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  1. No he wasn't, he made some good tackles and towards the end of the game started playing some great passes. Hyperbolic blah. He's not as good as Sakho but he did alright Sturridge held the ball up well but made the wrong decision on goal a couple of times. He looks off the pace
  2. Sturridge is worrying me a bit, it's like he's regressed since he first came back. Balo would have offered more today I think Good performance otherwise, though. Lovren even played well at times!
  3. Weird, our driving tests in Massachusetts were almost always just driving around town, usually requiring a three point turn at some juncture, and sometimes a parallel park. Really wanted a deeper European run, the Europa league seems like it's been a lot of fun this year. All of the other top four hopefuls are out of European competition, or will be soon though, so I guess we're all on an even playing field now
  4. Annoyed at Gerrard for piping up tbh, just complement Hendo's handling of the situation and leave it.
  5. Yep. Although I'm still really disappointed that this didn't go through, felt like he would have been a massive bargain, as long as those rumors of wanting 110k a week were false.
  6. Atleti and Liverpool losing the title in successive weeks would be too terrible to bear
  7. I love playing Fifa online (even if I hate all the quitters and can't fucking stay in D1) but I have little interest in most multiplayer modes in other games. It seems like lots of developers are incorporating perks or RPG elements into multiplayer and I just want games that are skill based from t=0
  8. Did you report this to ethics first? Had to watch a video on stuff like this the other day
  9. It's good to know that I couldn't possibly be this pathetic, try as I might. Also thanks Kara! Never tried these types of games but I did just buy a new computer, think I might give it a shot this weekend
  10. Nice, 105 points in the predictor league. Wish I bet on some of these