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  1. Tackled one of my outstanding titles that I’ve never beaten but really should have a long time ago. Castlevania Bloodlines in the history books!
  2. One more arrived today. This ended up being quite a bit cheaper than the US version. It’s complete and runs at a proper 60hz, too.
  3. Took advantage of my purchase and beat the game.:)
  4. Also, TMNT wasn’t my only addition today.:)
  5. Honest retro folks would list that as an original game with a repro label if they were trying to sell it and probably knock some money off of the price. A lot of label makers actually put a small “reproduction” print on the label itself to distinguish specifically because of people try to scam. So it’s generally frowned upon to put a repro label on a cart but it’s not considered a “bootleg” and it would be silly to categorize it as such. It’s the original game in its original cartridge case (it even has the Konami logo) that I throughly cleaned and added a high quality label reproduction. If I listed it on EBay I would show it with a picture of the internal board to prove that, state it’s a repro label and I would still likely get a good $35-$40 for it. It about honestly in what your selling, really. That’s if you’re selling and since I’m not and if it’s for my personal collection? My give a fuck meter is at zero about how the retro community feels about it. In this case, I got an actual authentic copy of Hyperstone Heist for $25 bucks and I restored it to pristine condition to sit on my shelf. The retro community can mail me the $120 check a complete in box copy costs. While I wait, I’ll enjoy the playing the game and feel pretty good about it until then.;) To be frank, if I come across a good deal on a boxed copy with an original good quality label? I’d rebuy in a heart beat and sell this one exactly as I stated above. Chrono Trigger is a similar situation except I actually kept the original casing to preserve the original label as it was in better condition for storage. I’d likely sell it as original (which it would be!) with that OG label if I wanted to. This one was a lost cause. I should also note, these are the only two carts I’ve done this with. I generally try to get OG stuff with original labels, boxes, etc. Retro gaming collecting isn’t what it was 15-20 years ago. This stuff costs an arm and a leg now. That copy of Phantasy Star IV cost me nearly $100 for example. I just bought a copy of Beyond Oasis complete in box (though the box has some issues) for $80. It adds up quick.
  6. I picked this up for $25. Keep in mind that loose this usually goes for over $50 with complete in box in the $100-120 range. For now, I wanted to own it and here’s why it was a deal: That’s before.:) After pictures coming soon.
  7. Its a more focused experience so no, there aren’t builds here or fashion changes. There is a new game plus which continues to increase difficulty but that’s about it. There’s an argument to be made that the game isn’t as “deep” as those games because it lacks that variety but I don’t think build variety equates to functional depth in the combat system either. I remember Bloodborne being knocked for being lesser than the Souks games because it lacked the variety of builds in Dark Souks 2 and later 3.:)
  8. Yes. It’s on the original torn label as well.:)
  9. I have a myriad of questions and plenty of issues with the finale but wow, that’s some seriously ballsy shit they pulled there. The possibilities for S3 are.... Or Im good with either frankly but the latter is super interesting to say the least and far more likely obviously. Fantastic music, too.
  10. On a big PSX RPG kick with Alundra and Valkyrie Profile added. I got a sealed copy of Legend of Dragoon for $40. I alao added some mighty fine Genesis games to the collection (Phantasy Star cost a pretty penny....about $90 bucks) and the Japanese version of Castlevania III (Akumajo Densetsu) which uses the VRC6 chip for improved music and graphics. I finally get to test out the Famicom port on my AVS. I have more coming in a few days. It’s been a fruitful but costly last few weeks including another huge Genesis Action RPG that I’ve wanted to add for a good while now.
  11. It is. At least initially until you understand what the game asks of you. The one thing it does completely share in common with the Souls games is that you have to get very good at reading enemy "tells". In Sekiro, they are quite telegraphed in their move sets but getting the timing of the button presses down is a large part of the necessary action. I'll reiterate what I said in my review - you're going to hate this game initially. It's going to frustrate you and piss you off. Hopefully you get that moment where things "click" and it all makes sense.
  12. Yeah he did a no damage run against the queen Valkyrie in God of War. Dude is insanely good at this stuff. Oh and look - good use of the Mikiri counter, too! (its when he stomps down on the sword. One of the hardest moves to get down timing wise). That Genichiro fight is no joke. I've gotten him into his second phase and nearly took him out but one blast of lightning put me down.:(
  13. Yep, Virgin Games but I don’t know how relevant that is today as to who owns what rights, etc. Still, I agree the timing makes total sense and it was a defining game on the platform.
  14. The Arcade Collection releases today! The Castlevania Collection officially releases May 16th. My guess at Collection 1 was pretty spot on.:) The only Miss was Kid Dracula which is a great add! https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/04/18/castlevania-anniversary-collection-comes-to-ps4-on-16th-may/#sf211238533 Castlevania Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Castlevania II Belmont’s Revenge Super Castlevania IV Bloodlines Kid Dracula Castlevania the Adventure Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
  15. 10 new titles announced. This legit has the chance to be the absolute best of the mini consoles..... The new titles: - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Earthworm Jim - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - Contra: Hard Corps - Landstalker - Streets of Rage 2 - Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Super Fantasy Zone - Thunder Force III Seriously, there isn’t a single throwaway on the list thus far and we still have 20 to go.
  16. Ha actually you’re right! Apparently Chastain is playing a character named Smith who’s an alien shapeshifter. She’s an amalgam of characters but she’s basically Mastermind. Tells you how utterly forgettable she was in First Class...lol.
  17. Looks better than Apocalypse and it’s really going to hinge on how well they develop Scott/Jeans relationship for it to work if it’s following the comic. Emma Frost being a factor is interesting.
  18. Curious to see if Sony embrace UHD playback this time around given the possibility of using the higher capacity discs as the physical format. It’s a total non-issue for me as I’ve put a UHD film in my X twice for testing purposes and will always go for a standalone player but still....I’m curious.
  19. It's a nice list and considering I've gotten Panzer Dragoon Orta - I am forever grateful but I have to say that I am remarkably disappointed at the pace of OG Xbox games with X enhancements. It's been nearly a full year with nothing. Considering how many OG Xbox titles I would love to see appear...yeah. Especially considering the theme of this list - fucking Chaos Theory man! Pandora Tomorrow and the original game?
  20. Ninja Gaiden 2 coming to Xbox One BC with an X Enhanced patch. Existing 360 titles also getting X Enhancements: • Splinter Cell Double Agent • Splinter Cell Conviction • Splinter Cell Blacklist • Fable 2 • Fable 3
  21. The real kick in the balls here is that this is the first time Alien vs Predator and Pro Gear have been made available for home use. If they don't do another "Beat 'em Up" compilation with AVP on it, I'm gonna be pissed even if I end up buying this thing.:(
  22. As to the question about what the USB port is for - its for hacking silly!
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