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  2. I don't know about you guys, but hearing Edges music hit during Rumble made me scream at the TV like a little kid. That was as the Miz Says AWESOME.
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  4. So, wait, is this something you install in a PC or something?
  5. I'd say that's good advice. And I'm trying to do that as much as possible with games now-a-days. Stick to the main quest lines. I'm gonna force myself to do that. It's not like I don't have fun exploring. I do. But then I get lost in a sea of exploration and just burn myself out. Everything in moderation god damn it!
  6. Then I got nothing. They did leave a lot unanswered. Carlos.
  7. February 7th!! https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/01/27/pso2-beta-starts-february-7th/
  8. This is the problem with the "unreliable narrator" technique. How do we know any of the things you mentioned in your spoiler actually happened? or something. Carlos.
  9. Its called prioritization and ensuring that you experience what you want. I'm replaying the Witcher 3 right now which is stuffed to the hilt with content. Witcher contracts, stand alone side quests and question marks all over the maps to discover. I've learned to compartmentalize what content I want to experience and pace myself. I think the reason these things become "tasks" is because many of us have a back log of games we want to get to so we don't allow ourselves the time to truly savor an experience. We need to get it done for all intents and purposes so we can take up the next experience. I'm guilty as hell of this when it comes to some of these bigger games. I spent nearly 8 hours playing Witcher 3 last night and found myself getting into that trap as I was trying to hit a level to use a new piece of armor. I was just blazing through discovery areas and quests and not really experiencing the game. I stopped playing at that point because I knew I had to level set my expectations. 1. If you're playing a main quest mission - then play it. Ignore all side quest content possible but allow yourself to explore an area because YOU want to. 2. If you're doing side quests, then do them but do one and only one at a time. Don't juggle 50 even if you have 50 sitting in your quest log. Going back to the Witcher - Geralt is a fine Witcher but no man could do the amount of content the game offers. Pick and choose the interesting ones and allow the rest for when you have some downtime. 3. If you aren't enjoying the game and it starts to feel like work. Stop playing. Take a break and come back fresh minded with 1 and 2 in mind. No clue if any of that helps but its what I try to do when tackling longer games or RPG's like this. I haven't gotten to Outer Worlds yet but I plan to in the near future.
  10. Right, I recognize I'm making a generalized statement about open world games. And RPGs are now a subclass of opener worlds games. The more cluttered with side-quests a game becomes, the more likely I hit the tipping point where the game becomes an OCD trap rather than a cohesive narrative experience. Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all time. But I never finished it for this reason.
  11. I can't remember if it was 2018 or early 2019 when Paramount said they had Spielberg's War of the Worlds on their release plans for the year ahead but it never materialised. However it now appears to be coming in June according to some European retail listings. The delay makes sense as the film will turn 15 this year. I'd be keen to see if Paramount release the 1953 version to disc alongside it as it's 4k/HDR on iTunes, but I'd be surprised (it can't be argued that its as beloved a film as Its a Wonderful Life). There are also European retail listings for Top Gun and a 30th Anniversary disc for Days of Thunder, so clearly Paramount is looking to have a bit of a Cruise-fest this summer to ride off the back of Top Gun 2. My biggest hope would be that they get Minority Report out there too but so far there's no hint of that being on the way, however that may be because we only have European listings to go by and in Europe Minority Report was released by Fox rather than Dreamworks/Paramount. Still, Top Gun, Days of Thunder and War of the Worlds would alone match the entire catalogue output of Paramount in 2019, so let's hope there's more to come in 2020 to make up for last year. European retail listings have also begun to appear for Full Metal Jacket (Warner) hinting at a June release. There are also also listings from Warner for the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies for June as well. I'm puzzled as to what might have trigged a plan to get those out, but both have been on iTunes in 4k/HDR for a long time, so perhaps Warner are going to randomly churn out a few titles available on streaming that have yet to make it to disc (would be nice to finally get an Edge of Tomorrow disc if that were the case).
  12. Dan Kunz is working on a solderless optical drive emulator for the GameCube. The GCLoader was recently released but requires some light soldering. With this one, if you can turn a screw, you can enjoy the entire GC library from a SD card with no need to put in your discs!
