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  1. I got my copy of Nintendo Quest signed by the creators at the last Retro Game Convention in Austin. Super cool guys who loved talking about this stuff. It was the first DVD I purchased in about a decade and the last one since. (I was not all that into the movie, however. That "villain" though. Painful. Haha)
  2. Shame. I liked that song. EDIT: Just finished watching it. Such a great episode.
  3. I run two Netgear Nighthawk X6S Mesh Extenders off a Nighthawk X10 router (I like systems). The X6 Extenders are based on Orbi mainboards and I've had zero problems with them. Coverage has been great and latency has been minimal. I'm probably going to die of brain cancer. #noragrets
  4. Same. I still have the Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior guide that came stapled in the middle. It's bagged up with the rest of my "vintage" mags (like Turbo Force and Mega Play, Holla!). Same! It just showed up and immediately dominated my life for about a month.
  5. So the littlest one wanted to record himself playing a game on the Oculus. I thought what would be better than Arizona Sunshine, because as a parent it is my job to make sure my guys are prepared for any and all upcoming zombie apocalypses. Little dude doesn't teleport like I have to, he just runs around like it's supposed to be normal. If I did this I would be throwing up all over the place, projectile style. He's clearly the more evolved gamer than I.
  6. Final Fantasy VII is up for pre-order. Do I need a 5th version of this game? Maybe.
  7. Here's Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic The Hedgehog, playing the new A1U Space Invaders with his son. No big deal. (Side note, the Sega building he worked at is about to be demolished so he took his son to see it before it was no more. They stopped by this game store on the way home.)
  8. Nintendo NES Game Box Protector Case - 10 Pack by Malko https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MY0PFUC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_nnXCCb40BG5GR
  9. 25, 10, and 3 packs?! Kids today will never know the struggle...
  10. And the cases only come in bulks of 100 and quality paper cutters aren't cheap. This project has so many things going for it! Labor of love, bro.
  11. If you're looking for motivation to get you started, don't forget you have to dremel the insides on each case so the NES carts can fit. It's all worth it though.
  12. To put a bow on the Virtual Boy collecting, everything cased up nice and pretty like. I don't think I'm missing anything within reason (Jack Bros is not within reason, obv.) and besides, the Flashboy is there to fill in the gaps. On to the next terrible quality-of-enjoyment vs money-spent ratio'd purchase that is retro game collecting in the modern age.
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