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Angel P

Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

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18 hours ago, Romier S said:

Bumblebee - E.T. filtered through the lens of G1 Transformers is the best way to describe this and I’m fine with that. It has more heart and entertainment factor than all of the Bayformer movies combined. The robot designs here are fantastic and the opening montage is a Transformers fan wet dream. The only real sore point with me is that John Cena is a laughable actor and not in a good way. His role could have literally been played by any established actor out there and it would have immediately improved any part of the movie he was in. Outside of that,  I hope the movie functions as just a pure reboot. The finale is ambiguous enough that it could be (and it retcons the autobots arrival from the original in the post credits). This is a nice starting point for where to take the franchise and well, I liked it. It finally brings Spielberg’s “a boy and his car” concept from the original film alive except with a female lead who is rather excellent. :)

I tried to squeeze this and The Favourite before end of the year for my top 10 consideration but had too much going on.  I’ll probably watch the first Transformers before this just because it’s the only one I mildly enjoyed (and own).  

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