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  1. If tourists aren't eaten I would be very disappointed.
  2. Netflix members...

    TBH, Spider-man 1 & 2 and the Xmen movies popped into my head as well as credits I could do without before they were even mentioned. In general though I almost never skip the opening credits.
  3. Narrator: It was not the final season.
  4. Ah, I hadn't considered that route. That's a damn good idea.
  5. Did you have a credit or something? Shows at $24 for me.
  6. Yes. That was unfortunate.
  7. Sam is going to move up in the world fast. That's a good thing.
  8. Well it stays on sale on PSN until the 16th, so lets get some fresh perspectives. Especially from Romier since he was quite critical of the game originally.
  9. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I picked up the ID4 double pack at Walmart for $25. Seeing as just the first film was at $28 on Amazon figured might as well. I'm really looking forward to Apollo 13. I have the HDDVD, but never got the blu-ray.
  10. So I bought a refurbished one of these. After $75 in GC and $70 for signing up for an Amazon Prime card it only came out to $260. This is my first Gsync monitor and its also 1440p. I should hopefully have it in a week or so.
  11. Netflix members...

    Don't know if that'll be enough to counter the fact that Disney is pulling their movies from Netflix to start their own streaming service.
  12. DW had everything attached to your ticket, a small plastic card, that you had to hold up to a post that scanned at all FastPasses. You use the MagicBand in place of your ticket once it is assigned. I had Guest services do ours. We all got LE ones: Darth Vader for me, Steamboat Mickey for my son, and evil queens for my wife. Whether you use the ticket or MagicBand, they pretty much have to be pressed right up to the post. The range is not very far. edit: They also get used at all the photo stations as well.
  13. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Clouds...with a silver lining.