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    It's here. For fun I put my outgoing projector on top of the Epson. Needless to say the Epson is BIG. I've gotten it hooked up and have taken a quick gander at some 4K HDR stuff, and oof it's quite beautiful. So much lovely detail. I do have to take a moment to praise the old Panny, though. It provided many years of stunning imagery itself. But the future is definitely here.
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    Good news, fellas! It looks like I may be able to afford that new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR after all. My Barclaycard with Apple Rewards just increased my credit limit to $11,500! Of course, this means that I won't be able get the stand for the display right away. Maybe someone can buy it for me for my birthday. Or I could just do this:
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    My daughter got excellent grades this year, so I told her to pick her vacation spot. Knowing Galaxy's Edge isn't open at Disney World yet, she picked Ohio, for the excellent coasters at King's Island and Cedar Point. If you're in to thrill rides, you simply can't beat these two parks. There are so many world-class coasters. At Cedar Point, Steel Vengeance opened in 2018. It is a hybrid coaster - a steel track built on a traditional wooden coaster frame. Guys, this is the real deal. I've ridden coasters all over the US, and this is the absolute best by miles. I can't even believe it is allowed to exist! There are snap rolls on this thing that seem like they should be at the edge of a normal human's tolerance. Plus, there are NO shoulder harnesses -- a lap bar is all you get and there's no handles or anything really to hang on to. It has the most "air time" - the feeling of coming-out-of-your-seat weightlessness - than any other coaster. The twists and turns were just mind scrambling. I've never felt so discombobulated after a ride. It is THE benchmarks by which all coasters will be judged from now on. Check out this POV ride. Anyway, if you like scary, thrilling coasters, you cannot go wrong with a trip to these two parks. They are about a 4 hour drive away from each other. Carlos.
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    My wife who is on a 2013 Mac Pro and runs Logic Pro and Native Instruments Komplete just came into my office and said “I read there’s a new Mac Pro coming out, I need it.” I told her how much it cost and she was like ok can we get it this weekend. Lol.
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    Last night was the first real quality time I had with the projector after a busy weekend. I rented “Bumblebee” from iTunes (still no UHD player for now). The movie itself was fine. Entertaining, if not engrossing. But OMG the visuals. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s basically like viewing in a quality movie theater (albeit smaller at 100"). I set the pj to cinema mode and the lamp to eco and even with these lumen-dampening, settings it’s brighter, more colorful and more punchy than my Panny. But it also holds the blacks way down. I set the HDR to 7 down one from the default of 8, I liked how it make the image a little more contrasty. I haven't done any calibration, I will likely do some small adjustments myself soon. I'm not a pro, but I do color correction at work all the time, so I have a sense of what an image needs. Any fears I had before that I’d be able to see pixels are long gone. I can perhaps detect them on high-contrast text (e.g. white on black) if I strain, but that's about it. I was also surprised at how much better my plain-jane PS4 looks. I believe the Yamaha receiver must be upscaling it (still trying to figure out how to look into these settings), because everything is significantly sharper and smoother. With this level of improvement, I don't feel any urgency in getting a Pro. In fact, I may just wait for the PS5 at this point. And otherwise the Yamaha has provided a joyful reintroduction to my Dynaudio speakers, which I haven't been able to use for a few years since my Rotel amp died. I spent most of yesterday morning listening to music on them. And to think that I haven't yet seen the best the Epson can output with a quality UHD player, I really couldn't be happier with the purchase.
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    My modded DCHDMI Dreamcast arrived today! Heres some pictures of the work done to it by Ben Fong over @iFixRetro.. DCHDMI board and ribbon install: The mini-HDMI case mod in progress: Finally, I had him install a new battery holder to easily swap out batteries when they run out (i.e. no more redoing the time every power cycle) and also a new self healing fuse that will prevent the controller board from frying if a controller is plugged in or out while the system is powered on: Cost of the DCHDMI kIt: $150 Cost of the mod work with shipping: $130 Total cost: $280 Dreamcast games upscaled to 1080p with pure digital video/audio: Priceless.
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    I bet Stanley Kubrick didn't see this coming:
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    How’s this for confirmation? EDIT: What excites me about this is that it means I can finally use a proper Dual Shock 4 controller on the PS4 Remote Play app on iPad. It also means I should be able to use an Xbox controller for Project xCloud when it arrives. The dream of being able to play my console games anywhere I want on any device I want is quickly becoming a reality.
