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  1. I have it on digital, love it as its one of my childhood favs, but not going to join no dang DMC to get the Blu!
  2. Just bought UHD of Pacific Rim at Redbox for $4.99. Couldn't pass that up.
  3. Glad I didn't invest more than watching the last 3 episodes, because last night was WEAK!
  4. I watched the first episode last night and liked it. Used my Xbox and the faux-Atmos was quite good, especially during flight scenes.
  5. Cold Pursuit. Terrible. Probably the worst movie I've seen in a LONG time! Laura Dern just disappeared a third into this one, as if realizing what a turd this movie was and bailed! They were trying for a Fargo-type feel, and failed miserably.
  6. Funny, had this happen to me over the weekend. I'm playing CoD, parked my guy to send up a missile and the next thing I know the guy is racing ahead without my touching the stick. Only happened twice.
  7. My local Best Buy has a decent row of UHD titles, but they also spread them out to other sections and it's like a freaking Easter Egg hunt every damn time I go there!
  8. Obviously, "cooler heads" prevailed and it won't come until the release of either the sequel or not until the sequel hits video. Bastards.
  9. On Day 4 of a self-imposed 5-day fast. I just wanted to break my increasing snacking habit. Lost 6 pounds so far, not as much as I had hoped. I try a 5-day fast at least 3 times a year.
  10. Agree all the way around about Alien. Sitting there, I went: "Shit, I'm already at the end?!" So good! The best thing about seeing a certain movie so many times is that you can simply look around now at the details and surroundings, and Alien served them up nicely with this release.
  11. Would LOVE to get The Natural, but I started a new story about baseball and I don't allow myself to watch anything associated with the subject while writing. Probably goes on Christmas list. 13 Hours is an excellent movie, but I don't know if it's worth the upgrade, as the Blu is excellent. I want Black Hawk Down, but wife's birthday and Mother's Day coming fast & furious! Dang it.
  12. Actually, besides The Avengers UHD, I haven't watched a single Marvel movie leading up to Endgame.
  13. Alien. Fantastic. Right up there with my 2001 disc.
  14. How's the sound on the Captain America UHDs? I know I can CRANK THEM, but still...
  15. Love those two movies, but just too expensive right now. Will wait. Alien, on the other hand, was a must-have for me.
  16. Best Buy. Argh. First time they didn't deliver a pre-order the Friday beforehand! I'm bummed.
  17. Absolutely. McAvoy was tremendous in an otherwise forgettable movie.
  18. Glass. Very loud. Loved the score. But overall, it did nothing for me. Glad it was a discounted rental.
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