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  1. I don’t really walk into these movies expecting to be outright scared. Can they get me to tense up or be creepy though? I thought this one did a good job of that even if it didn’t match the original in outright atmosphere. I’d agree that more supernatural stuff has the propensity to be more terrifying overall though. Horror much like comedy is so highly subjective that it doesn’t surprise me when a horror movie that I like and makes me uncomfortable does nothing for someone else. The Excorcist is one of the most terrifying movies I’ve seen. I legit don’t like watching it because it seriously scares me (like turn the lights on uncomfortable). I know friends who find it’s horror comical. Go figure.:)
  2. I have my tickets for the 9:20 showing tonight. We’ll see how the second time around goes.:)
  3. You could take that as homage over sequel bait though. The movie’s ending is open enough that it could lead to a sequel, sure but I suppose my point was that I personally don’t have any interest in one. I would hope that yes, McBride/Curtis/Green will be smart enough to stay away from one if it’s proposed.
  4. They are the only ones worthy of anyone’s time, yes. Though I’d include 4. I’d rank them: Must Watch: Halloween Halloween (2018) .. .. .. .. .. Fun but flawed Diversions: Halloween 4 Halloween II H20 Everything else is in the franchise is garbage. Amusingly, it still has a better hit rate than most of these iconic horror franchises. Nightmare has what? 3 good films (original, Dream Warrior and New Nightmare). Friday is just a garbage series overall but has a few legit effective films I’d call actually good. Hellraiser 1 and 2 and just stop.:) Chucky might come the closest. The last two have been quite good.
  5. Ok so on the questions previously posed: Why is Michael after Laurie? Answer: How does Michael know how to get to Laurie’s house? Answer: Is the kid funny? Answer: Also, I have to admit to being shocked that Oh and I absolutely LOVED
  6. First viewing in the books. That lived up to the hype for me. It’s a wonderful bookend to the first movie and easily the best sequel in the series (frankly, the only one as I’m quite accepting of this timeline even more so after seeing it). Curtis is fantastic, the mask is sheer perfection and Michael is once again a force of nature. The sheer randomness of his first “stroll” through Haddonfield is fantastic and the way it’s filmed might be one of my favorite “moments” in all of the franchise. I won’t drool all over the music anymore than I already have but suffice it to say it sits right next to the original in its overall effectiveness. “The Shape Hunts Allyson” is every bit as amazing as any piece of music featured in the ‘78 film. If nothing else, this movie has given us another Carpenter classic on the music front and for that I’m grateful. I love the allegory of the opening credits. An broken down, rotten pumpkin being “inflated” and brought back to life. That’s exactly what the movie does for the franchise. My only hope is that they are smart enough to leave it here. This doesn’t need a sequel. I’ll post some more on the previous spoilers we discussed. I paid special attention to those points in the film and have answers.:)
  7. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Stopped by a retro game shop yesterday and did some 5th and 6th generation game hunting. All in all spent a little over $70 for all of this:
  8. Oh trust me I wasn’t entirely deflecting in my post. For all I know your criticisms are spot on. Just saying despite how wonderful the first movie is, it has its own set of incredible leaps of logic.:)
  9. I swear I'm not being smarmy! Your statement may indeed be an utter inconsistency but if we're being fair, the original had plenty of those little head scratchers if you dig too deep lol.
  10. Romier S

    Days Gone - New Sony Bend game

    Agreed. I don't doubt they are polishing but February would have been a bloodbath for a new IP like this.
  11. I haven't seen it so I can't comment. I'll talk to you on Saturday.:) Reading some minor spoilers on the topic from a few folks who've seen it: Also someone else said: If you remove the sister stuff out of the equation, Laurie is literally in the wrong place at the wrong time in the original. The only reason she is targeted is because she happens to drop off the keys at the Myers house for her father. Michael has already been staying there and then proceeds to stalk her but as the movie progresses is his focus truly on Laurie? He stalks her yes, but doesn't kill her during the day. On Halloween night, he could simply go over to the Doyle house and kill her but instead he decides to execute her friends a few houses over cause he simply doesn't give a fuck. He just wants blood. When he finally strangles Linda, Laurie finds herself yet again on the wrong telephone line at the wrong time. Would Michael have gone after her if she stayed at the Doyle residence and never investigated or called the police instead? The randomness of that is rather terrifying when you think about it. Moreso than him having some familial connection, etc. in the new movie it seems Again, that pure conjecture on my part on the new movie based on some impressions/spoilers I've read. I'll definitely follow-up after I see it and confirm if I feel the same of if something is off. Based on the trailers, I always thought it would have been interesting if
  12. Yeah. Myers is going after Jamie (Laurie's daughter) in 4 and 5 and that continues into 6. Those three at their own sort of trilogy if you will (and only one of the films is worth a damn). In 4, Myers has been in a coma for 10 years after the hospital explosion until he's picked up to be transferred. One of the ambulance folks asks about living relatives and the doctor tells them that he has a niece who's too young to take charge of him. His hand then moves to show activity and that he's been "awakened".
  13. Tom Holland debuted the new Spider suit on Kimmel:
  14. Yeah that makes sense. Its an interesting juxtaposition. The Halloween 2 soundtrack is one of my least favorites (I like it though!) because I'm not a huge fan of the more gothic sounding soundtrack. I rather like the opening of the movie and how it transitions right from the first film but I think that also corners the movie into being a bit also ran. There's not really many places they can take it other than following a similar pattern to the original. I do like the hospital setting though. The Laurie sister thing was never a big issue for me but I sort of agree with the thinking that it takes away from Michael's mystique. He's far more terrifying when he doesn't have some significant purpose. He doesn't need a purpose. He's a blank slate. A force of evil for the sake of evil with the blackest eyes. The devil's eyes.;) My understanding of the new movie is
  15. You're not the only one to walk away with that feeling, Cameron. Lots of user reviews I'm seeing are saying the first half of the movie take time to adjust because the film looks/feels quite different. It isn't Green trying to replicate Carpenter . He's doing his own thing. Once you get there though, it kicks into high gear (and the finale in particular is really strong). Most of the negatives I've seen are down on the humor (one kid in particular) and don't particularly enjoy how overstuffed the movie feels with plot points. The wait to get to tomorrow afternoon when I can actually see it is interminable.:)