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  1. Okay, Mirror Universe question: Was there another name they used to refer to it? My memory keeps dredging up Harkan Universe or something, which I suspect is a misremember of House Harkonnen from Dune. I think my memory or whisky (it's Lagavulin, I can drop the e) is playing tricks. And I wonder if Tilly is in Janet from The Good Place category: very lovely but somehow disguised on the show. Ooh, ooh, almost forgot: I think Voq from early in the season is actually LT Tyler!!!1Q I also have a theory that Winter Soldier is actually Bucky Barnes!
  2. Cooking with Monkey, Bass & Poisonous Jam

    Absolutely. Like dogbert says, if the steak is too thin you can end up going past rare with the sear. As for the pressure cooker, I've mostly been using Kenji's recipes over at serious eats. Here are 2 I did: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/pressure-cooker-chile-con-carne-texas-red-chili-recipe.html http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/04/pressure-cooker-fast-and-easy-chicken-chile-verde-recipe.html I made it the first time with skin-on, bone-in thighs and it was a bit fatty. Since then I make it with b/s thighs.
  3. Cooking with Monkey, Bass & Poisonous Jam

    Made another batch of pickles and I'm getting closer to what I want. Also made another batch of creme brulee, this time with bourbon. Bourbon in the creme brulee was a nice match. I can make a darn good steak, but the ribeye I made sous vide was definitely the best I've ever made and I didn't have to think about it. I'm going to save the sous vide for the weekend and concentrate on more pressure cooker recipes during the week, though.
  4. Cooking with Monkey, Bass & Poisonous Jam

    Welp, we're off for Doctor Who, but I can report that I'm sold on sous vide. Sold. Everything I made with it was delightful and easy-peasy.
  5. New Spoiler Discussion Forum

    That's fancy, Cameron (and great instructions to boot); thanks!
  6. New site software problem

    The last forum software let the user "x" it off, but I don't see that here.
  7. Netflix members...

    I think you and Ed are on to something. In a similar vein, here's a question: Are there any good shows anymore that you can just watch and the order doesn't matter? I mean, if I love Star Trek TOS I can watch an ep and airing order doesn't matter, really. Or MASH or whatever. But is that kind of show gone now in the age of on demand? My girlfriend and parents *loved* Trial & Error and Arrested Development and Parks & Rec (all e.g.), but all these shows need to be watched in order. I paused an episode of Punisher and so I could wiki the episode list a couple weeks ago because I was afraid I missed an episode (turned out to be some Rashomon knock-off; all was well). I think the model of Andy Griffith Show or Cheers or Star Trek TOS is just gone now in quality TV. I don't think it's a bad thing, except for the trend you two pointed out: Too clever plotting that spin a lot of plates and hope you didn't notice they dropped a bunch of them.
  8. Destiny 2

    That's racist to me, Robot Monkey.
  9. Is it about safe? It's safer to do retreads than break new ground (I think I just mixed metaphors). I can't even begin to list all the examples. And when something original does break through the mainstream we get a glut of copycats. I think it's about what's perceived to be safe.
  10. NFL 2016-2017 Season

    Watching the Giants this season was like watching a toilet overflow. It repels while it fascinates.
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    You and me both! It seems we disagree on the means (maybe), but we both have the same goal in mind. I'll be sappy here on our Thanksgiving Day and say that that this -- this willingness to disagree but try to understand -- is something I'm very thankful for indeed. We don't need echo chambers, we need more of Graeme's attitude, even if his name is profligate with vowels. As if there's no vowel shortage going on. Thanks sincerely.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Nope! I agree that a pay-to-win system seems crappy. And I agree that some sort of transparency would go a long way.
  13. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I see what you're saying. I think we have a philosophical difference. I don't like the "permission" culture that such regulation brings, especially because I believe that whoever is doing the regulating is subject to regulatory capture in short order. It quickly becomes about pulling up the ladder behind you, picking winners, and stifling competition and innovation. I see too much flabbiness in phrases like "predatory and manipulative" and "I don't think people need". But I see where you're coming from.
  14. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    What do you mean by "make a difference"? It's clear that you think "even having an option" is a bad thing and removing an option is a good thing. Is that fair? If so, then my next question is that if I choose to buy a lottery ticket or bet a buddy that he can't stand on his head for more than 3 minutes, well, that's a bad thing, too, yes? Is the driving factor here that you've made a moral decision for yourself and you want to force people to make the same decision? I see a difference between people urging me to cancel my Battlefront 2 preorder and people telling me that, screw it, I'll just get the State to force you to do what I want. And by the by, Graeme, you did us the courtesy of writing a lot to explain your position. That isn't a small thing, so thank you for trying to engage people who might not agree with you. I honestly don't care if you change my mind or vice versa. I just like the sort of person who makes a go of it and doesn't default to "F those people."