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  2. I went ahead and pre-ordered this the other day on Epic but it doesn’t release until tomorrow in the UK (24th)
  3. The big update including episode one and expeditions is out today. They made some pretty big changes to skills and, from the little time I got to mess around with them today the changes were good overall I’d say. Almost all skills last twice as long now with much shorter cool downs and much better damage output making them MUCH more viable. There’s also a nice upgrade to the crafting bench for WT5 ensuring that all crafted items hit 500 GS. There’s a ton of new content so I really haven’t gotten that far into it all but, other than slower loading times the new update seems good so far.
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  5. EA Access is coming to PS4 https://www.polygon.com/2019/5/7/18535236/ea-access-subscription-ps4-games-price-release-date
  6. I wish my younger daughter wasn't afraid of the first movie. I'd love to see this in the theater with her. Maybe I'll try her again with the first movie.
  7. I'm going to send you the Premiere files and media for my 40 minute documentary to see how long it takes you to render it on your beast. To which you will respond 3 minutes later with a YouTube link.
  8. It is an interesting dilemma. Can you wildly vary these movies in tone if you're going to integrate all of them at some point? All these movies have humor and goofiness in them. But Thor 3 jumped off a cliff in this regard. These movies are ridiculous to begin with, but Thor 3 just said "screw it" to the point where stuff just didn't make sense at all, but it was OK, because it was a comedy. Then the Thor 3 movie narratively rolls directly into Infinity War where Thor is blown to smithereens while crying over his dead brother's carcass. I thought it worked just fine. They can flip back and forth like that. They can have a DeadPool movie where he's always talking to the camera and then put him in Avengers and work him in without breaking the movie. And I think the same is true for the "look." Black Widow can use a "Minority Report" muted crazy blooming aesthetic and then throw her in an Avengers movie where it is all colorful. Although I don't think they "need" to do that. But I think it would work and would like to see it.
  9. I did have some hope with how dramatic the sky was in Endgame, but Far From Home was a return to flat grey light everywhere, even in "sunny" Venice.
  10. Awesome man - can’t wait to hear how the Oculus works on the new rig with your new video card; that should be a substantial upgrade. Did you get a chance to benchmark any games or anything before the upgrade? Just curious how big a jump up your new PC will be on stuff like GTA 5 or Doom or whatever - not only playing them in 4K now but in 4K on ultra settings, or in VR on ultra with 2.0 SS, etc
  11. Oops, forgot to update last night. Had a pretty painless time putting everything together this weekend, aided by a 7 hour power outage on Saturday which motivated me to just sit down and plow through the rest of it. It took me a little longer than I thought it would, but maybe I'm a lot more deliberate than I was in my younger years. And that's probably why everything just worked with no issues! Case looks great, it's a little louder than my old one though not by much, understandable with the much more appropriate/substantial fans in this one for the beefy hardware. I would have been fine with no window at all since I really abhor the blinged out builds people do, and yet I kind of like the dark tinted glass. I have it sitting on its side, so if I walk up near it I can see inside on the top and it's cool, just the LED that is inside the AMD cooler/fan on top of the CPU and one on the edge of the video card. It looks really nice and doesn't bleed out into the room! Knocks on the case are probably the same I would have had with any case this size, due to the amount of drives I crammed into it and they are the old 3.5" size. If I wanted to avoid this, I probably would have needed to go with the "full" ATX tower styles, but I made it work. The back panel (now on the bottom) that covers where most of the cable management takes place as well as covers the (only) two 3.5" drive bays, I had to really give it a good shove to get it back on and screwed in, the ends of the SATA cables on the drives made it hard, too. The other two drives + two SSDs...well, I'm not proud of it, but I basically just stacked them neatly in the main bay on top of unused PCI slots, it works fine and the cables are out of the way, this thing isn't going to get stood up or moved and I have no idea what I'd need to put in those slots. The upside is that the four 3.5" drives are 6TB enterprise-level Seagates that a friend that works for A Very Big Computer Company gave me a little while back, they have loads of them in their lab they use for testing that they can't then re-sell or re-use. So I have 24TB of traditional storage, the 1TB ultra-fast PCIe M.2 boot drive, and then I filled the last two slots with 250GB and 120GB SSDs pulled over from the old machine that I'll use for more game installs. I think I am set storage-wise for a very long time, hah, though there is one more M.2 slot I could use if I wanted to add another SSD at some point. Obviously....this thing is fast. I have been re-downloading everything and updating drivers and such, but I gave DOOM a try at 4k at Ultra Detail and it was as smooth as silk. Tried a few older games that are notoriously unoptimized and load times were better and CPU definitely must have been a bottleneck on the old system too, ran much smoother. I hope to give a few newer games a run-through shortly (Wolfenstein: Youngblood was included with the Nvidia, will try that when it releases on Friday) as well as get my Oculus hooked up and messing with super-sampling. I am a very satisfied customer thus far!
