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  1. King of All Cosmos

    Psychonauts 2

  2. King of All Cosmos

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy [PS4, XB1] - 21st September

    Started downloading the content missing from the disc three days ago; it's only 30% complete. Thanks, Verizon DSL.
  3. King of All Cosmos

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy [PS4, XB1] - 21st September

    This is being released now after a delay to make improvements. Unfortunately, the second and third games still aren't included in full on the disc, and a download is needed. I wonder how many people are going to buy the disc, thinking it's a finished product, not realizing they're screwed if they have no, or slow, internet service.
  4. I really liked Genma, which I believe was an expanded version of an earlier Onimusha game. Is it known yet how this compares?
  5. King of All Cosmos

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Announced at PS Conference

    I'm not watching that. They shouldn't release images of the Licker before the game's release. Keep the suspense running.
  6. King of All Cosmos

    Commentocracy -Jim Sterling

    Jim is one of the best commentators on the video game industry, but his taste in games is just shit.
  7. King of All Cosmos

    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Trailer from Xbox Conference

    The more I see of the game, the less interested I become. It seems little more than a routine hack-and-slash adventure, and is dumbed down next to the SoulsBorne games.
  8. The percentage of alt-right kekicuck trolls was much smaller.
  9. Free to a good home: Isle of Dogs.
  10. After numerous delays, this has finally been released and was delivered today.
  11. King of All Cosmos

    Blu-Ray General Discussion Part 3

    That's a relief.
  12. King of All Cosmos

    The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray) thread

  13. King of All Cosmos

    Blu-Ray General Discussion Part 3

    There's no mention of the aspect ratio. I hope they don't crop it for widescreen. Otherwise, it sounds like a great set.
  14. King of All Cosmos

    The Steam Summer Sale starts Thursday (6/21)!

    Extra savings: Get $5 off $30 at Steam when you pay with PayPal.
  15. King of All Cosmos

    Gamestop considering buyout

    I'll stop gaming if physical media dies (if not sooner), unless they come up with a way to allow for the trading/reselling of digital copies.