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  1. Dead Cells: Roguevania in Steam Early Access

    First run this weekend to make it through to the Hand of the King, and got my ass handed to me. I can beat the other three bosses reasonably reliably now, but it's definitely getting to the point where runs are much more of an investment. A lot of this game seems to be coming up with a situationally optimal build, since equipment seems to be pretty random not just in what you get, but what other effects you end up with. For example, I had a ranged weapon that did poison, and a melee weapon that did criticals on poisoned enemies, which worked out really well for me. I've also gotten amulets that I've only seen once, like one that let me turn invisible after 6 seconds not attacking, so I have no idea how many of those there are. 30+ hours into this now, and still enjoying it.
  2. Thanks for sharing-the wait times for Avatar still sound like they're out of control. I still think early December was pretty good in terms of lines most of the time, and I suppose that means we got off light with 2 hours and change for Avatar last year. The one time I was in California in late September, it was also pretty dead, so that may also be a good time to go to Florida? I'm also interested in the cruise experience-we were thinking about doing one at some point, but not sure if it's worth it to pay the extra for the Disney ones. We've looked at the Star Wars/Marvel ones though.
  3. The Retro Gaming bug

    Nothing wrong with that-it's like cleaning/restoring a pinball machine Would you still need the framemeister on a CRT? If you have a monitor that already has scanlines, why add a second scanline generator inline? I suppose that gives you the external scaler vs the one in the TV, plus the RGB inputs vs the composite/svideo/VGA ones.
  4. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    I actually had to go back to my list of Xbox Prime games, and there's not much that isn't available elsewhere. Burnout 3 would be good, as would ways to play Tony Hawk 3 and 4, but those last two are probably tricky for licensing. Even with burnout, I'd rather have Revenge than 3, since I thought it was a better game. Other stuff...I have PC or newer console versions of a bunch of stuff (like Beyond Good & Evil), and the Prince of Persia trilogy. I have a feeling that Splinter Cell would age poorly, and even the KOTOR games have better Steam versions that I still haven't gotten to (I still want to play the "lost" KOTOR2 content someday). I think these are the only other games that I still own that aren't playable anywhere else: Blinx the Time Sweeper (great idea, not a great game) Jade Empire (which I think came out on Steam) Ninja Gaiden (other versions available, but not PC or other gen Xbox that I know of) Oddworld Munch's Oddysee (I liked it at the time, but not sure if it holds up. Also on steam apparently) Star Wars: Obi-Wan (probably best left forgotten...but started life as a Jedi Knight sequel) X-Men Legends (not bad, but Ultimate Alliance was better)
  5. A thread about Lego

    Another reissue/redesign. The new UCS Y-Wing will be available May 4 (no early access for VIPs). There's a bunch of pics up at brickset I'll probably pass, since I have the original one, and it looks very similar. The cockpit is much nicer, and the overall model is a lot less white than the current one, but I don't really feel the need to upgrade this one. I passed on the x-wing reissue a few years back, and I passed on the repeat snowspeeder, so it's really just been the falcon that I've double dipped on. The Tron lightcycles are a likely purchase though. Probably next time there's a good promo on:
  6. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Kind of surprised that there wasn't a KS backer update on that, but at this point, I'm definitely in. By the time it ships next year I'm assuming we'll be done with the main campaign. I had some spare time yesterday afternoon, so I tried one of the solo scenarios, and just barely managed to win it. Had a card draw gone another way, it wouldn't have worked out.
  7. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Had a very interesting Gloomhaven run yesterday. Ended up getting to a point where between two of us, we managed to retire three characters at the same time, which meant unlocking a bunch of new classes, bumping up prosperity, and adding a bunch of new events. Still not sure what I think of some of the new classes-the issue seems to be that at least one of them is better as a support for a larger party vs the only other character in a 2p group. In any case, we've each got three characters on the go at once, and are picking and choosing from them as we see fit. Some have more challenging personal quests than others, especially in a small group.
  8. Dead Cells: Roguevania in Steam Early Access

    Yeah, it's a lot closer to Rogue Legacy than any Metroid game, but so far I've gotten a couple of upgrades (like the vine growing rune) that have opened up new areas. The fire brands are also extremely useful, to the point where they almost seem like cheating. It does make some of the flying/charging enemies harder to hit without a bow, but the ability to burn whole groups of enemies from a semi-safe distance really helps. Apparently the price is going up for final release, so getting it while it's still in early access might be cheaper Still, switch version would be awesome.
  9. I didn't see a dedicated thread for this, but it certainly deserves it. I picked this up in the last batch of Steam sales, and it's probably the game that's come closest to scratching the Rogue Legacy itch. I started playing it on my work trip last week, and have been getting new runs in whenever I can in the time since then. Combat is very castlevania-like, but very fast and smooth, and the random weapons really force you to change up and adapt with each run. Any permanent progress that you make is based on unlocking weapons, and a few key skill upgrades that improve resilience. Die and you lose everything you haven't already invested. So far my only beef with the game is that runs are starting to take a lot longer than they used to. I just unlocked the third tier health flask, and had an almost 40 min run last night that got me through what looks like the first "boss" encounter, and a good chunk of the next area. Still seems like there's a LOT to go, but I'd swear that the earlier areas are scaling harder to compensate. Definitely worth a look. It's apparently coming to consoles later this year, but the PC version runs really well on my HP Spectre laptop, so system requirements are reasonable.
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Yeah, I'm holding out that there'll at least be a point where the DLC gets bundled in. I could probably stand paying for the game again, but not full price with no expansion.
  11. I played it on PC, and it's great. Not quite as satisfying as Dig 2, but also a very different game. It fell into the usual tactics problem though with keeping most of the same crew the entire time once I got comfortable with a set of characters.
  12. The Retro Gaming bug

    I've looked into it, but haven't gotten far enough down that rabbit hole to actually buy a framemeister. Sounds like the results are pretty great though. I do, however, still have a 32" CRT stashed for an eventual retro gaming setup, and I've also got the 27" tube that I built into the MAME cabinet that satisfies most of the retro needs these days. I've thought about getting USB modded controllers for console emulation (instead of using the arcade sticks), but haven't pulled the trigger yet, since I mostly use the cabinet for arcade stuff anyway.
  13. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    It's really pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it, but it does take a few rounds to learn the basics, and then there's the intricacies of an individual class to sort out. Biggest thing I think we have trouble with now is keeping track of everything we're supposed to be doing in a round (e.g. right, fire was supposed to move down, or that guy was supposed to add muddle to that attack). The FAQ on BGG is useful for clarifying things too-it's worth a read of the whole thing after you've played a few games.
  14. Luigi's Mansion releasing on the 3DS

    Port both games in one package for switch and I'd rebuy. In this case, not all that interested.
  15. I've already got it on the WiiU, so I'll probably pass, but if there was a nice option to upgrade any of these ports for a discount, I'd be much more interested.