  13. So this is on game pass, and I always meant to check it out, and I've been enjoying it so far. Talion is definitely a boring character, but Celebrimor is a little better, but when I got to the point where I could start recruiting orcs, the first one I converted is, so far, the best character in the game. I've been going through the new area that I'm in trying to recruit the whole board of orcs before taking on the main siege mission (or at least take out the warchiefs). It at least seems like there's a few different things you can do with the nemesis system now, although there's a really annoying issue where you can target your followers with attacks far too easily. I had a bodyguard turn on me because I attacked him too much, although I did like that the game took that into account when I finally killed him And yes, there is a fair amount of open world bullshit in the game (artifacts, towers, etc), but if nothing else it's all fast? You can really move quickly in the game, everything is a "tap to pick up", and nothing is very far from anything else. I also like some of the commentary from Celebrimor on some of the artifacts you find. Anyway, worth a look if you have gamepass I suppose? It looks like none of the DLC is included, but it still has the Batman combat, which is still fun. I'll keep going on it until I get bored.
  14. I've been playing and enjoying this game. My problem with this type of game, and it might be unique to me, is this. I start out trying to absorb the story and the quest contexts of a "town" But eventually I quit doing that. Instead I just "collect" quests like coins. I scour the town, talk to every one, and do everything. I might accidentally complete quests in the process -- yay! Then once I've gotten all the quests I think I can get, collected all the stuff I can find, I go out into the dangerous world, and begin doing the same out there. The only difference outside the town is that there are hostiles. And I "collect" them too : ) I also open every door, unlock every thing, collect every piece of shit I find on every table Then I head back to the town having incidentally progressed a bunch of quests Then I use the way point system to find the remaining quests It is really sad that the story devolves into a set of mechanical tasks to be checked off. I nonetheless enjoy it a lot. I just kind of wish it all played out in a more linear fashion. I'd enjoy tracking down that poor kidnapped kid if it wasn't one of 15 things on my list that I needed to gain experience points and money to progress. *sigh* Open World games always leave me feeling that I'm playing them wrong.
  15. I strongly agree with this point. It all looks laughably bad. As if it's a super low budget affair (despite that not being the case at all). I think this is more of a miss in terms of bad cinematography. The use of direct lighting ends up showcasing the sets instead of providing the illusion of being in another world. It's very amateurish in look.
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  17. Don’t feel shy about enabling Trumotion and as it to custom with deblur set to 10 and the other setting (which is mostly responsible for the soap opera effect) set to 0. Disable BFI as well. It helps with minimal artifacting you may or may not notice (again, YMMV).
  18. Yeah it’s a known settings change in the C8 after doing some reading on it. It does not affect the C9.
  19. If they have "fixed" it on the 9 that's great; I just know that when using my Sony x700, that lets me turn DV on and off manually, 50 in DV mode is what matches 100 in non-DV - as well as looking a lot better.
  20. Thanks for the info guys! I had the low power mode enabled, turned that off and used Romier’s SDR settings, looks great. I was still not happy with the motion on screen but I set the AppleTV to use native frame rate and disabled Real Cinema and now it looked better. Unfortunately I have to catch a plane to Austin for the next several days so I won’t be able to really test these setting fully but my initial look was positive. The picture on this thing is unreal. It has me wanting to replace my X900F in my living room really bad!
  21. I cant speak for the older sets like the C8 but gamma is not blown too bright on the C9 at all with the OLED light set to 100. I’ve watched a myriad of DV content both on my LG 4K player and via streaming (Doctor Sleep most recently) using the cinema mode with the exact settings listed and it’s spot on. It would be fairly obvious to me if gamma was off. Especially in a movie like Doctor Sleep which was my most recent watch. I’ll do some testing tonight though for the heck of it.
  22. One Walmart near me showed TMNT for $299, when I went there and had an associate scan the barcode it came up as $399, oh well
  23. Terminator Dark Fate - A very mediocre film for me. Retreads too many scenes and ideas from T2 but doesn’t do any of them better and mixes these with the worst parts of Terminator Genesis. It’s ok I guess and some of the effects were good but, it adds nothing to the series. I give it 2.5 out of 5 Stabby Arms.
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