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  1. Slight revisionist history regarding Mkhitaryan he was boss beginning of the season and really driving United forward with Pogba. The Liverpool game really broke Mourinho going so defensive that and Pogba's injury started Mkhitaryan falling out of favour.
  2. No money seems good for United? I think, I am unsure who comes off better.
  3. Sanchez to United makes a lot of sense but its a lot of money for a 29 year old.
  4. HOLY SHIT IT'S KARA <3 bro tell me about Guilliman being back.
  5. Maybe Chelsea should look at a striker in January.
  6. That Arsenal side wasn't too weak. I guess we'll see a lot of stories about "youth", "young Arsenal team" etc etc but I'm pretty sure they've all played in the premier league.
  7. He'll fit well in Barcelona in that he's never really been THE guy at Liverpool maybe half of one season but its not like he has a desire to be the guy (like Neymar) so is fine being behind Messi/Suarez etc. I genuinely feel he will eventually replace Iniesta, I don't think he's that much of a luxury player he does put a shift in but I don't think he's as an explosive player as Barcelona fans seem to want.
  8. Coutinho gone and I think because he really wants the move (doesn't make much sense for either club to do it now) wish him all the best. Now to spend stupid money on a keeper.
  9. One day Barcelona are actually going to get done for tapping up and it's going to be great.
  10. Liverpool's defence isn't that bad; They're actually second on WhoScored for defence this year; Again you can always make the argument of being able to fit anything in statistics but Liverpool also have the second lowest saves because the keeper just doesn't make any! If the defence stops the shot more than likely Liverpool keep a clean sheet, like look at United in that WhoScored table they take more shots per game but they have one of the best keepers in world football. I feel what happens with Liverpool is when they concede once the defences' head just falls apart, I mean wouldn't you watching Mignolet just drop a clanker when you're doing everything to keep the ball out? Also we play a very aggressive game which will leave the centre backs especially more exposed (the full backs operate basically as wingbacks without the additional centre half 3 at the back gives you). I don't see it changing too much with van Dijk but he would offer more stability and more playing out from the back. Without a new keeper there won't be any real difference in my opinion.
  11. VvD obviously is a lot of money, it's strange as now I don't think Ferdinand was a lot of money but at the time that was just as silly as VvD (it took a few years for strikers to match that fee). I don't think VvD is anywhere near Ferdinand but I hope he has a successful career.
  12. Someone at Barcelona needs to shut Paulinho the fuck up, yes we all know he was only there to keep Neymar there but he left anyway and he obviously wants another Brazilian but if he keeps talking in the papers Liverpool are just going to report Barca for tapping up. Then they'll be under two tapping up investigations.
  13. Mourinho has to take the pressure away doing something and they were awful against a Burnley side Spurs absolutely tore apart. So he's going on about money he's not bothered that he's throwing stones in glass houses all he wants is people talking about Mourinho. Reminder United were top at the end of August and end of September had the same points as City, his anti-football when he went to Anfield is what started United going backwards. He's spent so much money (spending £35m and £20m more than City’s record transfer purchase on players in each of the last two summers) and casually throwing players under the bus at his time at United and if it wasn't for Lingard being in the run of his life and some slip ups they would be in 4th.
  14. Was a great match (Arsenal/Liverpool) neither side can defend. Mignolet is just unfit for purpose.
  15. Genuinely surprised Mark Hughes hasn't been fired.