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  1. Camp

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    He's a journalist by trade and tends to read his show script compiled from his research on the subject. The guest is usually a comedian and is used to break up the dry script reading with what is usually dark humor. It's certainly a podcast that can be pretty polarizing. The Steven Seagal episode was weak to me (though I found the comedian guest pretty funny). Seagal simply isn't interesting enough for me. I recommend the King Leopold and British East India Company episodes as good jumping off points.
  2. Camp

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Big fan of Behind the Bastards. He puts out a ton of content and seems to be getting better at the presentation.
  3. Camp

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    I tend to agree on the reconstructed conversations but see them as an example of how the podcast waters down its topics. It's a motif used as a method to advance the story but, like the bulk of the Business Wars podcast, it results in a simplified and muted cliff's notes version of events. I enjoy the podcast but wish it would ask more of its listeners.
  4. Damn. I feel like this came out of nowhere. I haven't seen any marketing for the show's return.
  5. It's a pretty camera, for sure. They will have a very difficult time breaking in with pros. Canon, Nikon, and Sony have earned their position in the pro realm (with Sony still a fringe element). The pro segment has no need for a fourth entry (not even counting the number of systems that will be available by then). They must be targeting the far more fanatical prosumer market where Panasonic is respected, Sigma has grown a well deserved rep, and Leica, of course, is revered. It would be interesting if they enter the market $400-$500 under the Cannon/Nikon/Sony offerings. I doubt that will happen but it's likely their only real chance at big success.
  6. Camp

    Amazon Echo Auto

    While Alexa for the car has some cool elements, I don't understand the success Amazon's Alexa has achieved. Of the 4 main AI voice services (Alexa, Google, Siri & Cortana), I've found Alexa the least capable and easily the most frustrating. Alexa is never able to answer simple searches for facts (like, "Who played the character ___ in the movie ___?") while a simple "OK Google" gets that done with ease. Installing skills for Alexa certainly extends usefulness -and the car device sounds as if skills will be critical. But Skills require me to do work on the back end. A house (or car) AI should just do all that for me.
  7. Waiting for Sony's (probably unnecessary) response.
  8. Holy crap that's bad. Especially after the actually pretty cool videos Nikon did for theirs.
  9. I wonder if the single card slot might be indication that a true pro level mirrorless offering is yet to come. Possibly announced with the D6 (likely next year).
  10. One gets the feeling this is the defining product release for Nikon. I can't imagine them being the same company 4 years from now if this misses by even a small margin. It appears they have taken their time with this one. Let's hope that was time well spent creating a lineup ready to dominate. I do still have a fear that they may have spent more time engineering limitations into the camera bodies to generate upgrade sales over time. Nikon's consumer oriented products have been cursed from this "designed by the marketing department" concept. Whole product lines (Nikon 1) created to showcase why you do need the upgraded features in their pro and prosumer lines.
  11. Stand By Me My wife had never seen it so we fired it up last night. I don't think it's nearly as good as I thought it was way back when. I kept thinking how much it stole from The Goonies (released 1 year earlier). Aside from both movies employing Cory Feldman in very similar roles, Vern as the 'fat kid' is surprisingly similar to Chunk in Goonies. A couple scenes with him were blatantly similar to how Chunk was used in the Goonies. The vomit side story in Stand By Me also rips directly from Chunk's own vomit story in Goonies. Oh, and both films occur in Oregon too. I remember thinking of Stand By Me as a seriously good film while Goonies was more of a bubble gum, "turn off your brain" movie. After re-watching them both in the last 6 months, I now think Goonies the superior film. For someone who didn't grow up in the 60's, Stand By Me is dull by comparison. Great soundtrack though.
  12. Camp

    VPN Options

    What VPNs are being used by LCVGers? I've been using AirVPN for the past 18 months. I like their independence and focus on anonymity (no logs, and they don't even keep records of purchases). Recently, their performance has been hurting. Since adding several new US based servers (a good thing) they have had issues maintaining connections as well as a noticeable drop in speed. I'm looking at some of the bigger options like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Curious to hear LCVG thoughts on options out there.
  13. Ready Player One - 2 out of 5 The book, while flawed with gaps of logic, was a fun read. It had all the ingredients needed for a successful movie. The film dumbed-down an already pretty dumb book to the point that it wasn't worth my 2 hours.