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  1. From this trailer I felt like this movie and location was a bit of a bridge, between the common world we live in and are used to (with the super heros) and the other worldly realms such as in Thor and Guardians. I don't know if that was the intent, but that's what it felt like.
  2. I respectfully disagree. Not necessarily crazy about it, but I found my interest in the movie raised a bit by this trailer, & not so much by the first.
  3. I'm glad to hear this, I think this movie would struggle beyond its core audience if it was played too straight/serious. My interest is greatly increased given these early impressions. 👍
  4. Ditto! This looks like the right point to jump in on the Switch. It'll collect until Xmas though. Shhh! 🎅
  5. Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Any Tim's here?
  6. Gorgeous game! Looks brilliant all around!
  7. I have two PS4's, neither being a Pro. One Launch unit, one later release. Neither is loud. The launch unit is in a wide open entertainment center, and geeky enough, it's always rested on a very low cooling rack. It was just too hot for my liking right out of the box. I've had enough issues with burnt out & Red Rings consoles, I didn't feel like tempting fate.
  8. Cutting the Cable Cord

  9. Cutting the Cable Cord

    Saturday will happen, but if perhaps you are referring to the 90's, I deleted the evidence already. Not sure what I was even thinking in that decade!
  10. Cutting the Cable Cord

    I'm interested in reading this, and we have a fantastic bookstore here in town. (Bookstore) This sounds like another great reason to stop in! Saturday morning, bookstore, newspaper, coffee! 👍 It's like the 90's never ended.
  11. You'd probably all call me a douchebag twat had any of you actually read Keith's Madden league thread, but just in case there are actually any humans still visiting this forum (I suspect all other posts here are now just auto-written by some script kitty bots) I'll gift you a link to get A free PC copy of Psychonauts via Humble Bundle You're welcome twat-bots! Oh, and you know a game is a it old when a retrospective video was made way back in 2011!
  12. LCVG Madden 18 Online Franchise?

    First the consolidation of threads and topics. Now no takers to poke fun at Keith? (Heck, I even left the back door wide open for people to poke me instead) Stick a fork in LCVG, I think the ole gal has taken her last breath! I bet you guys are really regretting not going with my suggestion of migrating LCVG to Google's new social platform, Google+! Might have saved this place! (Uh, that's Google+, with a plus symbol followed by an exclamation, for emphasis. I didn't want you to think it was called GooglePlusExclamation, because that might get confusing.) 🙃👍
  13. LCVG Madden 18 Online Franchise?

    That's the face I make when Keith beats me at Madden. It also happens to be the face Keith makes when (Fill in the blank. Be creative! Best answer gets a nude selfie from Keith's wife. ... Ok, who am I kidding, selfies for everyone!).
  14. These airlines need to be Stosslized! They are doing nothing to further the profits of investors! And now the semi-wealthy will have to compete with lower classes for their life & safety. Injustice, two storms and counting! 🙃 http://money.cnn.com/2017/09/06/news/companies/jetblue-hurricane-flights/index.html
  15. I never really got King's popularity, I always felt his work was messy, like hard to follow and inconsistent. (Talking older stuff, I haven't read or seen anything recent, if there is anything) Now that's not to say that there aren't bits and pieces that effective and enjoyable, but I always managed to lose interest somewhere, whether it was print or screen. This said, the cocaine admission doesn't surprise me in the least. The "positive buzz" gives me enough interest that I'm paying attention to this movie, but I'm still leery. It'll be interesting to see what you guys have to say as your impressions roll in. Fuck clowns though, fuck that shit! Damn evil spawns! Oh, and the movie may be good, I'm open to that, but I'm not a fan of the poster (linked above). It's pretty terrible, IMO. Anyone care to differ on that point?