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  1. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Icarus - This is a phenomenal documentary on Netflix that is worth every minute of your time. It starts with the director Byran Fogel looking to run a compressed version of the Tour De France without the use of any type of banned PED and then he intentionally goes on a lengthy regimen of hormones to try and improve his performance for the next year. This opens up his working with a Russian scientist who heads up one of the worlds most respected labs in testing athletes for PED use for the Olympics and other tournaments. It's a two hour romp through how easy it is to defeat the system and barrels into a decades long conspiracy by the Russian government to cheat the Olympic games. It's utterly captivating for the length of the film and highlights the length to which state sponsored actors in Russia went to circumvent the system and allow their athletes to gain the competitive edge they needed to win the amount of gold that they did in Sochi and beyond. It seems crazy to think but some of the main actors in this little play end up dead and others lives are in the balance as they try to blow the whistle on the conspiracy. If you have any interest in the world of doping in sports and the mechanisms surrounding how these agencies attempt to stop it - this is must see viewing. HIGHLY recommended! 5 out of 5 stars.
  2. He's my favorite character so...no. Let him keep moving the chess pieces. I'm still giggle at the episode though and not for good reasons. Yes, it was epic and the Night KIng went pure olympic gold medalist on that dragon but it was hard to ignore the pure convenience of the writing. Gendry not only had the bossiest of boss ass cardio but he managed to compress a trip that likely took a day/days into 20 minutes. The Flash would have been proud. Not to mention the men of the Night's Watch employed what has to be the amazing Raven in all of Westeros to reach Dragon Stone and let Dany know what's happening. My guess is that the Raven must have contact Heimdal over in Marvel's Thor universe to use the Asgardian Rainbow Bridge to reach Dragon Stone. It's the only explanation my mind can wrap around to excuse the ridiculous convenience on display in that episode. I'm usually pretty lenient with traveling time lines in the show. Even though characters move around in minutes, it can be generally excused as the audience not seeing the days/weeks that go into their movements. Last night? There's little excuse for that and while I love me some fighting and dragons - that's one seriously bullshit pill to swallow.
  3. Coincidentally I think we talked about this during E3 in one of the chats.:) http://www.gamesindustry.biz/amp/2017-08-21-why-square-enix-collective-is-resurrecting-fear-effect
  4. Xbox One X enhanced visuals look to mimic the PS4 Pro upgrades with some improvements. Here's a video: Release: The X version includes native 4K support. The PS4 Pro had 4K checkerboard. So some nice improvements for those that may want to dig into this version. I've already double dipped with the PS4 and PC version so I have little interest (I've barely touched the PS4 Pro version at this point) but maybe if I come upon it super cheap....
  5. By the way, someone took a shot of the jumping man scene during the convenience store visit. Shhhhiiiiiit.
  6. Touching tribute to Catherine Coulson and the log lady character tonight. I teared up a bit. 25 years later, things finally worked out for Ed and Norma, too! So, Cooper is back next episode then after the socket shock? Seems like the probable direction. Also, it's a damned shame Bowie passed.:( It would have been glorious to see him reprise the Jeffries character here. Still, a large kettle pot with billowing smoke works.:)
