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  1. Saw the pics on Facebook. Are you kidding me? That's amazing!
  2. My dad came over and I finally convinced him to try the Oculus. Video games are from another planet as far he's concerned. I'm thinking video games was how I chose to rebel, but that's a conversation for my therapist. He's an avid hunter and plenty comfortable around guns so I fired up Gun Club VR for him. He played for 2 hours straight and refused to answer the phone when my mom called wondering where he was.
  3. You have 2(!) 4x4's filled with board games? I bet that looks amazing. Have any pics?
  4. Bottoms are Expedit, which are OOP, the top is Kallax, which is why it's a little bit smaller (though the internal dimensions are identical). I didn't install two of the Kallax dividers to make space for the components.
  5. I'm not as into soundtracks as much as you dudes, but I do enjoy me some vinyl. We recently moved and the new place has a decent room to turn into a movie/critical listening room. After unboxing and shelving everything, I am about 90% done with it. Well, maybe less since NONE of this stuff is alphabetized. I'm waiting for one of the children to screw up royally so they can do it. Until then, this is where the music media sits: I have a Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon with the acrylic platter upgrade, an Ortofon Black cartridge, and it all rests on a custom 2" acrylic base with LEDs. I think the biggest purpose for getting into vinyl is as an excuse to have an acrylic LED base somewhere in your stack. I go all out with the leather mat, carbon fiber brush every play, record weight puck, ZeroDust stylus cleaner every so often whether it needs it or not, you know, obsessive. This is the rest of the music (SACDs, CDs, more LPs, and Laserdiscs). Out of necessity, this room is on the second floor. I am rethinking the safety of that decision. My LP collection is BY FAR mostly classical music, quite a bit of folk, blues, jazz, and a ton of classic rock through 80s pop. Mostly stuff that isn't available on CD (especially classical and jazz). Critical listening stuff I try to get best available, be that MFSL all the way to Japanese first pressings or American thirds, whatever the consensus is. My go-to reference when I'm evaluating the sound of a system or a component is Miles Davis's Kind of Blue. I have that record on just about everything, and multiple versions per at that. It's one of my jams and I know it like I know myself.
  6. Rainmaykr

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    I'm from May of 2003. Still remember the Phantasy Star Online nights with the HTF crew, then moving over to Star Wars Galaxies with many of them which coincided with the birth of this place, and of course the Wolfenstein Tournament, or The Greatest Moment in E-Sports Historyâ„¢ as it has become known - with Grooving, DVDSteve, Scar, Ant1, Brett, Player LUV, graph, most of the regulars here, and a bunch of names I've forgotten. #FacePasters4Life (I can't even remember what the damn team name was, but I think that was it...) 15 years isn't as long as it used to seem. Lol, Morgan.
  7. Rainmaykr

    Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    The Xbox One controller is the greatest controller ever devised by man not called SNES controller.
  8. My body is ready for that, too.
  9. Rainmaykr

    The Retro Gaming bug

    I lost an auction for an Analogue NT a few months ago so this hits close to home. #sniperlife
  10. Rainmaykr

    The Retro Gaming bug

    It's a W (I can access it from anywhere in the house for ROM uploading and scraping). Size dictates the options there. I do have the new 3 coming with the intention of making a dedicated VPN box. Wish me luck.
  11. Rainmaykr

    The Retro Gaming bug

    It's in a replacement DMG-01 shell, cut up in a few spots and some 3D printed brackets inside to which the Pi Zero W, screen, and button boards are mounted.
  12. Rainmaykr

    The Retro Gaming bug

    My oldest son, who's 10, has developed a taste for retro games because I'm crushing it as a parent. He likes to look at all the boxes up on the shelves in the game room and read the backs and look at the pictures when he's not playing them. So I thought I'd make him a little retro machine of his own. I started the project not knowing jack about Linux, other than "Linux is free if your time is worthless." But all the resources available online make something like a Game Boy Zero project a relative breeze. I think it came out pretty good. His Game Boy Zero: It plays everything up to, but not including, N64 (N64 runs choppy af) - which is right in his wheelhouse at the moment. He's big on SNES, NES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx 16 and a Raspberry Pi handles that stuff expertly. Of course, we have the SNES and NES Classics, and those are modded, but he really wanted something of his own. I remember getting my first Game Boy (a DMG-01) while away for the summer at my grandparents house. Played the fire out of Super Mario Land and Baseball. Some of the my most fond memories video gaming. Hope he experiences something similar, but with what kids have access to today, I'll be lucky if he's playing it a week from now. We'll see. Whatever, it was fun making it.
  13. Yeah, definitely. I don't think it'd add much to seated games. In fact, it'd probably detract - wired to the transmitter/receiver in a seated position might as well be wired to the PC, battery juggling, and there are still frame jumps from time to time. But jams like Superhot and Robo Recall and everything else? Brother, it's the business. Been on it a lot today and this is what I've been waiting for since VR became a thing mortals could attain.
  14. TPCast arrived this morning and by noon I installed OpenTPCast. The standard firmware worked fine, but the dropped frames every so often were annoying. With OpenTPCast those drops are all but nonexistent. Since I got the TPCast on sale through their website, the added expense of OpenTPCast brought the whole shebang back to regular price. After playing for the last few hours I can honestly say that the upgrade to the experience of going wireless is greater than the upgrade of adding the Touch controllers, and adding the Touch controllers was a massive upgrade. Wireless quality VR brings us a significant step closer to realizing VR's potential. I'm well impressed.