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  1. and you still have more posts than me, spammer.
  2. Arsenal win 5-2 and had appears coincidence? I think not. I've missed you had
  3. Our defence is just so bad, but Lloris did keep Spurs in the game which is weird writing when it was 4-1.
  4. To be fair she wasn't on gaf that was outside of gaf on youtube/twitter/twitch. Blew my mind how quick it was she's pretty liberal too. Companies still had shills I'm sure of it.
  5. I mean I doubt he wanted it to go that route but he was checked out for a long time that's why him coming back and going ballistic at old members in the Hugh Hefner thread with bans was a big deal (called a few fucking idiots etc) they were calling Hefner a piece of shit. I genuinely don't see what's wrong with being a "SJW" though, people are people and shouldn't be treated differently because they're United or Arsenal fans. My friend actually this week was attacked because she has feathers (or flowers I forget which is funny when it literally happened earlier in the week) in her hair and was doing an earth tones make up tutorial and people thought she was appropriating native american culture started calling her a racist which really upset her so I understand hating that bandwagon aspect. Issue for me was there was less discussion lately and mods would just lock topics without giving a reason hiding behind ModBot I know that was the point so they didn't get targeted but if there's a good discussion on it that was interesting and it gets locked for no reason it was super infuriating. Man I'm going to miss DestinyGAF and WrestleGAF maybe someone can get me their discord. Supposedly he was offered $10m a while ago and when he went to London (when I think batong was there) he was saying he was offered $3m for it. While GAF has a high page rank and a lot of viewers I don't see how it could ever really return the investment, the site would eventually come up with all the libel issues the old F365 forums came under (when it was owned by Sky) too.
  6. Evilore basically walked in (naked) on a girl having a shower he was on a road trip with was a few years ago she spoke up after all the Harvey Weinstein stuff (and the me too campaign) basically saying she was scared to say anything because of who he was. I doubt it was like he decided I'm going to sexually harass but more he's just an idiot in social gatherings I'm sure batong said he was a bit off when he met him. But it's not long after he basically went nuts in the Hugh Hefner thread and banned a bunch of long time members. What I heard was the mods didn't like his explanation so they left, but modbot said it was because someone was releasing their private information (address etc) I believe the first over modbot but giving you the famed BOTH SIDES. Don't know what I'm going to read either, I read gaf a lot during the day at work. Haha, unfortunately we've been gone for so long! We're basically dead as far as anyone else is concerned.
  7. Who knew that really we were all the good people on gaf.
  8. Actually sometimes under Pardew at home they would really do teams.
  9. People on GAF don't understand that like no one outside of Messi has scored a competitive goal for Argentina for a YEAR.
  10. I just wanted 3 points. Suarez also seemed out of sorts during the Barcelona game.
  11. Been really enjoying the Totally Football Show https://www.thetotallyfootballshow.com/ new episodes every Monday and Thursday and a Football League only show on Tuesdays.
  12. Result was meh, it just was one of those draws that felt like a loss. We were cruising so it basically was just typical Liverpool tbh.