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  1. This is an excellent recap recap.
  2. Robot Monkey

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    What happened? Are you okay? PM me if it it isn't for public.
  3. Robot Monkey

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    I ate a handful of 'memberberries (Fun Fact: Pronounced MEM' brees by the English). 'Member the stupid variations of our RB6 shortbus matches? One of my favorites was the Tear Gas + Shotgun, No Gas Masks Permitted match. I believe I came up with that one (sounds dumb enough to be one of mine), but also I was just riffing with everyone else, man. Our games were like improv, ya know, man? Just jazzy and hep. We were playing off one another in those days, man. It was about the music games, man.
  4. Robot Monkey

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    Vive Men Without Hats! And the Rainbow Six Shortbus nights, remember that?
  5. Robot Monkey

    Netflix members...

    And BTW, Romier, check out the other shows from the Parks & Rec coaching tree: Brooklyn 99 and especially The Good Place. Unrelated but check out Trial & Error for something in the same family as Parks and Rec and Arrested Development.
  6. Robot Monkey

    Netflix members...

    Nailed It: We saw the first two episodes. Why can't more "reality" shows be like this one? The contestants are in on the joke, the editors don't need to create an "asshole" contestant, it's just gentle fun, ya know?
  7. Robot Monkey

    Car Wreck

    Almost immediately? I was rear-ended once and t-boned once. Both times the safety features did their thing. I had a scare or two on a bike as well. Every time I'm okay as soon as the adrenaline wears off. Think about this -- sure he was doing 90, but you were doing, what 65-70? So the actual speed differential was maybe 20 mph and possibly lower (did your airbags go off?). You had a carful of family and that can make it scarier. But honestly -- your safety features (including the one between your ears) added up to your car not even being totaled? I say that things are working as they should. If I were you I'd feel pretty good about that.
  8. Robot Monkey

    Netflix members...

    Sweet, thanks for the heads up!
  9. IMO, that's because Star Wars only works as campy/pulpy space fantasy. Everything is in service of a rollicking Flash Gordon-esque story and very little about the universe is "better than it needs to be." That's why nothing in the Star Wars universe can stand up to even cursory scrutiny -- politics, science, economics, technology, tactics, nothing. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoy the hell out of campy/pulpy space fantasy. But I think that's why we prefer mystery and out-right fantasy in Star Wars.
  10. Robot Monkey

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    No no, I didn't set it up! In fact, I was a latecomer to the site. I helped with some new software well after LCVG was established. I even remember why I got the invite -- Wolfenstein had just come out on the Xbox and we were playing an especially tense match where we had to steal documents. I'm not very good at videogames, but somehow you and I made it into the guardhouse and you started to run out while I snatched the documents. You were frantically yelling "go go go!" I said "Hey, Kelley, look!" You turned around and I jumped on the desk and started hitting the crouch button. You were still frantically yelling "go go go" and then stopped and said "what the fuck are you doing?" I said quietly "I'm taking a dump on their desk." I had a PM from you shortly after that asking me to check out a forum called LCVG.
  11. Robot Monkey

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    Crimson fucking Skies!!!
  12. Robot Monkey

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    What's Hulk doing to Thor?
  13. Robot Monkey

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    Gosh, fifteen years?! Thanks to everyone who makes this a community worth coming to every day!
  14. Robot Monkey

    New site software problem

    Why isn't anyone doing anything about how fat I am?
  15. Robot Monkey

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Just gave an episode of Business Wars a listen and it's prettay, prettay good!