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  1. I've had that Platinum for ages, but didn't realize it until I just now when I looked, because the idea of me getting a platinum is so unlikely!
  2. You might be right about it being brighter, Romier. I think it could stand to be even brighter and definitely more colorful, but that's my preference. And am I the only one who chuckled a little during the Harry & The Hendersons scene with Moppet Spock? Where's John Lithgow when you need him? I like where this season is going!
  3. Just saw the latest. This episode is what I wanted from a modern Trek show. Cheese, overacting, and a couple of fun ideas. Let the grimdark take a backseat.
  4. Oh, snap, I didn't pay attention. You didn't phrase it in the form of a question so it doesn't count. Whew!
  5. Awww. We don't watch broadcast TV regularly with one exception: We usually watch Jeopardy together while making cocktails and dinner. He had a fun interview on Stern recently (by "recently" I mean within a few years) and he seemed nice and engaging and down-to-earth which makes this news even lousier.
  6. (I know damn well about The Larry Sanders Show, but the idea of you reading that comment and making your eyeball twitch Inspector Dreyfus-style was too much to resist.)
  7. I found the DLC to be just okay, but mediocre Spider-Man missions are still darn fun to me.
  8. I'm watching and I'm on board with all of your points, Romier. I'm worried about how this whole Spock thing will play out, but it's definitely better than Season 1 which was ... not good. I wonder if they'll reveal why Klingons look like Klingons unless they're TOS Klingons. Then they're just swarthy fellas.
  9. Which links are you missing?
  10. Keith, when you go to the bathroom, sir, and see the sign that says "Gentlemen," pay it no heed. Walk right in. There is no bathroom for scoundrels.
  11. No, it isn't because I disagree with Maher. In fact, we agree on a bunch of things. I just think he's a dummy.
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