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  1. Holy hell, what a fun read. That bottle collection from the place with 3 Fonteinen on tap is jaw dropping. It all sounds, and looks, like an amazing experience!
  2. That trip sound amazing. Cheers and travel safe!
  3. Aquaman is a waste of your precious time. Avoid at all cost (recognizing my warning is too late to save you all).
  4. Chinese IEMs have really exploded. The new TIN Audio T3 are quite inexpensive yet very well regarded for their performance.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody is a mess of a movie. How to Train Your Dragon 3 isn't quite Pixar/Disney quality but it's a nice and fitting end to the series my daughter grew up loving. Free Solo is highly recommended. Not sure who is crazier, the guy climbing without equipment or the woman who wants to be with him.
  6. I rented the most recent MI a couple weeks ago looking for some "turn off my brain" entertainment. Through perseverance and sheer hope that something fun/worthwhile/interesting would happen, I managed to sit through the entire mess of a film. Even with a brain in the off position it was work to watch.
  7. It worked perfectly on my Amazon Fire. Perhaps only select (older?) Fire devices are not compatible?
  8. Bird Box was a waste of my time. Poorly constructed scene after scene that totally fail to address questions of doubt the viewer may have. One example is the grocery store run. Given their situation that should have been a slow scene filled with stress and worry to the viewer. It would have taken hours -if not longer to make that run safely given the intense limitations. Instead, the film glosses over the challenge with nothing more than a few 'speed bumps' and totally fails to even address how elements of the trip were accomplished. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was neat for what it was. Clever but I'm not sure if it was interesting enough to propel this format.
  9. I didn't realize this was even a thing. Season 2 was such a shit show I wouldn't have expected this to continue.
  10. Hoping this might be as interesting as Amazon's 'fly on the wall' Man City series: Sunderland 'til I Die.
  11. Thanks for that. Bummer...no breweries near me.
  12. I saw this the other day. Very cool concept. Have you heard if any brewers outside of Sierra Nevada have jumped on board?
  13. He's a journalist by trade and tends to read his show script compiled from his research on the subject. The guest is usually a comedian and is used to break up the dry script reading with what is usually dark humor. It's certainly a podcast that can be pretty polarizing. The Steven Seagal episode was weak to me (though I found the comedian guest pretty funny). Seagal simply isn't interesting enough for me. I recommend the King Leopold and British East India Company episodes as good jumping off points.
  14. Big fan of Behind the Bastards. He puts out a ton of content and seems to be getting better at the presentation.
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