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  1. Entry Level 1080p Projectors?

    Hey projector people, I have a question. I'm getting to the point where I will need to start looking at getting a new bulb so that when the current one I have dies it will be ready to install. The housing and bulb for my Epson 5040 goes for about $280. A bulb alone looks like it costs about half as much. The guy on the Amazon review seemed to make notice that swapping out a bulb into the old housing unit wasn't a big deal. But some people are just full of shit... Does anyone have any experience in doing this?
  2. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I propose no one give you a "favour" unless you edit your post to reflect the proper spelling of the word in good old fashioned American.
  3. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    GotG2 was fine. So was Homecoming, as Dan pointed out, by Sony. Thor was an issue, just like TLJ. And yes, it makes me fear what Black Panther will have.
  4. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I didn’t think anything was overblown, but it certainly wasn’t as sharp as other, newer films. And the audio was definitely mixed low and I’m getting a bit fed up with Disney and that trend.
  5. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Lots of jungle greens that looked really good though. But not too many other colors stood out.
  6. The LG OLED thread

    Getting a switcher is certainly an option. I would be worried that your other HDMI ports might follow suit though, even if they are fine now.
  7. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    The Incredible Hulk shipped today from Amazon.
  8. Yep, that's how we saw SW:TLJ and I would say the sound alone was worth it.
  9. UHD Deals Thread 2018

    I'm pretty certain that at least Logan and the original Ghostbuster movies have been added to the Amazon 3 for $50. I've been waiting on Logan and GB1 to get added to a sale. Just need to find a third to go with them. Edit: Goodfellas it is.
  10. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Busy weekend watching four UHDs. Saturday morning it was Kingsman The Golden Circle. Evening was Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle followed by the the first 2/3s of Fantastic Beasts. I finished that Sunday morning and we watched Justice League during dinner. They were all fine discs, however I’m a little miffed that WB defaults to DTSMA on their discs instead of Atmos. All discs played without a hitch on the x800.
  11. UHD Deals Thread 2018

    I didn't care for the new Ghostbusters all that much, but I'd buy that for $13.99. It's just too bad I didn't see the sale price when I was there Tuesday. Not in stock anywhere near me, Amazon is matching the price though.
  12. 4K for life......for now.

    So glad that it's working for you now. You may want to avoid actual firmware updates, not the internet content ones, from here on out. I think most of my settings are the same as yours but I'll check on my settings in a few. BTW, how long does bootup take now? Looks like I have just about everything set to Auto, including 4k Upscaling. Oh and one of my little things I like to do is give my electronics a Darth name. The x800 is Darth Four Kay.
  13. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Make it $3 and we have a deal.
  14. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I think I'll survive without the Making of JL. Now I almost did the same thing with Jumanji, but figured my son could keep the BR for when he wants to watch it. And I'll probably try to sell the digital copy for a few bucks on ebay.
  15. The Retro Gaming bug

    It was. I had the 36” model.