  7. Same for Amazon here. I'll decide if I want to keep it closer to release.
  8. I'm interested. That Project Scorpio edition looks swank as fuck. What time is the panel on Sunday?
  9. *thread resurrection. So after nearly two years of avoiding the game due to all of the technical issues on the PS4, I played and finished Soma. I was waiting for a PC sale as I did not want to spend another $30 dollars on it so it just fell by the wayside. I figured with the PS4 Pro out and with the addition of Boost Mode, maybe it would help the games framerate problems. I was not prepared for the results. First and foremost, the PS4 Pro's boost mode completely transformed this game. I'm still stunned. Frictional also released a patch that corrected some crashed for users that had boost mode enabled recently which no doubt helped. For anyone that played the original PS4 release - the game was plagued with an awful framerate and other issues including judder, frame drops and just downright freezing in place while you tried to spin the camera around. It was a technical disaster and its the primary reason I abandoned it along with a crash that prevented me from moving forward. With all of that said, the game on the PS4 Pro using boost mode allows you to play Soma at a rock solid and unyielding 30fps. The only time that changes is when the game saves or loads a new area and there is a momentary skip or pause. It's a pretty incredible boost in performance and as stated - transformative if you've been playing the game on a console. So with the technical issues behind me, I finally dug in and worked my way through the underwater hell that is Soma. I'll keep this brief but I'll summarize my thoughts by saying that Soma as a functional game is a failure. The creatures encounters are more tedious than scary, some the puzzles are overly simplistic and if you're not in the mood for a game that is more exploration and/or "walking simulator" then you will no doubt end up frustrated. Given that, I can also say that Soma is absolutely worth your time even if you're irked by some of the things I mentioned. The reason why is because it has an incredibly thoughtful narrative that asks real questions about human consciousness, what makes us really human and what does it even me to "be"? These are heady topics that Soma dives (pun intended) into and by its finale you'll be both terrorized by its resolution and hopeful by its denouement. Sprinkled in with the narrative are a number of worthwhile puzzles and decisions that will really test your morality. Not in an arbitrary right or wrong way either. It forces you to really role play how you would respond to some of things Simon Jarrett (the protagonist) is seeing. I loved it. I loved having to decide . Artistically, the game is excellent. It makes up for a less than stellar technical presentation. Outside of the original issues I mentioned, the game features some relatively low resolution texture work. This doesn't detract from the experience much primarily because the environments are beautifully designed and the post-effects work is great with some excellent depth of field implementation when under the ocean and some other tricks. The haunting soundtrack does a wonderful job to set the mood as well. This is a game with some significant gameplay flaws but underneath it there lives one of the most mature, terrifying, enlightening and just downright well told narratives that only works through the medium of interactive games. On one hand, I'm happy as hell I waited to play it until the Pro corrected the technical mess that it was at launch. On the other, I'm kicking myself for waiting two years to finish it! If you haven't played this and are a fan of quality sci-fi/horror - get this damned game now!
  10. So I picked this up on release day. I actually preordered with a small discount. I played through the game and have a few thoughts I'll bullet point below: This should have been released before Nex Machina. It's simply not on the same level in terms of content, gameplay variety or enjoyment factor. I've played and enjoyed every Housemarque release since they first hit the scene and it's no different with Matterfall. It's "lesser-Housemarque" but its still fun. Given that, it may still be their weakest release. The main problem here is lack of content. There's three worlds total each broken up into separate acts. Each act feels lengthy enough and the worlds end with a memorable boss battle. The problem is that the entire experience can be run through relatively quickly and the only replayability factor is score chasing but unlike something like Nex Machina, the gameplay elements aren't deep enough to spur that "just one more try" addiction. The gameplay is dependent on "striking" which is the games fancy term for a quick slide style move that can be done in any direction. This will basically freeze enemies and allow you to increase the amount of points they get you. You can combine that with a variety of weapons that can be gained by freeing citizens that have been frozen behind a crystal. These weapons range from a shotgun short range weapon to a rail gun, etc. Striking also plays into movement and is combined with the primary weapon that can be used to "create" platforms or walls. So you're playing a balancing act between striking enemies, destroying them and then platforming while creating the right platforms to move around . In theory this creates quite the balancing act the player has to account for - in practice, there whole matter creation thing doesn't play into it much. It's there and you have to use it but I never felt like it tied into the gameplay flow as well as it should have. Enemy variety isn't great either. You'll get the same enemies in each level with a different color and some alternate attacks but that's about it. Considering the games length, it's not surprising but still noteworthy. On a technical level, the games runs at a buttery smooth 60fps on the PS4 Pro with HDR support and what appears to be either a native 1440p resolution or some form of checkerboarding. It's a nice looking game in that regard, but artistically it falls flat. Almost like a knock off Metroid. I probably sound more negative on the game than I actually feel but coming off of the amazing Nex Machina, Matterfall just doesn't measure up. It's a fine game that would make a good discount purchase but I don't know that I can recommend it for $20 considering the lack of content available here. Housemarque has been gaming gold for a long time and though this is their weakest release in my eyes - it won't stop me from diving into their next game without pause. I just hope the future trend if more Nex Machine and less Matterfall.
  11. Delayed to Spring 2018 https://www.polygon.com/2017/8/16/16158068/crackdown-3-delayed-xbox-one-windows-pc-microsoft?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  12. Used with my GameStop pass card. I got like 2 bucks off the normal $19 price.
  13. This released today. It's on sale for $26.99. I took the plunge and the bullet for you guys. I'll let you know how it is after I give it a whirl tonight.:)
  14. Digital Foundry on Sonic Mania: Full 4K Native output on the PS4 Pro. All versions are solid but the Switch version features some light performance issues during the 3D segments. I bought my copy on the PS4 today.:)