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  1. I thought United were pretty good but then I remembered it was West Ham at Old Trafford.
  2. Refs give all teams something to moan about.
  3. Both were offside. You can forgive the second because it was a cluster and hard to see but that doesn't mean its still not offside.
  4. Two offside goals lol. See the refs are back to normal.
  5. Probably just for the start of the football season then it will be moved back. Scoring then immediately conceding is typical Arsenal.
  6. PREDICTION LEAGUE http://predictor.talksport.com CODE - 7mqhb
  7. Neymar: Paris St-Germain sign Barcelona forward for world record 222m euros
  8. He wants big boy wages but Barca can't pay those without breaking Spanish law. Which is fair but he could have been a legend at Barca.
  9. Well it looks like Neymar is going, I feel its a shame he's going to PSG but it's funny watching Barcelona getting Barca'd.
  10. Mourinho feels that owners the Glazer family are ‘trying to do business on the cheap’. The fuck?
  11. City signing everyone. Danilo done today.
  12. Liverpool win the prem Asia trophy we're the best.