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  1. Rainmaykr

    The Retro Gaming bug

    6 Mega Memory!
  2. Rainmaykr

    Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Getting old is the pits.
  3. I replaced the backbone of my media server and have this upgraded ReadyNAS Pro stocked with a dump load of movies, videos, and TV shows. When I got the NAS I immediately replaced the CPU with a Intel Core2 Quad and added the maximum amount of RAM possible (8GB). The thing has been a bulletproof workhorse. It'll come in RAID5 X-RAID 13+TB redundant volume built from 6 WD Red 4TB drives. I'll probably end up throwing it up on eBay minus the media files, but who knows, maybe someone here wants an instant movie/TV collection of the gods. If it goes to eBay I'll wipe the volume, but this seems like a colossal waste - The collection is the result of over a decade of collecting. It has movies from all over the place, with a bunch of hard-to-find gems. I would literally go through greatest lists (cult classics lists, movies that never made it to DVD lists, horror lists, even RomCom lists, I didn't give a damn - all hunted down and added everything I came across that sounded interesting or had some cultural value.) The NAS has tons of horsepower to be the media server supporting your connected media player, home theater system. We homeschool our kids, so there's even a ton of instructional videos, documentaries, and audiobooks not included in the above totals. So if one of you hip cats can appreciate what's going on with this thing, shoot me an offer for just the hardware (I'll just leave the media on the volume, it doesn't have a value). Drop me some questions. If no one bites in a week, c'est la vie. (Before you ask, I upgraded to a ReadyNAS 626X, 10TB Red drives and converted the collection and NAS to a Plex server)
  4. Rainmaykr

    Nintendo 64 Classic

    In the 35 year history of my video game life, the N64 is my least favorite platform. I will still buy this thing if it comes out.
  5. Vox Machinae was my favorite game of the DK2 era. The devs went silent around the launch of CV1 and I was afraid the project got shuttered. Am ecstatic to see that's not the case.
  6. Rainmaykr

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Ooooooh. OG Analogue NT?
  7. Rainmaykr

    Post Your Gaming PC

  8. Rainmaykr

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Used Asus ROG Swift? I have almost identical concerns and ended up with a 1440p IPS Swift. The things IPS can do today speedwise means those of us with a desire for critical pixel performance dont have to compromise when it's time to break some heads online. Cost is still an issue though. Used market is pretty strong, but there are some deals out there.
  9. Rainmaykr

    Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    The Tower of Powerâ„¢ is complete. Behold, if you dare. The backline is almost complete. I'm running out of room, fam!
  10. Saw the pics on Facebook. Are you kidding me? That's amazing!
  11. My dad came over and I finally convinced him to try the Oculus. Video games are from another planet as far he's concerned. I'm thinking video games was how I chose to rebel, but that's a conversation for my therapist. He's an avid hunter and plenty comfortable around guns so I fired up Gun Club VR for him. He played for 2 hours straight and refused to answer the phone when my mom called wondering where he was.
  12. You have 2(!) 4x4's filled with board games? I bet that looks amazing. Have any pics?