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  1. Netflix members...

    Harsh! I just watched the first episode, and aside from the requisite suspension of disbelief, I enjoyed it plenty. It kept my interest and I'm looking forward to seeing where the season goes. It sure is a pretty looking show as well!
  2. Netflix members...

    I've been hopeful that Lost in Space might be fun to watch with the kids. As opinions and reviews roll in now I can't even decide if I want to attempt it. Might be fun, might be meh. Wish it was a slam dunk!
  3. The Retro Gaming bug

    Lol, yep, that took all of two seconds! Granted, there isn't much room those rooms, so they were almost pushed into figuring that one out.
  4. The Retro Gaming bug

    Went to PAX this past Thursday and Sunday with the family, and in a bit of a surprise, the classic console room was one of the biggest hits. The kids requested to go back multiple times. My older son really loved it, he was into all of the systems and the different controllers. He had to use EVERY controller. They loved Halo, Duck Hunt and even Duck Tales! They repeated yelled out 'this game is fun' when we played Multiplayer Slayer in Halo, which amusingly grabbed the attention of the room around us. I know Halo was fun back in the day, but I didn't expect them to have so much fun with it. (We also ended up playing Halo 4 in the main free play room, and had a lot of fun, but that didn't catch me off guard like Halo One did. ) I'm raising some sick kids, because they were frustrated with Duck Tales, but couldn't put it down. We actually have DT on the PS3, but it died so long ago that they didn't even remember it. I already had the desire to get a new ps3 because we have a great backlog of PS+ titles we've never even seen, so now I need to get my hands on one! Here is an album of the retro room pics from PAX, https://imgur.com/a/tzmyK
  5. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    This was my experience as well. It felt incomplete, and too disconnected from the war setting imo. It felt like a section of a much larger story that had been ripped out of book. Out of context of a much larger narrative. (Which it actually in fact is. But if done well the viewer shouldn't be left with a feeling of "that's it?") The silence of the soldiers (the beach masses) was too much as well. The common chatter and activity of the tired and solemn soldiers should have been set as the starting point for the settings audio. Instead the movie went straight for eerie silence, which didn't fully work imo. It just didn't feel right, as it was furthering the disconnect. When you have a large mass of human activity their should be a hum of activity, even if it's low, to set the point for which the ominous 'silence before an attack' can break. I felt this movie tried to be different by going straight to the ominous near silence. Even their total reaction on the pier attack felt subdued. I don't know, it just felt less chaotic than it should have been. I did enjoy the airplane scenes more, as I felt the seclusion & desperation of what a pilot might endure was effectively conveyed. I liked the movie, just not nearly as much as I should have/could have.
  6. Buy WipeOut! Driveclub VR is pfft. 😁 Buy WipeOut!
  7. My list, WipeOut, Moss, Superhot, Resident Evil, Rez, Batman Arkham, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Thumper, Statik, Rigs Star Wars Battlefront Xwing, Job Simulator, and don't overlook Playroom VR.
  8. Torn (PSVR)

  9. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Being a non - comic reader, and having just read that synopsis, I concur. "Gonna bomb hard."
  10. Your indoctrination is working,... Us receiving our codes! https://media.giphy.com/media/Hzn69C82hNtWU/giphy.gif
  11. I would love Shape of water, please! ☺️
  12. https://blog.twitch.tv/level-up-your-video-game-collection-with-free-games-with-prime-785fac856490
  13. Ditto! I'm getting better at the building aspect, but really it's just an occasional diversion. I'm not a great builder, but I almost always make final 10, and quite frequently top 5. I'm doing something right, apparently. In my top victory, the 2nd place guy had built his castle upon a house, and I managed to get into the house undetected, and with 10 players still left standing. I kept a low defensive profile, letting them take each other out. The plan went better than I anticipated, as we were the last two standing. I knew where he was, and he had no clue. I waited until the last possible moment, and exited the house. He'd also pushed the clock, and as I back away from the house (gun pointed back toward the house) we got locked in a gun fight with the storm overtaking him. Brilliant! Tower Defense defeated by the Castle Crasher!😃
  14. Congrats! I just got my 1st solo in Fortnite today. Let's both retire on top! BTW, I lol'd at those sound effects. ☺️