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  1. It will do 60hz, but not at 4k. It's a bandwidth limitation of the HDMI board. I don't know how many "4k" projectors will have this limitation, but there are ups and downs to just about any projector right now. The Epson isn't perfect, but it checks off enough boxes for me and had the lowest input lag of just about all the pixel-shifters right now. Bill at theDigitalBits had a really good write up for the 5040. Of course, you could also just get a Sony real 4k model, but you will pay more than twice the 5040 just for the lowest end there.
  2. Regular HDR10 will be included no matter what other options like HLG, Vision, HDR10+, etc comes along. At the same time, those other options may never come to projectors at all. So if you are going to wait on more options, you may be waiting a long time. That said, the 4010 is, I believe, very similar to my 5040ub. I have no complaints about it with the exception of the HDMI board limits the available bandwidth meaning it can be hard to get the appropriate HDR signal(30 or 24 hz, no 60hz). My Roku would not put out an HDR signal compatible with the Epson, but my UHD player and Fire TV do.
  3. Eldorado

    Sony announce the PlayStation Classic for Dec 2018

    I agree with this. But since they pay shipping, I have tons of packing material at my warehouse and it takes me like 3 minutes to pack it up. I know not everyone has that though. I can package it up better than Amazon does. I believe I'm going to do this. Edit: So they aren't paying shipping but I still come out way ahead.
  4. Read that the other day. Nabbed my own gently used SNES off Amazon right after.
  5. Eldorado

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    I still crash within seconds of loading in near Poseidon power plant. Every time.
  6. Eldorado

    Sega Ages announced for Switch..

    I’ve had a strong itch to play Virtua Racing recently. Hopefully that makes its way out soon.
  7. Remember that first gen sets don’t pass HDR, if that matters to you. You’d have to switch cables to get that working. They have the mute power and volume on the cord. Second gen has controls on headset itself. And hopefully they don’t switch the boxes during refurb since I think that is the part that would matter for HDR. Again, only if that is something you utilize.
  8. Eldorado

    UHD Deals Thread 2018

    Walmart online has the Mission Impossible 6-film Collection for $92(~$15/film is the cheapest I’ve seen any of these)plus tax. I bought it on the app and they have free 2-day shipping. For some reason Walmart has fantastic prices for UHD new releases typically within a week of the movie coming out. In store prices still suck but you can get same day pickup on most stuff. They are quickly becoming my go-to UHD retailer.
  9. Eldorado

    Sony announce the PlayStation Classic for Dec 2018

    It's over there, sitting unopened until we find out more.
  10. Eldorado

    4K for life......for now.

    Practically none to speak of for lag. I think it is in the mid to high 20’s. No problem with PS4 Pro but I think it only does HDR at 1080p or something weird like that. And looking around it seems seems that the Apple 4K should be good too. You will have to make sure it is set for either 24 or 30 hz though. The 5040 will not accept hdr over refresh rates higher than that due to the HDMI board on the unit. And apparently this makes the ui on the Apple “jittery.” 🤷‍♂️ I haven't had any problem with the two UHD players I have, a cheap Philips and a decent Sony. No compatibility problems with either but don’t buy them. That LG seems to be getting some good reviews around here.
  11. Well sure, eventually you would expect some to rub away. But those things have only been in the stores for a couple of months. And I really doubt they are being used constantly. I think I have yet to see anyone use the demo model at my Walmart.
  12. Eldorado

    4K for life......for now.

    There are some HDR “issues” to account for. Not every flavor of HDR can be accepted by the 5040. My Roku wouldn’t pass an HDR signal, but the new Fire TV Stick and my Sony UHD player would. That’s pretty much my only issue with it. And the only way you are going to get a better projector picture is with a true 4K projector, setting you back probably another $3k. Faux-K, pixel-shifters, put out a great picture and with very good HDR support even if you aren’t hitting the full color space. I’ve had mine for about a year now and don’t regret it at all.
  13. You can see in your pic one of the big problems with the paint job rubbing away by the controls. They point that out in the video.
  14. Anyone ever pick up one of these? They appear to have many more numerous issues than first reported. If I could get one on a deep clearance, preferably a Street Fighter one, it might be worth it as nice base to do some heavy modding.
  15. Eldorado

    Fallout 76 Trailer

    When I could actually play the game we were attacked one time by a couple of guys. We wrecked them pretty hard.