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  2. I'm guessing this will be like the Panzer remake. Switch first and other platforms later but I'm not sure how they'd manage it on the Xbox. The PS4 could use the Move controllers and PS4 camera.
  3. Konami also announced Getsu Duma Den: Undying Moon which looks fantastic!
  4. New announcements coming... Its also hitting the Xbox, PC and Switch.
  5. NoClip has a fantastic 25 minute documentary on Play Room. You can check it out here:
  6. I can't keep up with that series but I got a good giggle at how that trailer just gets sillier, and sillier, and sillier.
  7. Wow! Out of nowhere. Please include the original arcade version in there as an unlockable.
  8. It sounds great, Keith! I've never heard this song before, but she's got a good voice! I really know nothing about recording vocals, so I'm not sure I can help much. At various points, I think I can hear the room that she's singing in, room reverberation. It might compound that issue, but I would try adding reverb to the vocals to add space...the rest of the track is fairly spacious, so it might help blend the vocals and music together more. To expose my ignorance of vocals even more, I wonder if you'd considered recording another pass of the vocals to layer in. I think what I hear in a lot of
  9. I mean, I can't hate too hard as I have my soft spot for stupid Kaiju movies but man....
  10. Today
  11. All games were being put into an HDR container with the original setting set to on, regardless of whether the game supported HDR or not. This led to an inaccurate image and elevated black levels for non-HDR supporting titles. So if you wanted an accurate image for non-HDR games, you had to go into the settings and turn HDR off manually. This new setting automatically enables HDR for games that support it and doesn't for games that don't so it allows SDR titles to display accurately without having to fuss with the settings all the damned time.
  12. I’m a little fuzzy what problem this is solving. Would games that didn’t support HDR not work until you turned it off previously?
  13. I’m glad there is a wish list in the app now, and it actually has a purpose as it shows the prices.
  14. Yeah, I read the same. It's much more of a rumble now as opposed to the "buzz" you got before. The HDR toggle is glorious and works a treat. I also love being able to set what trophies take pictures and videos. I only have Gold/Platinum set for both so less space being taken up by useless pictures that I have to clear out all of the time.
  15. I think they tweaked the DS4 rumble emulation in the DualSense update. I saw a few comments about it and need to test it more, but there were a couple of games I'd played before where it seemed like it could be improved for sure.
  16. I wasn't all that impressed with the ISS model honestly. It was OK, but didn't look like it was worth clearing a space for.
  17. Oh my, they added a “check sync status” for cloud saves per game....thank goodness! You can uncheck this which will change the option to upload/download save if you want to manually do it as opposed to having the PS5 do it. It’s the little hidden QoL updates that are more meaningful than some of the big ticket items to me lol. Also, yiu no longer have to hit options and select to unbundle a hidden trophy now. Just hit square. There’s also a game follow management list, too.
  18. Yep. Same reason why I haven’t bought the ISS, don’t know where I’d put it.
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