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  1. I would kill for a Mario Sunshine HD on Switch. It's a travesty how they've neglected to port the best game in the franchise on subsequent consoles.
  2. No. He's a tech writer who co-founded Tested.com, and is now developing VR tech. He often hangs around with the Giant Bomb crew.
  3. Danny is one of the best PUBG players I've come across. Dave Lang was doing a stream for Extra Life over the weekend, and he was joined by Will Smith and Danny for several matches. They got a chicken dinner on their first run, and came close on several others. On one run, Danny was the last of his team still alive, and he went on to take out a few squads all by himself. Will Smith is also amazing. He and Danny coordinate their actions will little communication, and there're no wasted actions. They're so efficient. They don't spend too much time looting for gear; they just quickly get some essentials, then stake out a prime location to pick off everyone else. It was an impressive thing to behold.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey [Switch] - 27th October 2017

    I'm playing with the controllers attached to the tablet, and have had no problems. Not once have I felt that motion controls would improve the experience. Fucking tomatoes. I've been blazing through the game, clearing kingdoms, beating bosses, finding secrets, and racking up moons with no difficulty. But these goddamned tomatoes are pissing me off.
  5. I never buy gaming related doodads, but somehow I couldn't resist ordering one of these:
  6. Commentocracy -Jim Sterling

    This was his best episode yet. The previous ones have pretty much been the same: just reading comments from 'hardcore' gamers whining about 'casuals.' This one has more bite.
  7. The Gardens Between (2018)

    A Braid-like. Looks intriguing.
  8. Even if I don't enjoy it, my nephews will probably appreciate it when they visit.
  9. A rare moment of weakness struck me today. Despite remaining unimpressed with everything I've seen of Mario Odyssey, and being unswayed by its glowing reviews, I bought the Mario themed Switch today. The local Gamestop had some in stock. I don't even know why I strolled in and asked for it. I do like the red case and controllers, so since I was going to eventually buy one, I guess it might as well be one that looks cool.
  10. Apple Discussion Thread

    Just recently got my first iPhone, an SE. It came with iOS 10 and is prompting me to install iOS 11. Is there any compelling reason not to? Any word on drawbacks or glitches?
  11. Gallbladder Removal

    My sister had hers removed. After a short healing period, she noticed no difference in her physiology. It's like nothing happened. There are conflicting reports of a need for dietary restrictions afterward. Some people say they're not supposed to eat oily foods, some say it doesn't matter. My sister and others I know who've had the procedure haven't practiced any restrictions, and have suffered no ill effects. I guess your doctor will tell you if should change anything, but it doesn't seem to matter from what I've seen. Regardless, you should be fine. Good luck.
  12. Carrie Fisher has suffered a major heart attack...

    Carrie Fisher is the Godfather and will fuck you up.
  13. Blu-Ray General Discussion Part 3

    Arrow is supposed to be offering newer, better transfers for the Rohmer films than those from the French Potemkine set.
  14. Okami HD coming to PS4/XB1

    I just noticed this is getting a physical release. Amazon Prime members get the pre-order for $15.99.