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  1. I think Im far away from being able to build a base somewhere, but I think I've decided Im going to play like a bounty hunter and smuggler so I hope to increase my credits very soon.
  2. Was she about to reveal something about Raegar and an annulment possibly changing things for Jon being an heir? I think I need a family tree.
  3. I played a bit of this in between Paragon this weekend. The mere fact that I have a quest lines and jobs I can do make it much more exciting to me as simply exploring the universe wasn't rewarding to me previously. I came across my first portal, but didn't activate it. Do any of you have bases on another planet? Let me know so I can visit
  4. Deadpool 2 - Teaser

    So good!
  5. God, I love this idea.
  6. Yeah, as far as I know, only the premier is on broadcast CBS.
  7. There's so few other shows I'm interested in on CBS, almost nothing. And I have subscription fatigue big time. Im actively cancelling other things I actually use.
  8. Apple Discussion Thread

    Man, a lot can change in a month. I'd not paid much attention to iPad for a few years now, and rarely ever used my old 3rd gen iPad. I really only wanted a new one for comics, and just could not justify using it for much else. In a perfect world, I'd want it to replace my laptop (not my main computer), but I knew it could never do that.. until I thought it could. Looking at iOS 11 and the larger 12.9" screen, I started to see the potential. My favorite way to work on my iMac is essentially Chrome in a split view with a window on each side. The ability to do also do this on the iPad while also pulling in a third app that hovers was appealing (or a fourth if it's a video window). Add in the portability, the LTE, and general different way the iPad allows you to work with things I was coming around. Plus, oh yeah, I'd be able to read comics on this thing too!? Then I was convinced I would only need the 64GB version, which would still be the case had I not discovered Luma Fusion for video editing and other apps like Affinity photo for photo editing. The thought of interacting with my photos with an Apple Pencil in Lightroom and then have it sync those changes back to the desktop might have been enough on its own to sway me. Then I heard Affinity was also working their own DAM like Lightroom. All this combined with the benchmarks of the new iPads, and Im like, "yeah Ima need 256GB". When I went into the Apple store to play with one for awhile, I was impressed with the weight of the device and how balanced it is when holding it. My old 3rd gen iPad was such a brick in comparison, and in many ways is not even in the same product category as these newer iPads. I know you guys didn't care much for it, but I absolutely loved the Truetone display feature. It was always on by default, and it was striking how blue and harsh the screen would be once turned off. It was funny because I'd used the iPad in store long enough that when I walked over to the Macbooks and almost tried to touch the screen. Suddenly I'm looking at this $1200 device that I was considering previously, and now I'm thinking, "eh, this is only a computer". Anyway, my iPad arrives tomorrow. Cool, I agree and just ordered a Logitech K380. I really hated the design and feel of the Apple Smart Keyboard. It's also too bulky in my opinion to always carry around with the iPad when end up using the on screen keyboard a lot. When I really need it, I'll bring the K380 with me. The K380 has the added advantage of being able to switch between 3 devices, so I can use it on my PS4 and HTPC as well.
  9. Summer Movie Challenge 2017

    I'm glad I didn't play this year. I thought Baywatch was going to do well
  10. How exactly are we supposed to watch this in the states again? A CBS streaming app? Do we need a cable sub for it to work?
  11. I got my Summerslam tickets today. Im still excited about going, but I will say that I'm probably less interested in what's going on right now in WWE than I have been in a while (I'd purchased the tickets months ago). Still Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, and to some extent, Survivor Series, are generally fun ones.
  12. Facebook Plans to Unveil a $200 Wireless Oculus VR Headset for 2018
  13. Fire Pro Wrestling World (Steam, PS4)

  14. So, one of the internal straps broke on my PSVR headset today, and ironically it much more comfortable now! I'd previously had a hard time with was how tight the headset was on my head, and as it pressed into my temples it would sometimes give me a headache. It was the one thing about the design I really didn't like. I never even used the tightening mechanism because of it, but I do now as it still works and tightens to a snug fit. Not sure if I just have a big head or if maybe mine was attached too tight or something. I've never tried another PSVR besides mine.