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  1. I haven't seen a single one of these DC films (I do want to catch WW at some point), and it's a damn shame. I wasn't the biggest comic book kid, but I really did enjoy these characters growing up, in comics, film and on TV. I've seen nearly every Marvel film if late, and I would have classified both Marvel and DC on the same level of interest before both of the most modern respective takes came to be. I have enjoy the DC television series stuff, but the films have done almost nothing to draw my interest. (WW withstanding)
  2. That is a great trailer! Sometimes you want to avoid trailers because of potential spoilers, but that's a such a well constructed trailer I'd consider it 'a must watch.' The trailer as entertainment, how novel.
  3. Blue Whale Challenge

    You should play a round. If you never post again we'll know that you were wrong. End discussion!
  4. Absolutely, this!
  5. Looks great! Beautifully shot and composed as well. I love the last frame of that trailer.
  6. https://slickdeals.net/f/10358636-jotun-valhalla-edition-pc-digital-download-free-steam-gog Right price on a good looking game! ?
  7. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Umm, actually, no, it really is Keith!
  8. That looks to be for the comic diehards only. It also had that 'tv terrible' vibe about it. I'd naively assumed I was watching a movie trailer up until the moment, 'this looks tv terrible', popped into my mind.
  9. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    I cut bread out almost entirely, and as with any similar 'extreme' diet changes I've done, it eventually got to the point that a food I once loved and consumed regularly now makes me ill to think of. Bread can still smell delicious, but I don't feel well eating or even thinking of eating it now. It's different than the fats, acids and alcohols however, in that the bread 'ill' is mental, whereas the other stuff truly affects my body physiologically. I kind of feel like I need to check-in here with my story for a point of reference. I was always a skinny active guy, and like most people my weight began to creep through my twenties and thirties. I was never really large, but rather a typical average overweight American male. I topped out at about 201 a few years back. I'm currently 163. I'd still like to lose 'X' amount of weight, X being whatever it takes to find ab muscles. I kind of think I'm at my ideal weight, I just need to hit the weights, build muscle mass and lose fat in combination. This is all just theory though until I decide to commit. I cannot claim credit for my modest weight loss, as a great deal of the credit goes to my body telling me to fuck off with the shitty diet. My body revolted on me, and I've simply embraced the opportunity to get on that band wagon. My body said I couldn't eat shitty foods, and I have tried my best to make good choices when finding something to eat. That's what it's literally like for me. I've always been a picky eater, tending toward poor choices, and now I'm a picky eater who can't make poor choices. Finding something to eat every day is a real chore. Because of the life style difference I'm ok with the difficulty, but eating is rarely exciting, it's mostly an ever present task to be addressed. Wheee! Yeahhh, another grilled chicken salad! (The irony is that I never liked salads, and still don't, lol) What's my work out regime you may be wondering! This is seriously it,... I'm a stay-at- home dad with four little kids. My gravest weight coincided with my tenure in the workforce sitting at a desk. (Fuck that shit forever!) I've never been a person who could sit still for long, and now I can't even sit still if I wanted to. Typing this response right now is stealing more free time than I've spent on anything all day long. ? I never stop moving. I kill my daily fitness goals (on my fitness app) without ever attempting to work out. I regularly hit them well before lunch. Sounds good right? Well, I've lost weight because I'm at a calorie deficit. I can go without eating for long stretches, which I know isn't a good thing. I often have to now be mindful to eat. As for goals, as I've stated, I'd like to hit the irons to build up a bit, but that actually goes in the same to-do list as learn to play guitar and reorganize my bill credenza. Some day, hopefully sooner than later. That's my short story in a nut shell. I'm relatively fit and much by circumstance. Mostly by my body telling me to fuck off. I look around at younger guys now when we go out for dinner, eating away and heading in the same direction I was once heading. I also see people my age and older who've never hit a wall like I did. I am fortunate for sure, and my guilt for being 'lucky motivates me is to make healthy choices now, and keep active.
  10. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Ymmv, but for me combating GI issues has required eliminating greasy fats (stuff like french fries and ice creams being the absolute worst), and avoiding/limiting acids and alcohols. One other big factor is dismissed was dairy. Basically all dairy, sans eggs, messes with my GI. It wasn't was clear as the fats, acids and alcohols, but it turned out to be just as important. I still eats some things in very small moderation, and I have to be diligent. Like today we had guests, I BBQ'd, and I let myself eat a burger and have one drink. I had to take ompeprezole before hand in anticipation, and be careful not to cheat any more than I'd already allowed. And I only did this because I'd been so good leading up to today, thus my internals weren't in a sketchy state before 'cheating'. The good thing is that this makes weight loss and management might easier. My body is forcing me to be healthy. It's interesting, I look around at what other people my age eat and I can't understand how they are able to eat and drink unhealthy without their GI screaming back at them. I often wonder how many people, young, middle and old age suffer and don't understand fully how their diet affects them. My 10 year old daughter can eat fatty fried stuff, but I've noticed and brought to her attention that she often does not finish these food, and seems to complain about her stomach after eating. It's something that might fly under the radar for a while longer if I wasn't so familiar myself.
  11. So unexpected, I didn't even know they made more than one. I really had zero interest initially, but clearly I need to check out this series given what I heard in those reviews.
  12. The way they approach sales doesn't even enter my mind. I set up alerts for games that interest me, and never bother looking into sales. This way the deals I'm interested in come to my inbox, and I avoid the impulse/regret purchases altogether. Of course I always follow the LCVG threads, so I never miss any true hidden gem/impulse sale items. ? For example, given the direction of this current conversation, it doesn't appear I'll be missing out on any great find this go round.
  13. E3 2017 Schedule

    Is an LCVG Discord server not an option for some reason? Seems like the best solution for stuff like this.