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Edge Magazine Available in the US!

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Some more comments from the guy with the mag:


Hydrophobia - They basically say it's buggy, combat is tiresome and unresponsive, maps are multi-tiered chores.


Enslaved (final paragraph) - It's worth the trip, though, because for most part Enslaved takes the cinematic flair and production values Ninja Theory showcased in HS and applies them to an experience no more inventive but certainly better executed and paced.

But Enslaved's greatest achievement is standing out in the crowded field of me-too, colour sapped videogame apocalypses, serving as a vibrant oasis in the otherwise murky brown wastes.


Castlevania - 15-20 hour playthrough. The 3D spin is a greater success than anyone could've reasonably expected.

It's a vehicle that will win over more action fans than true-bloods.

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Check out the free preview of the new interactive EDGE magazine available for the iPad. (it was previously available as a crap scan of the magazine)


You can now do the things you'd expect these days from an interactive magazine, including touch navigation & playing videos, etc.


I quite like it.

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