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    It’s over and yet I pine for more. Bittersweet in the end, I would take more the same everyday if God could will it. Fantastic acting and writing of the same impossibly high standards that few shows could ever fathom reaching. I’m sad. I’m happy. Fare thee well you magnificent cocksuckers.
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    So Brussels, ah city of beer, seriously. A place where you can find Rodenbach on tap at a dive bar, where the convenience stores have beer selections that "trappist" bars in the US would kill for, where Cantillon flows like tap water...ok, I got carried away there. Serious, though, even the grimiest little "night shop" as they are called carries an enviable beer selection. On the 15 min walk from the train station to our room, I had to stop at least 5 times to look at various beer-lined window displays to gawk at the exotic choices. When we finally did reach the room, this shop was literally across the street (this pic shows about 1/3 of their stock): Oh and this: And while, in general the prices were mostly quite a bit less than prices in the SF Bay Area, the cheapest I saw Westvleteren was €12 (in Bruges)...which of course is still the cheapest price I've even seen it for sale because I've never seen it for sale before. So after making a beeline for the beer shop across the street and making some purchases, the second order of business was getting to Cantillon. It was a 20 min walk from where we stayed. I have to admit that I hadn't done enough research on Cantillon. First I didn't realize they had a bar on premises, and I also didn't know that because they operate as a museum, their hours are rather constrained. We got there at about 4:30, I discovered the bar at about 4:45, waited behind a gaggle of beer tourists (lots of folks in town for the Toer De Gueuze) at the bar, only to find out they close at 5pm! So no Cantillon to drink there! I did make the most of my final 10 mins to grab some bottles since I knew the following weekend would see a flood of folks buying them up. (I did go back days later, and almost all the bottles were gone) It's perhaps a good time to note that at this point, I had no settled way of getting these bottles back to the US. I'd researched shipping from Belgium, which used to be a good option...but over the last few years, LAX Customs (which gets most of the packages destined for the Western US) has been returning roughly 1/3 of alcohol shipments back to Belgium. I wasn't liking those odds. After making my purchases (which also included glassware, a t-shirt and a hoodie), the sour look on my face is undoubtedly the frustration of being so close to the source and not being able to taste any! So what's a frustrated Lambic lover to do? Well, pay a visit to the famous Moeder Lambic (Mother Lambic) bar of course. Luckily, we had passed Moeder Lambic on the way to Cantillon, it was only about 5 mins from the room. So we headed back that way. I wish I has taken a photo of their menu, they had more Lambics on tap than I ever thought possible. After traveling much of the day, being dazzled by towers of beer in every shop, then trekking to the sacred grounds of Cantillon and being turned away, I was so fucking ready for a beer. I dove right into the deep end and ordered a Fou Foune, a beer I'd only read about previously...Cantillon's Apricot Lambic, ahh so fucking good: Moeder had a nice bar food selection too. Sausages and cheese and bread. My second beer was a Tilquin Gueze, also delicious. I had a couple more Cantillons (Magic Lambic, and another I can't recall), which I failed to photograph as the lambic buzz after a busy day started to settle in. The agenda for the next day (Fri May 3) had one item. 3 Fonteinen, which has their tasting room (the "Lambic-o-Droom") and barrel room just south of Brussels in a town called Lot. I had previously entertained all sorts of options for the day, which included visiting a few of the other Lambic brewers in the vicinity of 3F, including Oude Berseel and Hanssens. But, after feeling somewhat short-changed by the experience at Cantillon, I decided to cut to the chase and head straight for 3F. Getting to their tasting room is pretty easy. 10 minute train to Lot, and then a 10 min walk to the Promised Land. Even though 3F was not participating in the Toer De Gueuze (this was the first year they declined to participate), they were having a 4-day special event called in English "Twisting the Fate" - which they describe as "a series of small batch experimental brews, barrel maturations, fruit mascerations and/or blends. It allows us to enter the wild lambic playground in our own way." When you enter the space, you are greeted with a pour, right out of the barrel, of a young (18 month old) unblended lambic and an explanation of how the event works. Here is the view from the entrance: Essentially the event allows the public to taste some of the building blocks of 3F Gueuzes, in some cases there wasn't enough quantity to form a base for a full release. In others, they were trying out ideas for blends. Many of the beers were huge fruit bombs. In all there were 23 to chose from, all ONLY available in 750ml bottles and ONLY available on-site. The menu listed how many bottles were produced, I'd guess the average was about 500. When