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  1. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Yep, Mark did.
  2. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    So what's been the long term verdict on Dinosaur Island? I dithered on it first time around, and the new KS is about to end in a few days, so I have a decision to make. Lots of positive initial buzz, but has it held up? It's a crowded market out there on my shelf...
  3. Ni no Kuni 2 [PS4/PC] - 2018

    Oh, and the voice acting... There's nowhere near enough dialogue that's voiced, and it's an oddball set that is - half a scene here & there, one line in a conversation etc. But whoever did the voice direction for the English dub is a genius. Lots of British accents, including a Glaswegian wood-elf.
  4. Ni no Kuni 2 [PS4/PC] - 2018

    Almost at the end. So utterly a classic "mixed bag" of a game. Difficulty is non-existant in the main game mode. A few spikes, but if you've been slogging through the battles, it should be straightforward. Battles are generally very quick & lack challenge. I've never used a potion to heal a status condition like poison/stun etc... The "Skirmish" battles are badly paced, and very spikey in difficulty, as well as poorly explained. I'm at the end of the game & just discovered I can recruit mid-battle to refill ranks. Sigh. The world building is fine, generally. The story is fine, generally. There's one chapter that's just bizarrely plotted, making no sense whatsoever once the "twist" is revealed - like no sense whatsoever. Characters are fine. The one you start with isn't the 'Main' character, it's a kid called Evan. All in all, it's a hodge podge of poorly explained systems, a hodge podge of world building, and near zero difficulty to the game. The kingdom building's generally what kept me involved. Researching topics, building up special buildings, recruiting characters around the world to fill up space in my kingdom. It's the system that's kept me going.
  5. By all accounts so far, this is a "enhanced port", not a full blown remaster. It's going to be interesting how it goes over. It really was a unique experience at the time, but I don't know how well it's aged. It was an 'open world' game before the industry really nailed the fundamentals we expect these days.
  6. And finally Sega announces a "HD Remaster" of the first two games at a Japanese games convention -
  7. Someone crunched the numbers - with these rounds of announced BC games, they'll be up to over 500 backwards compatible titles from the 360/OG. Nice. Still a lot of 360 games I'd like to see on the One though. Really keen to see what happens with Gamepass over E3.
  8. They've came on quite a way, though their community can be a bit "touchy" about things like bios + requiring virtual disc drives instead of just using cdi images. :/
  9. Yeah, it's long been alleged that Sega lost the source assets, which honestly isn't unusual back then. I'm surprised they still haven't found ways to monetize their Saturn catalogue.
  10. Mercenaries!! I have a sealed orta sitting here... Hmmm...
  11. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    What the heck do they teach over here?? actually I know... Might be worth kicking off a WW2 thread, guys?
  12. Outside of the nitpick of the spider-web, that's a ridiculously confident video If it's that fluid, consistent & smooth in the hands of gamers, we finally have a next-gen Spider-Man.
  13. Money you spent on gaming 2018

    I've been restrained too, though I splurged on Ni No Kuni 2. Need to post about it in its thread, it's "interesting". That purchase of Gamepass on Xbox is already working out to great value. Though if things work out how I hope in the next few months, I *might* blow my budget for the year with a xbox x.
  14. I genuinely have zero recollections of that. I thought you were meaning Kasumi Ninja on the Jaguar at first (seriously!). Wow. So, no. No love. Hope there's a good bunch of games in this round of OG Xbox titles. There's a lot of good games locked away on that system. BTW do they work with the original disks (like 360 BC does), or do you have to repurchase them? I should know this.