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  1. Made it to the Final area yesterday, and that King Dice battle.... so many stages...
  2. The Indie Games Avalanche - All platforms

    Finished off Thimbleweed Park on the weekend. Some thoughts on the ending:
  3. Still working my way through world 3 on this. The charge shot has changed the game completely, and I've been using that most of the time now. Apparently there's a black & white mode you can unlock? I found an overworld character that mentioned it, and I think I know what he's getting at, but I haven't tried it yet. It would also be really nice to be able to change your loadout without going back to the map, especially when you're trying to figure out what works for each boss. Also, this is the first time I've used the PlayAnywhere features, and it seems to work pretty flawlessly. The basement TV was occupied, so I picked the game up on the PC, and if anything it seemed to run a little better. On the Xbox the game is fine, but for some reason the loading screen animations seem to stutter. Anyway, it's a nice extra feature to have, and it's good that the cloud saves just work as expected.
  4. I listened to the first part of the podcast, and have the others queued up. I liked the bits about working with Jim Henson-although I can't imagine as a puppeteer at that point saying to to an offer to work with him.
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Is there any indication of when the final DLC will drop for this? Now that I'm getting a switch, I might be up for replaying the game with the DLC on hard. I'm assuming that at some point there'll be a GOTY bundle that includes the season pass content, which might be enough to get me to re-buy (instead of buying the base game again + DLC).
  6. I ordered a pro controller last night just to have it in case they get harder to find near Christmas. I'll probably stick with the 64 GB microSD until that fills up, and then reassess whether I want to get a bigger one later on. I think 128s are getting reasonable, but bigger than that is getting pretty crazy.
  7. The Indie Games Avalanche - All platforms

    Yes, there was a sign on it saying "out at the pillow factory, back soon", and apparently "soon" is chapter 4. I'm also not actually sure if I solved the pie puzzle in that section properly or not. I managed to find what I needed, but I'm not sure if I needed the item I thought I did. I just wandered slightly randomly (just to see what happened), and found what I needed. Not sure whether there was supposed to be more to it:
  8. A thread about Lego

    Double VIP sale ended up netting a couple of xmas things for kids, as well as Ninjago City for us (it's sort of another modular...or at least at the right scale for it). Bonus tip-I figured out this summer that the lego VIP points are usable internationally, so, for example, a $5 reward earned in Canada translated to $5 US at a US store, which given that the dollar is still around 0.77 right now, means maybe coming back from Florida in December with some other new stuff...
  9. The Indie Games Avalanche - All platforms

    Yeah, but you can't microwave him...although I did find something you could nuke There are a LOT of puzzles in this game, but some of them you just flow through without taking much of a break. Others, in typical adventure game fashion, end up taking a lot longer. As it turns out, the nickel one was what was blocking me from a bunch of other stuff that I thought I had to do based on my inventory. I also spent way too long trying to get change for a dime...or hacking the copier, or stealing the original map by passing it through the window to another character (thinking that the copier might be a red herring). Nope, just me missing the item description (which they hide behind that long ass joke about reading all the states). There are a couple of quality of life things on the PC that I didn't figure out immediately. Middle click skips text, and the verbs are mapped to qwe asd zxc and characters on the numbers. A little different from the old Scumm games where it was the first letter of the verb (L O P etc), but faster than moving over to them all the time.
  10. They've had it here for a while (we used it for TFA), but typically only in the IMAX or VIP theatres. Normally, I wouldn't have paid the premium for IMAX 3d for Star Wars, and I would have preferred 2d over 3d, but given the choice of reserved vs not reserved seats, I'd rather get to see the movie without having to fight someone for my seat.
  11. The Indie Games Avalanche - All platforms

    I knew what the solution to that one was immediately, it just took a while to find the nickel Now that you mention it, I do think I remember that bit from MM. Maybe that's why I knew what the solution to the problem was. Still haven't been able to microwave a hamster though.
  12. The Indie Games Avalanche - All platforms

    I haven't played MM in so long that I can't remember the puzzles in it-are you talking about the game programmer application? I've also been playing with the "annoying in-jokes" flag turned on, so I'm not sure what that adds/removes. I got through one puzzle last night where you had to prove to a kid that you were "with it", and another one with 80s trivia, but I wasn't sure whether you were supposed to find the answers to those questions in game, or if they just knew their audience. Reminded me a little of the "age tests" in the LSL games.
  13. The Mario bundle comes with a case, so that's sorted, and I think I have a spare 64GB Microsd that I'll use to start with. I'm planning on all digital though, so that's probably not going to last long. I'll likely get Mario Kart to play with the kids, so either the pro/extra joycons is a must, at least for Christmas.
  14. Well, got to work this morning, and decided to book a "team building" trip for 1:20 pm on the 15th. After a bit of clusterfuckery trying to buy tickets, I found out that there was a $150 limit on transactions, so buying 8 $20 tickets at once was too much. 6 and 2 though-just fine. Reserved seating is nice.
  15. The Indie Games Avalanche - All platforms

    I've been playing Thimbleweed Park for the past week or so, and it's awesome! They completely nailed the Scumm look and feel, although it actually feels like a much bigger and more sprawling game than any of the Lucasarts stuff. Not sure if using the hotspot highlighting is "cheating" or not, but I'd say no, just because pixel hunting was never fun (although I have a bunch of dust specks already). Highly recommended for anyone who's ever enjoyed an adventure game, although the graphics will probably only appeal to someone who played Scumm games back in the day. Up to chapter 6, and I think things are about to wrap up. Just need to figure out how to charge a battery...although I do have some toxic waste in my pocket now