you got a bottle, they opened it before giving it to you. My BF and I ended up trying 5, all were quite amazing. Two really stood out as some of the best beers I've ever had. One was a blueberry blend. Here is a pic of the menu description (616 bottles produced): The other was a cherry made with a local variety (Schaarbeekse), hands down one of my top 5 beers experiences ever. The cherry wasn't quite like cherry juice, but it was impossibly rich, to the point that there was a cocoa-like flavor in the center, and it had a great mouthfeel: Here is some pouring porn: Here is a shot of the indoor tasting room: The foudre room: And the barrel room: Bottles resting before making their journey into happy beer homes: And many crates of bottles resting I took the tour, which is how I got these shots. It was enjoyable and informative (a little trivia I learned is that the first barrels 3F used to age lambic were acquired from Pilsner Urqell, they still use them). In the Q&A session at the end, I threw out what I knew would be a controversial question, asking if they'd ever considered canning their beer. I got a friendly but stern version of "no chance in hell!" We left rather happily inebriated, shuffling back to the train to return to Brussels. This post is longer that I expected, so I think I'll cut it short here, and follow up with a post about the Toer itself, which was the following day.
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    I love that Richard used a 4k stream to get part numbers off the RAM 😄
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    A friend of ours just gave me a few large boxes of NES, SNES, GC, wii, Wii U, Ps2, and Xbox 360 games (and a wii system and snes) to do with as I please (he has more, just need to find the ). NES/SNES are pretty beat up, rest looks in good shape. Going to go through them all tomorrow.
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    A flood of Pixar titles is on the way: Brave, Cars, Cars 2, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out. Best Buy is getting exclusive steelbooks. Being released in early-to-mid November alongside Toy Story 4. That just leaves Up, WALL-E, A Bug's Life, and the two Monsters Inc. flicks.
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    Resident Evil: Revelations - 6/20 Rare Replay - 6/20 Torment: Tides of Numenera - 6/27 Goat Simulator - 6/27 Note the pc/xbox platform in the header image for each title.
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    Just bought my dad the Golden Tee one for Father’s Day. He’s got a “pub” in his basement with a pool table, full bar, sports memorabilia, etc. so it will fit right in.
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    I would recommend you only use shipping methods that offer tracking and insurance. It costs more and the seller may or may not care but, it’s good coverage for you. In most cases, you can select a shipping method and add that to the invoice right in PayPal so when you send it over you can agree on shipping details ahead of invoice and payment. For payment through PayPal, you’ve got it: invoice them, they pay you and then the funds will be “pending” to your account for however many days. The wait period is usually 5-7 days I think but, could be shorter/longer based on your account or the buyers account. And fair warning, PayPal allows for 30 days for the buyer to contest anything if they want to so the funds may be held even longer if they disagree with you on something in the sale.
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    I don't know. I like the "Not Secure" tag in Safari and Chrome. Makes me feel like I'm living dangerously!
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    There are no words in English or Aurebesh to express my excitement. (And I know I said I had room for only one of these... but I might need to find room for that Namco cocktail table too.)
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    Getting familiar with my new girlfriend. Carlos.
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    Yeah, where the hell is he? I'm amazed I got this thread in before he did. EDIT: Scratch that. I probably don't want to know.
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    Speaking of lighter wallets, I looked on B&H today to find that they are now offering $300 off the Epson 5050ub, that was enough to tip the scales, order placed. Will have it by the end of the week!
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    Can't wait for the NBA Jam / NHL Open Ice cabinet, that has to happen. Also, Marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2.
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    https://www.hardcoregamer.com/2019/06/10/arcade1up-announces-new-tmnt-and-marvel-super-heroes-cabinents/348941/ TMNT official, will be mine ASAP . Marvel later on.
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    So, does this mean that "Everything Is Awesome" is being added to the radio playlist somewhere? OMG, what if it was the only song they played on the radio in the expansion?
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    Yup. I know I'm a sucker but I will love playing this with the boys.
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    Cinematic trailer with ....BAH GAWD.....KEANU REEVES!
