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  1. @Romier S and @Eldorado, the guys I usually play this with are trying to get an semi regular get together going. If you are still playing it be fun to have you two in it a well.
  2. There's a new Sub-Forum called "Spoiler Discussions" that appears under Entertainment. You can post threads here with free and open spoiler discussion where spoiler tags are not necessary. This change allows us to exclude spoiler posts from the New Post feed that appears on the main page. It also give you options to exclude spoiler topics from your Unread Content stream if you'd like. Here's how to do that if you prefer: Click the Activity Tab, and go to "Create New Stream" (I blurred the preview here for this image) Name it, and select the forums you want to appear: Now set it as your new default: Separately, I also updated the Posting Toolbars to now show the Spoiler button on medium and small window lengths. This is specifically for spoiler tagging specific posts as normal to allow them to show up on tablet and mobile.
  3. New site software problem

    In going through the settings, the best solution I can see to 1) keep the recent posts on the main page and 2) avoid spoiler threads showing up there is to create a sub-forum to Entertainment called "Spoiler Discussions". A forum section can be excluded from that recent post feed. It would appear like Technology > Gallery does not and seems like an elegant way to handle it. You'd always know what you are getting into when walking in there. Also, for individual posts, I turned on the Spoiler button for medium and small width toolbars. I realized it was only showing on the widest version, but if you were on a tablet, mobile, or just a small window, it was a button that did not appear. Edit: Dan I posted this before reading your post, but the answer is yes
  4. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I wonder why they even delayed it then.
  5. I love Tarantino. I love Star Trek. I love Patrick Stewart. I hope all of these things combined work out.
  6. PlayStation Presents 2017 Today

    They need to do an east coast PlayStation Experience.
  7. Just some things I noted on the differences between the V1 and V2 models: I always felt my V1 was too tight for my [probably] big head. I never had to use the tightening dial for it to fit. The worst part were the left and right sides of the front which felt like it pushed into my temples, which didn’t help when trying to get your “VR legs” and trying to get as comfortable as possible in VR. Eventually, the strap literally broke on the left side which iironically felt more comfortable (since the right side was still attached and could still be tightened). But in the end I decided to go ahead and send it back for warranty repair anyway. After I got the the V2 model, it too felt too tight, but it was more overall than in the front. I actually used two rolled up towels to keep the headset extended for a few hours and did this on a couple of occasions. Now, this headset is by far the most comfortable PSVR I’ve used. I actually have to dial in the back 1-2 clicks and the front part isn’t a bother. I also love how the audio controls are on the headset itself and not dangling and weighing down the cord. If you use the included earbuds, it also makes audio much more a part of the experience as before, since getting the headphones ready was just another level of friction getting in the way to playing something.
  8. Love the co-op aspect. I’m sure I’ll end up getting this.
  9. I’m struck with everyone’s obsession over the original series. I listened to an interview where Quentin mentioned being a huge fan of the original and specifically pointed out Shatner. As far as I remember, The Next Generation was success. I’m waiting around for someone to get us back to that era/timeline. I read a lot about the how the writers for Discovery were frustrated at times with having to stay within the bounds of Trek history, which makes me wonder, why not just go into the future post-Voyager???
  10. I went ahead and bought the Skyrim bundle while it was on sale to replace my launch model. I knew I'd really want the HDR passthru eventually, and I really liked the idea of Move controllers with the same USB port as DS4s. The headset changes themselves are really nice as well. Audio is so much easier now since the earbuds live in the headset when not in use. And the smaller and simplified cord is welcome. The older one got in the way more than you'd think. Now just need to sell my launch version.
  11. I will probably be selling my current PSVR.