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  2. What's everyone best guess for when hardware pre-orders will open? July, August, September? I'm thinking September based on absolutely nothing, I've heard some believe it could be in the next two weeks, not sure I buy into that.
  3. Just ordered my third and probably final lens (at least for the next few years) - The Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3. Also have the Sony 16-35 2.8 and 70-200 2.8.
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  5. I gave up on YouTube for iPad a while ago, I use CornerTube now. PiP for everything and a search box and it integrates with the share button so it’s awesome but, no 4K.
  6. Well my guess is that the steak flavored condom market might be tilted toward men on both ends of that pole. So it might not be a wise investment if you think it might help incentivize your wife into certain favors. Now if they could make one tasting like Bad Juan’s or Sour Monkeys, a drink and beer respectively, then we might be talking. My wife loves both.
  7. Oh I’m not holding my breath for a second, since I am aware of this. I am a bit hopeful that maybe the influx of people having access to PiP may make a difference in Google supporting it. I also subscribe to YT premium and would be fine if they made it a premium feature to at the very least, discourage people from cancelling premium.
  8. I’m not sure why there’s so much “but why?” going on. It’s a company valued at 17 billion dollars who’s getting enormous investment right now (not just from Sony) to continue to expand their business across their entire portfolio. 1.5% doesn’t mean shit in terms of ownership stake but Sony isn’t after ownership. They are investing to *gasp* make money and hopefully strengthen their relationship. That 250 million can turn into increasing amounts of money with fairly mild gains on the company’s valuation. Corporations play the speculation game, too folks. I’m gonna guess that it’s a more sound investment than Keith’s stake in the steak-flavored condoms market.;)
  9. Considering the iPad version of the YouTube app doesn't support it, I wouldn't hold my breath. Unless you pay for YouTube Premium, Google doesn't even let users multi-task while a video is playing. You have to keep it on screen in some way to continue watching. And even if you do pay as I do, the app still doesn't support picture-in-picture like you expect from every other video playback app available. Hell, Google just now finally added split screen support to the Gmail app on iPad this past week.. John Gruber has some thoughts on it:
  10. So from a B2B relationship standpoint, this investment is irrelevant. My initial impression and I bet many people's impression, is that when something like this happens, it is an indicator of some sort of new business relationship or deal. Sounds like this is no different than my investment in steak-flavored condoms. Time will tell.
  11. All I can say is fuck Corey Barlog and his Norse mythology agenda.
  12. Got this email from Modern Times yesterday. Looks like they are hurting as the pandemic drags on and government support dries up. It's perhaps slightly encouraging that they don't mention their Oakland spot (or Portland) in the list of furloughed locations. I've been ordering from them on occasion, and tipping healthy amounts (which was done via QR code the pickup location before), but I'll be stepping up both this time around.
  13. Epic wouldn't allow a controlling stake anyway Ibelieve even if Sony could afford it - and probably impossible now since Tencent accounts for about 48%.
