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  1. While I was watching 2001, I was thinking how a nice UHD of The Shining would look...
  2. Capt front and center. Hmmmm... and no Dr. Strange.
  3. I rarely bother with Netflix flicks, even if some of them look decent, like that one where Mads is looking like Snake Plissken.
  4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Man, this movie was a chore to get through! Seemed so disjointed, and obviously suffered from We-Already-Have-A-Multi-Sequel-Deal-in-Place Syndrome. Even on UHD, wasn't impressive enough to recommend. Keep reading about the extended cut and wonder if it would tie things up better, but doubt I would want to revisit this one again.
  5. Installing it right now. Should be good to go when I get back from dropping daughter off at school.
  6. The Natural. Yes. Love that movie. Haven't watched in ages. Look forward to this release.
  7. I probably wouldn't go see CM for free! Just looks... weak.
  8. Skipping this one until home release. The trailers simply did not sell me enough to spend the $40+ to go to the theater. Will wait for Avengers.
  9. CREED II. Did not like it as much as the first. Felt too formulaic, especially the 2nd half, but it was serviceable enough. A good rental, but not a purchase.
  10. I love What's Up, Doc? so much! Reading this makes me want to watch it again.
  11. 2001. Wow. Loved it, from beginning to end. 'Nuff said.
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