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  1. GreenMonkey

    The Retro Gaming bug

    The problem with the Analogue NT is that it's OOP now, they go for like $1200 on ebay. I bought mine last year when they still had them. The jailbreak supports so many cores that that tipped me over the edge on it last year (Sega Master System, various Atari, etc) but it's harder now that they are seemingly OOS forever and going for stupid prices. The Super NT is very nice, most of the big bugs worked out of it now. I picked up a few of the non-jailbreak supported carts with special chips I wanted to play - Super Mario RPG, Yoshi's Island, Star Fox. It's kinda cool to have real carts, at least a few of them. Don't want to go back to the days when I had shelves and shelves of them though.
  2. GreenMonkey

    The Retro Gaming bug

    I went kinda retro in the last year or two also, anyone else have an Analogue NT mini or a Super NT? Been enjoying both. Have a NES classic and a SNES classic modded also, and a retropie in a Mini Sega Genesis hub that I spent about 50-60 hours on with **just** the games I wanted on it, along with preview videos and artwork for everything. Took quite a bit of manual legwork (a lot of video files needed handbraking, pulled youtube videos for translations and such, etc). The Analogue consoles are so much better than I only really use the NES/SNES classic on vacation in hotels, etc, and the Retropie is good for the stuff those don't handle natively handle well (Sega CD, Playstation 1, etc). Haven't had as much time as I would like, still play too much Overwatch and a lot of commuting, but daughter and I had a lot of fun last fall playing Rampart (NES), Tengen Tetris, Mario 1/3, etc. Really want to dig in and play one of the newer SNES translated RPGs, there's been a lot of releases in recent years. If you're fiddling a lot with SCART and Framemeisters and stuff, recommend Bob's RetroRGB channel on youtube, he does a weekly update about all the retro stuff going on, covers a lot of hardware mods and flash carts for old systems and stuff.
  3. I've had a couple of times that me E6 has gotten finicky like that and I've had to power cycle. Ever since I updated my Onkyo NR656 to the latest firmware I've had problems with ARC dropping from the TV to the receiver that required a bit of that also. With the OLED I guess it does some screen conditioning cycles while the TV is "off" so I know it's not really off unless I power down / unplug completely.
  4. I'm not a big 3D fan either. Skip it a lot for theater showings. But it is fantastic on the OLED. Watched Moana with the kids and it was very close to theater 3D. Good enough I re-ordered The Force Awakens but in 3D to see what it looks like on the TV.
  5. This. Just when you think Nintendo is moving in the right direction they give people the finger and shoot themselves in the foot. It's a cool gadget, I got mine about a month ago, but I know lots of people that want one but can't get it. Including a lot of people that are totally not the Switch / gamer demographic.
  6. I'll take a whack at it when I get a chance, I downloaded some of the test stuff and threw it on a flash drive. Still fiddling with setup for day-to-day usability for the family when I'm off at work. I liked having HDMI-CEC and ARC enabled, and they make it easy to use, but they are not playing nice with my Onkyo or my Harmony Hub. ARC is always switching the TV input to TV any time the TV switches inputs or turns on, and the damn PS4 wakes up and seizes control and switches inputs to itself any time it is scanned (I.E. any time the TV powers on or switches HDMI inputs it seems to glance across the inputs, or the receiver does it, and beep! goes the PS4 hijacking everything). The ease of the remote is appreciated by the wife/kids but the random switching around of inputs isn't. I like having the ease of use of everything from the TV remote but I'm having to turn it all off to make anything work right. At least I have sound from the TV apps via optical out working properly now (since I installed the .95 update) so that I CAN turn it off. EDIT: Looks like I have it working with interkey delay of 900ms on the Onkyo. Just long enough that the ARC switches to the TV source on the receiver, and then the Harmony switches it to the right input. Now to get Alexa and Yonomi working so I can voice control it like science fiction.
  7. I haven't noticed any banding on my E6 but I'll be keeping an eye out for it. I noticed my firmware wasn't up to date (even though the TV said no updates available). Every time I tried to download the 4.30.95 update from LG's US site I had data errors in the zip file when attempting to unzip. Others have been complaining about it on AVSforum also. Pulled it from the Canada LG site and installed fine on a tip from over there on avsforum. The file hash was different on the Canada file, so I suspect some of the LG file servers have a corrupt version of it (all 3 times I downloaded from US I got the same file, different file hash from it).
  8. GreenMonkey

