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The Official Television and Display Technology Thread - Enter of your own will.....(and leave with a lighter wallet)

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That's why a Very Bad And Wrong part of me keeps staring at the Sony A1 as prices start to fall ahead of the A9, because that thing is just a screen, and the 55" is basically the same height at the 49" XF90 that's my "I haven't really got room for a 55" OLED" backup once you include stands. 122.8x71.1cm if you're counting.


Of course, it's still over TWO THOUSAND POUNDS at the moment, or twice the XF90. But.

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Vizio’s PQ65 is getting insane reviews right now. Z9 levels of performance for 1/3rd the price point (this set is on sale for $1500 at Best Buy at the moment). Peak 2,000 nit in HDR, amazing black levels with FALD enabled, etc.



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High-profile directors Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson have reached out to television manufacturers to ensure that audiences at home are able to see films presented as closely as possible to the director’s original intention, and a new “reference mode” will implement the results of a new director’s survey.


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