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  1. Jordan_E

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I'm really disappointed by December releases, catalog-title-wise, aka classics, not crappy titles from a couple of years ago that I wouldn't even get on Blu.
  2. Jordan_E

    Battlefield V

    Was going to pick this one up right away, but I hated the beta. Might grab it down the road, but not close to release now.
  3. While I love Joust, it was Defender that almost had me looking into this... but bad controls for Defender has me saying: NOPE. (for now)
  4. Jordan_E

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Well, that just means I will have to watch/listen back-to-back to hear the difference. I still crank the isolated soundtrack on the Blu Ray every once in a while, the Williams score always gives me chills during the opening credits.
  5. Jordan_E

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    The Atmos got a surprisingly good rating. Can't wait to get this one, but I have to.
  6. I was totally caught off guard by how much I ended up liking Happy Death Day.
  7. Jordan_E

    My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Definitely going to save a copy of EVERYTHING to a thumb drive now. This Mac is pretty old. No problems before, but...
  8. Jordan_E

    My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Man... my Mac shut down unexpectedly while I was out. Lost about a dozen or so pages from latest book, MARY FOX, but I am writing this whole thing in a notebook first before typing it in. Whew! Now, to decipher my own scribbling!
  9. I read that people said it was dumb fun, and I like dumb fun, but I do have a price threshold for dumb fun, and The Meg passed it. JAWS on UHD? I would definitely pay that price, but not Jason Statham and a CG shark.
  10. Jordan_E

    Xbox Games With Gold...

    Battlefield 1 November 1? Man, if I didn't already own that one...
  11. Was thinking of grabbing The Meg today, since I have money in my Xbox account from an old gift card, but $29.99 for the digital UHD!?!! What the hell do they think they have there?! Hell, even the HD version is $19.99. PASS!
  12. Jordan_E

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I'm also very disappointed in the lack of older titles this holiday season! Expected way more. At least we have Superman the Movie coming.
  13. I *might* rent this one some time, but really have no interest in it right now.
  14. Blumhouse already admitted that they started work on the sequel, read that earlier in the week, and with this opening, expect it to be fast-tracked, big time! I liked it. Wife and daughter LOVED it! And my wife does not like horror movies whatsoever, but she raved about it. Guess I won't have to argue buying the UHD when it comes out.
  15. I compare Halloween 2 to Halloween the way I compare Jaws 2 to Jaws... it's good, but barely a shadow of the original in every way possible. But we've stumbled through so many crappy incarnations of Halloween since Halloween 2, that this can ONLY be a step up! Resurrection, anyone?