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  1. Amazon took my preorder for the Scorpio Edition. Now the wait begins.
  2. You can't spend $400 anywhere else in video games and get a more dramatic upgrade in experience. Does that sentence make sense? I don't know.
  3. Haha Nice. Two winners. Let us know what you think after giving them a spin. Arizona Sunshine is a good time and well worth owning, but Wilson's Heart seems like the bell cow of its genre.
  4. Aren't both of those on sale?
  5. Anybody pick up anything in the Oculus or Steam sale that I need to check out?
  6. I look forward to having to figure out which scalper has the best deal.
  7. Music Production (Tools and Techniques)

    As a big Alan Wilder fan, this hits close to home.
  8. Billy Mitchell is going to be at the Classic Game Fest here in Austin next month. I think I'm going to wear my US flag tie and see about getting a selfie with the dude. Do I have time to grow a mullet? That's the question...
  9. *Waiting patiently, yet also not patiently, for pre-order info* Early rumors about Scorpio is why I don't have an S and I'm glad I had the discipline to wait. Actually, I'm glad ANY time I can show discipline because it proves to others that I do have it from time to time and I intend to use this as an I-told-you-so moment to my wife. This is the console we deserve.
  10. I've brought my VR laptop and the Oculus gear around to friends' and family's houses and, bar none, the game that gets people into the experience the most has been Super Hot. Robo Recall is up there, too, but Super Hot is the one people keep asking to go back to after they've tried everything else. There's a lot of popular apps but that one resonates deeply with just about everyone.
  11. Post Your Gaming PC

    After years of using cheap Korean monitors I've finally picked up a ROG Swift PG279Q 165Hz 1440p IPS monitor as my main. I like editing pics as much as gaming so I wasn't going to go the ultra-fast TN route, but about a year and a half ago Asus released a gaming capable IPS which seemed like the best of both worlds. My tried and true Yamakasi decided now was a good time act up, so ROG Swift it is. It's the bomb - gorgeous IPS performance from any old angle and super quick 165Hz refresh rate to boot. Cake and eating it. I feel like the monitor is doing the gaming side of things justice, finally.
  12. Post your photos, part II (56k warning)

    56k warning! Great pics, Ed. As always.