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Using an Xbox One S here since most of my gaming buddies game on Xbone (personally I prefer the PS4 but it gets plenty of wear for Souls games and such). Got one for $240 - $20 ebay bucks back, and traded by OG 500gb Xbone for $150 credit at Gamestop, so it didn't cost me much. Watched Pacific Rim with my daughter on UHD, looked pretty good. Picked up the Bourne discs for $15 each last week, Identity was pretty underwhelming, but I wanted to replace my HD-DVDs anyway. Ordered Labyrinth for the wife, she's a huge fan of the movie and from what I read the disc is pretty good.
  9. Thanks. I'll try some of your suggestions. Not sure I'm going to go full calibration route but I don't mind spending some spare time trying to tweak things a bit to get them closer. Good tip on the Planet Earth 2, I didn't realize that they fiddled with the framerate, might explain why I'm having trouble shaking some motion artifacts from it. I've always been pretty sensitive to them, find them very distracting.
  10. So I poked my head in here a while ago, having been gone for a while (after seeing Romier post on neogaf about the OLED firmware update). I did indeed get myself one of these. I winced at the extra $1k for the 65". Ended up with the 65" E6 for $2799 via ielectronica / ebay. Somehow I knew you guys would be talking OLED settings. Still fiddling with the trumotion settings. Been watching Planet Earth II with the kids and the judder / blur issue was bugging me. My torture test for it right now is the Mountains episode, towards the beginning with the hawk diving through the mountains. Too much dejudder / deblur and the hawk was artifacting - disappearing / reappearing in the mountain. Haven't calibrated it much yet otherwise - my oldest keeps bugging me to watch movies and my XBL buddies keep bugging me to play Overwatch, hard to find extra time to tweak it. Trying to figure out a good way to quickly toggle to and from game mode easily. It's nice the set saves settings for individual modes, so my HDR UHD BD settings aren't being used on games, but that doesn't apply to normal 1080p BDs. Tried to get the Onkyo 646's HDMI2 to output to a separate HDMI port on the TV but it isn't playing nice for that (HDMI sub output seems to be a duplicate of HDMI main). That would be a workaround but no luck yet getting both outputs to go to the LG.
  11. Haven't logged in here in ages, I saw you posted the thread on the LG OLED input lag update on NeoGAF. Thanks for the update (and the cross post on the gaf). I've been eyeballing the LG 65" OLED sets as a replacement for my 5-yr old GT25 plasma for early next year, but the input lag numbers were concerning. Doesn't look like anyone has new input lag numbers out yet?
  12. Sorry, didn't consider something that has been dropped / isn't going to happen in the show at all as a spoiler I guess. Or at we talking not caught up with the last episode yet?
  13. I see it (what they were trying to do) but I think it's weaksauce compared to the book reveal. I mean, the reason he gets SOOO angry is when he finds out that *shrug* Dunno. Don't like it. Other things, despite the changes, worked pretty well IMO (Brienne-Hound fight, Jojen scene, etc).
  14. I couldn't believe they left out the Tysha reveal. It's really the reason Tyrion goes apeshit. I guess they're dropping it. Any other changes seem alright to me assuming the showrunners know stuff about where the story is going that we don't. I guess most people are complaining about a certain other character that doesn't show (epilogue of book 3) but I can see why they would hold out on that for now.
  15. GreenMonkey

    Sony PlayStation Vita

    Any good RPG recommendations for the Vita? The wife got me one for father's day. I'm playing FF7 on it right now as a holdover...I thought about the FFX HD remix but I found it good but hopelessly easy when it was first released, and it's still like $40 which is a bit much for game I'm lukewarm on. I'm definitely a traditionalist mostly (turn-based) but I do like an action RPG once in a great while if it's really good (like Dark Souls, Secret of Mana, etc) I was thinking Persona 4? Dragon's Crown I was huge on buying some time ago but it seems like the kind of title I'd only end up playing with a friend (more of a PS3 type purchase). How's the single player? Was also thinking of finally picking up Shadow of the Colossus HD remix and playing it via remote play...never got past the first couple of fights on that back in the day.