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  1. This is what I need to kick me into purchasing. With all of the positive vibes I need to demo this game!
  2. JTello

    Nintendo 64 Classic

    Blast Corps
  3. JTello

    Made by Google

    MKBHD's video today finished with 'the Slate (in its current beta form) is a laggy stuttering mess'. It may be great, but if suggest just to some homework as it releases and gets in-depth reviewed.
  4. The sun is out and it's a beautiful cool Fall day, but I'm all gray inside. Complete agreement with Keith is just depressing.
  5. I feel more critical of the Switch than most. I think the durability is absolute shit! Harsh enough? Well, I hope the asshole(s) who approved the kick stand were fired and are still looking for work! Furthermore, I hope anyone connected with the fragile screen, the wonky thumb sticks and the weak & creaky joy cons get razor burn every day on whatever body parts they choose to shave! If anyone here becomes super rich and also invents a time machine, please go back, buy Nintendo and Sony, fire anyone involved in Sony's proprietary media decisions, give me the Switch library and support on the PSVita and burn down the Nintendo hardware division please! Thank you
  6. This is a dilemma! A PC release would be ideal in my use case. Wish it was announced for PC. 🙄
  7. Don't watch, don't ask. Find your inner Zen! The greatest rewards are rewarded to the ones with greatest patience. 😉
  8. Don't click it, don't watch it! This movie is going to be awesome, just trust me and stop yourself from spoiling it! 👍👍 (Unfair of me, I know.)
  9. My wife and I were just taking SC5 yesterday. Nice timing! 👍👍
  10. Your balls will be tickled with razor blades and bathed with alcohol for eternity, not for having an opinion, but for agreeing with Keith!
  11. JTello

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Couldn't sleep. Dawn of Justice was on, never seen any DC film other than WW. Wish I could have slept. What a shit show! I painfully made it to the moment that they killed the beast thing and just shut it off. It wasn't over yet, but I didn't give a flying fuck. Ugh, I really can't believe I disliked a Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman movie that much. Those cheesy 70's Saturday morning cartoons I grew up watching were Oscar material by comparison.
  12. Yes, you guys are describing it exactly. It's terribly unimportant, yet still terribly annoying. The idea that downloading and loading games would fix it on an individual basis is mindnumbing. https://media.giphy.com/media/wVcNP3TnXbl84/giphy.gif
  13. You know what drives me crazy with the PS4, after you purchase a title you cannot get any info on the title. Like if you were browsing the store you can read a summary of the game etc, but after you purchase a title that information is unavailable. This comes into play regularly if you have ps+, batch buy the free games each month and then try to actually look at them later. Many times I don't know what a free title even is, I've bought it, and then I'm unable to read even a simple description, let alone look at screenshots or videos. It's such a weird long running issue.