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2019 Summer Movie Challenge

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Hello gents,


The “Summer” movie season is fast approaching. I hope some of us are still willing to play the Summer Movie Challenge again this year. 


Slashfilm have a poll on Twitter as to when the Challenge should start this year, as the Avengers movies have caused a bit of controversy (as it’s released in April and is/was the clear consensus no 1). 


Personally I think it should start the first weekend in May, as that is what it had more of less been up till last year, and is the date that Box Office Mojo uses. 


As someone who spends too much time pouring over the numbers on Mojo, I prefer the seasons to line up. 


The end of this week’s podcast has an Afterdark discussing this dilemma. 


Regardless, it’s time to start thinking about lists. If they go with Avengers weekend, it’s only a month away. 

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