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  1. Sold our 50" Vizio 4K and bought a 55" Vizio 4K on sale to replace it. Ended up only costing us $200 to upgrade to HDR in bedroom.
  2. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Bought The Mummy (1999) on FandangoNow for $10 (discount code used) and what I've watched so far it appears to be a nice upgrade, especially since we've only had the original DVD release.
  3. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    $19 sale on select UHD titles on Vudu. Tempted to get Pacific Rim, since every time it's on sale somewhere for physical copy, it's always gone before I get there!
  4. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Wow. Talk about lazy!
  5. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Decided to jump into the new story. It's called Passenger X and concerns a monster on the cruise ship, because what else would happen when Malcolm Brass goes on a cruise? I basically ripped off the plot to the original ALIEN and put it on a 1950's cruise ship. Hey, I could call it an homage but that's a lot of bunk! And since Alien pretty much "borrowed" from IT! The Terror From Beyond Space, I don't feel that bad.
  6. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    The final book in the MBU is now available on Kindle. The Spear: The Collection contains several short stories that connect Malcolm Brass to NextDoor and beyond. I have an idea for a quasi-sequel to Malcolm Brass, but not sure if I want to jump into it right now. It is more of a stand-alone Malcolm Brass story that would take place in the 1950's. We'll see how the outline goes. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me on this craziness. The books are not exactly setting the world on fire, but the fact that I finally got them out there is a major step in the right direction, as they've been sitting on the shelf for many, many years.
  7. I think I saw 2 facial changes in Jenny. Pass.
  8. I hated Dougie in the beginning, but Kyle plays him so well that the character has really grown on me. And Evil Coop. Pretty bad ass. Really going to hate seeing it all end.
  9. 5, the last 2 being together on the last day. Went by SO fast...
  10. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    The Dark Tower. Never read the books. The movie seemed a tad light, but wasn't terrible. Not good, but not terrible. I'd give it rental recommendation, but not worth seeing in the theaters.
  11. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Fixed! Hopefully... Carlos, sent you a message.
  12. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Tearing this thing down to the studs. It better work this time.
  13. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Thanks. I'll dive back into that mess again tomorrow...
  14. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    I'm going to get back to it tomorrow. Been fiddling around with it all day, to no avail. Changed fonts, changed this and that, submitted it with ePUB, WORD, and PDF... all the same result. So frustrating.