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  1. dogbert

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    This year's Halloween "Festival" has started. Basically a reworking of the Infinite Forest, limited time runs, earning tokens to spend on masks + other fripperies, including a level 600 gun. There's some new story opening up too, about a murder in the tower, towards the end of it.
  2. dogbert

    Netflix members...

    Finally got a chance to finish the second American Vandal. Overall, I think the first was funnier & faster to punch lines, but the second hit harder and had a bit more of a reach to its overall punch, if you want to mix boxing metaphors with a show about a turd burglar (please don't mix 'em in real life). My wife utterly preferred the first season's more light-hearted overall finish. I think I preferred this season's more well timed social commentary. I don't know if I need another season to be honest.
  3. dogbert

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Nah, I think most boardgames get bought with the intention of playing, not the actual practicalities of it always being possible, once you're well into the 'hobby' so to speak.
  4. dogbert

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Totally different to Armada though, and scratches a totally different itch. I loved Rebellion the few times I've played it.
  5. dogbert

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    Wrapped up the Forsaken campaign this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed the direction of it, the structure of it, and the level design of the new expansion areas. Of course, it helps that Prison Of Elders/Reef was one of my favourite D1 areas. The 'quality of life' changes that came along with the expansion are exactly what I needed (the random rolls, the weapon layout changes etc) to bring back the joy of the grind so to speak, from D1. Next, time to dive into the Dreaming City.
  6. dogbert

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    If you have a preorder code registered with bethesda.net, you should be good but this stuff can be difficult at times with multiple platforms, accounts, entitlements etc involved. 😕 Have you checked the insider app on the xbox?
  7. dogbert

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Double check your bethesda.net account. From the FAQ:
  8. Game Pass is awesome, indeed.
  9. dogbert

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    Start downloading now, don't wait until Saturday. It's big.
  10. I think that's effectively what they're doing, right? That's why the new names wont' work with older games pre-API change. Newer games need to use the new 'display name' instead of the account name. When they say "hey you can now change your name", it's really the new display name. It's a suitable workaround of a dumb DB decision back in the day. This stuff takes time, groups internally need to sign off on it, important third parties need to be made aware of it, it needs to be shown how the existing platforms (that won't be updated) will continue to work, QA needs to test all that. And it's key they get suitable buy in from all the relevant parts of Sony internally - that likely took the most effort, far more than the DB schema changes and API work.. I know I have a PSN account name I wouldn't have chosen on my PSP to download Beats (wow, anyone remember that??) 10 & a half years ago if I thought it was going to be so permanent for so long.
  11. It's long been thought that they used the name as a primary key, agreed. Silly Sony 😕
  12. I should get a kickback on steam going by the number of "xxx now owns Stories Untold" I just saw on Steam Enjoy, guys.
  13. If you haven't played Stories Untold yet, their first game, go do so. It's cheap as chips right now, it's the perfect game to play in the run up to Halloween, and it'll only take a night or two. Text adventure-y, dripping in atmosphere & fear, telling a story over four seemingly unlinked chapters. Loved it.