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  1. A thread about Lego

    Mine won’t be here until Monday. Don’t know why it’s taking them so long.
  2. A thread about Lego

    I think I was only offered it because I hadn't ever bought a toy there, on my account at least. There was no code, per se, just a notice on the product page that said I qualified.
  3. A thread about Lego

    Nice, less than $100 with Amazon's 15% toy coupon and my $13 in Amazon Visa rewards.
  4. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I don’t remember any trailers playing before GotG2 disc. Hopefully they keep that crap on the blu-ray, not the UHD. But I doubt it will stay there only.
  5. I’d say it might be best to try and learn the controls outside of VR for Elite.
  6. I have at least a 30' run to my projector and the cable is nothing special. 4k goes over it just fine.
  7. How high is the mantle? About 4 feet? That actually wouldn’t be too awful. I mean that’s a great room, but you may as well just keep the focus at the fireplace. Considering how far back you could sit I don’t think it would be too bad.
  8. Black Mirror Discussion Thread

    I noticed that earlier tonight. Definitely going to check that out this weekend.
  9. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    The only problems I have with packaging is when the spindle breaks and won't secure the disc any longer. Aside from that it's just a piece of plastic that secures another piece of plastic. So long as my discs are safe, in perpetuity, I'm happy. Finished the final HP yesterday. I am so glad I hadn't watched these movies in a such a long while. It was a real treat being able to consume them all over a short period of time. I had actually forgotten a few of the twists which made for a few nice surprises. The quality of the discs is spectacular as well. Can't wait to start digging into the Nolan set, minus Dunkirk which I'd already watched.
  10. Apple Discussion Thread

    Ok I ordered one kit for each phone. $43 minus $31 of Amazon rewards. We shall see how it goes next week.
  11. Apple Discussion Thread

    Does that include the battery?