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  1. Picked up Dirt Rally and Battlezone today. Dirt Rally is totally intense. Dont know if I can go back to playing in non VR mode. I suck thought as it's much more difficult than Dirt 4. Any tips for assists? Battlezone is pretty fun also.
  2. I ended up getting the refurb. Traded in some stuff and it only ended up costing me $40. It is a V2 headset. Also came with a 1yr warranty so it was too good of an offer to pass up. Played some demos and did a few races in Wipeout. Didn't have any issues thankfully with sickness. I'll probably check out some 3D movies later tonight.
  3. So i wasn't able to pull the trigger on a PSVR during Black Friday. However, I notice the Gamestop sells refurbed headsets for $149. I have the camera already and the games I currently have dont require Move controllers. Might be a good, cheap route to take without the high investment cost
  4. I have a 5TB external for my Xbox and a 4TB for my PS4. I bought them as soon as support for them happened. All of my friends said I was crazy for getting such large drives. Doesn't seen so crazy anymore.
  5. Picked up the SNES Classic earlier at Target. Already adding games to it as we speak. Super easy to do. Wife was impressed by it. Loves the size.
  6. Not freezing, but after turning on from sleep mode, I need to hardboot to connect to the internet. Also in the beta
  7. That's great to hear. I've got the Thrustmaster TX. Just need to make room for it upstairs
  8. Grabbed GT Sport. Still need to tryout the DriveHub on my PS4
  9. Are most games playable without the Move controllers? Ive already got the PS4 Camera so really would just need the headset unless the controllers are necessary for most games
  10. Platinum headset is on its way to Sony. Should still be under warranty so hopefully they fix/replace with no issues
  11. Anyone with the Platinum headset having issues? My headset randomly loses power or cuts out. I've tried all the reset options I've found online but nothing is working. How hard it is it contact Sony about a replacement?
  12. Anyone having any issues with loading 360 games? All of my games freeze at the 360 logo
  13. Picking up my Scorpio at Gamestop tonight.
  14. Finished paying off my preorder today. Gamestop manager said even though they have enough preorders, they may not do a Monday night launch. Wtf
  15. My friends said I was crazy when I got a 5TB external. Looks like it was the right move after all