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  1. Actually, that's a good point. What if MS did a port of Rare Replay to the Switch, but added Goldeneye and DK64? I have to imagine that getting the 360 stuff on there would be a challenge, but certainly not impossible. One step towards offering b/c titles to switch owners on gamepass though...
  2. Banjo in smash, and maybe port the XBL versions to switch as well? It'll be interesting to see how this relationship develops.
  3. I think it's more "Crypt of the Necrodancer" but you're Zelda or Link.
  4. There's no way in hell this would show up as part of PlayAnywhere, would it? I actually used the feature between Xbox and PC on this game, and it worked really well.
  5. I suppose, but I'd like to have both of those on PC. Maybe Rondo in vol1 with the "arcade" castlevanias, and SOTN with the GBA games as the "metroidvania collection"?
  6. I also read that the Google controller would connect directly to the internet (vs via the device), which might also change latency. Seems like an interesting solution (although then you're dealing with multiple streams/connections at once). It's a challenging model if it ends up being "buy the game for 60 bucks", just because if the service ever shuts down, then you have no access to the purchase anymore. A subscription would make it easier to swallow, but that's all going to depend on how well they business the service. I don't know much about what Microsoft has planned, but something that's a hybrid streaming/console service seems like the best of both worlds. Ideally, it would be a case where you could buy a game for your account, or access it through gamepass, and have the choice of downloading and running locally on your hardware, or streaming a session from the cloud. Some combination of the two would also be really interesting, where part of the game is offloaded to cloud processing. Imagine a case where collisions and physics are rendered locally on wireframe models, but you have what's basically a "cloud GPU" to do the heavy rendering. My use cases for streaming games are pretty limited though. Usually, it's because the main TV is in use already, which means I can still stream locally from the Xbox, or more likely, just play something on PC, do something else, or worst case kick whichever kid is using the TV off of it The other case is travel, and I have managed to use Xbox streaming over VPN to my home network a couple of times, but it's more of a gimmick. The bandwidth is going to be more than a hotel can handle in most cases, and the only reason I was able to get it to work when I did was because I was hard wired on a customer site. It was kind of cool being able to play my xbox from 3000km away, but that was mostly just mopping up collectibles in Arkham Knight. Something like a streaming only service is going to be useless on planes, most hotel internet, and probably most public wifi. 4/5g might help, but cost there is going to be a major factor (although I wouldn't be surprised to see some special deals worked out with carriers for this). In any case, it's an interesting proposition having Google in this space. I have no faith that they'll stick around in it though, since they've got no fear of cutting and running when something isn't working.
  7. If Castlevania is a "vol 1", then I suppose that means things like SOTN night be in a later package. It'd be good to have the GBA ones collected as well. Think Rondo of Blood will be on the first collection?
  8. Yeah, I saw that. Could work really well as an anthology series.
  9. I wonder how similar the ride vehicles are going to be to the Tron lightcycles? In any case, looks neat. Dueling dragons was a decent ride (with a horrible queue), that never really fit well as a re-theme.
  10. It actually bugged me when they mentioned Maria Rambeau, especially with the "photon" callsign on the plane, and I wondered why they didn't use Monica, and had me thinking I was mis-remembering things. Glad it got sorted out. Not sure if they'll do anything with it, but it leaves a thread open at least. Yes, it was. I actually had to look up the tesseract timeline after seeing the movie yesterday, but apparently after Howard Stark found it, project pegasus was the shield initiative to harness its power. This fits with Mar-Vell, as an undercover Kree, working with shield and the tesseract, and then presumably moving it to her orbital lab. Once Fury recovers it, it looks like Shield hold onto it until the Avengers. I believe that all the Skrulls on earth were accounted for, but that's not to say that they couldn't go for a Secret Invasion style story later on. I was actually wondering if they were going to leave a hint in that direction, or whether the movie would end with any of the skrulls going undercover as cows
  11. I was wondering about it when I saw that they were selling multiple tiers (just the blaster, and two expansions). Full kit is the same price, smaller one with just the blaster is $40.
  12. That really sucks-Pancreatic cancer is usually fatal, and it seems like most of the time it's because early stages are relatively asymptomatic, and there's very little they can do for early screening. By the time it's detected, it's too late.
  13. I went to try and rip a couple of older DVDs the other day, and when I put the first disc in the PC...nothing. Wouldn't detect in windows, wouldn't show in handbrake, wouldn't play at all. Tried another PC-same issue. Tried the Xbox-same issue. This is an original disc (my copy of the Kentucky Fried Movie, which I was ripping so that I could prove to some friends that it actually existed) that I've had for ages, probably only played a couple of times, and that has no signs of damage. Three different drives implies that it's the disc, not the drive that's failed. Has anyone found a solution that might let discs like this be read again? Incidentally, this came up because of the lawsuit around the Carlton dance and Fortnite. I commented that "that guy hasn't done anything besides Fresh Prince and Amazon Women on the moon" (actually a mistake, since that was David Allen Grier in a Carlton-like sweater in "Blacks without Soul"), and nobody else had ever seen it. I said it was some of the same guys working in a similar style to the Kentucky Fried Movie, which was when someone said "now you're just making stuff up". Clearly, there's some education that needs to be done (although I have no idea how well those movies would hold up).
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