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  1. That is completely out of left field, and absolutely brilliant. The only thing I can find to nitpick on is the cost-at $30 or $40 it's into impulse buy territory, but looking at the amount of stuff that's in the kits, I suppose it makes sense. I do have to question how much playtime each of the toys will have. For example, the piano is a really neat trick, and building it should be awesome, but once it's done, it seems like just a mediocre keyboard. If the software is open enough, I can see coming up with some really novel house/custom challenges with it though (like those robot things referenced in the article). It could also be really interesting if there was a way to create custom software with the kits, but I can't really see that coming to fruition anytime soon. As for the robot one, it looks like what became of that project Giant Robot game that they showed on the WiiU a few years back. I wonder if that's more of a "game" in the traditional sense? I'm probably going to end up getting both of those though.
  2. I ran into a strange problem this weekend. I still have a bunch of old consoles hooked up, and the kids wanted to play Mario World, so I booted up the SNES (which basically hasn't moved since the last time we used it 3 months ago), and found that all the controller inputs were going bonkers. Up was down, down was select (and B I think), but essentially all of the inputs were completely fucked (to use the technical term). Tested a different controller, different game, and the issue was the same, but swapped out the console for a second SNES (since I have a spare), and everything was fine. I'm assuming that it's something on the motherboard of the first SNES, but I've never heard of something breaking like this. Anyone else run into this problem? I'm not super concerned about it at this point-I could always make one good console out of the two that I have (the case on the spare is busted pretty badly after a fall). I just thought it was odd that this happened. I wonder how hard the board repair would be to try...
  3. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    I'd like to try one out again. I did like the original Duke for the Xbox prime, but now that I'm used to the new smaller controllers, I think it'd be hard to go back. It did help make it feel like this was a console designed for adults though.
  4. A thread about Lego

    So Feb 1 will be the release date for the new Ideas Ship in a Bottle set: That looks pretty awesome, and I'll probably be ordering this one immediately, assuming it goes the way of Saturn V and becomes impossible to find.
  5. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Progress in Gloomhaven continues. We retired our first character this weekend, and unlocked a new class that seems like a lot of fun to play (at least it helped us get through a tricky scenario). We both have 2 or 3 characters created and ready to go, which is a little hard to track, but not ridiculous. It means we can choose whoever is right for the particular scenario, and also have a chance to try out some different play styles to see what's complimentary. The only real catch is needing to rebuild modifier decks with customizations, but those haven't diverged too much for most of the lower level characters.
  6. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Yeah, I requested the replacements, but haven't seen any confirmations yet, but the last update said to give it another week or so. In any case, I've just been gluing the splitting pieces together, and that seems to be fine. Scenarios have definitely gotten a little easier as we've gotten the hang of both the game mechanics and the character classes. We've won maybe 8 or 9 more scenarios so far, and have both got multiple characters on the go to try new things out. We're getting close to retiring a character for the first time, and it's also looking like we're almost at the point where the first set of things is going to get locked out. There are a couple of decisions you have to make as a party without a lot of context, but I suppose that's the idea? Still a fun game though-last night we finished the scenario for the "seeker of xorn" personal quest, despite me getting just about every bad draw possible in the first two rounds (down to 3/14 HP at that point). I ended up using the "lose a card to negate damage" rule a few times.
  7. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    The front of the ship looks like it's mostly the right length in the art book (the Lego is a little stubby), but with some extra bits in between the mandibles. Maybe this will get trimmed/broken off at some point in the movie?
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Well that just looks...wrong.
  9. A thread about Lego

    It really depends on what you're looking for, but most of the sets will stay in print for 2-3 years depending on demand. For the falcon, I'd expect that it'll be produced through 2018, and probably into 2019 if they're still selling out. Some of the ideas stuff is much harder to find though. There are cases where things will dry up, but for example they're still selling the UCS Slave 1, and that's three or four years old at this point. Once something goes OOP, there are usually still some around, and Shop @ home will usually list them as "retiring soon" or maybe just "hard to find", so that's a good opportunity to jump on them. Things being discounted is also usually a good sign that they're not long for this world (e.g. the Batman 66 and Simpsons House sets are being cleared out right now). I haven't really kept up on it, but were there a lot of people trying to flip the Falcon in the leadup to Christmas? Given that the original UCS Falcon is the poster child for Lego "investment", I can see there being a temptation to try to repeat that with the new set. There was also the promo with the special VIP benefits/card for Falcon buyers that only kicked in if you bought one in 2017, although there's nothing concrete about what that actually means (except for a unique VIP card with your name on it so far).
  10. A thread about Lego

