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Romier S

The Division 2 - Shown at the Microsoft Press Conference

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I got the beta installed and me and a friend goofed around in it for a few. It’s surprisingly solid for a beta and in much better shape than Anthem IMO. Graphics and frame rate are good, gameplay was all problem-free, thenserver que was nice and quick and even co-op was really good - no problems joining my friends game or him joining me and it scaled the difficulty for the 2 of us; all good. I’ll play more this weekend but, I’m pretty sold on it just based on the beta and the fun I’ve had with Division 1 :)

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I preordered, but the demo isn't in my library, and even when I went online and found a link to it (the demo wasn't in my PSN Store, either) and "bought" it, it still doesn't show up in my library, despite having received my purchase receipts.


I called Sony a couple of times, and they said they'd received a bunch of calls about the issue, but said they have nothing to do with it, and to contact Ubisoft.


Of course, they have no telephone contact number and no live chat - just email communication.


Whatever - it's disappointing because I'd love to tool around in the game for the weekend, but I know I'm buying the game, regardless.

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