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  2. The first two days there are RSD exclusives I really want, the last one they are RSD first releases so it’s not a major rush.
  3. Curiously, every single one of my possibles is either dropping solo over the summer, or in the September set. Nothing for the October.
  4. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed that thing many years ago. He also noted that in addition to yelling “FIRE!” really loudly, it would also work if you yelled, “FUCK!”
  5. Bloodborne is a genuine treasure, one of the purest naming experiences I’ve ever had. It tickled my sense of wonder, dread, and awe equally, while being a very traditional gamer’s game. Anything that gets it in more hands is a win for the h]gaming community.
  6. I’ve been playing quite a bit of Mario Marker 2 on my Switch, which lead to a complete play through of Mario World, which has lead to a play through of Zelda 1.... which lead me to thinking that a little portable is fantastic for classic gaming as you can just pick it up and play for a bit when you have some spare time. While looking at options, I realized that I had a Vita sitting, doing absolutely nothing, so that has lead to me hacking the device and installing Retroarch on it. There was a bit of pain getting it going and Retroarch is also not the best, but I’ve got it set up with a bunch of NES and Genesis games (with SNES, GBA and some others to get on it as well). It’s a great little device for this purpose and I see it getting quite a bit of use.
  7. I remember that thing. Have they figured out that we don’t like talking to our games yet? Even just blowing into a mic seems weird sometimes.
  8. The new RSD list breakdown is up showing what is coming out on the three different days https://recordstoreday.com/NewsItem/9003 Also since it’s gonna be a while before all the computer parts I want for my new tower to be back in stock/regular price again, I decided to finally splurge on a Uturn Orbit Turntable with Ortofon Red, and all the upgrades. It came a few weeks ago, and I’m loving going through my collection again.
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  10. Fantastic Bloodborne news. I know many people who've wanted to play the game, but don't have a PS4. And it'll be nice to replay at a better framerate.
  11. It’ll be interesting to see how the weekend goes. It’s going to be locals only for a long time I think. I certainly don’t see international guests flocking to Orlando any time soon (if at all this year).
  12. I had to go look it up but I think this fits the bill.
  13. There was so much crazy stuff in the 8bit/16bit days. Stuff keeps popping up in my YouTube feed that I never knew existed. What would you say the craziest or most obscure accessory you had was? Mine was probably the UForce. It wasn’t great, but it worked 1000% better than the Power Glove did. It was especially good for Punch-Out.
  14. I remember seeing ads for XBand and being really excited for it, but I don’t think it ever came out in Canada. The story of XBand is actually quite fascinating.
  15. Almost. I think that was like the one accessory I never bought.
  16. Wish I was nearby, it’s my favorite game.
  17. Anybody else have an Xband back in the day? I had one of these before we even had a computer with internet access.
  18. My favorite beer podcast is The Beerists. I noticed that one of their recent episodes focuses on black-owned breweries. I haven't listened to it yet but will get to it soon.
  19. Yeah, Sony has it for the same price through the PS Store right now as part of their Days of Play Sale. I don’t know if there’s a limit to how many you can purchase though.
  20. Amazon has PSPlus and PSNow on sale for $42 for 12 months. Limited time offer. It is limited to 2 12 month subs only.
  21. Sounds like a plan. Luckily you'll have at least a few weeks still to get all the minis painted up.
  22. A black-owned brewery in San Antionio has kicked off a new fundraising project, Black is Beautiful stout: https://blackisbeautiful.beer/ I'll be buying up as many as I can find.
  23. Cedar Fair and KI are suing the state of Ohio to reopen. I can't blame them either because absolutely none of the entertainment businesses that the state is letting open has 360 acres to spread people out across. As a matter of fact, half of the business-types opening only succeed because they cram large amounts of people into smaller spaces. KI, at least, has so much open space and multiple paths available to get around. I get trepidation, but they've already announced measures as good as any, lower attendance, reservations ahead of time, lower ride capacity, etc.
  24. Has anyone tried 3DSen? I literally joined the Discord last night on my phone to download the beta, which I was going to download this morning. Woke up to find a message that the beta has ended and going early access soon. It looks pretty cool, but is it worth paying for? For those that might not know what I am talking about.
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