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  1. For now, pubs seem to be taking the hit on their margins. It's on the manufacturing cost, not retail, mind.
  2. I totally missed Stories Untold going free. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it's a mish-mash of text adventure, point & click, puzzles, and creeping horror, taking some notes from Stranger Things, but mixing them up with 80s UK computers & more. Well worth a play.
  3. This is out & getting very positive reviews. It's by the same team as Stories Untold, which I loved. And is only $12.50 via the Epic store right now on PC...
  4. Wowzers. It took them a /long/ time to deliver - like 4 years - but I was a late backer. The next KS should ship in waves, and the first one will be relatively quick as all the hard work's been done, just needs manufacturing again
  5. Glad you enjoyed it as well. Things on Acorn that I like, that you might not have seen? The Detectorists is a gem, very slow/pastoral drama about metal detectorists in the English countryside - it's small, low key, and not afraid to be quiet. The Witness for the Prosecution's a great adaptation of an Agatha Christie story. "And Then There Was None" is another great Agatha Christie adaptation. "Brief Encounters" is a dramedy about 80s women selling "marital aids" that my wife loved. Field of Blood (also on Amazon Prime I think) was a smart crime drama set in Glasgow newspaper in the 80s, from the perspective of a female reporter - got Capaldi & David Morrissey in it. Looking it over, man they have a lot of generic British crime/doctor dramas...
  6. Ok, here's Middara in action. Had to put the leaf into the middle of the table to make sure I had plenty of space to spare. The player mats are nice, but do take up a lot of real estate. I expect people are already working on layouts for more 'condensed' ones. This is a relatively small, straightforward encounter. Heroes on the right, monsters on the left. Photos do not do these tiles justice; the UV spots zing. 36 double sided tiles, with a wide variety of terrain types. Cards & "bits". There's another two baggies of status/effects + small tiles off to the side, as I don't typically need them mid-game; I've got piles there for status effects relevant to my spells & monsters. Most of the equipment decks are irrelevant mid-encounter, just for shopping, so they could be kept off-table. Consumables are frequent rewards for loot though. I can't say enough good things about it, so far.
  7. So, [url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/succubuspublishing/middara/posts/2494931]Middara[/url] hit the table. Set it up for a learning run-through of the "MAST" extended tutorial/intro that's four encounters long, with the four characters. You get preset gear etc through the story for your "school exams". Ended up playing all four encounters + read the story (multiple pages long..) to set up the first encounter in chapter one. I definitely got a few things wrong with combat & enemies, but soldiered through it. In fact, couldn't stop. It really does capture that feeling of a turn based tactical JRPG with its movement rules + relatively straightforward attack/spell flow. There are definitely a lot of numbers/bonuses from gear to remember about (especially when running all four characters...) but I never felt overwhelmed, and the fun of the encounter setup just pulled me in so much. Maps are never quite what they appear initially, with new rooms + enemies + traps + loot appearing when you see key "totem" squares. I think this is what I wanted from Arcadia Quest. Middara just slays it on a mechanic level, and then the story & skill trees just pulling me in. I'll be playing it again tomorrow... Need to test out all the new gear I bought... It's big though. Total table hog if you've got the player mats, but I suspect some careful organisation of "bits" & cards will reduce that a lot. If Gloomhaven or other 'campaign' games appeal, and you can dig the JRPG/Anime-esque themes, this is something you should pay attention to. There is a lot of game going on in this box.
  8. It's been a while as my kids grow older, but the Upside Down House is an essential purchase for us. It wasn't my choice, but my son adores Stranger Things, so this is a perfect crossover.
  9. There's definitely lots of nods for the hardcore, and a good few jokes/reveals might fall flat about 'em if you don't know what a Jiggleypuff is, for example, but it should still work. Just don't expect much more than the trailers
  10. Detective Pikachu, I can't have been the only person here to see it this weekend, right? Fluffy, funny, well executed, too many jokes killed by the trailers, and largely irrelevant. I enjoyed it, but it's so far from essential viewing. It's a silly premise, executed well, and Ryan Renolds carries it through to the end well. The Kid Who Would Be King is still the best kids movie this year by far.
  11. Oh & got my new PS2 softmodded & set up with some component cables. Installing games to hard drive now. Kid weirded out that there's a controller cable. So weirded out. And that he doesn't need an "account" setup. So fucking spoiled
  12. My first experience of the SNES was the old-school floppy disk version of it. One of my good friends at university, around 91-93, was ridiculously rich & spoiled, compared to my background, and one of his favourite things was a SNES + cart-loader that let him have a wealth of SNES games in a giant box of 3.5 floppies. Even just borrowing it for a week gave me access to a ridiculous amount of games I'd only seen in Edge before. He knew what he had, but it was all about the digital packrat/hoarding over playing; whatever 'scene' he got into, he ended up with hoards of discs/CDs/DVDs, but never experienced the joys of those games... He hasn't ever changed. But, man, I know you'll enjoy the flexibility. These devices are all about that flexibility & ease. They let you get at the games.
  13. Samuel Adams just bought out Dogfish Head effectively!
  14. Guess I should give my own update, seeing as I brought the thread back to life after finding it randomly while searching for something else Since my last post? Still thoroughly love what I do, despite the ups & downs of the game industry. I've survived layoffs, been through one studio closure (and literally moved to another studio on the same floor - meetings in our "old" space were weird), moved to Austin, and have thoroughly put down roots here. I'm now part of a studio that definitely not going away any time soon, so there's more security than I've had in 15 years. They keep giving me more responsibility, I still get room to make a frontline impact on our live product ("DevLive" for the win), but I definitely don't get to code as much as I'm used to.
  15. Acorn will be streaming it in May in the US AFAIK.
  16. You'll like this, Romier. Buying a Fat PS2 + a pile of (very common) games tomorrow from someone at work for $20. Time to rebuild a softmodded PS2 with a hard drive - sold my old one over 10 years ago.
  17. Line of Duty's finale: A really good structure to the finale, and the typical "big reveals" that have been built up towards over the duration of the series, but it all worked for me.
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