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  1. Are you talking about the three way crossroad in the very beginning? If so
  2. Just got done with th molton lava castle. Fun stuff! I’m having a good time with Mario as my main but I’m counting down until the moment I unlock Simon/Richter to switch. Yoshi is a bit of a bastard, isn’t he? No wonder he’s Daniel’s main.;) Oh and I figured out the Super Smash trigger. I did Mario’s last night which was a treat.
  3. Looks like they’re back to the 8 episode format. Cool.
  4. FUUUUUU... That movie looks like my 10 year old selfs wildest monster dream. That last shot with Ghidora and the king charging each other! *faints*
  5. I fucking hated that stage...lol. Took me like 10 tries. Agreed on the adventure mode though. I’m having a blast with it! Though I’m only now after about 3 hours of play starting to feel like I’m understanding what I’m doing. Though some stuff still feels random as fuck (like Yoshi did this great stampede special on me but I have no clue how to do those!). I’ll keep at it. I have another work work trip thus week so I won’t be able to play until this weekend but I look forward to trying the online mode. Im playing with the Gamecube adapter and controller. It feels nice.
  6. Yep. Though the port of the original on there is the later Windows version with a nasty filter that smears the visuals and makes things look super soft. It’s a fine way to play it in a pinch though.
  7. RE7 is buttery smooth on the PS4 and Pro as well. It’s a function/feature of the new RE engine and it’s also why the RE2 remake will run at 60fps as well (for both platforms) In the case of 7, it’s doubly important on the PS4/Pro for the sake of VR.
  8. If you have an X, it’s backward compatible and plays at near 4K. It’s basically a 4K remaster and looks incredible.:)
  9. I’m torn reaction wise. I’m ecstatic to hear this news. Though I’m /really/ worried about a small, little known studio remaking the games with “several modifications to be attractive to new players” and modern graphics that can easily screw with the look of the unique art design of these games. I legit hope it turns out well. Though I would have preferred to see Sega hand these games over to M2 and allow them to do proper, high quality ports as part of their Ages line-up on Switch and other platforms. Having these classics archived and ported by the very best would be a great way to reintroduce these games to modern audiences. It would then pave the way for these types of remakes.
  10. I have no words. Lack of Saga is a missed opportunity but perhaps these will be successful enough to lead to that investment. http://www.forever-entertainment.com/en.panzer_dragoon_remake_i_panzer_dragoon_ii_zwei_remake_a01.html The “entire Panzer series has been repeatedly remade and released” statement is already concerning...lol. Um, no it hasn’t. Outside of the first game, Zwei and Saga have never appeared on another platform other than the Saturn.
  11. Done. The finale is another cliffhanger with a rather kick ass twist. One part of me is happy with it and where Fury ends up. The other really worries that this is the end for Darksiders and we’ll never get to see this story properly concluded. The worst thing I can say for the game is that it has an array of technical issues that bring down an otherwise solid presentation. I had three hard crashes throughout my nearly 25 hours of play. A recent patch helped stabilize the framerate on the X version but there’s still some stuttering issues and pauses as the game loads assets. Other than that, my previous impressions hold firm. This is an fun, flawed but pretty great AA production that gives me more of this world/lore. I’m damned happy I ignored reviews and picked it up. The series is 3 for 3 as far as I’m concerned with the original still sitting st the top but I like this one more than 2. Fury is a more interesting protagonist and her story pays off better.
  12. I picked up my copy. Won’t be able to play it till I get home but I’m eager to give it a chance.
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    MK is awesome. Hellblade is a must play.