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  2. If you link your iTunes and various other accounts to Movies Anywhere, you can watch said movies with your other accounts such as Amazon, Google, etc.
  3. Can you access iTunes movies on devices other than made by Apple?
  4. Didn’t want to start a new thread so... There’s a nice number of 4K movies on sale between $5-$10. https://www.blu-ray.com/deals/?sortby=price&category=itunes4k
  5. OMG. Please don't let this retro graphics thing infect the movie industry. Yay! Avatar 2 on VHS!
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  7. This game looks so awesome and fun. The mix of modern and retro graphics is kind of jarring though. Is it only the playable characters and music that can be changed to retro?
  8. Post the cool and amazing music performance videos you want to share here, any genre. Here's Tommy Shaw from Styx, with a young musician's orchestra, in an extraordinary rendition of Fooling Yourself. I really loved it when the lad performed the note-for-note guitar solo on violin. Brought a tear to my eye. Carlos.
  9. Yeah, to be honest, I wasn't interested based on the trailer. It was a comment on an NPR segment about shows to watch during quarantine that prompted me to start.
  10. Yeah, I don't think standing is a panacea. For one thing, you MUST have a pad of some sort. And you have to move around occasionally, and change your stance, etc. But definitely for my back, standing is better than sitting.
  11. Huh, I'm on an older OS 10.13, perhaps they changed it on a newer release? Personally, I usually hate the drop shadow, when I'm just taking a screenshot of a window to share, or something. I usually just use the crosshairs to select the window contents. Still, it's curious that you aren't getting the shadow.
  12. "Sitting is this generation's smoking." (But standing is also not without its drawbacks and health issues, but whatevs.)
  13. Lego have begun manufacturing safety visors for medical staff.
  14. Interesting. I had it in my Wish List and it's gone from there as well. Perhaps this is being pushed to PS5? At this point, I wouldn't blame them for doing that. Ghost of Tsushima is still on there though.
  15. Or maybe it's so bad that — like a real boomerang — your first inclination is to throw it once you get it in your hands.
  16. I don't know why, but that controller makes me want to fight crime.
  17. I’d love to hold one. Maybe we were all wrong and it feels amazing. 😆
  18. I would love to change my Aeron out to an Embody. It has much better back support.
  19. Good point on the naming. Something added to the game as free dlc during a new window to promote the game again next year does seem like a good idea. Add more retro gameplay options I say. That’d perhaps be the cheapest thing they could do, but those were terrific in the demo.
  20. That design has a magical ability to actually look worse every time you see it.
  21. Missed the controller reveal because they simply tweeted it out there (🤷‍♂️) and it got lost in my feed. Literally only just saw it some 20hrs later. Looks nice. Translucent buttons and d-pad is an interesting design choice. Also:
  22. Odd. Somehow that's not the case on mine. I must have broke something when looking for it.
  23. Given that they're leaving the actual olympics as "Tokyo 2020" (just held in 2021), I don't think there's much they need to change. I actually grabbed this last week for my son (who tried the demo and wanted to spend his birthday money on it). It's not bad-a little like the old Summer/Winter games on the c64 really.
  24. I watched the trailer, and first thought "this is one of those foreign films with subtitles that I tell people I enjoyed but didn't really watch." Then I started to get a "Not Without My Daughter" vibe, and I like "escape from oppression" stories. Then I realized the where/who of this escape story. The whole thing threw me off. So I'm interested.
  25. I think my biggest overall disappointment with this game is how scripted Nemesis is. They touted how he was a beefier version of Mr. X from RE2 Remake but to be honest, Mr. X was actually a better implemented "spontaneous" stalker. Nemesis is very cool looking and the interactions are fun but there's almost nothing spontaneous about him. He appears at specific points in the story and those portions have a definitive end where you don't have to worry about him anymore. I do like the boss battles here and the tighter focus on action actually works really well. Jill is just fantastic the whole way through and Carlos is a much better character here overall. Jill and Carlos have a ton of chemistry and there are enough changes to keep you guessing story wise. That will invariably piss some people off because there are very real cuts to content featured in the original game. This is much more of a reimagining of RE3 and not a direct remake unlike RE2 which had its share of changes but still maintained a pretty faithful execution of the locations/story. Despite the changes, its still an effective and fun game It's ashame that Nemesis doesn't live up to the hype after Mr. X but if you enjoyed the previous remake, I don't know how you walk away disliking this one. They make for a nice Resident Evil double feature. I can't recommend getting the PS4 version enough until the X gets some much needed updates. The much closer lock to 60fps makes a substantial difference in playability and the refinements of the X versions native 4K aren't enough to make up for its performance deficiencies right now.
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