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  1. It's the very reason I don't venture out to the movies as much as I used to. My setup may not be perfect, but I think it's great and the benefit of having whatever I want on hand and pausing for breaks sees me wait for the disc. And ie throw distance, the new projector had to go back like a full 5-6 feet back from where the previous projector location. Which with the way the room is setup now is no issue, but beforehand I was pushing the limits of positioning. It was only about a ft from the back wall.
  2. So, Microcenter made me a deal that I just couldn't refuse. https://www.microcenter.com/product/604738/g433-gaming-desktop-pc There was an open box available for $1300. And they now have their own credit card, so got another 5% off. After adding a Toshiba 7200 rpm 4TB HDD, it was about $1443 all together. I think the HDD may take all night to format.
  3. I became a Jedi with Kyle Katarn over a decade ago. And a damn evil one at that. Tossin Stormtroopers off ledges and cuttin heads and arms off with impunity. Still one of the best “become a Jedi” games I’ve ever played. It needs a remaster.
  4. If you could wait another 6 months or so, and honestly I know I probably couldn’t, I would wait before buying. There were sales not long after the 5040 released. Or another alternative that I like: the refurbished unit. My 5040 is a refurb and it has been fantastic and I think I saved $400-$500. No issues that aren’t just inherent to the 5040 in general. I bought direct from Epson.
  5. The 5040ube is the exact same projector except that it has a wireless HDMI connection. It’s been out the same amount of time as the vanilla 5040.
  6. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet. PSVR 3DRudder Seems a very intuitive way to get about in VR while keeping you stationary IRL. I wonder how it goes back to "center." Like all analog sticks have a zero position for no movement. I think, even in a sitting position, it may be very difficult to keep your feet totally still. Maybe it has a huge deadzone. It will be interesting to see more detailed impressions once it releases in a few months.
  7. Yeah, I think my wife said they only had aisle seats left. So whatever. 7 on Friday night.
  8. I’ll always keep it mainly because it is my son’s primary system for us to play together online. I do look for sales whenever I can though.
  9. I almost think I’d be better off getting one of these as opposed to getting Sega’s new little machine.
  10. I would definitely check and see if that Sony has any disc compatibility issues. My X800 was pretty problematic at first; it seems to have gotten much better with updates. I haven't had a lockup in a long while. /knocks on wood/ Aside from that, it's built like a tank and I've never heard any noise coming from it.
  11. Very disappointed with no 6 button controller for the US. I would certainly import if that’s the case.
  12. But they are competing on the digital front. Because 95% of games are multiplatform, including Steam which is the forerunner of digital sales. Sales are not just "commercially advantageous," they are literally a requirement if these companies truly want to do away with second hand sales and grow their base. So they have to go on sale regularly knowing that their competitors, MS, Sony, Steam, etc, ARE going to be doing sales.
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