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  2. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been to Providence on business several times and eaten many a great meal on Federal Hill.
  3. Anyone listening to Crimetown? They focus each season on a city and delve into organized crime in it. The first season was about Providence, RI, and the second (current) season is about Detroit. The first was great and the second is even better. Living in Toledo, I'm familiar with some of the Detroit stuff, although so far it's mostly been before my time (or at least before I was paying attention). The next episode is going to cover Kwame Kilpatrick, who was definitely not before my time
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  5. Galaxy’s Edge hit capacity within 20 minutes this morning (first open day of general access). Disney have not declared what the land’s actual capacity is however. Falcon wait time is currently 3hrs.
  6. Middara KS is live! Backed for the three acts. I’d like to grab the adventure packs too, but we’ll see. There’s a lot I don’t give a rat’s butt about in the full pack like the casual resins, alternative antagonists, extra dice and playmats, so the all-in pledge is not for me (and too rich for the old blood anyway).
  7. 16" re-designed Macbook Pro rumours are kicking around again for a Sept launch. Really curious why 16" and not going back to the old days of offering 17". There were rumours it would be OLED which would surely be fucking awful for a computer display. The latest is that it will thankfully be LCD based, and 3072x1920 resolution with a new processor. I wonder if this could be a mobile XEON based notebook.
  8. You’ll be happy to hear that the little bit of Merch that they had put into the Cinema has been removed and they are now testing benches.
  9. I think I figured out why things seemed rushed at the end-we missed a key point in the rules that we only noticed half way though game 3. There's a "call to vote" action where you vote on which building to build next (that works really well). The issue is that the player that triggers the vote retrieves all their action cards, but where me messed up was that we were resetting EVERYONE at this point, and not just the calling player. Looks like that'll change things pretty significantly for the next round. Hoping to get started on that tonight.
  10. Finally started American Scandal. Seasons 1 (New York State of Mind - Eliot Spitzer) and 2 (Iran Contra) are quite fascinating. I’ve only listened to 3 of the many podcast shows on Wondery but I prefer the narration by Lindsay Graham on this show over David Brown on Business Wars and Dan Rubinstein on Sports Wars.
  11. I understand Courtois wanting to be near his kid, but I do enjoy watching him site on the bench. Will be funny to see if Zidane sells him off.
  12. We are on the same page. But in this case I think we are wrong. Sounds like they stuck the landing.
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  14. This! Meh! I'm surprised anyone has an appetite for another Toy Story. I really enjoyed the first three, but a fourth film seemed unnecessary, and that trailer would seem to confirm it. The positive reviews are kinda surprising.
  15. I think the trailer for Toy Story 4 looks meh. But the reviews are great.
  16. Courtois is a bad snake though. Thought it was hilarious he was getting shit in the press so immediately ran out and was like BALE DOESN'T SPEAK SPANISH THAT MUCH AND LIKES TO GO TO SLEEP AT 10:30/11PM to distract attention from him.
  17. The Toy Story discs really are very nice. Disappointed but not surprised that the music edit at the start of the first film remains due to Disney’s obsession with using their most recent castle logo rather than the Pixar’d one the movie originally opened with. It’s fascinating how revealing the Toy Story disc is actually as you can see how they had to cheat motion blur effects and other elements that I’d never really noticed before.
  18. Boo-urns! Beetlejuice and Exorcist do have 4k masters, and certainly in the case if Beetlejuice it’s a fresh 2018 master too as it had a theatrical run last halloween (so I can’t imagine them not doing an HDR pass on it last year too). Again I was disappointed Warner didn’t do Anniversary discs of either last year but they’re funny as sometimes they take the opportunity with an Anniversary, but then The Shining is coming a year too soon (presumably they’d sooner cash in on Doctor Sleep instead). I’m losing confidence in the prospect of Shawshank and Green Mile anniversary discs this year. At least Wizard of Oz is coming. Would love to know what’s dampened Paramount’s catalogue enthusiasm whilst it seems to be growing over at Universal, Sony and Warner (and even Disney). Unless they want to surprise us with restored Trek movies they’re really not looking to have a good year for UHD output (and again Chinatown is another from them, like It’s a Wonderful Life, now on iTunes in 4k/DV with no disc! 😬). Lionsgate seem to be less enthusiastic lately too. They rarely skipped new releases on UHD, even for films that underperformed at the box office, but have started doing so recently.
  19. ...although it looks like there may be some backpedaling from the posts on blu-ray.com's forums, and these might just be traditional BDs in steelbooks, and the 4K listings are a mistake? Also, because the Friday remake is getting a steelbook release, there seem to be suspicions that it's the remake rather than the original coming to UHD BD, if there's a 4K release at all. Ugh, what a mess. The perils of early foreign retailer listings, I guess!
  20. Friday the 13th is Warner in the UK like Spain so if accurate there would be an English disc you could import. Honestly wouldn’t shock me in Paramount got it out in the US too though, however their enthusiasm for catalogue releases really seems to have nose dived this year. VERY pleased about Exorcist and Beetlejuice. I thought it was strange they didn’t jump on the anniversaries of those last year. The fourth quarter this year is shaping hp incredibly well.
  21. A Spanish retailer is listing The Exorcist, the original Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice, and Salem's Lot as coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray in time for Halloween. Presumably Friday the 13th will not find its way to the U.S., though, as that's handled by Paramount in my neck of the woods.
  22. Finished this last night-it's definitely easier than crypt, especially once you get some upgrades under your belt. Only major complaint is that it's not really obvious what are permanent upgrades, and what isn't. I found a shop that converted one weapon to Titanium for example, but it wasn't obvious that this was a permanent upgrade (which made the game a WHOLE lot easier). Bottles are also permanent purchases, and health potions are automatic, which makes brute forcing some of the bosses a lot simpler. Really cool crossover though-it'd be great to get the story of how this came about.
  23. Possibly cliche but Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. I'll second Ed's suggestion of Radiohead's Pyramid Song and add both Fake Plastic Trees (more for the performance than the subject matter) and the haunting version of True Love Waits from A Moon Shaped Pool.
  24. I actually ditched Overcast a while back and went back to Apple’s own app. On iOS it seems to behave fine for me, whereas podcasts under iTunes are a pain in the arse that I cannot wait to see go away and replaced with the dedicated Mac version of Podcasts that I hope syncs better.
  25. I’m on Overcast. Doesn’t leak files the way Podcasts does; I got sick and tired of having to delete and reinstall Podcasts every couple of months because it’s incapable of cleaning its mess up.
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