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  1. Fuuck. I think every game has those annoying “do not turn off your PS4 when the game is saving” when booting up, and this must have been one of those times. I do have a Cyberpower UPS that my PS4 and a few other things plug into as my power will flicker on occasion. I wonder if that’s saved me in the past.
  2. Starhawk

    Sony out of e3

    All predictions out the window now!
  3. Sony is skipping E3 2019. I’m almost surprised how ok I am with this as I’m plenty busy and have enough to play. Makes the PS5 even more unpredictable. Also happy 5th birthday PS4.
  4. Starhawk

    Apple Discussion Thread

    After seeing them in the Apple store, I'm liking the idea of possibly replacing my 27" iMac with a new Mac Mini and a couple of 21.5" LG 4k monitors. I feel like I might like the width of screen real estate better.
  5. Starhawk

    Apple Discussion Thread

    When I went today, the repair and pickup time for me about 5 hours later which I was going to do, but he told me I could also schedule to drop it off tomorrow and the repair time would be shorter, which I did. So Im going to drop off the phone at 10am tomorrow and hang out at the coffee shop close by for a couple of hours. I didn't have to reserve a battery or anything, I think they had them ready to go. Also, the guy helping me did say the "next day drop off" thing was something this particular store was piloting for Apple, so I'm not sure how widespread that is. Not sure what the plan is in the UK, but the $29 battery where you can "opt-in" to replacing at that price even if the diagnostic show's it's still good, lasts until December 16th here.
  6. Starhawk

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Ha, I have an appointment to get my 6s battery replaced in a couple hours! I’ll let you know. (Supposed to be in store)
  7. Starhawk

    Inside - From the creators of Limbo

    I vaguely remember that ending, but I had to use a guide as well.
  8. I'm betting we may even have PS3 backwards compatibility in the PS5 since the CPU will be a big upgrade compared to the PS4. The CPUs seem to be the weakest link in the current gen of consoles, probably holding Sony back from getting something going there. But who knows. If they really cared, you'd be able to play PS1 classics on PS4, but you can't.
  9. This song fits way too well, in pacing and calling out things happening on screen.
  10. Yep. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/448999-embedded-tweets-width/ Looks like a bug report was filed yesterday.
  11. At the moment, Im not sure if there's anything we can do with this. I haven't noticed it myself, but I'm mainly using iOS on an iPad if I'm mobile. (Edit: I do see it on iPhone) The embedding features of the forum are built in to the software itself now. On the old forum, they worked more like plugins, and I'd built a few of them manually at that time. We're also fully up to date with the forum software, so hopefully it's a bug that everyone else using Invision is dealing with and it's being fixed. I'll see if I can find out anything.
  12. He does several unnecessary things and probably makes it more complicated than it needs to be. In retrospect, this is probably a better guide:
  13. Starhawk

    Apple Discussion Thread

    “The case for padOS”: https://9to5mac.com/2018/11/08/pados/amp/ Basically the reason I’m not buying one of the new iPad Pros.