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  1. 1 - The developers funded by Apple will likely do okay, but the alleged payment schemes from subscription fees is unlikely to make short one & done experiences any real money. They are allegedly rewarding duration of play over the flat upfront fees typical on other subscription services (e.g. GamePass, PSNow, GwG, PS+ etc). Similar to how Spotify rewards plays. 2 - I suspect not as many as Apple think, and Apple typically changes its mind on "gaming initiatives" with the seasons. But "netflix for games" is compelling. Lately, the traditional one & done "premium" app is a harder sell on iOS than it has been in the past - the demographic's changed, promotion by Apple has changed, and the competition for eyeballs + dollars is fierce. Sub services can be appealing, I just don't know if iOS is that market. 3 - ... 4 - No.
  2. No cost mentioned yet, but scuttlebutt is that it's regular purchases a la carte at "normal" prices, but I imagine there's potential for some sort of Netflix-like subscription tier. Some of the features pitched today are cool sounding - the embedded 'save state' so that players can jump in to a game at a specific point or challenge? Could be really cool & fun.
  3. Game day! [url=https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/254640/just-one]Just One[/url] - co-op party game where each turn everyone gives a one word clue to a guesser, but any matching words get eliminated. Not my usual genre, but I can thoroughly see the fun with the right crowd. Mark! Wingspan - thorough overhyped & over-priced for the market, but it's a dang good mid-weight Euro. Build a tableaux of cards, (mildly) place workers to activate the tableaux, and hopefully build a mild engine. It was thoroughly fun & engaging, well polished, and kept us all engaged. It looks gorgeous & drips its theme over every corner. But there's really nothing new under the veneer - what's there is very well polished & engaging (that word again). Fun! Played a couple more - the second Azul & Flamme Rouge.
  4. Yeah, there's zero actual sources backing this up. stock market shenanigans.
  5. Welcome to getting your eyes a little bit opened. "Never read the comments" is a good general rule that creative people have. Even if we do still read em.
  6. I've been following along another fpga project, the MiSTer, there's some really cool things being one in this space. Not ready to jump onboard yet, but it's fun to read about
  7. I was actually going to ask if you had any impressions yet, thanks Waiting on my code from AMD & I'll get playing. For my son's reading log, he read an article about it from Wireframe, and now he wants to play lol.
  8. Watched Nintendo Quest while doing dishes lol, and suspect it'll hit home with a few people on here. It's definitely a little staged, definitely glosses over details, but it does a good job of capturing why this one guy collects NES games and the thrill of the hunt. And the thrill of ownership afterwards ;) It does a poor job introducing itself, give it some time to get going.
  9. The end of the PS3 era made dig up this from earlier in the thread. It wasn't how PS+ started (hi, Qore!), but it's sure where it leaped into bigger awareness & value:
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