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  1. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Congratulations on the successful marathon!
  2. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

    Sounds like a fantastic combination!
  3. What other horrible stuff did we invent in past LCVG posts? Time for a search for Trump posts. If I invented blue light sleeping disorder I need to balance things out by pointing a finger elsewhere.
  4. Football trips in Europe and South America: readers’ travel tips Eibar sounds pretty great.
  5. VAR, and video replay in other sports suffer from leagues making the whole thing way to complicated. During live TV, it takes game play announcers (and fans) mere seconds to determine 99% of incidents. Learn from the armchair quarterback and set up the following system: Put a 5th referee on the sidelines watching the TV feeds and able to communicate with the lead ref via radio. The lead referee should never leave the filed to look at the video; rather, he just gets advise from the video ref. Any incident that takes more than 30 seconds to discuss should be discarded (deferring to the on-field decision) to ensure game flow is not disrupted. The league can take those on after the fact for suspensions, fines, or whatever.
  6. Time To Build A New PC

    Well, the price will be easily recouped after that one video card earns you millions in Bitcoin.
  7. The gaps are really odd. Is it possible they weren't all there at the same time and the gaps allow people to be digitally added with better quality?
  8. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

    Congratulations on a successful year # 1!
  9. Your Top 10 movies of 2017

    The Big Sick Lego Batman Detroit
  10. Yeah, I agree that a second viewing will likely help pull pieces together. I'm not much of a theater guy any more (have I mentioned I hate people?) but I'll see what I can do.
  11. Finally got around to seeing it this weekend. Overall a good experience for me except for the side stories. The main Rey/Kylo thread was fantastic and I only wish the film stayed centered here to explore deeper levels of subtlety. On the other end of the spectrum, I found the Finn/Rose thread dull and not worthy of inclusion. The casino scene critique is fair but should be wider in scope to include every scene in the Finn/Rose storyline. Somewhere in the middle lies the Leia/Poe thread. Lots of good here (setting up Poe as Leia's successor) but it felt overly manufactured in execution. As if it is only being used as filler to keep Poe around.
  12. Mr Robot - Discussion

    I didn't really care for the finale. It certainly wasn't a failure but it was just a bit on the dull side. This season started with vague hints of time travel or some pretty esoteric new tech development. The first episode had scenes inside some sort of super collider-like facility. After the second or third episode all of that just went away as if it never happened. Was that a red herring for fans or something? The manner in which it was dropped certainly feels as if it would be awkward to come back to in the future. I just don't get the purpose of this feint.
  13. Does that trailer give away too much? I realize summer blockbusters aren't exactly art but it felt like that showcased a bit too much of the spectacle.