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  1. This is the FPGA based system, right? If that's the case, is there a reason that they couldn't just release this as a firmware for the Super NT?
  2. I've been playing on Normal the whole time. I've beaten 1,2, and 3 (and I think 4) on Herioc before, but was looking for a faster playthrough this time rather than a steeper challenge. You're right about fewer rounds though, and it also seems like shields take a little longer to recharge, and wear down a little faster, even on the same difficulty. Yeah, that's all it is, but presumably a lot of people got ODST for free. Looks like many didn't touch it.
  3. ChrisBardon

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Thanks for the heads up-we've been playing with 2 or 3 so far, and it's been pretty easy, but I can see it ramping up significantly. Might grab the expansion around Christmas if we end up getting through the rest of the base game before then.
  4. ChrisBardon

    A thread about Lego

    Double VIP points are on from now until Oct 31. Ended up grabbing Voltron first thing this morning, and then decided to get the Roller Coaster and Hogwarts as well (the last one mostly for my daughter for Christmas). Nothing quite like spending more than $1000 in lego in one shot... Means next year's modular will be cheaper though?
  5. It seems to get better as you go along. I gather not many people have played the campaigns on here though-all the progress achievements in ODST popped up as "rare". Finished ODST over the weekend, and it's definitely worth checking out. It actually adds a "show waypoint" conceit that really helps, especially in the city areas where every building looks the same (or at least the doors), and there's nothing that I could see to indicate if you could get inside a building or not. Sometimes you can open the doors and sneak around the covenant, sometimes you couldn't. Music in these sequences is really strong though, and I like the way that the narrative fills out with the flashbacks and finding clues about your squad. Started up 4 afterwards, and it seems like it's much more difficult than ODST or 3. Starting these one after the other, I noticed that the beginning of 2 was pretty easy after coming off the end of 1, and the same for 2->3, but for ODST->4, the beginning of 4 was harder than the end of ODST. It just seems like you need to be a lot more careful in 4, and that you're running out of ammo a LOT more often.
  6. ChrisBardon

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Yeah, I ended up really enjoying it, despite having just played AM2R a couple months earlier. WarioWare gold and Rhythm Heaven Megamix are also both fantastic if you haven't got them yet.
  7. ChrisBardon

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Picked up a couple of other games, and actually played one of them already! Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle seems to be a pretty good deckbuilding game, and I bought it to play with my daughter (10), who is working her way through the books now. I really like the way it eases into the mechanics (new cards/rules get added through the first 7 games), and we've played with the game 1 and 2 rules a few times already to get the hang of it. The fact that it's a co-op game seems to work much better with her too, and means way fewer arguments. Pandemic Legacy season 2 is going to wait until Emma and I are done with Gloomhaven, which I think is actually getting close. We're heading into the final couple of boss encounters of the main campaign, and while we still have some other side missions etc to do, we've unlocked almost everything. I know there's an expansion coming soon, but I haven't seen a release date yet, so that might extend our time with it through Christmas at least.
  8. Is the Aneheim CC really bigger than LA? I've only been to one show there (Build 2011), and I remember it being a pretty amazing location just for accessibility to stuff. Being able to have family join for a couple of days afterwards to hit Disneyland was a nice bonus too.
  9. ChrisBardon

    Sony confirms PSN ID changes (formal rollout in 2019)

    My suspicion is that they were keying your account off the PSN ID, and have just added a "Display Name/Alias" feature. Your PSN ID internally is probably still uniquely keyed as your original ID, but newer games know to display the new field. This probably also means that old names will never be released back into the pool, so both the old and new IDs will probably need to be unique.
  10. ChrisBardon

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    I've been catching up on that again-just finished ebay/paypal. I tend to wait until a whole set is finished, and go through them in one shot. Would rather these got released as single long episodes Hardcore History style, but there's no harm in waiting for a bunch to build up I suppose.
  11. I wonder if there was an offer to pick up Blue Castle before they shut down? Dead Rising 4 was OK (especially if you didn't look at it as a DR game).
  12. ChrisBardon

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Nice! You know you're getting close to Pinball restoration territory, right? Same idea (cleaning old stuff, replacing with new parts), just on a bigger scale. Also, just as satisfying
  13. Looking forward to seeing what this does. The in-home streaming is hit and miss for me, but when it works it's certainly useable for certain games/activities. Wonder if they'll tie this to gamepass? Ideal case is that you can stream any game you own digitally (even if it requires a gold sub), but that's a lot of back end compute to support it. Still, given the investments MS has in Azure, and the experience they have in realtime voice/video apps, I'm reasonably confident they have a good chance of being able to get this right.
  14. Finished off 3 over the weekend, and I'd forgotten almost everything that happened in it. Definitely a lot of "setpiece" moments in it, and some great music. It made it feel like everything had weight to it, and it wasn't just wandering from A to B. Much less repetition in the stages, and a better job of directing players as well. Started into ODST for the first time, and I think I see why people like it so much. The nighttime stuff in the city is a really cool change, and the story seems a little more grounded. A little like the Rogue One of the Halo universe? Only major complaint so far is that the dark environments are very cool, but then the VISR system suffers from the same problem as most games with an "enhanced vision" mode do, in that the enhancement is useful enough that you end up leaving it on all the time, and can't appreciate the game graphics as-is (Arkham was probably the worst offender here).
  15. So it's Kung Fu with Boba Fett?