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  2. Now they both have Jennifer Connelly. Although Rocketeer had her at 20...
  3. Well Fuck. Spidey is out of the MCU if reports are true.
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  5. OMG, how can anyone cram that much nonsense into such a short post?!?! You're brilliant in all of the wrong ways!
  6. Your one of the Top Gun-deniers right? If so, let's get together and do a Top Gun and Rocketeer double-feature. I've never seen Rocketeer.
  7. The Rocketeer is fucking brilliant.
  8. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. iainl, you just did an incredibly brave thing. You routinely fly by the seat of your pants on this forum. Criticizing a beloved movie like this. This forum is a target-rich environment for such things. What you should have done was shut the fuck up. I see some real genius in your critiques. But sorry, Maverick still takes my breathe away. He's just trying to full-fill his need, your need, our need, and the needs of those around him for speed. And self-lessly trying to keep his less-gifted best friend from descending, like a great ball of fire, into the impoverished world of truck-driving. You don't like him because you think he's dangerous. He is dangerous. But you're opinions are foolish and dangerous. With a movie like this, you can't think through your opinion. You have to feel it. If you think, you're opinion is dead -- to me. And everyone else on this forum. Such behavior suggests that you have a confidence problem. Don't bother telling us that this bullshit will never, happen, again. We know that's rubber dogshit. No apologies.
  9. I am a totally unashamed and unabashed lover of The Rocketeer comics and movie!
  10. I played through the first few races while everything was still downloading. Over streaming to my laptop. Oops. Every time an item finished the stream hung a couple of seconds, and I ploughed into a wall. Thank God for the rewind feature.
  11. And the synopsis: I like the title.
  12. I wasn't planning on spending any money on a game I just got for free (with Gold), but the Porsche pack got me. What else could I do?
  13. Yep, but hopefully they'll continue to work on multiple projects at the same time as they have in the past. Perv.
  14. Just a heads up: if you have Gold, this deal is still available to you. Go get it while you can! On a related note, I bought and downloaded this over the weekend and downloaded all 100+ items to my Xbox One. I think the installation notifications have finally stopped. If not, please, god, make them stop!
  15. I've watched EndGame several times now. It is a wonderful ending to this franchise. Though set against Infinity War, it is just far from the tight, fun, rewatchable movie that Infinity War is. Given that it is the ending to the whole franchise in a sense, I don't judge it harshly because it is trying to do so much. My low points in the movie are: Stark and his Dad This whole section just slows down the movie and isn't as interesting, meaningful, or entertaining as it thinks it is. Of course it serves its narrative purpose of getting them the space stone, letting Tony say good by to his Dad, and foreshadowing Rogers' decision to stay in the past. Lots of positive there. But I think it is one of the weakest components of the movie. Professor Hulk I really like that Hulk is destined to put on the Stark-Gauntlet because it emits mostly gamma radiation, blah blah blah. That one line justifies the entire professor hulk plot, I guess. But besides that, Banner being in hulk form throughout this movie contributed nothing to the movie or plot. He might as well have been regular banner in almost every scene. I feel they left on the table so many awesome Hulk moments had they kept him dumb hulk. Dumb hulk is one of my favorite MCU characters and and more or less keeping him out of the Infinity Saga is really sad to me. Save the "Hulk Hates Stairs" gag, which I loved BTW. Rather than just bitch, I'll give some ideas they could have done which would have made this part of movie better for me. I would have enjoyed if HULK was part of the band that killed Thanos at the beginning. He deserved to be on that team. I would have preferred that Banner spent the rest of the movie as regular Banner. Then when he met with The Ancient One she could have deemed it necessary to combine him for the purpose of safely performing the snap. Then in some dire moment in the final battle Dr. Strange separates Hulk and Banner again, and Hulk gets his moment against Thanos, just like Thor, Iron Man, Rogers, and Marvel do. He could have been worked into that chain of Thanos wack-a-mole quite nicely and the could have given him his "The angrier I get, the more powerful I get moment" that would have surprised Thanos the way Rogers' hammer moment surprised us. Thor I've already said that I don't like drunk Thor. After Thor 3, Hulk and Thor were my 2nd and 3rd favorite characters. And they more or less erased those characters from this final movie. So sad. And then his one plotline, going back to Thor 2 and meeting his mother. I thought that whole section was one of the weakest in the movie. The above three things pull this movie down for me. This movie could have joined Thor 3, IW, and the original Avengers as my 3 favorite MCU movies had it approached these 3 things differently. As it is , it is good, and a great ending.
  16. Soooo, should we talk about that absolutely wild Medium article about the Al lutz/Iger stuff, and yesterday’s news of a former Disney accountant claiming that the company has been cooking the books for years to show exaggerated Parks/Resorts revenue to the tune of billions of dollars? The Medium article I am struggling to believe. It’s absolutely insane.
  17. Spider-man factory confirmed. Ew, I forgot about Stormland. Maybe I'll dust off my rift.
  18. All these damn services need to provide advanced notifications for when things are scheduled to leave.
  19. Netflix on TVos will finally be getting a line for New Netflix original releases, and Upcoming releases. You can set notifications for when when something is released.
  20. Great news for Insomniac and well deserved. This will lead to some Great PS5 games and likely some more amazing PSVR exclusives. I am so looking forward to Stormland and they confirmed it’s still coming to PC as planned but, would be great to see it on PSVR too and maybe crossplay.
  21. I’ve been replaying Gears 4 in coop with a friend before this comes out and it has been a weird but good refresher. The story is so cheesy but, the set pieces are really fun and the gameplay itself still holds up. Gears 4 still looks and sounds really good, graphically it holds up very well and performance on my PC has been great even on Ultra. Once in-game it plays really well - especially in coop with no perceptible latency or issues but, there are a lot of stupid things that hold it back too - especially in coop 😕 I am having fun replaying it and I think it holds up pretty well overall but, I hope they fix a lot of the crap supporting Gears and games in general through the Xbox app for 5. It was tedious as hell getting coop working (around an hour in total) and that’s just strange for a game that is built for it. Between Windows on my friends PC needing the teredo network adapter to work correctly (and not being able to install it itself), having to setup extra port forwarding policy, Gears itself having limited controller compatibility with the friends list or Xbox app pop-ups in-game, and the Xbox app (the new beta)... it was a problem too. I like the new Xbox app in beta but, it made it harder to play, not easier or better. It hides itself after game launch making you Alt+Tab out or find it or bring it back up from the tray, it requires keyboard+mouse (no controller support) to select a friend and invite or to just accept an invite i received and requests timeout at 2 minutes so you have to send or request a new one. The request is still there and you can select it but, it will fail after you try to join. So in my case when I was running the benchmark when it popped in I had to request a new one. It was just surprisingly not good at “pick up and play” coop for a game that is built for it. I hope Gears 5 improves on this stuff.
  22. Not PS+ specific, but Ikaruga is $5 for another day if anyone is interested https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3984-CUSA11630_00-APP0000000000000
  23. By the way, Cherry is Adam’s daughter from the first game and Skate’s niece.
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