    The Taj Mahal is neat, but I have nowhere to put it. There are a few in that vein (Big Ben, the tower bridge, and even the old Statue of Liberty) that just don't really go anywhere specific. Even the Shield Hellicarrier is a little like that, but I managed to find a place for that one. I'll definitely get the Diner at some point, but I think I'm going to wait for either the next double VIP event, or at least a more interesting freebie than the dragster. What's scary is that I think I almost have enough points to get it for free...
  11. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Ended up playing a bunch of Gloomhaven this past week with my wife as a 2p group. Not sure if it's just us, but it seems that every scenario that we're winning is just barely. I like the mechanics (for the most part), but it seems like it's way too easy to get exhausted by running out of cards, to say nothing of actually losing all your HP. Getting some characters up to L2 seemed to help, but even then, we only beat scenario 4 due to an incredibly lucky draw on a modifier deck. We ended up having to split up to finish off two rooms, and Emma managed to take out an elite earth demon with her mindthief, but there's no way I had enough movement with my brute to get down there to help out. Also spent a little bit of time re-running previous scenarios with some new characters to try out other classes, and we might get to the point where we're playing 2 characters each, but we'll see how that works out. There's also a couple of rules where I'm not sure how I feel about them. We're looking at a scenario where we have 4 or 5 characters in the party, but only a couple active at once, but why can't they share/trade items or gold? Seems like a standard "party" thing to do? I suppose it introduces something semi-adversarial into a co-op game (similar to the battle/personal goals), but in some ways the mechanic doesn't really work. After a few games, it's pretty obvious which battle goal someone has (like last night, when I was very obviously avoiding looting money/treasure to get mine), but then again, I'm not sure how many of those there actually are. As for organizers, I can definitely see the need for one now, but I came up with my own solution. I picked up one of these 43 drawer organizers, since one drawer can fit a monster deck and standees for a monster type, and then others can be divided for different token types etc. Just pull out the drawers you need. Yeah, it doesn't fit in the box, but I can't see moving this game around much, so I just have this stashed off to the side. Besides, the Broken Token one was out of stock when I went to look for it, and this is about 1/3 the price at the moment. Seems to be working well if someone is looking for a less expensive alternative. Setup still takes a lot of time though. Also ended up having to fix a bunch of parts-are any of you finding that the cardboard bits are peeling apart already? I've had a bunch of tokens, and 3 or 4 map tiles that I've had to repair.
  12. Yeah, I was a little bummed that it wasn't open the week I was down there, because I probably would have checked it out. They have at least one location with the Void stuff in Toronto though, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up there at some point.
  13. Well, they did just move the Muppets into that area for a "Great Moments in History" show, so I suppose they could have just used some extra parts to make a Trump and saved a few bucks?
  14. I still think that one of the end results of the movie is that the force gets "democratized" more than it was before. The Jedi and Sith were both ancient orders built on a pretty binary/exclusive understanding of what these powers could do. In the republic, the impression was that all force users were Jedi, and that any child that was identified was basically kidnapped by the Jedi. What happened if a parent refused though? Would the child be "disconnected" from the force somehow, or was the assumption that they'd never be able to naturally manifest abilities, so why bother? I think that now, especially given the ending, you're going to see more people manifesting Jedi-like abilities on their own. Yes, there are still going to be things that take practice and mastery, but the distinctions will probably be that there is no more "light side" and "dark side"-there's only "the force". What you do with those abilities is up to you. Just because you use force lightning, does that make you evil? Anger can be used as a force for good, and compassion can be used for evil, so it's not the emotion, but the intent behind it. What if a Jedi found someone stranded in the desert-could they use force lightning to jump start a speeder? Hell, even Yoda uses lightning now You may also see the results of this politically in the universe. You have two sides, who are presumably led by either remnants of the old order, or those who were directly trained by them. Now those remnants are gone (Snoke, Leia, Ackbar, Holdo), and the new leadership may choose to reject what they stood for and come up with a new path. Obviously the new republic wasn't ideal, since it let the first order rise, and obviously the empire was problematic, since it gave birth to the rebellion, but what exists in the middle? Maybe things will just stay the same, but it seemed like what Kylo was working towards with the offer to Rey, so maybe she can temper his ambitions. Either way, now we get to see what teenage Anakin might have turned into without Palpatine there to direct him? Of course, with no real overarching direction, and presumably JJ able to take things in his own direction, who knows what could happen. The Last Jedi was great precisely because it subverted expectations, so maybe they'll be able to do it again. There's always the EU for fans who want to feel serviced.
  15. Holy shit was that good. There were more misdirects and welcome surprises than I thought would be possible, and it was to the point where just about anything could have happened, which is when movies like this get great. There are still mysteries in the story, and that's OK for now. That being said though, I still want to know more about Snoke. There's a story there... That's a good point-I was thinking about how Rey is basically doing Jedi stuff with almost zero training, and maybe that's where things end up. Force sensitive individuals don't have to be sequestered off as warrior monks-just be natural adepts living their lives. What I did kind of expect at one point was for Rey/Kylo to join forces at one point for a "third path". No light, no dark, but balance. They've always portrayed the force as binary, but why does it need to be? This bothered me a little bit-there was a new republic with a reasonably established government. The seat of that government was destroyed, but the aggressors were hunting down the resistance instead of consolidating their power and implementing a new structure to rule? The rest of the galaxy, which was presumably on board with the new republic, just ignored the fact that the entire government was murdered? I know there was some stuff in the aftermath novels about a massive demilitarization, so that probably explains a bunch of it. I also know that there was a lot of distaste for the political aspects of the prequels, so maybe that's why none of this got addressed. Still, I think that part of the story has merit, which is why I really enjoyed the Bloodlines novel, as well as the Darth Plagueis (now semi-canon) novel, which detailed more of Palpatine's training and rise to power. I do expect ghost Luke in IX, although they may use the excuse to do something completely original. No OT characters to hold us back anymore-it's all up to the new kids.