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Marvels Black Panther - New Trailer!

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BP is definitely up there with Winter Soldier as my favorite all around MCU film. This looks like it’s gonna be another huge year for Marvel.

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Finally saw this.  Squeezed it in because its going out of theaters soon and not coming out for rental until May.


Believe it or not, my expectations were low.  I read a lot of reviews of the movie, and given the social politics attached to this phenomenon, I interpreted a lot of what I read as hyperbole and an overall positive bias that might not be merited.  So I went in very grounded.  But also I'm a huge MCU fan so I have that pulling me in the other direction.  Here are my impressions.


- Overall I thought the movie was middle of the road.  Not in my top 10 MCU movies.

- Killmonger was definitely good.  But no, he is not the best villain in the MCU.  Loki is so above and beyond Killmonger in my book

- Damn, the best part of the movie was Killmonger challenging and winning the crown.  There is something about a bad guy fairly, justly, and rightly taking over an entire society that makes me giddy.  This was a really cool moment in the same way that I thought Palpatine taking over the senate was awesome.

- t'challa is an OK character.  I liked him better in Civil War though.

- My favorite characters were Killmonger, the mountain King, the sister, the uncle that gets killed at the beginning (love that actor so much, wish he was a main character), and the white bad guy

- I liked the social justice messages.  But I think they screwed it up.  By having Kill Monger distributing deadly weapons for revolutions around the world, it made him too evil.  HE HAD TO BE STOPPED.  They turned him into a straight up evil bad guy when he didn't need to be.  If instead his plan was simply to give African-descendants around the world help and the advantages of Wakanda, it would have been a grayer conflict.  Right?  Lots of good people would have sided with KillMonger because maybe he's right.  And the opposition would have been isolationists, which is what Wakanda is.  An isolationist nation.  That would have been a much more nuanced situation than Killmonger taking over the world.  And the ending where Wakanda pulls back on their isolationism would have been a more emotional concession.  I just didn't think it worked the way they wanted it to work, and its because they made Killmonger more wrong than he needed to be.  Part of me should have been rooting for Killmonger.


Anyway, I think the movie was a missed opportunity.  After Civil War, where they tried so hard to elevate a conflict that had two legitimate sides, here they could have done it again, but they screwed up I think.


In the end, the movie was less than the sum of its parts.  But I'm glad for its inclusion in the MCU as it relates to infinity war.





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Another vote for a middle of the road Marvel movie. Loved the culture and the world but the Black Panther as a superhero character has a pretty run of the mill set of powers. And those Rhinos - whew! So silly.  Suri is a great addition to the MCU and by far my favorite character.

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