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  1. Why not put him in a padded suit and maybe mold nipples on the outside? Problem solved.
  2. Yep, just made a michelada that hit the spot!
  3. Gosh, that was a great trip summary! And it made me thirsty!
  4. I'm putting aside your response to the Brienne question, because the specific comment I was describing is from someone in my personal life, not your critique (I'm usually a week or two behind on the show and miss a lot of comments because of my spoiler fear). I'm willing to disagree with you because I'm contrary, but I really wasn't talking about your comments. But as to your feelings on Tyrion, I don't think my Thrawn comparison is at all out of place. Either Tyrion acts like omnisciently clever character or we see his behavior in the last season. He wanted to believe in Dany so badly he overlooked signs he shouldn't have (in hindsight). That's very human. He wants what's best for people, and therefore doesn't think fomenting a new civil war with Dany and Jon in opposition is a wise choice. Varys wants the best for people and decided that a possible civil war is the wise choice. So Tyrion had to make a shitty choice -- turn in Varys, avoid the civil war and at the same time maybe earn some leeway from Dany to influence her decision-making towards his goals orrrrrr help a buddy start a civil war he didn't agree with. I think this is pretty consistent with TV Show Tyrion and Varys, for that matter. I they're the only 2 characters on the show who appeared to seek power in order to do what's best for the regular people of the realm. Everyone else who wanted power had an angle, like Dany who thought she was entitled to power. And keep in mind, I'm puzzled by this criticism of Season 8 Tyrion. I don't think the criticism is wildly crazy or capital "W" wrong. I just disagree with it.
  5. I don't think Tyrion's "slide" is that hard to figure out -- he's a clever man. That's it. He isn't a Admiral Thrawn who knows everything, because he, um, knows everything. He isn't Jim Kirk who comes up with a last minute plan that'll work because conventional writing demands it. He's just a clever man. Clever enough to get this far, but not clever to solve the Dany Problem. Why is that so unconscionable? This is a show that said being honorable isn't enough for the hero to keep his head way back in season 1. We can add being clever to the pile of things that won't always work to protect you like honor, family, backstabbing, knowing secrets, being rich, living in an easily defensible castle, etc. I'm not saying the show is perfect -- far from it. But I'm hearing really puzzling critiques. Someone I know said "They wrecked Brienne's character!" because she had a teary goodbye. Because she isn't a person with feelings, I guess? Why isn't she allowed to have feelings? I'm not being a grump; I really appreciate the complaints. Like I said, I don't think this is a perfect show. But some of the overwhelming and emphatic complaints have me puzzled.
  6. I'm wondering this, too. And is this for LCVG or the Keith-free site we rolled out last year?
  7. I had no idea ambient light rejection screens were a thing! I have a plain vanilla Silver Ticket screen that I'm happy with. The fancy new tech might be neat in our conference room at work.
  8. I would add a few things upon reflection: My first projector could not handle *any* ambient light. Based on my last 2 projectors my understanding is that modern projectors just don't have that problem. While the media room contains the projector and we have no other TV, remember that this is 2019. If we want to watch Jeopardy while making cocktails we just run the HDHomerun app on a laptop or tablet, because the device puts OTA broadcasts on the network. If we want to catch up with our YouTube subscriptions we can do it in the living room with a laptop as well. Still, having "just" the projector is kinda nice if you don't watch much in the way of TV or movies, because it feels a little more special when you sit down in the media room. I also don't like having a TV on in the background.
  9. Ed's experience is almost exactly my own. And I'll add that drawn regular-old venetian blinds are just fine for daytime watching. No TV except the projector.
  10. I am amazed. Opening up a store is an *insane* amount of work. (And those pinball machines look like fun!)
  11. I *still* can't believe they spoiled that Thanos is actually Emperor Palpatine's wife and Scarlet Witch is a Force user.
  12. Remember, everyone, if you see something say something.
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