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  1. Shazam was just meh, kinda a mess really, but my kids enjoyed it. I think they fucked up making this movie, it really is a movie for kids, yet it gets too dark and serious at times (when it's not being campy. Weird combo.) It could also do without the mature bits that got it the PG13 rating, it really should have been a PG experience. Joey's above comment is great, "Give me a sitcom of them, and I would watch". This really feels like a modern Disney channel preteen sitcom twisted awkwardly into darker movie. The kid must be cute, my daughter has been obsessed with this movie since we saw it four days ago. She didn't want to see it, now she's trolling for entertainment articles, wikis and potential sequel leaks. Kid must be cute!
  2. I could imagine we'd have cut ties with Netflix, it doesn't get enough use to justify these days for us. Thankfully we started getting it free with tmobile, so it's not a thing I have to manage now. I could see getting Disney+ at some point at that cost. Of course if they Jack that cost I wouldn't hesitate to skip it or drop it.
  3. I Texted Keith. Might as well share my thoughts here. "I had the Jabras, they are awesome, I would recommend them highly. I had to return mine, but only because my ears aren't normal. You should be fine and love'em. I'll punch your face if I have to look at those stupid cigarette butts hanging from your lobs. (Btw, they are supposedly refreshing them this year, so not only will you look silly, you'll look last generation silly.)"
  4. Joker looks like the one of the best DC films already. Ok, low bar, but looks great already!
  5. They are trying to see if people will cancel PS+. It's an experiment! I have over a year left on my sub. Kinda wish it was up right now, I'd love to give them some immediate negative financial feedback.
  6. Have you tried the Silk dark chocolate almond milk? OK, has sugars, if you are trying to avoid those, but AMAZING! Best chocolate milk on the planet!
  7. Wait, just found out? I know I told you before, this ain't new info. Thank you Dr. Joel! Btw, I've already told you this, but your new awesome buddy is Silk almond milk. All of the awesome of milk, none of the shit. And the shit!
  8. Our family would love The Little Mermaid. How many treasures can one movie hold? 😁
  9. Calling out your own trolling because it apparently wasn't savage enough for anyone online to give a shit about,... That's a first world problem!
  10. Kids had today off and we were heading to the store right next to the theater, so we ended up taking a detour to see CM. I agree the movie is slower in the first half, better second, but we all did enjoy the movie. Her power build up was fun. Ultimately, it'll be interesting to see her added to the greater franchise, it'll be fun to see how they balance things. I liked her, I think her character's personality will fit into the universe well as it's currently established.
  11. Savage! Here, you earned your wings,...
  12. What the fuck! Don't push the button? I bet it's server reset! Sure, it probably looks like it'll start a new topic or some benign shit like that, but you twisted cock knobbers put a server reset switch right on the bloody front page. I'm not touching it, nice try, I'm not falling for that reverse psychology bullshit! Don't anyone touch that fucking button, itza trap boyz!
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