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  1. http://m.ign.com/articles/2018/01/05/burnout-paradise-hd-remaster-seemingly-announced-for-japan-worldwide-release-rumoured
  2. I googled, didn't see an answer,... What's X patch?
  3. Black Mirror Discussion Thread

    Spoiler warning Watch Karl Pilkington Predict New Black Mirror Plots Years Ahead of Time https://gizmodo.com/watch-karl-pilkington-predict-new-black-mirror-plots-ye-1821690472
  4. Black Mirror Discussion Thread

    My ranking 1. USS Callister 2. Hang the DJ 3. Crocodile 4. Black Museum 5. Arkangel 6. Metalhead
  5. Black Mirror Discussion Thread

    I too enjoyed Hang the DJ, and I thought it was thoughtful placed within the season's anthology. But I also think it may be a forgotten episode by many once the season ends, lost in the noise if you will. The leads were great! But, oh she was lovely! Absolutely lovely! Speaking about that drowning noise, Crocodile. My wife had trouble watching that one. I thought it was great, but I also enjoy some painful 'omg are they going to go there' entertainment. My wife was swearing a lot. Good episode! We got up to Metalhead, and although it had some good ideas and moments, I found it the least engaging episode so far. Of course it's a high bar being set, imo, I'm just really enjoying Black Mirror.
  6. Black Mirror Discussion Thread

    Got in the first two episodes tonight. Both good, but that first episode was so much fun. I would love to know the percentage of episode one viewers that also checked IMDB and got a laugh from the Breaking Bad characters name for the first time? It was the first time my wife or I had heard that one. Perfect! 😃 I just love strong shows where each episode is an small film, independent from one another.
  7. Picked up Statik tonight, on sale for $11.99. (Weird, the link in this thread still goes to a $13.99 listing. I double checked my receipt, def $11.99. ) My wife and I both enjoyed it. I did say that the next time I play I'll.be streaming music, as the in-game sounds while working out the puzzles are droning. The VR experience and gameplay are great! 👍
  8. Your Top 10 movies of 2017

    Twist,... he actually hated it, but he only sees one movie every year. So, default.
  9. Sparc and Static seem well reviewed in my research.
  10. Any recommendations for/against from that list are welcome. This game rocks... Avoid that game... Trying to get up to speed fast on the psvr and Switch simultaneously. Information overload.
  11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Bad! "This is going to be terrible." -My gut
  12. I forgot, I also picked up Voltron. Heck, $6 to stand next to giant robot lions, fuck yeah! Supposed to be decent. 👍
  13. Picked up Rez Infinite via Sony's current flash sale. 17.99 https://slickdeals.net/f/11004535-ps4-flash-sale-nioh-20-uncharted-the-nathan-drake-collection-8-many-more?src=SiteSearch