as well...". Plus, more XP. Haven't tried any of the time-limited trials yet, but those are recommending l40, so I'm close. Also, is it just me, or is the AI in this game pretty terrible. I remember older AC games being much better about guards being able to detect you. Here, lots of them are just standing stock-still, facing in one direction, and as long as you sneak up behind them (in about a 180 degree arc), you can just stab away.