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  1. Kids had today off and we were heading to the store right next to the theater, so we ended up taking a detour to see CM. I agree the movie is slower in the first half, better second, but we all did enjoy the movie. Her power build up was fun. Ultimately, it'll be interesting to see her added to the greater franchise, it'll be fun to see how they balance things. I liked her, I think her character's personality will fit into the universe well as it's currently established.
  2. Savage! Here, you earned your wings,...
  3. What the fuck! Don't push the button? I bet it's server reset! Sure, it probably looks like it'll start a new topic or some benign shit like that, but you twisted cock knobbers put a server reset switch right on the bloody front page. I'm not touching it, nice try, I'm not falling for that reverse psychology bullshit! Don't anyone touch that fucking button, itza trap boyz!
  4. Someone put a big ass + button on LCVG! Don't believe me? Well, feast your eyes on this shit you doubting Thomas muthafuckas! BOOM!
  5. If they don't throw in some VR titles or something I'll certainly consider not renewing. It's been automatic for me for years, but losing the cross play titles hurts. Some of our best 'whole family' fun have come from the small cross play titles. They tend to be the games my wife and daughter will join in with taking turns from the boys. Really though, the combo Xbox Live and Gamepass really puts this shinking PS+ benefit in its proper light. The PS has taken a back seat these days to the Xbox for the kids for its offerings, and this downsized PS+ lineup won't help. Now throw in some VR and the kids, and Dad, might be enticed to put down the Xbox and PC controllers.
  6. Enough? I hope not. But, please do shove the classic look going forward, shove it deep, verrrrrry deeeep please! F#%@ing hate the Bay-verse and newer gen stuff! Give me classic with substance, that's all anyone ever really wanted, isn't it?
  7. I waited to long to get back to this page tab I left opened, the links have been killed by YouTube.
  8. Don't beg. Begging is a ban-able offense.
  9. " Ben Affleck Passes The Torch To Next Generation Of Bruce Wayne" We need a comic or gif of Batman Ben walking away with a turd dropping from his cowl, and some poor actor looking down at it. 'Pick it up, the world needs you!'
  10. Made me smile! This is the opposite of... getting up, forgetting you have a wired pair on and getting whiplashed as you try and walk away.
  11. Outside of WW, I cannot stand DC (current)! Nothing lands right for me. Even as popular as Aquaman has been, it has never enticed me. With the questionable and often awful writing and story choices it's not too hard to understand I'm sure, but beyond that, the world as currently envisioned just has zero appeal to me. This is quite subjective, I understand that as well. I'm always waiting for something to change, for things to get better, but there's always a smack of reality. I read Birds of Prey, got excited, saw the cast and names, more excited, and then watched that clip. Nope! It's not enough to sell a movie, but it's certainly enough to kill my interest. Prove me wrong, make it awesome, but I'm not holding my breath. Too many good Marvel films to look forward to!
  12. They said in the next update. https://www.rocketleague.com/news/full-cross-platform-play-now-live-in-rocket-league/ I play too much Rocket League, it won't be long.
  13. Why? I didn't see anything greater than the first movie. Not defending the first movie, just not seeing why this is "brilliant" or "perfect". It looks fine, but nothing special. I kinda get that these things are always subjective, like right down to the mood or attitude of each individual viewer, but when the superlatives are that strong I feel like I'm missing some fine details. Like insider comic fans caught some awesome bits that go over the heads of more causal viewers, myself included. So,...? Edit, my favorite part was the Spiderman music at the end. That was the highlight for me.
  14. Wife and I Finished DD today, we both really enjoyed it. She seemed to enjoy S3 more so than any season of any of the Netflix/Marvel shows. The only gripe being the final episode, which started out weird, and felt rushed throughout. It was still entertaining though! We paused the last episode within the first minute or so, questioning if we'd somehow missed an episode. Did you guys feel the same way?
  15. I miss threads sometimes, I don't even know how. Like, how did I miss that! That's a pretty epic undertaking! 👍
  16. Good timing, finally got around to finishing it last night. Liked it, didn't love it. I am interested in seeing where the series could go beyond the first season. It felt like the first season was just stuck in the origin-story-mud.
  17. Highly inaccurate! I didn't see shit oozing out ears of the coach!
  18. https://www.thewrap.com/deadpool-trolls-marvel-avengers-endgame/
  19. I didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me, I actually thought the movie was going there when we were watching that scene. It felt like the movie veered in that exact moment, so it's very interesting to see it was scripted that way. Thanks for sharing that! That would actually have been horribly humorous had it remained. An unintentional black comedy where a paralyzed kid in a wheel chair gets shot & killed by police and resurrected by aliens, sponsored by McDonald's, Coke & Skittles! O-M-G, who the fuck green lit that, and how the fuck it not get stopped along the way by any number of people or organizations? It's absolutely mind boggling! Thank goodness for us it didn't,... but holy shit!
  20. A bit late to the party, by about 30 years. Just saw Mac & Me (MSK3000 style) with my kids. That was one of the worst movie experiences, and best MSK3000 episodes! OMG that movie would have sickened me had we not been laughing so much. That movie is the pinnacle of proof that the 80's had noooo shame! We all loved it as a 3000 episode though. We kept having to skip back (almost typed rewind) because we were laughing too loud to hear the next jokes.
  21. I like that Keith is mentally ill. That makes him almost interesting. But he's like a Superman clone. But not an invincible guy, with a cape. And he got his powers by what, drinking some flask in a lab? I know all these zeroes dream of getting powers in some odd way. For me, his lack of power, the way he got a zit, his generic attributes, Is off-putting. He's Lazy. He's a cheat. Wish he didn't exist.
  22. Before I scroll back up and read others responses,... My answers are, Airplane, National Lampoons Vacation and Naked Gun!
  23. We also have YouTubeTV and love it! YouTubeTV via Roku is the way to do it. Remote, Nice interface, and you can also access the app and via your phone if you choose. YouTubeTV as a service has been great, price, quality, cloud based so you can access it anywhere, etc. Also, we have a family account, so we added grandma to our 'Google family', (she doesn't live with us) so she was able to cut out her monthly cable bill all together. 👍
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