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  1. Camp

    VPN Options

    What VPNs are being used by LCVGers? I've been using AirVPN for the past 18 months. I like their independence and focus on anonymity (no logs, and they don't even keep records of purchases). Recently, their performance has been hurting. Since adding several new US based servers (a good thing) they have had issues maintaining connections as well as a noticeable drop in speed. I'm looking at some of the bigger options like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Curious to hear LCVG thoughts on options out there.
  2. Ready Player One - 2 out of 5 The book, while flawed with gaps of logic, was a fun read. It had all the ingredients needed for a successful movie. The film dumbed-down an already pretty dumb book to the point that it wasn't worth my 2 hours.
  3. Camp

    Cutting the Cable Cord

    They must have regional plans. There is no 1000Mbps plan offered in my neighborhood in north Dallas.
  4. Camp

    Cutting the Cable Cord

    I'm on AT&T internet and use Playstation Vue/Netflix/Amazon for our streaming TV sources. AT&T imposes a 1TB data cap per billing period. I routinely exceed that cap and am charged an additional $10 for every 50GB of data after the cap. I have only one other internet provider option in my neighborhood and word is they are even worse. Data caps are the devil.
  5. The dialog feels like it's trying to hard. There is a "made for TV movie" vibe there.
  6. Camp

    Netflix members...

    Is it coming out this year? It's been a long wait.
  7. Camp

    Netflix members...

    Do you guys ever have issues with Netflix incorrectly bookmarking your place in a series? It happens all the time for me. I'll sit down to watch the next episode and Netflix starts one episode back or, for greater confusion, sometimes skips one episode ahead of what it should be playing (example, It should play episode 4 but starts on 5). This results in me having to stop-start-stop-start multiple episodes to manually figure out where I should be. I'd say this happens at least twice per season in everything I've ever watched on Netflix. It's pretty frustrating.
  8. Camp

    The Handmaid's Tale

    For me, it's as good as anything on TV. I really love the look of the show. Great cinematography in many low light situations. Intentional or not, the color palate and especially the radio sounds from the guards feels very Half-Life 2. Beyond the aesthetics, the political tone is timely in how it parallels reality. Not directly but more in a, "shit, we aren't that far away from this level of craziness."
  9. I don't understand why Burton keeps getting financial backing and creative support. His projects always sound promising on paper but he turns everything into a frustrating, "what if a good director had that project?" question.
  10. Camp

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    She's quite photogenic. Nice drinkware, by the way.,
  11. Camp

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    The system says I joined on April 9, 2003. What date did the site go live? It appears Kelley was first with a date of April 6. I'm guessing he set it up and then the first small group showed up on the 9th with more on the 11th? Anyway, some things that happened in 2003 to help distort the already unusual feeling we impart on our experience of time: The last signal from Pioneer 10 received (from 7.6 billion miles away) The Iraq war, protests, Freedom fries, Baghdad taken, air marshals, "mission accomplished" The space shuttle Columbia reentry explosion China's first maned spaceflight Darfur begins (and is still happening) Earthquake in Iran kills 30,000-40,000 Governator elected in CA Died: Mr. Rogers, Charles Bronson, Bob Hope, John Ritter, Gregory Peck, Katharine Hepburn, Richard Crenna, Michael Jeter, Johnny Cash, Robert Stack, Buddy Hackett, Born: A bunch of kid's I don't know. Final commercial flight of the Concorde Belgium becomes the 2nd country to recognize same sex marriage Completion of the Human Genome Project Bartman Finding Nemo, Kill Bill 18 year old Ronaldo debuts at Man United Sammy Sosa & Rafael Palmeiro achieve 500 home runs Roger Clemens gets his 300th win The Marlins win the World Series San Antonio Spurs with their second NBA title NJ Devis with the Stanley Cup Tampa Bay wins Super Bowl AC Milan wins Champions League Lance Armstrong 'won' his 5th Tour De France
  12. Camp

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    I have not but expect that would work quite well. But you won't get the cool blue color the steramine tablets give. BTW, I just noticed my link above didn't link to the product like I had intended. Here is the correct link on Amazon.
  13. Camp

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    I found cleaning depends a bit on the beers you drink. I remember a big stout that was so thick that it just made me want to clean it before the next beer. The small parts inside the tap get sticky and thick with beer residue faster than I expected. It really makes me respect good beer bars who clean their lines daily. GrowlerWerks sells cleaning tablets but buy these on Amazon instead. Same thing but much cheaper. They work really well and I found soaking all the internal tap parts helped a lot. Back to crowlers. I totally understand the issue of not wanting a full 32oz every time. Luckily, I have a place near me that offers 16oz crowlers. I'd like to see more places offer that size.
  14. Camp

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    I have a GrowlerWerks uKeg and, while it is a beautiful design, I can't say I'm in love with it. I don't like standard (non-pressurized) growlers for anything other than beer you intend to drink the same day. A good standard growler will be OK for 24 hours but if you open the cap once, or if the original pour left too much air at the top, the beer is going to taste 'off'. Even if you don't open a growler it's still going to taste a bit off after 24 hours. I went through tons of well known quality growlers to learn they are best used for same day drinking. I was excited about the uKeg because the CO2 promised the potential for longer beer storage. I could get a big fill and not be forced to rush through the entire growler. The good news is it did just that. Beer tasted fresh well after 2-3 days (I don't drink slow enough to extend that time further). The tap system is great to look at but also really smart as it draws from the bottom of the growler and ensures minimal (if any) outside air can touch the precious beer inside. The uKeg also gets a lot of "ooohs!" and "aaahhs" at growler fill stations. It's quite the conversation starter with other beer nerds. That said, I haven't used my uKeg for about 6 months. There are 2 primary reasons: First, it's just a pain in the ass to maintain. The design is clever but it would never be confused with the modern design philosophy of, "it just works." It's very easy for an idiot like me to waste 2-3 CO2 cartridges before getting the cap secured. This can happen for a multitude of reasons: because I didn't screw it's plastic CO2 holder tight enough, or because I didn't have the air valve (on top of the cap) completely closed, or because I didn't properly clean it and one of the many seals are slightly out of alignment resulting in a leak. This is a device intended to be used by people enjoying alcoholic beverages yet the design wants my constant, sober, attention. I don't have time for that, give me another fresh beer. Oh yeah, and taking it apart and cleaning the uKeg is silly. It's not difficult but it's nowhere near the, "remove this and place in dishwasher" that I'd expect for the price paid. The second reason is the complete ease and sudden explosion (around me) of crowlers. Most crowler fills can be kept significantly longer than even pressurized growlers. I would never recommend cellaring beer in a crowler but a good pour (so full it overflows beer as the crowler top is sealed) can easily last a week. That said, a rookie crowler filler can introduce enough air to make the beer taste crappy almost right away. Still, crowlers are cheaper, generally keep beer fresher longer, and are much easier to transport. It's also a lot easier to fit 4 32oz crowlers in the refrigerator vs a 128oz growler. My hope is that version 2.0 of the uKeg tweaks the design to be more robust and allows for a fire and forget degree of functionality.
  15. Camp

    Mesh Network Discussion

    Sorry the Linksys didn't work out for you. Curious to hear how the Eero performs. I've been very happy with my non-mesh Asus RT-AC68U router. A couple months ago Asus added mesh via a firmware update. All that's required is to buy another mesh-capable Asus router and activate the mesh network. I'm quite curious to try what Asus are calling AiMesh as it would be a cheaper entry to mesh networks than starting from scratch with a new system. I've also read many of the popular mesh router systems lack the rich options available in many stand alone routers.