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  2. If anything, it hopefully bodes well for backwards compatibility and that program getting back up and running. Specifically for the OG Xbox as BC is generally the biggest point of interest I have in a Microsoft console at this point. More enhanced titles right off of the bat with a committed release schedule at a better clip will all but guarantee me owning one at launch.
  3. I was going to try and not to watch too much video for this.... but it’s been fun today watching people’s reviews and reactions. One touch I really like that helps with the immersion that I love is that the load and especially the unload areas are not the typical load/unload areas. This feels like it could be the new Pirates. The new standard for an immersive, technological dark ride that sets a new bar. One that you want to ride over and over to catch all the details you missed the last time. I also think it’s funny that the anti Disney/Star Wars YouTube channels are calling the ride a failure because there was a breakdown this morning and there were long lines to get into the parking lot.
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  5. FfG did a swerve today on Champions and I dont know how to feel about it. After wrecking crew we knew Thor was coming, but it was always thought they would alternate scenarios every few months. After thor its 3 more character packs then the first story box . Thats almost 6 months without a new scenario.
  6. Yeah, was a brand new online store to me and I have to say I was genuinely impressed. It also helped they were the only Canadian seller with Champions AND Quacks in stock, but I lucked out.
  7. Might be an issue with the quest port then. Might have also just needed to reboot the headset? Anyway, nothing saying I can't re-buy it later if I want to mess with it again. Probably a little hasty on the refund, but I didn't realize that it was 14 days/2 hours, which is pretty fair all things considered.
  8. Gotcha. I can’t disagree there. Genesis versions of Street Fighter 2 aren’t as nice on the visual/audio front as the SNES iterations but man do they play better because of that pad.
  9. Man, just got my Marvel Champions and the online store sent me the playmat and cards from the launch kit. That was a nice surprise.
  10. I bought it on Monday and should be arriving today! Still obsessed with Death Stranding at the moment though.
  11. This game is not by any means great, but it IS rather fun and decent enough. I will also say that taking out an entire horde is one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in a game this year.
  12. The Genesis 6 buttons are nice but the Saturn controller (the model 2 specifically) is the pinnacle of controller design for the era. There’s no better pad for action and fighting games.
  13. Hopefully PC pass too. But seems unlikely as it’s Epic exclusive right now.
  14. Lessons from the Screenplay talks to Neil Druckman about The Last of Us and the art of writing stories for video games. Well worth your time.
  15. I can totally see most of that being in the first 30 minutes or so, really - apart from a couple of bits with Malek it’s setup.
  16. Apple could solve so much of my trouble with whether to buy stuff on there with a short clip of what you’re actually getting, rather than purely trailers. Just enough to check aspect ratio, which master is used, sound formats etc. im not sure there will be a massive January sale like last year, though - Black Friday reductions weren’t that exciting.
  17. I thought Brittany Runs and Marathon and The Report both looked good in 4k on Prime this past week. The Report has a lot of dimly lit scenes and I noticed nothing distracting. I do agree that Apple’s quality is particularly good though. The challenging stuff is going to be film based content that’s particularly grainy as that’s where the low bitrates struggle, and the low rates can also introduce banding regardless of whether it’s animation/digital/film based content (even the obscene bitrates on discs can’t always escape it). I still haven’t bought very many titles on iTunes though as if there’s a disc it will always been by first choice, unless it’s a title I have only a passing interest in like Predator 2 for example, and Predator 2 is probably the worst 4k title I have in my iTunes library (there seems to be heavy DNR in places to combat the streaming bitrate, and I’ve not read of the disc being the same). Hopefully the iTunes winter sale will start soon as there were some absurd bargains last year. Apple’s video and music streaming operation could be SO much better though. On the music side, lack of lossless options still seems silly to me this day in age, even if they limit it to purchases rather than streaming. As far as movies/TV goes I wish they wouldn’t make the download sizes of video files half that of their streaming quality, and I wish you could download 4k content. I also hate that for some TV box sets if early seasons were SD but latter HD you get stuck with everything in SD. You see this a lot with British stuff. They also need to provide more detailed information like data on aspect ratios as I was caught out last year buying stuff that wasn’t presented correctly (impressively they did refund me at least). Oh and stop making people jump through hoops to access content from other store regions.
  18. Quality wise, I would say the ATV+ content looks better than most to me as well. I haven’t watched much yet (saving most series for the Christmas break) but, what I did watch was really crisp and some of the best 4K HDR I’ve seen. Up there with UHD’s in Plex. Amazon’s 4K stuff hasn’t looked all that good to me with the exception of Good Omens - I think that was the best looking show I’ve seen on Amazon.
  19. Climb runs perfectly over here. I use it, among other titles, as a demo to indoctrinate new recruits to the cult of VR.
  20. That sucks - I don’t remember any tracking issues with the Rift but, it’s been a while since I played that one. Regardless, you should be able to get a refund so no loss.
  21. The gigabit does help a lot. I have it on fios.
  22. I don't have the broken token insert, but I found that something like this (https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/mastercraft-33-drawer-metal-cabinet-0581036p.html#srp) worked really well for keeping bits organized. The other thing you'll want is some way to keep character stuff together between games, since you'll probably have multiple characters on the go at once. I don't know if it's possible to get extra modifier decks so you can keep them around, but we just ended up having to rebuild them when swapping. Not that big a deal, and we had to trade item cards around anyway. Otherwise, those player stations seem a little excessive. Nothing wrong with the dials/trackers that come with the game. A basic neoprene mat is probably helpful, and the vertical card holders might be nice, but those could also just be generic ones.
  23. Bought the Climb, and requested a refund about 20 mins later. Seems OK, but what really got me was the way the game tracked. Once you grabbed a handhold, the game seemed to snap/jerk to it a little too much. Seemed like it was either trying to center to a "known" position, or the quest was trying to keep up, or both. Either way, maybe if they patch the game it'll be better, but for now, I should be able to get my $35 back for it.
  24. I have, great show, it does look great, but I think Apple is on a whole other level. Although this reminds me that it can be difficult to separate high production values (including cameras, lenses, and lighting) from a HQ stream. I was wondering about that while watching The Morning Show because it clearly is well shot and lit, but I don't think that explains the level of detail. I've never seen so many pores on people's skin in a stream. See is no slouch either. It could be my new gigabit internet connection playing a role as well. That matched with Apple's own hardware (Apple TV) may allow them to scale the data rate higher than 3rd party apps on the ATV. I dunno, just a guess.
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