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  2. Ah interesting I had it backwards I still hope Xbox can issue a firmware update that can disable link compression though since that requires higher clocking it may not be feasible if the board design didn’t account for it.
  3. Pack, there are some good deals on internal SSDs at Amazon and you can just use a cheap Sabrent USB 3.1 to SATA adapter and basically use it as an external drive. That is what I am doing with PS5 and will eventually do with Series X too.
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  5. If anyone sees any great deals for external SSD for Black Friday or Cyber Monday - shout it out.
  6. Depends heavily on the engine + how their physics system is implemented especially. Usually they're not lock stepped to frame rate, but some silly games don't handle higher framerates properly. Usually the game should happily run at 60fps with a define changed...
  7. Reports are that it’s substantially reduced but not completely corrected.
  8. I don’t know the exact lift but I’m guessing it’s fairly minimal to implement an option to cap/uncap the framerate. I’d say God of War is the likelier of the two to receive one. It’s not terribly difficult to fix Bloodborne’s stupid frame pacing issues for example but well, here we are 5 years later....
  9. How much work would it actually take for them to just let all copies of something like that and Last Guardian run at 60 with a patch?
  10. Basically, the PS5 and RTX 30xx cards work. The Series X does not due to it sending compressed signals to the receiver.
  11. Physical FTW again. God of War unpatched runs at 60fps at 4K checkerboard (instead of 1080p on the patched version)
  12. Apple really does have it down. Take all the orders and deliver them as they can. I thought for sure MS was going to do that with their own store and then with their All Access program. Sony I wouldn't expect to abandon their traditional retail ways anytime soon.
  13. I guess I’ve been lucky. I haven’t had any problems. Though I started after updates to both the ps5 and Miles came out. Benefits of a failed preorder attempt?
  14. Can anyone confirm it fixed the screen tearing issue?
  15. Why yes, I have been playing through I’s levels a fourth time in the Steam Hitman II engine for the unlocks I won’t even need if I stick to Xbox.
  16. This whole system sucks. They weren’t prepared to sell online only even though they knew months in advance this was the most likely scenario. I don’t understand why they don’t adopt Apple’s way. Take preorders from everyone that legitimately wants one, and then fill them as you can. I know they can’t mass produce them like an iPhone, but I would ok waiting a month or two as long as I knew for sure I was getting one. The way things are now is terrible for consumers, and personally I think it makes Sony, Microsoft, and these retailers just look bad. It shouldn’t be this hard to spend $500.
  17. Another patch was released tonight: Spider-Man Miles Morales Update PS5 (1.005) and PS4 (1.05) Release Notes General Fixes & Polish Fixed various issues where the screen could go black while changing Time of Day Fixed an issue where players could not change Suits in Photo Mode Fixed an issue where the weather did not change correctly when selected by the player Improved stability Was stable for me tonight playing after it updated. **Knocks on wood**
  18. Meanwhile, I’m buying a second copy of II Gold in the Steam Sale, so I can play on either platform. Though mainly it's because I can't decide whether I want a Series X or an RTX 3070, so don't know where I'll be buying III yet. At the rate things are going, quite possibly neither by the time the game comes out, due to there being none in shops.
  19. With the way these consoles are selling out almost instantly, I’m amazed that anyone other than scalpers don’t have them in hand.
  20. Enjoy! It’s a great game. Hard as hell, especially at the end. Worth it though.
  21. Joe Rhode is retiring. Somehow I think he’ll get a Disney Legend award. Hope they’ll just wait until they don’t have to do it over Zoom.
  22. Are there any good videos or articles comparing load times of PS4 games on the PS5 with the different drive options? There’s a bunch for Xbox, but having a trouble finding one for PS5.
  23. I’m playing through this for the first time and loving it. So far I’ve A+ all the bosses in World 1 and just started the next area.
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