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FS: Videogames! PS1/Wii/GBA/More!

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I need a new PC. PCs cost money. I need money. Help me out :) Paypal accepted, US only. Free shipping if you buy over $25 worth ;)


All games are US releases, played, complete in cases & in good or better condition, unless otherwise noted!


PS1 - Dragon Warrior VII - $45

PS1 - One Piece Mansion - $15


Xbox - Kung Fu Chaos - new/in shrinkwrap - $15


GCN - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest - new/in shrinkwrap - $75


Wii - Metroid Prime Trilogy - Collector's Edition/steelbook - new/in shrinkwrap - $150

Wii - Xenoblade Chronicles - UK Import (requires modded Wii!) - $50


GBA - Gunstar Super Heroes - new/in shrinkwrap - $20

GBA - Boktai - box in great condition - $35


Saturn - Sakura Wars Limited Edition "B-Type" - $25

Complete, box has some shelf wear, but contents are in excellent condition. Mousepad still in shrink, stickers + mouse unused etc. Can share pics if needed.




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