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  1. Romier S

    Progressive Scan Mode?

    Yep and if that doesn’t work and you’ve tested to make sure the GC and cables are good, let FaceTime and I’ll help troubleshoot the receiver settings if you get time open.
  2. Romier S

    Progressive Scan Mode?

    Angel, When you switch to progressive mode in the game, does the HDMI indicator on the receiver go out? The Yamaha should show an HDMI indicator for either HDMI 1 or 2 being enabled and outputting a signal (its a red indicator according to the manual). Curious if it just completely goes out at that point. Do you still get audio is another question? I would imagine you do since the audio is independent of the video in a component setup. I'm looking at this which should match the Gamecube setup:
  3. Romier S

    Progressive Scan Mode?

    Process of elimination more than anything. If it works than you can rule both of those out and concentrate your efforts on troubleshooting the receiver. The alternative is you spend all of your time fussing around receiver settings only to find out it is one of those two things.
  4. I saw this posted over at Era and thought it was pretty interesting. The group is made up of a bunch of developers and display manufacturers looking to standardize goals and guiding principles for optimizing HDR content in games. Group includes: Activision Publishing, Inc. ASUSTek Computer Inc. CAPCOM Co., Ltd. Electronic Arts Epic Games HP Inc. Koninklijke Philips N.V. LG Electronics, Inc. Microsoft Corporation Panasonic Corporation SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony Visual Products SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation Ubisoft Unity Vicarious Visions VIZIO, Inc. WB Games Principles: https://wccftech.com/hdr-gaming-interest-group-formed-optimize/ Copy of the full guiding principles: https://www.hgig.org/doc/ForBetterHDRGaming.pdf
  5. Romier S


    The last gasps of breath as death finally settles in.....
  6. I'll take a proper Switch port of Super Mario 3D World over both. The 2D Mario games on the Wii and U did nothing for me personally.
  7. Official announcement: Diablo 3 on the go is enticing but not for full price. $30 or less? I'm in.
  8. Forbes leaked early that Diablo 3 is coming to Switch with Nintendo exclusive content.
  9. You could do the same for the Vita and it didn’t really enjoy similar success. The DS was just a massive mover for Nintendo which shifted the spotlight away from the PSP but the systems visuals, price and feature set was super attractive for a subset of gamers that wanted a “console” experience on the go.
  10. PSP was a huge success for them, yeah. The Vita though.....(which is a damned shame cause it’s a great little system).
  11. Romier S

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Hype indeed. I just picked up the 4K restoration of “In the Mouth of Madness” from Scream on BD. Hope that gets a proper UHD release as well.
  12. Vince over at HDTV Test tackles the TCL 6 series..... He basically says to get a picture that matches it in UK, you’d have to look at the Sony X900F at almost double the price.
  13. Romier S

    PICARD Returns in new Trek series

    Farpoint is rough but the way they end the series and how it ties together is amazing. Next Gen has the distinction of saving one of its finest two partners for the series finale. Stick with it. Much like DS9, it’s worth doing so to get to the good stuff in S3+.
  14. Romier S

    Retro Revisit - Silent Hill 2

    Panzer Dragoon Orta and Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams in near 4K resolution? If I didn't already own an X, I would have shelled out $400 on that alone. Hell Orta would have been enough for me.
  15. Romier S

    Retro Revisit - Silent Hill 2

    I legitimately believe the best (and only) chance that we have for such a thing is if Microsoft takes the initiative to bring an X enhanced version of the original Xbox release to the platform. Outside of Pachinko machines, Konami seemingly couldn't care less about the IP at this point.:( We could see the same happen for Silent Hill 4 which got an excellent release on the original Xbox as well. That does leave the rather fantastic Silent Hill 3 out in the cold as it only released on PS2/PC. The PC version is amazing but its tough to find and will cost you a pretty penny. I have it and the Silent Hill 2 PC release safely in storage for a reason.:)