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  1. Romier S

    Yoshi's Crafted World [Switch] - 29th March

    I agree on the music. It didn’t bother me at all and it’s nowhere near as bad as New Island.
  2. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

    To be fair, the first pic kind of sucks which is on me. Color and all other PQ elements are identical in person. The 5x scale just blows the image up to fill more of the screen. It’s nicer to get more image on the screen but the 4x looks a bit more accurate resolution wise.
  3. Romier S

    Netflix members...

    Punisher and Jessica Jones cancelled. JJ season 3 will still air. https://deadline.com/2019/02/the-punisher-jessica-jones-canceled-netflix-marvel-krysten-ritter-jon-bernthal-1202535835/
  4. In other words, no longer tied to Bayformers at all. https://news.tfw2005.com/2019/02/16/transformers-brand-info-from-new-york-toy-fair-2019-fan-media-panel-hasbrotoyfair-383106?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  5. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Snatcher finally running on the Sega CD via the Framemeister with a 4x integer scale profile and a 5x integer scale. Not sure which I like better, yet. 5x obviously fills more of the screen but the resolution works a bit better at 4x.
  6. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Spent the last 20 minutes modding my PSPGo with the M2 Dummy adapter. It’s a mod cable you can buy for about 30 bucks that lets you use MicroSD cards instead of the stupid expensive Sony memory cards. Here’s some pictures of the mod as I progressed.... Honestly, the hardest part was removing the dividers between the pin contacts on the duo adapter for the MicroSD cards without scratching the shit out of it. The rest was easy. Here’s a link to the cable here if you’re interested: https://m2adapter.cart.fc2.com/ca1/1/
  7. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Also, don’t sleep on Viper. It’s a Rolling Thunder style action game for Capcom. It’s fun!
  8. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Flip, the character you first talk to doesn’t help a great deal, really. The goal is to find the keys in the level to move on. To do so, you have to feed candy (usually 3 to put it to sleep) to each animal to “possess” it. The frog lets you jump high, the mole lets you dig into the ground, the lizard lets you scale walls, etc. The game just doesn’t tell you any of that. Nintendo hard = don’t tell you a damned thing lol.
  9. Romier S

    The Retro Gaming bug

  10. Romier S

    Metro Exodus (PS4, XB1, PC)

    I played for about two hours last night. It's a stunning game visually. I mean the wow factor is off the charts. The X version supports native 4K resolution and a stunning use of HDR from what I can see. It's very much a Metro game including some of the stealth jank and weird AI but fundamentally its a great deal of fun. The game opens in a very traditional Metro way as in Artyom is wandering top side and then makes his way back to the Metro itself until he is finally pushed into the realization that there are other survivors and the game really opens up into a large hub area with quests and exploration taking front and center. It's really well executed. The game runs a solid 30fps with no major discernible dips, the gun play feels great and the challenge level is there if you start the game on Ranger mode. I'm eager to play more but I may start over as I missed a few files and wasn't really paying much attention to the story beats as I was just trying to take in the level design, visuals and form some impressions. Good stuff so far!
  11. Romier S

    Metro Exodus (PS4, XB1, PC)

    If you want a good story refresher before jumping in:
  12. There’s a reason they are out there buying up talent. First party has never been Microsoft’s pedigree and I have my doubts about how well they’ll curate the talent they are pulling in given their history. I hope I’m wrong as they scooped up some good dev houses recently.
  13. I need to download it. I got Metro and plan to play it first but Crackdown is next on the list. Reviews for it are pretty middling thus far (Giant Bomb gave it a 2 out of 5) but reviews are what they are. The biggest complaint seems to be that the game feels “dated” but if that means it’s a good follow-up to the original, I won’t see that as an issue. Reviewers hated Darksiders 3 - I enjoyed the heck out of it.
  14. Romier S

    Metro Exodus (PS4, XB1, PC)

    Time for some fun. Cool extra? You get redux for free when purchasing on the Xbox.