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  1. Just got a random marketing email from GOG and found out that Superhero League of Hoboken had been released on there earlier this year! I really enjoyed this one back in the day, and it's a funny puzzle/adventure/rpg hybrid. Not sure how well it holds up, since I haven't played it in years, but bought a copy to find out: https://www.gog.com/game/superhero_league_of_hoboken Also picked up a couple of the other Steve Meretzky releases on there while they were on sale.
  2. Finally finished the main game in this, but there's still more to see, especially given all the DLC content, which seems to be at least interesting so far. Also found another awesome bit of writing that involves an imposter "eagle bearer" and a city being threatened by pirates (I think the quest is called "a very bad day") that was almost as good as the minotaur stuff. I'm working my way through what's left on the quest log at least, which is the Shadow of the First Blade, the Atlantis stuff, plus some random cleanup in and around the world. It definitely gets to the point where you can actually afford to keep things upgraded. I'm still using the poison daggers that I got from one of the mercenaries combined with a couple of boots to both poison and assassin damage that make most encounters pretty quick these days.
  3. Last time we were there the kids loved it, but it's headache-inducing from the fumes, and I have no idea how health & safety allows anyone to work that attraction for a day. It also stinks up a whole section of tomorrowland. You could salvage it with electric motors for the cars at this point, which could also play into the "tech of tomorrow" themes if you really wanted.
  4. So you definitely need to pay for the online service to upload/download levels?
  5. It's a clever design in the way it can flip over and work in both orientations, but I still think I'll pass. I like the video though.
  6. Honestly, of all the things that are wrong with this season, I don't really like where they went with Arya. At times, she's lived up to the ninja assassin badass that she'd been training to be, but then there were times like the library in the battle of Winterfell that made no sense (there's no reason she should have had any problems with that situation given what she's already been through). I kind of get the "don't live for revenge" message from Sandor, but to just give up so close to her target? Part of me still hoped she'd hang around and skewer Cersei at the end (or maybe even that she'd try and Jamie would get the drop on her), but to have her turn back, and then give her even more plot armor to get past the dragon attack? Hopefully it's worth it...
  7. Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles showed up the other day, but probably going to wait to crack into it until we finish off the records from the original box (although we have "finished" the story). Not sure whether we'll roll a diviner now, or wait until starting the new scenarios.
  8. Started this on work trip last week, and it's really good. Combat is much more of a tactics game similar to Mario/Rabbids, but with smaller battlefields (and time farts). Obviously, it's aimed at fans of the show, but it's got a really good level of polish on it.
  9. After a long hiatus, back to Gloomhaven, and it continues to be awesome. Almost to the "end" of the main story, and the second to last boss encounter is a complete bastard. A boss that teleports around the map and disappears after attacking means needing to get at least a little lucky to take it out. Managed on the second try though, part of which I'm going to write off to being a little rusty. Back in it though, and hoping to wrap the main game stuff in time to start Forgotten Circles when it shows up. Also got my daughter Munchkin Harry Potter for her 11th birthday. I'd never played any of the Munchkin variants before, but we played this a few times over the long weekend, and it seems like a lot of fun. She managed to win once (legit-I don't let my kids win at stuff), and is actually doing a really good job of tracking all of the various rules in play. Lots of +/- and rules on what you can have. I thought she'd missed something by having 3 allies out, but she pointed out that Huflepuff lets you have an extra, and so did her role, so it was legal Only complaint so far is that with the low hand limit, it means you can easily get into a position where you can't do much, but it also discourages hoarding, which is fun.
  10. Continuing to play this far more than I should, and up at level 55 I think, and just finished the Olympics questline (which has another great bit with a Spartan Olympic fighter). I've managed to get to the top of the Mercenary ladder, kill maybe 2/3 of the cultists, and there are STILL large areas of the map that I haven't been to yet. It improves over Origins in that after you've reached 50 (which was the original level cap), you can dump ability points into skill upgrades, so I can boost Assassin damage instead of dumping points into skills I never use. Honestly thinking about a respec to take points out of skills I never use anymore, since I have a few favourites that work really well right now. The Engravings also have a bunch of potential to upgrade gear, and then there's the legendary forge that gives you the chance to buy extra engraving levels for drachmae, so there's not as much of a hard wall as Origins had in getting to the "end". I have learned to avoid most of the message board quests and "time limited" quests, since those are usually pretty trivial fetch/deliver things. The contracts and bounties are worth picking up though, especially since most of them are things you'd do anyway. I've been trying to clear out all the gold quests though, since they at least seem like they have some writing behind them, and generally have a little more meat than "take X to Y".
  11. After the fire at Notre Dame, Ubisoft is putting the PC version of Unity up for free: https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US , presumably because the game has a recreation of the cathedral in in. Not really sure what to make of it as a marketing stunt, but I never actually played Unity, and free is free.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these things use nvme drives at this point-at least small ones to store OS stuff on.
  13. Given the God of War connection, that makes sense. I don't actually remember much about Force Unleashed, and never got around to the sequel (although I think I own both).
  14. So...Star Wars meets the Witcher?
  15. Yeah, but the set bonuses... I'm still rocking a set that gives me a huge bonus to poison damage (which I started using), and am currently on the hunt for something that'll give me a huge bump to Warrior damage, with a free revive every minute. I still don't really have a good source for leather, and haven't gotten very good at the ship combat yet. It seems harder than in Black Flag. I failed miserably at the one navel Conquest Battle I tried. I played most of Origins with legendaries that I kept upgrading to my current level, so while they reduced the number of types of crafting components, they've definitely upped the cost. Oh, and I found that Minotaur section you were talking about. Great writing in there! I really liked the one guy who said I had to "accurately" find his sons. When you asked him "What can you tell me about your sons?", he replies "They're little shits!" I think I just hit level 38 or 39?
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