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  1. JTello

    Normal Everyday And/Or Cool Stuff

    Which is this? Love it or loath it, go on!
  2. JTello

    A thread about Lego

    Holy shit, that's a sweet ass Lego Volton! 😲
  3. I own this game, my son wanted it at one point. Barely played it. The barrier for me trying it couldn't be lower, yet they don't do a good job of selling it. The trailer was mildly interesting, but honestly knowing nothing about the game already, I didn't learn anything from that trailer. My bare knowledge of the game is, I think, when it game out it was a vast universe, where you could play and not see other players. The worlds weren't wildly dynamic, and the game was wayyy over hyped. That trailer looked like it was now a social game set in a sort of Star Blazers type of conflict setting. A conflict without a shot fired. I don't know what I'm watching. And then there's the comment about relearning the "crafting system" above. Is anyone here actually playing this regularly? How do you spend your in-game time, what's the break down?
  4. JTello

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    This thread is fascinating. I've found that I'm unwittingly combining many current approaches to dieting. As I noted to Keith's post, I find breakfast unnecessary, and although breakfast is my favorite meal, I rarely indulge now. I also don't eat/snack after 7pm. So this description of 16/8 is my regular daily regime.
  5. JTello

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    The video thumbnail is click bait, she never shows a bikini in this interview. ☺️ Skip to minute 9. I'll summarize the first nine minutes. She had lots of ailments in her life. Lots of boring ailments. You're welcome. This topic is interesting, as I've on my own really taken to 'listening' to my body as I eat different foods. I've had different ailments through life, at least since hitting adulthood, and over time I've realized that you really need to try new things with your diet, including stop eating various foods, and paying attention to how your body responds. I've never formally paid attention to any dieting info, tends, fads, etc, but there was a certain point where I realized doctors weren't going to help, at least none of the ones I'd appointed with. For example, with my acid reflux, I never had doctors suggest that I could manage my issues without drugs by simply identifying the particular foods that are triggers for me. (I'm talking general here, because I figure digestion, like many other bodily functions and various organs, can varying person to person in what triggers they are vulnerable to.) The medical advice I got amounted to, maybe generally speaking I have some undiscovered food allergies, but really it's just part of getting older and I can try X medication. And if it helps, I can take X medication for the rest of my life. The rest of my life! I slowly started questioning this approach, and then finally at one appointment I came to my 'fuck this' moment. I waited an obsurd length of time in an exam room for a scheduled follow up. I had some issues and thoughts I was ready to run by the doctor, see what's his thoughts were. It never occurred. He came in, I barely got out something along the lines that my acid reflux and seemed to intensify, and without ever looking away from his paperwork said he'd double my daily dose and I could schedule a new appointment and I could let him know how it was going. He opened the door and was away walking down the hall as he was saying this to me. I've never been anything close to a hypercondriac or a needy patient. I'm quite the opposite, I'm a good listener and always intent on following orders and trying to eliminate health issues. If I'm in a doctor's office, you can be sure I'm having real issues and I want to be done with them asap. I thought paying attention to my issues, trying to take note of what may be affecting my body, and conveying that to my care provider was my role. My due diligence! I sat for a second watching him walk away, head down in whatever he was moving on to, and I realized I needed to help myself. (I was probably boiling, but still, the rational underlying realization was determined in that moment) I still don't even know, is this the core of "the elimination diet"? Cutting out parts of the diet, possibly reintroducing then, and paying attention to your body? I don't think of my diet as set-in-stone, it's an evolution. I figure my body and its motabilism is subject to changes and fluctuations, and I'll always remain cognizant of how it's acting and reacting to my intake. That said, I'm not sure I could ever go all-meat, such as she has, but then again, I not really too far from it these days. There are struggles, such with the suggestion that some meats such as the red meats are bad for your health (per current professional health recommendations). And personally speaking, my body responds to red meats in a mixed way. Sometimes bothering my digestive system, and other times not in any way. (I'm trying to pay close attention here, trying to refine this area. Burgers vs steak, hormones, fat content, etc). I do feel healthier eating red meats however. I feel like I respond well in many ways, such as weight, skin and energy levels, so the occasional (mild) stomach issues are outweighed. But of course my mind struggles with the potential long term health risks of red meat.
  6. JTello

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    I have two comments to this. 1. Yes, cut the carbs and the dairy. I've had ongoing issues for a few years, and I've gotten myself off of acid reflux meds almost completely with these dietary changes. I do occasionally take an omperazole if I know I'm going to cheat, but mostly I just eat 'right'. 2. Breakfast is completely unnecessary. Stop eating breakfast! (not kidding)
  7. I don't understand there being another IJ. Seems as unnecessary as any sequel could be. If it's not totally awesome, and to be clear it won't be, this shouldn't happen. πŸ˜”
  8. JTello

    Car Wreck

    I'm glad you are all safe Carlos. Sounds like a 'pit maneuver' out of no where, scary stuff! I agree with the suggestion to get out on the road, for a hopefully 'relaxing' road trip. You'll be OK soon enough with some time and mileage behind you. ☺️
  9. JTello

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    I've never compiled my list, but sounds about right. I was actually underwhelmed by BP. The movie looked fantastic, and the 'BP world' they created was slick. The story on the other hand was mundane, and the action just ok. For example, I enjoyed the BP chase scene in Civil War more than the one in BP. Ultimately though, the drama was predictable and snooze inducing. Middle of the Pack Marvel film.
  10. I don't know if I'd take the time, just too many other distractions currently, but I want my kids to play that! I think it looks great and I could see the kids loving it.
  11. JTello

    Gamestop considering buyout

    I am very far removed from that 70%. Like I'm afraid to do the math on my digital library. But I'm very comfortable with digital over physical! (that's not in reference to my sex life. πŸ˜‰)
  12. JTello

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    You forgot Toy Story! How does the same company with the Toy Story pedigree manage it miss the mark. It may be unfair to grade on such a curve, but I'm unabashedly doing so. Aside from some fun with Jack Jack, this movie fell flat. I've always wanted an Incredibles sequel, although I didn't know what I wanted from one. Unfortunately this isn't what I wanted. It just feels detached, like the passion that fueled the sequels in the other franchises like Toy Story and Dory is a bit lacking. There were times that the movie was going on being sort of preachy or all feeling sad (like an emo teen on a bummer bender), and I'm wondering what 'what the hell is this.'. And the end (I'll avoid spoilers. Kinda dumb. I'm pretty sure a regular old person might have been able to save the day with enough ingenuity.) Meh! I'm sure it'll continue to do fine in the spirit of this challenge. It's just the bigger picture of how this movie will likely be looked back on. Significantly less endearing than it's predecessor, imo.
  13. JTello

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Was thinking about this challenge last night. After seeing both Incredibles 2 and Solo at the drive-in, and not really being enamored with either big film, I was curious how these things play out. Obviously Incredibles started out hot, but it'll be interesting to see how much it cools, or doesn't. Solo is so much meh, I figure it could dissappear faster than some might have expected. It's always fun to follow this challenge and see the progress and results.