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  2. Nooo, the pic doesn’t load! I wanted to see stuff!
  3. Yeah microcenter near hear has had none for a while. I was there on Saturday picking up a case.
  4. Good news on Kino's Spaceballs disc: "Pitch corrected, Van Halen song and scream included. RIP Eddie Van Halen" https://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p=18556493&postcount=51166 Previous releases, inc online streams, have had the above errors/omissions so it will be good to have everything restored (especially the accurate pitch which even the 4k iTunes version apparently suffers from). I'm still going to wait to see if Arrow have it for UK release this year, but if not it'll be good to know I can safely fall back on importing it.
  5. Any Microcenters by you? Or Frys? Those (along with BB) seem to be lucky for people according to the Discord.
  6. I've been purging games, books, "stuff". Consoles are there temporarily, more purge to come... Need to stick another poster or something in the middle too. But it's progress:
  7. A new book! It goes in depth about the games production, marketing and much more. Amazon:
  8. Didn't get it. Gonna try Best Buy tomorrow as they usually get some stock of stuff and put it up between 10am-1pm EST
  9. Yesterday
  10. I loved my too-brief time with FFXIV. I think I made it to Level 40 or so. Where I struggled was efficiently traveling around to the different locations and not knowing any MMO etiquette. I'm glad to hear it's still a fun experience. Maybe I'll be able to join again someday.
  11. Unless you really need espn, better off getting the $1.99 a month hulu deal every time BLack Friday comes around along with disney +
  12. New egg having one of their shuffle lotteries. Trying for a rtx 3700. See what happens
  13. I looked into this recently. If you're on the prepaid dirt cheap 3 for price of 2 plan, you can "upgrade" to the bundle and they prorate the price. It's more expensive than what you're currently paying, at least it was when I looked for me. It's a deal for new subs.
  14. Didn't notice a more up to date thread for these, but I was checking out a couple of videos from the last batch. This one was great-I spent 40 hours or so playing Baba is You and didn't end up finishing the last world, but this guy does the whole thing in under 23 mins:
  15. I don’t want to give too many details, but it definitely ties in!
  16. So I have Disney+ until December 2022. Already paid. I'm also paying for Hulu w/no ads separately. If I were to "upgrade" to the bundle, how the hell do they handle that? I'm guessing I'm SOL. There is no benefit to bundling Hulu given the promotion I already have. I also assume other's here are in the same situation.
  17. Oh yes, I loved Call of the Sea. Trying not to spoil the story, but where it goes was rather wonderfully done.
  18. Yeah, there's a slippery slope here, but I've just been picking off a bunch of indie stuff that was on my backlog anyway. Only thing that might have changed is the order I've tackled them in, but so far I haven't played anything that I wouldn't have anyway. Speaking of which, Call of the Sea is great! At first glance it's a Myst-like, and there's definitely DNA that's shared with those puzzle-adventure games of the 90s, but there are some great modern updates, like the in-game notebook that make it a whole lot more approachable. Still not easy by any means, but also not obtuse
  19. Last week
  20. I started on trying to take advantage of the achievements mean points thing. Then I realised that 1000 points are worth slightly less than a pound. So nice to have if you want to play things anyway, but pretty poor time investment if you’re just churning things you don’t care about; a Series X connected to an Oled is going to use more in electricity getting 1000 out of most games. Particularly including download time.
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