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  1. Starhawk

    The Retro Gaming bug

    I meant to ask after you posted that Master System, are you going out on the weekend looking through garage sales? If so, what has that been like? Edit: to elaborate a bit, I was wondering what you thought the “hit/miss” ratio is like and how you even find good ones to go to.
  2. Starhawk

    Wanted: Horror movie suggestions...

    Angel, you've likely seen these, but two more recent ones I remember liking were Better Watch Out and Life.
  3. Starhawk

    The Last of Us II - Gameplay Reveal

    "Outbreak Day" is the 26th: http://www.thelastofus.playstation.com/outbreakday
  4. Starhawk

    Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

    Looks like Leica, Sigma, and Panasonic are all working together on a full-frame project: https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-a-new-force-is-building-up-leica-panasonic-and-sigma-are-on-board-together-on-the-full-frame-sl-mount-project/
  5. The worst part is he then pulls out a replica of that very mask...that’s more horrible than the mask it’s based on 😆 ...and then goes on to pick apart how bad it is.
  6. Funny, this came up in my YouTube feed today: I was with him until the end.
  7. Starhawk

    Wanted: Horror movie suggestions...

    Ive been meaning to see this for a long time. Ive heard good things.
  8. I know, what I meant was the Cell architecture holding back Sony from offering PS3 games for download, the largest portion of the Now library. From what I understand, emulation of PS3 games would require more power than this gen’s CPU can provide, arguably the weak link in this gen of consoles.
  9. Still can't emulate PS3 though. I guess the Cell is still the problem?
  10. So you can now download PS4 and PS2 made for PS4 games: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/09/20/playstation-now-adds-downloading-of-ps4-ps2-games/
  11. Anyone watched the Producer's Cut of Curse of Michael Myers?
  12. Starhawk

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Amazing find!