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  1. While I was watching 2001, I was thinking how a nice UHD of The Shining would look...
  2. Capt front and center. Hmmmm... and no Dr. Strange.
  3. I rarely bother with Netflix flicks, even if some of them look decent, like that one where Mads is looking like Snake Plissken.
  4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Man, this movie was a chore to get through! Seemed so disjointed, and obviously suffered from We-Already-Have-A-Multi-Sequel-Deal-in-Place Syndrome. Even on UHD, wasn't impressive enough to recommend. Keep reading about the extended cut and wonder if it would tie things up better, but doubt I would want to revisit this one again.
  5. Installing it right now. Should be good to go when I get back from dropping daughter off at school.
  6. The Natural. Yes. Love that movie. Haven't watched in ages. Look forward to this release.
  7. I probably wouldn't go see CM for free! Just looks... weak.
  8. Skipping this one until home release. The trailers simply did not sell me enough to spend the $40+ to go to the theater. Will wait for Avengers.
  9. CREED II. Did not like it as much as the first. Felt too formulaic, especially the 2nd half, but it was serviceable enough. A good rental, but not a purchase.
  10. I love What's Up, Doc? so much! Reading this makes me want to watch it again.
  11. 2001. Wow. Loved it, from beginning to end. 'Nuff said.
  12. PITY and The Scary Spots Collection will be free on Kindle starting at midnight tonight. Mary Fox will be going for 99ยข Saturday and Sunday. PITY is my personal horror story, "inspired" by things that happened when I was a kid, and probably why I am as warped as I am today. The Scary Spots Collection is based on the one-time online series that was to follow the ultimately aborted ECHOES: The Dead Land movie. Mary Fox is volume 1 of my reimagining of NextDoor.
  13. Even though the wife liked it, I was not too impressed with the UHD of The Little Mermaid overall.
  14. I remember that one and the rival version with Richard Dreyfuss. The Bronson one was better, if I recall.
  15. Finally! My copy of 2001 should arrive by Wednesday. Been unavailable at BB for awhile (using credits we got for buying the projector). Can't wait to watch this one!
  16. The old Brendan Frasier Journey of the Center of the Earth is now my go-to 3D movie. Projected at 200", it is a fun 3D experience, with tons of beyond-the-screen moments.
  17. That opening sequence, the Atmos was amazing and I thought I was in for a great ride, and then... well, if people thought this one was just Wolfenstein: The Movie, they never actually played the dang games!
  18. Man, I couldn't get 20 minutes into The Meg 3D before shutting it down. Sadly, the movie with the best beyond-the-screen-almost-in-your-lap shots has been Jaws 3D. LOL.
  19. My Voice of God speaker wire keeps dropping down. Have someone who offered to run the wires into the ceiling, walls, but have I taken him up on that offer? Oh well. Nothing a little tape doesn't fix. Ugh.
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