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  1. I have *zero* inside information on this, but I think that's an utterly fair theory, and it's what I'm expecting. MS keeps talking about iteration, moving away from hard platform launches, and their software platform this gen matches that - generous BC, cross machine software, etc. It's how people expect their phones to behave. I don't know how to sell it, but I think it's the future.
  2. Forza Horizon 3 isn't on game pass currently BTW.
  3. If you're buying it digitally (it's $25 right now), you should be able to use it on both machines if you've got your accounts set up correctly. We use all our digital purchases on both our boxes at home. FH4 should be coming to game pass too...
  4. Overcooked will make you hate whoever you play it with. It's awesome Basically a co-op kitchen sim, where recipes come up & you have to pick up ingredients, process them, then combine them.But different players get access to different steps, so you're running around trying to handle it all. And then the room will shift. Or lava will split it up. Etc. Intense, brutally funny, co-op.
  5. dogbert

    E3 Major Release Calendar

    I can 100% guarantee I won't be playing it.
  6. dogbert

    Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer

    Yeah, apparently 60fps for Pro/X, 30fps for base: Stolen from ResetEra.
  7. dogbert

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Trailer (CDPR)

    Some good summaries are coming out from the press previews:
  8. dogbert

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    There's a *lot* of detail in this doc to chew over, and it appears to have helped a bunch of people get more interested in the game. Very well done doc.
  9. dogbert

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    The new no-clip "behind the scenes" reveals a *bunch* more detail about the game, the history behind it & the team.
  10. It's utterly Sony's fault, yes. Even if you unlink your sony account, the credentials are still flagged & block you. No such restriction with an xbox associated account (we regularly flip between PC + Xbox for our fortnite games at home).
  11. dogbert

    Kingdom Hearts 3 [PS4/XB1] - Delayed to 29th January 2019

    They clearly aren't. 😕
  12. dogbert

    Control - New Remedy game announced at PS conference

    Here's the PR:
  13. It's real, for Alexa https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6STSX8/