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  1. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    My 19th title, BAD PLACES, is available. Three stories about... bad places. 'Natch!
  2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Apparently, just a heart-warming tale of a boy and his dinosaur...
  3. My Atmos Experience

    Running 7.2.2, although I want to upgrade to go with 4 overheads. Why? Why not?
  4. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    First we complain about the lack of titles... now, DAYUM!
  5. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    That Grease video was amazing. DIdn't realize how much had been changed and now I SO look forward to getting this one!
  6. Xbox Games With Gold...

    Don't forget to download Dead Space 2 today! I started the download a while ago.
  7. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Semi-unintentionally did a 31 hr. fast yesterday. Holy weight-loss, Batman! Since I really can't walk any distance anymore (just going from parking lot to store and back makes my knees hurt), I'm doing push-ups. Begone, m00bs! Also doing curls to tone the arms. Water, water, water... that's the key.
  8. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Been on the 18/6 diet and I'm at my lowest ever, and still going. Determined to lose another 25 lbs. But right now, all is good, and any more weight loss will be just frosting on the cake... like what set me back earlier this month. Dang birthday cake!
  9. Netflix members...

    Couldn't get through the first episode of Lost in Space.
  10. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I played GoG2 and then Thor R, both in Atmos. Guardians sounded alright, but Thor was AWFUL in comparison. I mean, Zeppelin's tune in Thor should have been blasting, but wasn't... in Guardian's the songs came across nicely. What gives, Disney?
  11. My Atmos Experience

    Finally moved my UHD player into the HT, just to check out the Atmos on various discs. Wow! Blade Runner. *drool* Even IT sounded superior to the Blu Ray Atmos.
  12. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Maybe they figure they need to make their money back somehow... I see guys on various sites snapping up complete shit, just because it's UHD or in Atmos, stuff I wouldn't get on DVD, let alone pay UHD prices.
  13. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Predator? Yes. The rest. Uh....