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  2. Ed you might also like Rick Beato on YouTube. He has a series "What makes this song great" where he deconstructs songs based on music theory. Mostly on classic rock songs. Carlos.
  3. It's a lot, but this is a dev board and that's only twice as much as a One X; this is supposed to be at least twice as powerful.
  4. https://orlandoparkstop.com/news/theme-park-news/capacity-issues-plague-hagrids-magical-creatures-motorbike-adventures-first-week/ Orlando Park Stop did an article on the capacity issues a few days ago. She estimates that Hagrids has only been doing an average of ~4000 riders per day. One of the big issues is that they aren’t opening until “midday” right now (usually around 11-12) and soon after, the daily rainstorms roll in and they have to shut it down. Combine that with technical issues and it doesn’t leave much time to actually run the ride. They’ve also had to install extra AC in parts of the queue where there wasn’t any since people are sitting in there for hours, as well as institute a system to let people leave the line and come back.
  5. Interesting. It appears The Academy will be screening (their own) 70mm blow up print from 1977 of Star Wars this weekend. Pre-Disney even such a high profile venue would have had a hard time being able to stage such an event. https://www.oscars.org/events/star-wars-and-rogue-one They’re screening it with Rogue One as part of a day focusing on live talks with past and present ILM effects artists.
  6. Something like 1500 screenings of Dark Phoenix have been pulled so they’re definitely getting ready for Endgame.
  7. Been keeping an eye to see when Tickets for this weekends End Game shows go on sale ( they have not yet), and its fascinating that the summer movie season has been so poor that most theaters in the NYC/Long Island area do not have anything other then Toy Story and the new Annabelle scheduled for Fri,Sat and Sunday yet. Only AMC Empire in Times Square has 5 movies planned for the weekend, and it has space for double that number.
  8. Yeah a Russian twitter account did that almost the same day of the keynote I believe. Based on the layout and part #s they were speculating 24 GB ram - sounds too good to be true
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  10. I really like Song Exploder - which describes itself thusly... "a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made."
  11. I’ll check it out as well. EDIT: Wow, 18 episodes not including multiple bonus episodes? 😳
  12. It's definitely an ingenious loading system for the Falcon. I wonder what the hourly ride capacity on Rise of the Resistance is going to be....
  13. I’m at $1 at the moment.but my plan is to back the first set, and whatever else I want in the first wave.Then they say in the FAQ the PM for the second wave will be open until later next year, so I will get the other stuff before that closes.. Help spread the $$ around, as I want to back the Batman Adventures game when it’s up later in the year/early next.
  14. Yeah, there's a lot of fluff that I have no interest in - resins, art books? No thanks. I do like the playmats but they're very big & roomy. Longer than the box actually. I'm in for acts 2+3 obviously, though I might end up with an adventure or two... They're already over $1m.
  15. Almost installed the public beta of iPad OS, but think Im going to wait until the next version at least. Got the profile installed though.
  16. Despite it reaching capacity and Disney turning on the virtual queue, it seems like everyone rushed for the Falcon. Reports are that the rest of the land was quite quiet, there weren’t any gate crushing lines to get in, the freeways weren’t clogged, wait times at other rides are still quite low, and now the Falcon is down to a 35min wait.
  17. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been to Providence on business several times and eaten many a great meal on Federal Hill.
  18. Anyone listening to Crimetown? They focus each season on a city and delve into organized crime in it. The first season was about Providence, RI, and the second (current) season is about Detroit. The first was great and the second is even better. Living in Toledo, I'm familiar with some of the Detroit stuff, although so far it's mostly been before my time (or at least before I was paying attention). The next episode is going to cover Kwame Kilpatrick, who was definitely not before my time
  19. Galaxy’s Edge hit capacity within 20 minutes this morning (first open day of general access). Disney have not declared what the land’s actual capacity is however. Falcon wait time is currently 3hrs.
  20. Middara KS is live! Backed for the three acts. I’d like to grab the adventure packs too, but we’ll see. There’s a lot I don’t give a rat’s butt about in the full pack like the casual resins, alternative antagonists, extra dice and playmats, so the all-in pledge is not for me (and too rich for the old blood anyway).
  21. 16" re-designed Macbook Pro rumours are kicking around again for a Sept launch. Really curious why 16" and not going back to the old days of offering 17". There were rumours it would be OLED which would surely be fucking awful for a computer display. The latest is that it will thankfully be LCD based, and 3072x1920 resolution with a new processor. I wonder if this could be a mobile XEON based notebook.
  22. You’ll be happy to hear that the little bit of Merch that they had put into the Cinema has been removed and they are now testing benches.
  23. I think I figured out why things seemed rushed at the end-we missed a key point in the rules that we only noticed half way though game 3. There's a "call to vote" action where you vote on which building to build next (that works really well). The issue is that the player that triggers the vote retrieves all their action cards, but where me messed up was that we were resetting EVERYONE at this point, and not just the calling player. Looks like that'll change things pretty significantly for the next round. Hoping to get started on that tonight.
  24. Finally started American Scandal. Seasons 1 (New York State of Mind - Eliot Spitzer) and 2 (Iran Contra) are quite fascinating. I’ve only listened to 3 of the many podcast shows on Wondery but I prefer the narration by Lindsay Graham on this show over David Brown on Business Wars and Dan Rubinstein on Sports Wars.
  25. I understand Courtois wanting to be near his kid, but I do enjoy watching him site on the bench. Will be funny to see if Zidane sells him off.
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