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Megyn Kelly: Settle For More

A celebrity memoir has to do three things.  1) Cover the well-known aspects of their professional career from an insider's perspective.  That's the real reason I read these books.  2) Inject some unexpected stuff that I didn't even know I wanted to hear about.  3) Fit in the personal details without boring the hell out of me.


This audiobook did exactly that.  She covers the 1st Republican debate where she cut into Trump and he cut back for the next YEAR.  It is really interesting to hear her years of interactions with Trump prior to him being elected.  


She reveals tons of Fox News insider information.  Her relationship with Jon Stewart.  Bill O'Reilly.  Katie Couric.  Brit Hume.  How she loves Oprah.  This book was written pre-NBC and her firing.  And it is really interesting to hear her journalistic philosophy, views of feminism, outrage culture, her personal life, and personal ambition given her firing a few years later.  Knowing her future, this book works really well.  Plus she is a great speaker and this is an audiobook.


I enjoy listening to these types of books about people that so many people hate.  Megyn Kelly holds a special place in my heart because she's hated by both liberals and conservatives.  That, in my view, is a positive indicator that she's not some tribal asshole.  After listening to her book, I'd say that's right.


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Haven’t updated this in a while, but I am still reading voraciously in my down time.


Michelle McNamara’s I’ll be Gone in the Dark is one of the finest true crime books I’ve ever read. Such a loss that she died before the case was closed, but it’s an amazing book.


Adrian McKinty’s Sean Duffy series about a Catholic cop working in Protestant Ireland during The Troubles is six books of fantastic work. I’m glad he stopped the series before it got too rote, but I could have done with another six or seven.


The latest Rebus novel by Ian Rankin is likewise shaping up to be one his best ones in years. Really enjoying it.


And Station Eleven is a REALLY good post-apocalyptic book about people living after a virus decimates the planet.

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