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Marvels Black Panther - New Trailer!

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I like Avengers. I think I have more respect for it than I do absolute love as it delivered a hero ensemble movie that I had not seen before, so I appreciate it on that level, just not as much as those familiar with the source material who naturally have a greater investment in seeing those characters on screen in a movie at the same time, and those characters being done well (though I was still tickled by the sight of it all myself and found it very entertaining). It's one I can happily watch, but I rarely feel compelled to revisit (I've never owned a copy). Visually I am not fond of it at all, and the cinematography irritates me to the point of distraction at times, which sounds ridiculous, and I am hard pressed to name many other films that leave me feeling such a way, but for such an inspiring concept it sure is one uninspiring looking movie.

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