  12. Tarantino and Thurman have had discussions about doing Kill Bill V3 please happen
  13. Yesterday
  14. The only social media I use on my watch is messenger chat for my brother and a few friends. Most of my usage is controlling music/podcasts at work during the day, and checking mail quickly. I have the version that uses my phone., it’s always with me anyway.
  15. In terms of the colour palettes and grading though? I'm desperate for them to move away from the flat look all of their digitally shot movies have suffered from (it's by no means fault of them being shot digitally, but how they treat those images in post).
  16. Tower of Terror in Paris is due to get some permanent new effects and storyline tweaks in late September. https://d.adroll.com/consent/write?_l=en&_c=1&_v=4&_e=bounced_consent&_d=https%3A%2F%2Fattractionsmagazine.com%2Ftower-of-terror-updates-disneyland-paris%2F&_s=f2d581f5167c6cb513ab280812e70b07&_b=626d9f6089ce68&_a=L442OGJPNFBODKPLVHOMHV It's interesting as I had wondered about the long-term fate of the ride in Paris as it sits in front of what will eventually be the Marvel-land, so my assumption was that it might have ended up with the Guardians re-skin since the Paris Tower of Terror is a clone of the California version. Glad to hear it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. I wonder if any of these additions will make it over to Florida (the ride celebrates its 25th anniversary this week with no changes, but perhaps for the WDW 50th?).
  17. I expect Eternals, Wanda Vision and Doctor Strange to do that from the interviews I have heard . Those three are always mentioned. The Black Widow footage people have been describing as John Wick/Jason Bournish.
  18. I would really love it if they shifted gear visually with this next era and allowed the films to look more unique and interesting.
  19. I'd be considering one purely for health and fitness really (I genuinely hate the idea of being connected 24/7 for web, phone, social media prompts...etc), but not until later in the year if I choose to replace my Garmin. If i feel like getting Powerbeats Pro earphones or the rumoured 3rd gen Airpods then the Apple watch with my running/workout music on, allowing me to head out without the phone, starts to become quite appealing.
  20. Kevin Feige during an interview said they actually have the next 5 years planned out, but decided to just announce Phase 4 since it was big enough at 10 titles (5 movies, 5 shows). So Phase 5 is looking like a three year plan of 9 films, and whatever tv shows they decide on.
  21. I do not even think I've ever looked during the day to see if the watch was low on power
  22. Love the Watch as-is really... I’d always like more battery life and with the ECG functionality id like to see more health-type uses but, I think the Apple Watch is one of the best gadgets you can buy right now, regardless of whatever series 5 might add.
  23. It works perfect fine for what I use it for as it is now.. I wish there were more watch face options I actually wanted to use. Even the third party stuff is not that great,
  24. Question for Apple Watch users. What improvements do you want/expect to see on future hardware revisions?
  25. She dropped out of the MCU because of what went on surrounding Thor 2. The director (patty jenkins) and script were totally changed right before shooting. It was a big deal behind the scenes, and she almost left the film. Was also part of the Ike Perlmutter fiasco.
  26. If you report your posts, a highly-skilled professional will be along shortly to remove the dupes. Carlos.
  27. Yeah, it’s not and you do from what I could tell
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