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  1. Great episode tonight. Was surprised at the tea kettle direction.
  2. GamesCom is insane. it's quite possibly the most attended trade show on the planet but because of the timing, it doesn't get the announcements that E3 gets.
  3. Nice callback to the original xbox on the box, I think:
  4. I know no-one's really interested, but MS is having a GamesCom stream/panel on Sunday where they'll announce XboxOneXboxX preorders. Looks like there's going to be something similar to the Xbox Day One edition with a slightly different controller/console. This time around, it'll be a "Project Scorpio Edition" written in green.
  5. Base building comes relatively early, if you follow the given path. The ability to teleport back to your base from a space station, and back to that space station, means you're always able to relatively easily return "home", build, expand, store, and then get back out to the bleeding edge. It's a good compromise as base building in this game would be otherwise dumb, the push to go "forward" to new systems is so key. After pointedly not buying it this past year, 1.3 is exactly what I needed to jump in. Thoroughly loved up, warts & all, at this point - it's got the right balance of exploring & direction, if you choose to follow the given paths. This matches what 11 year old me imagined on the ZX81, where I mocked up screens of space exploration games before I had any clue how to build them or the scale of work, so damn much. I likes.
  6. Whelp, bought the PC version. I've been looking at the ARG updates over the past few weeks, it was obvious something big was coming. That patch list/update video is just a dang good upgrade & rounding out of features/expectations people had for the game, at least to me. I've been thoroughly enjoying Subnautica this past month, but it aside to wait for it getting out of early access to round out how its story is presented, so this is perfect to replace it.
  7. Yeah, this might finally be the patch I've been waiting on. $24 on humble bundle store right now... Hrmmm.
  8. Can I justify buying this for the fourth time?
  9. Absolutely hilarious. Loved it. The timeline of the show seems very messed up. I know there's all sorts of fan theories about the three different "strands" (Vegas/Montana/Twin Peaks) being on different points of the timeline, but at this point, I'm still not sure if it's just sloppy editing/writing. Bobby clearly tells Big Ed about finding the note etc from his father *today* but, man, that felt like days ago on the show in Twin Peaks.
  10. Games in public libraries?

    It's total YMMV with games etc. Our local library has a wii etc for the teen area, but no game borrowing that I know of. Back as a kid in the days of the Speccy/C64, our local library was a gold mine of rare/obscure games that I'd read about in Zzap or Crash, but had no money to buy. Got to play so many great games through their system. I have vivid memories of how the "catalog" was a big giant stack of index cards, and if I wanted to get in line for a game that was currently out to someone, they'd write your name + date on the index card. This was in a little "media" room right in the middle of the main library. Good times!
  11. Netflix members...

    American Vandal. High school set spoof of the 'true crime' genre, including their own famous series. Looks *fantastically* funny. Trailer is utterly unsafe for work if your work doesn't like drawings of dicks & discussions of ball hair.
  12. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Crux. Cascade. Ale Apothecary. Heard good things about pfriem, but haven't drunk anything by them. I'm more familiar with Bend than Portland for various reasons. I've heard good things about Immersion & 10 Barrel, but again, local only so haven't drunk 'em. Deschutes is a bit bigger/more corporate obviously, but the tour's supposed to be good.
  13. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    What Camp said. Rogue is overhyped & overgimmicky, and I've never had a beer of their's that I've truly loved. Oregon's got so many *great* *great* beers & breweries.
  14. Consolevania - videogame TV

    Great new episode. Very introspective in parts. Great new presenter with Rab. One of my favourites of the return.