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  2. My kids that I used to play the Lego games with are grown up now but that looks fun.
  3. Im in the same boat as far as the lego games go. That han and greedo bit was awesome.
  4. I’m no great fan of these - you play one and you’ve played them all. However, that quick snippet of Han and Greedo firing back and forth is pretty solid.
  5. Maybe. The part about signing up with retailers for updates suggests that maybe folks will be able to nab preorders before November 10. At the very least, it sounds like they're trying to make sure that there are some units in stores for people who didn't preorder to purchase when the consoles actually go on sale.
  6. Both are great threads and I'll just reiterate what I said way earlier in these discussions once we got specs for both machines - the differences between the two will end up being remarkably minimal when all is said and done. This isn't the type of power gulf that we saw between the Pro and X (something like 37%), we're talking more in the range of single digit percentages at best and in the end that means that we're going to see demonstrably less differences in the third party games we play on the platforms. Digital Foundry may be far less interesting in this new generation.:)
  7. My Best Buy rewards members, there's a pretty good deal on pre-orders of Halo Infinite. Steelbook plust a $10 reward. Statue option too for you suckers collectors. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/franchises/halo/pcmcat281900050003.c?id=pcmcat281900050003 Carlos.
  8. Ha. Now when I try to cancel my Series X preorder at the Microsoft Store, it tells me something went wrong.
  9. Old but short thread on Sony's Kraken decompressor HW engine by one of the algo's co-designer.
  10. Realised the most recent trailer was never posted when it was revealed the other month. I haven't liked the Lego movie based games since they moved away from mime and into voice work. It's particularly jarring here with vocal imitators of the entire saga cast (I'm guessing Anthony Daniels will be the exception as I believe contractually nobody else is allowed to voice 3P0). Visually it's looking like a treat though.
  11. Stumbled upon the artwork for this while browsing Amazon: Amazon, in the UK at least, have their listing down as a Classic Character Edition Amazon exclusive with 'Amazon exclusive classic character DLC' (I'm assuming it means characters skins). It's £49.99 for Switch, PS4, Xbox and PS5. The deluxe edition (coming for Xbox, PS4, PS5 and Switch and listed for £59.99 on all formats) is billed as the Blue Milk Luke edition, which as well as including the aforementioned vague 'classic ch
  12. Its a great game. Hopefully we see some upgrade patches in connection to RE8 releasing.
  13. Interesting bundles I spotted on Amazon UK. The game + a 'PS5 4K Movie Essentials' UHD package with Spider-verse, Homecoming and Far From Home £102 and £120 respectively.
  14. I feel like I need to learn how to solder (I did it a bit in high school, but nothing since then). I recently picked up a 360 S with a Kinect and a random assortment of games, and a bunch games from EB Games that they are offloading for $2 each. Nothing to write home about though.
  15. This is £8 on Amazon UK right now! I couldn't say no to that in preparation of getting the PS5 and finally being able to catch up and play it.
  16. Collateral is due in Dec too. Amazon UK had a listing for Almost Famous 20th Anniversary Edition which was since been removed. The UK disc would be from Sony. There's no hint of a US version from Paramount so far. Hopefully more details emerge on the UK release soon as hopefully it's the bootleg cut, or ideally both branched. It'd be nice if the UK release finally had the US DVD extra too.
  17. Coming to America is up for preorder on Amazon but not Beverly Hills Cop just yet. I already grabbed the first. Just waiting for the latter.
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