  14. The non-VR version moved from intensely cool to irritating pretty quickly, but the VR one is really good, yes.
  15. So I actually finished a couple of these...sort of. Chain of memories just got to be complete bullshit from a mechanical perspective. I actually liked the idea of making it a deckbuilder, but the way the difficulty spiked was kind of ridiculous. Basic enemies were trivial, but the bosses were probably 5x harder, which meant that the basic encounters didn't prepare you very well for them. Yes, this is probably every JRPG ever, but I don't have the patience for banging my head against it these days. There also doesn't appear to be a lot of room for grinding, since enemies are finite, so after getting about half way through the game, I just checked out the rest on youtube. Story wise this one is pretty high on the bullshit scale, but it does set up what the hell is going on in KH2 at least a little bit. It doesn't explain the trenchcoat zipper crew very well, other than there being a mysterious organization with dramatic reveals that actually don't mean anything because you have no idea who these people are supposed to be. It's also a grind because the actual levels are basically re-treading the first game, just with card battles. Then I started back into KH2, and finished it off last night. This one is actually a decent action RPG. Compared to the original, the combat is a whole lot smoother, with a bunch more options than you had before. You have more customization with the abilities, the reaction abilities give you more agency, and it seemed like there was an actual skill element to most encounters. By contrast, the first game is "shield with aero, mash attack, and try not to die". There is some mechanical stuff that doesn't get explained very well, like having to level drive abilities by doing something random, like counting the number of hits, or the number of gauges that expire, which is a little like FF2 (the NES game), where you leveled by choosing menu items. The problem is, you need to upgrade those drive forms to get some of the traversal abilities in the game, which isn't immediately obvious, so reading up on how those work is reasonably important (at least at the end of the game). I actually made it through probably the first 90% of the game without much of a problem. It seemed like the difficulty was evened out to where bosses weren't an extreme deviation from the regular encounters for the most part, and there's a mechanic where some story encounters will save you from death by having Mickey Mouse come in and do his Attack of the Clones Yoda thing to help finish the encounter off. It was only at the end (in emo-cyberpunk world) when I hit a boss fight that was absolutely ridiculous. Went back and ground 25 more levels in a couple hours and leveled the drive forms and made it through fine after that (level 68 instead of 43). Then there's the story... I actually kind of appreciated the bits in the various worlds, because it wasn't necessarily trying to slavishly retell whatever movie narrative you were in all the time. The variety is always fun, and some of the new worlds were genuinely unexpected. I hadn't seen a list beforehand (or if I had it was years ago), so I went in reasonably cold. The main issue with the different worlds is that you end up having to revisit each a second time to do a different task, and some of these started to drag a little. I get that it was a way to pad out the game without creating more assets, so I don't really begrudge it, but not all of the second passes were great. Then you have the meta-story, which is absolute nonsense. It's actually kind of funny to watch just to see the stuff that they make guys like Bill Farmer, Wayne Allwyne, and Christopher Lee try to work with. The nearest I can tell, there's a mysterious group of anime people in strange coats who just want to exist, but Mickey Mouse and co are trying to stop them? Then you have Malificent coming back, and working with Pete for some reason, but then she barely figures into the story? And then everyone has a splintered personality and meets their nobody, so Sora is really Tyler Durden? I suppose it's only slightly more ridiculous than a flying whale-ship that goes to the moon... I actually described this series to my wife as "what if Grant Morrison, Jonathan Hickman, and Chris Claremont got together to collaboratively write a Final Fantasy/Disney fanfic"... Anyway, I might actually go through and check out some of the other stuff on the collection. It's insane, but in a train wreck kind of way, and having played 2 now, I want to see how 3 actually turned out.
  16. I don't think Sony could afford a controlling stake in Epic, could they? Does a 1.5% stake even register? It's probably a sound investment on Sony's part-after seeing what they did on the Mandalorian, and what UE5 is able to do in that demo, there's a very good chance that valuation could go way up.
  17. Microsoft says all the right things. I want to support them. But Sony has just got me with their games. But I'll be watching Microsoft closely and maybe this will be a two console generation for me. Last generation was not.
  18. This. The regular version was good, but the VR version was on a whole other level. I think I sold a few people on a quest by letting them try Superhot and Beat Saber. I think I bought this on Xbox? I'll have to go back and check on the console, but still awesome that it's free for owners.
  19. Gamesindustry.biz has published a trio of excellent Xbox related interviews. Developing for Xbox Game Pass: "I could never pitch these ideas to a publisher" https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-09-developing-for-xbox-game-pass-i-could-never-pitch-these-ideas-to-a-publisher How Minecraft and Mojang taught Xbox how to buy studios https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-09-how-minecraft-and-mojang-taught-xbox-how-to-buy-studios Are Xbox Series X developers being held back by Xbox One? https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-10-are-xbox-series-x-developers-being-held-back-by-xbox-one I barely skimmed the surface of quotes/content there. All three articles are well worth the read.
  20. And now Tencent are buying Leyou, apparently. Cray-cray.
  21. I guess this goes with the recent alignment between EPIC and Sony from a PR and marketing standpoint. Though I don't understand the point of these types of investments. If their investment isn't a controlling stake, then how are either of these companies affected by this investment? Unless there are pieces to this puzzle we don't have. Like this investment is the first of 3 investments over 3 years that will eventually result in a controlling stake -- along with a collaborative business deal on making a distributing games. Or something like that. Otherwise I need someone to explain to me why Sony did this and what they get out of it.
  22. HOTAS support will not extend to consoles EA have seemingly confirmed on the game’s community forum.
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