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Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

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Got into town early this morning and, as I had hoped, I managed to re-trace that final 3.7 miles of the course in honour of the runner who didn't make it last Sunday. The Mall (red road that leads to/from Buckingham Palace where the Marathon ends) was closed off to traffic today for some reason so it was nice to run down it again rather than be forced to finish to the side on the pavement. Legs were good and I was back to sub-10min mile pace, though my quads later began to ache a little so I still need another week to fully recover. I'll rest until Wednesday then add in a couple of short runs again over the latter half of the week. Today's run was the first time I got to use Garmin's custom course mapping function which you access via their web app before sending a saved course to your device. It worked brilliantly. 


I've still got this achilles strain that I had before the marathon, so really need to work on that and improving my ankle mobility in general as it might be the source of my inability to squat low.I have a resistance band and have found some good youtube videos to hopefully help me solve the problems. My olympic barbell weights set arrived on Friday and I'm very pleased with it. I'm just working with the bar alone for a week or so to try and find decent form, and until my mobility improves to do squats I plan to pretty much exclusively do deadlifts for a while since they're safe and work pretty much every part of the body which should hopefully make it easier for me to then progress to doing complexes (again, once I can squat low). 


Re-working my meal and weekly exercise plans now too to accommodate the weight training and so on. Running wise I am going to stick to the same days the Hal Higdon Marathon training plan had me running (tues, weds, thurs and saturdays) and I will alternate the distances so the weekday runs will be anywhere between 3-8 miles, and weekend runs anywhere between 10-18. The weekday runs will be a lot easier now that it's lighter in the mornings, and I will probably try to nail doing tempo runs effectively on one or two of those days as I'd like to figure out how to do those properly. Higdon has a plan to steadily get runners back to a regular regime post Marathon so I'll be following that first.

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1 pound away from my next goal.  And then it's the long slog toward the goal after that!  Got all summer, though.  

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Reached that 1 lb., but been kind of back and forth since then, going up 1 or 2 and then back, but not breaking through any lower.  Not discouraged.  Only thing that discouraged me was my walk last night; knee really gave me troubles 3/4 into the walk and I was limping by the time I got home.  Getting old BLOWS!

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