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  2. Love black cauldron. I saw it in radio city the weekend it came out
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  4. I've been enjoying this and pleasantly surprised how many elements of the gameplay feel similar to Metal Gear Solid V. From the movements of your character, to menu screens, to even the cadence of how voiceovers work. I also heard that the terrain changes over time, like if other online players walk the same path, the ground becomes a dirt road.
  5. Apparently Roger Rabbit and Black Cauldron are amongst the 4k/HDR titles on Disney+. Damn them to hell for being too lazy to do a Roger Rabbit anniversary disc last year. Black Cauldron is 35 next year but it’s such a bastard child to the company I’d be surprised if that got a disc.
  6. Mondo is doing a release for The Boys S1 this week. They also have the free shipping sale going on, and will be adding a bunch of older stuff they found in an office move including BTTF which I need to get.
  7. And done. By the end this actually got to be a bit of a slog, which is kind of a shame since I liked some of the mechanics. Directional spells are neat, as are the last couple of traversal abilities, but the difficulty is all over the place. Main game is OK, but then the boss fights seem like they're incredibly tough. Ended up just loading up on food to get through the last fight. Playing this actually made me wonder how well SOTN aged. I never did end up finding apples either, so lots of food I never managed to make. It also wasn't obvious-if you got blueprints for an item, did you have to do anything to make it craftable, since if you did, there's a whole pile of things I was never able to make.
  8. Japanese launch trailer: Really looks great. Looking forward to diving into it this weekend.
  9. Heh that is weird, particularly the Grounbreaker group.
  10. Finished this as well, and was a lot of fun. Other then the interface needing a few improvements, I did run into a few things towards the end that were glitches or bugs.
  11. Today’s comfortable victory over City, corroborates that Liverpool are the strongest team in Europe and the ones to beat in the UCL. I think that Klopp’s high pressure/high work rate game has evolved as the perfect counter to the high possession idea of the perfect game that Barcelona and Pep showcase. The high pressure is revolutionizing the game; you see it now everywhere including La Liga teams that in prior years never gave Barcelona any trouble. Fuck, it is the most common strategy in FIFA among anybody with a clue, and as sick as I am of it, I can’t deny how effective it is. I would love to see a match between 2009’s Barcelona and the Liverpool team of the last 12 months, the ultimate test for such contradicting ideologies in the sport. Nevertheless, it’s a great time to be watching football.
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  13. Thanks. Just took advantage. $36 with the Circle and Redcard discounts was too good to pass up.
  14. I have no idea if Target will wind up honoring this, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order preorders are a part of Target’s one day 40% off EA games sale. You have to add the Circle offer for the discount to take. I just placed an order for my kid sister for Christmas, and it took $24 off.
  15. Doctor Sleep - Couldn’t agree with you more Romier. My wife and I just saw and loved it. Great mix of callbacks to the original book, the Doctor Sleep book (fairly faithful adaptation) and the Kubrick film without becoming a mess. And yes, Rebecca Ferguson is amazing in this as Rose the Hat.
  16. The only question with that Batmobile is where to put it. Might have to relocate the BB8 that's next to the tumbler in the office if they'll both fit on the same shelf. I missed out on the last 89 Batmobile they did-won't make the same mistake twice.
  17. I was just at Universal a couple of days ago for the Ignite attendee party, and finally got a chance to try a couple of the rides for the first time: -Kong is OK. Screens, but at least they're really big and convincing? Big animatronic at the end was neat. -Hagrid is really good. They're pretty crazy with the restraints though, and I almost couldn't get it tight enough for them to be satisfied on the bike. Longest line of the evening though. Most others were walk on to 10 mins, and this was 90 mins. They didn't seem to have the whole preshow running though-just fang wandering around that 3d screen. Besides those, managed to get on Forbidden Journey, Spider-man, and Gringott's before they shut down for the night. Not bad for 3 hours or so.
  18. There have been no offers in Canada, much to my chagrin.
  19. Oh man! Can’t wait to see that. I’ve been waiting for that to have some sort of release.
  20. I really dug the hell out of “Doctor Sleep”. It might be one of my favorite films this year, in fact. It’s a wonderfully respectful sequel to a film that I didn’t think ever needed one. It’s such a significantly different movie with its own tone and pace with plenty of callbacks and sprinkles to the original Kubrick film. My fear going in was that this would end up going deep on the nostalgia play and zoom right past homage right into Kubrick copycat territory (given I have little knowledge of the book) but Mike Flanagan does an amazing job of setting is own course here. Despite there being plenty of homage to chew on. By the time we end up in the finale and the much stronger ties to the first movie become evident, it feels earned and well executed. The cast is just brilliant, really. Carl Lumbly and Alex Essoe who play Dick Halloran and Wendy Torrance respectively impressed the hell out of me. Both capture the essence of what Scatman Crothers and Shelly Duvall brought to the roles without feeling like imitations/distractions and with very, very limited screen time. Essoe in particular sounds uncannily like Duvall. Rebecca Ferguson is dynamite and downright screen stealing as Rose. It helps that’s she’s a damned knock-out but the range she shows here after some of the her most recent action outings left a mark. Curran as Abra is also fantastic and a standout. Both have great screen chemistry with Ewan as Danny who’s fantastic in his own right with a difficult role. I could go on but seriously, it’s a top notch horror thriller of a film from start to finish. I can’t recommend it enough.
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  22. Some video we took of the brawl at the end. Love Jericho taking down the camera guy 😆
  23. Finished this one today - great game overall and feels like a “lost” Fallout game that should have followed New Vegas or something. I had a lot of fun with it and it was very solid gameplay-wise. I never had a crash and had no issues with the game really except a temporary audio drop out once. I would have liked to see the inventory system improved and few other (little) things but, the game was really great for the most part. It also nicely hits the right balance between sci-if and humor for me. Playing it via XGP was o.k. but, I had more issues with the launcher than the game so not planning to keep it around now...
  24. I think they are much better than the ones Sony came out with a few months ago. I’ve been really pleased at how well they did blocking out busy airport and airplane sounds.
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