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  2. When I had more time for gaming, I used to love online multiplayer and open world games but now I don't even play them because of the large time commitment is just something I don't have anymore. That's why I love the Switch. I can play games when and where I have the time and can quickly put it to sleep and and wake it up to resume my game on my time.
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  4. Looks like about the same thing. Arc worked without any issue as I use the TVs apps for now. But I’m still kinda pissed that Disney+ isn’t supporting Atmos on my TV, even though Netflix has no issues with it.
  5. I find it best not to read the replies to ANYTHING. So you should ignore this post.
  6. Rule #1 ...ignore 99% of all social media discourse. Your life and mental health will improve substantially.
  7. Looks like a Studio Canal release of Total Recall is finally on the way in November in Europe if some early retail listings are anything to go by. I'd expect Lionsgate to mimic this one for the US market. Le cercle rouge appears to also be coming in November in France from Studio Canal. They also have UK rights last I checked so we should end up getting that here too.
  8. I’m embarrassed to admit how far down the ridiculous fanboy rabbit hole on that twitter thread I went down. It’s sad how easily people will get into arguments about batteries to defend their side.
  9. I’ll reiterate that $599 is not a mass market price. Sony learned this the hard way with the PS3 and that was despite the reality that the PS3 was, in fact a pretty fantastic value considering all that it offered at the time. In other words value had little effect on easing cost concerns from a consumer perspective. Could that have changed over the years? Certainly? Maybe? Afterall, we did see a mid-gen refresh with higher pricing and more value in the One X but even in this thread we’ve discussed how that machine was not profitable for Microsoft and that was at $499. Perhaps Sony/Microsoft aren’t as concerned with mass market pricing initially considering the environment these machines are releasing in but “boutique” pricing for an equivalent device that in Sony’s case makes up some 30% of their overall sales and 48% of their overall profit in 2020 seems like a very stupid gamble. I don’t buy into the pessimism. I still say $499 is the ceiling. In so far as cell phone pricing is concerned - it’s a very different product from a valuation perspective. First and foremost, they are considered an “essential” item in our society so the willingness to pay more is there. People aren’t living without a cellphone in 2020. It’s not happening. Folks can live without an Xbox or a Playstation. Cell phones also offer a market with a variety of ways to spread the cost out over the life of a contract. My eldest daughter has an $900 dollar phone that I’m paying $40 dollars a month on as part of my Edge plan with Verizon. I can’t remember a time when I outright paid the full cost for a cell phone. It was usually heavily subsidized via my plan or paid in installments, etc.
  10. Troy Total War is only available to grab for free for 24 hours, so get it while you can. Remnant From The Ashes + The Alto Collection are free for the next 7 days.
  11. I got this cable but haven't opened it yet: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VI3N3NY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I got this with the intent to use it with my PS5 and my not-yet-bought HDMI 2.1 Receiver==> not-yet-bought HDMI 2.1 TV. I'm gonna be fucked when I hook this all up in the fall. I really hope eArc works so that I can stream surround audio back from my TV to my receiver for Netflix or whatever. If that doesn't work, I guess that's not a big deal because I can just use my Roku to stream HDR netflix/Amazon.
  12. I think I picked the wrong year to quit 1080p.
  13. Damn, I forgot that was a launch game. That fucking locker bit.... The only game I can think of that had 970 achievement points in it
  14. Apparently full 2.1 switches are massively expensive right now, which is why Denon/Marantz went the route they did in limiting the compatible inputs (they said as much in a recent interview I watched). If that is indeed true then it's hard to imagine anyone doing it for a while sadly.
  15. The lower-end Yamahas are starting to show up for pre-orders online, but no detailed specs. Fingers crossed we get more than one full-fat HDMI 2.1 input. Rumor has it that manufacturers had to decide between 2 in/1 out or 1 in/2 out, and Denon/Marantz chose the latter. If Yamaha has 2 in/1 out full-fat HDMI 2.1 and a unit capable of 7.1.6 processing, they jump to the top of my list. Of course, Sony is also rumored to finally be refreshing its line with an announcement at virtual CEDIA in advance of PS5 launch... and there are photos of Anthem test units floating around, too.
  16. Troy Total War is the latest freebie. I cant play it, obviously, but saw it tweeted so thought it worth a mention as I like the Total War games therefore everyone else had better bloody well like them too.
  17. FH4 is the must have for me since it's inspired by home turf. If I still had my X, or could be 100% sure I'd get back into Xbox for Christmas, then I'd grab FH3, but as it is I shall probably let it go. Can't really compel myself to spare £30 on something I may not actually get to play for a year or more. Sincerely, Notorious Gaming Cheapskate.
  18. FH4 is my favorite of the series overall, but I loved the map for FH3 the most.
  19. A Matter of Life and Death for the first question, without hesitation. The Archers, Jack Cardiff, and three-strip Technicolor are too irresistible a combination. I hadn't thought about its availability outside of the U.S. and how that might impact its inclusion in a boxed set. For the 'check three' question, I immediately chose The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Real Genius, and I waffled on the third before finally settling on It Happened One Night. It's such a bizarre list, where you have In a Lonely Place alongside The Muppets Take Manhattan, Not Another Teen Movie, and The Guns of Navarone.
  20. My son lost his mind playing Hot Wheels last night. Scored some big daddy points on that one I should note that the kid not only plays with his Hot Wheels tracks in the normal way a fair bit, but also spends a lot of time walking around the house with two lengths of track pretending they are various parts of things, usually Transformers (think Wheeljack's shoulder rocket), so he's squarely in the target market to put it lightly. I thought it was pretty damn awesome too and looking forward to playing it some more. Also, I've invested quite a bit of time into FH4 but had to play a bit of 3 (for the first time) to unlock the Hot Wheels area... I must say some areas in FH3 (Australia) are quite breathtaking. I had no intention of playing FH3 outside of the Lego area beyond unlocking HW. I still can't see myself investing anywhere close to the kind of time I have in 4... but I can see myself firing up 3 (regular area) once in a while just to spend some time in that environment.
  21. Oh my. Godard's Breathless in UK/Europe this November!
  22. I can't imagine it coming later. The packaged white controllers dated for November mention the Series S on the box as we know, so it would be odd to let that out into the market referencing a product Microsoft would continue to refrain from discussing. That it hasn't been revealed yet I think can simply be put down to the disruption of 2020 messing up everyone's plans. Allegedly it looks more like an X (an XB1 X that is).
  23. £500 still seems to be the upper end of how much anyone's prepared to speculate an entire Xbox Series X costing in the UK. Which you'd have to shop around to find an RTX 2070 Super at, let alone the rest of the components.
  24. I find it funny that $600 is considered expensive when we pay more then that for cell phones,
  25. Yeah, if I didn’t have the DLC, I would probably do the same, who am I kidding. It is still some anti consumer bull shit though. And with NBA2K and now this, we will see more of it unfortunately. At least we still have companies like CD Projeckt Red that don’t look to fleece their customers every chance they get.
  26. Do we still think the Series S is hitting the same date? That there are already white controllers would suggest as much, but I find it hard to believe Spencer's happily discussing retail boxed examples of the X without so much as a vague leak of what a Series S case looks like. I'm not, however, surprised that Microsoft haven't committed to a particular day for the Series X yet. Manufacturing and Shipping schedules are still a complete mess due to the pandemic, so "aim for the 6th, be prepared for that to slip a week or two" is sensible enough.
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