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  1. JTello

    NFL 2016-2017 Season

    Highly inaccurate! I didn't see shit oozing out ears of the coach!
  2. https://www.thewrap.com/deadpool-trolls-marvel-avengers-endgame/
  3. JTello

    Netflix members...

    I didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me, I actually thought the movie was going there when we were watching that scene. It felt like the movie veered in that exact moment, so it's very interesting to see it was scripted that way. Thanks for sharing that! That would actually have been horribly humorous had it remained. An unintentional black comedy where a paralyzed kid in a wheel chair gets shot & killed by police and resurrected by aliens, sponsored by McDonald's, Coke & Skittles! O-M-G, who the fuck green lit that, and how the fuck it not get stopped along the way by any number of people or organizations? It's absolutely mind boggling! Thank goodness for us it didn't,... but holy shit!
  4. JTello

    Netflix members...

    A bit late to the party, by about 30 years. Just saw Mac & Me (MSK3000 style) with my kids. That was one of the worst movie experiences, and best MSK3000 episodes! OMG that movie would have sickened me had we not been laughing so much. That movie is the pinnacle of proof that the 80's had noooo shame! We all loved it as a 3000 episode though. We kept having to skip back (almost typed rewind) because we were laughing too loud to hear the next jokes.
  5. I like that Keith is mentally ill. That makes him almost interesting. But he's like a Superman clone. But not an invincible guy, with a cape. And he got his powers by what, drinking some flask in a lab? I know all these zeroes dream of getting powers in some odd way. For me, his lack of power, the way he got a zit, his generic attributes, Is off-putting. He's Lazy. He's a cheat. Wish he didn't exist.
  6. Before I scroll back up and read others responses,... My answers are, Airplane, National Lampoons Vacation and Naked Gun!
  7. JTello

    Cutting the Cable Cord

    We also have YouTubeTV and love it! YouTubeTV via Roku is the way to do it. Remote, Nice interface, and you can also access the app and via your phone if you choose. YouTubeTV as a service has been great, price, quality, cloud based so you can access it anywhere, etc. Also, we have a family account, so we added grandma to our 'Google family', (she doesn't live with us) so she was able to cut out her monthly cable bill all together. 👍
  8. Seems like everywhere. Wallyworld, Amazon, Sony, etc
  9. JTello

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Added! Looking forward to checking it out.
  10. Curious, with all of his cameos, and with the advances in digital characters of late, I wonder if there is any plan already in place for his cameos to continue? Seems very plausible. He seemed very happy to get them in, and I'm certain the topic must have been discussed. I'd venture his ego would have been all in on that idea. He could have actually recorded audio already. Just a thought! This is sad, and I know it struck my son hearing of the news. He loves spotting Stan Lee in his cameos, he has a real affinity and appreciation for him as a Marvel presence.
  11. For clarification, is there a way to tell which fan you are getting? I think I'm understanding that it's all luck.?
  12. Saw them in-store yesterday. They finally found something to kick the last of the Lego Dimensions into the clearance aisle. The cabinets are cool, small, but cool. Neat for a game room/bar room , but I couldn't imagine picking one up otherwise. It was nice to have a brand new one setup for demo in the store, it was fun to show the kids!
  13. I donated,... To Lendell. I didn't want to pick between Joey and Phil. And I didn't want to break the leader-for-donations tie going on. Lendell it is! 😁
  14. That is awesome! This game has so many golden moments, in loving the clips getting posted. Saw this one yesterday,...
  15. The spam AI chatter is also a peeve of mine in many games. It should be context sensitive as well, like if you linger within an invisible bubble around a dead body, the AI should make a SINGLE suggestion. If you are looting it could say something like, 'Arthur, make it quick, we gotta get going', or if you haven't yet looted, 'Arthur, see if he's got anything on him, but make it quick, we gotta run.'