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  1. The Switch is a perfect platform for this style of game. I hope it finds a horde of new admirers.
  2. The lack of an Animal Crossing announcement is the biggest disappointment at E3 for me.
  3. King of All Cosmos

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Announced at PS Conference

    It turns out this is the E3 announcement that has me most excited. I was expecting a remake with a modest number of new things, like REmake, but this is a complete overhaul. RE2 is a mighty fine game, so I hope the new stuff complements, rather than supplants, the core experience of the original.
  4. King of All Cosmos

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 - CG and Gameplay trailer

    This is considerably less cringey than last year's trailer.
  5. King of All Cosmos

    Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Reveal

    Sucker Punch is good, and this looks 1000 times more interesting to me than The Last of Us 2 does.
  6. King of All Cosmos

    Rate the Betheda Conference...

    Gee, Bethesda, thanks for reminding me that Andrew W.K. exists. 😩
  7. King of All Cosmos

    Rate the Microsoft Xbox Conference....

    Unfortunately, they didn't show a single thing that makes me want an Xbox.
  8. King of All Cosmos

    Anthem Impressions and Q&As

    This looks unimaginative and boring.
  9. Poor David Gordon Green. From George Washington to this.
  10. King of All Cosmos

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey leaked

    Greece is a good choice. I wonder if they'll weave any Homeric mythology into the story.
  11. Just went to buy LocoRoco as part of this weekend's flash sale, and noticed that LocoRoco 2 has also been released (and is also on sale). Never saw that the sequel was announced, but am immensely pleased to see it's out.
  12. Finally, I don't have to pull the Dreamcast from the closet whenever I want to play Shenmue. It would've been dumb of them not to capitalize on this after the announcement of Shenmue III.
  13. We're overdue for a proper Animal Crossing game. I imagine lots of neat things can be done with it on the Switch.
  14. King of All Cosmos

    The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray) thread

    Amazon has Night of the Living Dead for 53% off.
  15. It is cross-play. I watched some Twitch streamers play this while PUBG was down for maintenance last night, and it was great fun. There was a good balance of exploration, preparation, ship maintenance, and battle. And hurdy gurdy playing.