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    If you're an xbox 'insider' with the beta app on the xbox one, you might have an offer to beta test "Game Pass Ultimate for $1" - it will wrap up your existing game pass + gold subscription time into one big block & add a month of ultimate for $1. So, if you've got six months of game pass, and a year of gold, you'll end up with 18 months of Game Pass Ultimate. I've done this myself & It took my existing subs into 2021.
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    New Game Pass titles for E3: Astroneer Battle Chasers: Nightwar Bridge Constructor Portal Everspace Guacamelee 2 Hollow Knight Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Moonlighter Neon Chrome Old Man's Journey Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Shenmue Shenmue II Silence - The Whispered World 2 Smoke and Sacrifice SteamWorld Dig 2 Supermarket Shriek Riverbond Thimbleweed Park Wizard of Legend
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    And I can't stop watching. Good thing I don't have to wait for the movie.
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    AppleInsider has a cool video on how Sidecar works between the Mac and iPad. As you’d expect, it’s dead simple to set up, and performance is pretty good considering that everything is in Beta 1 at the moment. I’m really excited to try this out on my iMac and iPad Pro.
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    Caught The Predator on HBO last night, good lord what a dumpster fire, I can only image the pitch meeting for this one, no wonder Fox was sold, I'd never hire Shane Black after this.
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    yeah i totally forgot to update the payment method. Many thanks to everyone who chipped in and to Cameron for making this happen. Payment method has been changed and we are set up properly.
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    E3's approachin! Press conferences this weekend! Discord's still working & the best text chat option around IMO!
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    John Wick 3 did not disappoint, bring on Chapter 4.
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    Deadpool has to become a staple in the MCU.
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    Honestly the rarity was part of the draw, but even moreso, my friend from Germany was there the day before, he was with 9 other people so they got to try all 23 bottles. He sent me a little list of his faves and that was the top pick. I did. My BF and I each brought some back. We went to a dollar store in Brussels and got a decent sized suitcase for €30. I cropped the Cantillon pic above to exclude the non-Cantillons. Here is the rest of the shot: Note this was roughly half of what was in the suitcase since we each had beers. from L-R Cantillon Vigneronne, Saint Lamvinus, Vigneronne, (The Lindemans in the middle is a story in and of itself, which I will get to when I post about the Toer), 3F Framboos, De Cam Blueberry, and then Westvletren 8 and 12. It was actually kind of amusing since we weren't sure how much the suitcase weighed, but we hauled it from Brussels to Bruges and then to Amsterdam for the last day before we flew back, so we knew it weighed a LOT. But that last day in Amsterdam, the AirBnB had a bathroom scale...we weighed the suitcase and it said 27kg, the limit is 23. So we opened some beers that night to bring the weight down. The next morning at the airport we put it on the scale, it came to 22.4kg. Huge sigh of relief. There was an alcohol shipping company at 3F the day we were there. I asked the guy about shipping to the west coast, he said lately they have had good luck, with no returned shipments for the previous 2 weeks. But I was still very skittish about playing those odds.
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    Phantom Hourglass Boy, I really enjoyed this the first time I played it. On the revisit, and with a slew of Zeldas under my belt, it’s hard to feel like this was anything more than a half-assed DS version. Gimmicks everywhere and the content is in service to them. Hey, no Ganon this time out... but the story has an absolutely ‘who gives a shit’ baddie and pulls Tetra out for the game, making her into the typical Zelda role of thing to be saved. Tepid humor, poorly designed characters (maybe an exception for Linebeck, but he’s clearly in the Jack Sparrow vein), and a stapled on story. Naturally for a first party title, too much DS mic and touchscreen and other crap. Stylus controls are really just... why... and the ship pieces being random... ugh. You want a strong ship for the end (allegedly) but you can’t buy them, can get duplicates, and are encouraged to trade which is now bloody impossible. The dungeons are incredibly dull and same-y (no best dungeon award this time around). The repetition of the main dungeon to get sea charts (charts that give you emptier and emptier as you get more of them) didn’t bother me on release, but man is it a slog now that I’m a cranky old dude. Graphics were bad then and are bad now - the DS never did 3D well. The few power ups you get your hands on are okay, but the most fun is definitely the boomerang and being able to trace elaborate paths with the stylus. It’s the most fun version of that item in the series. There’s at least a decent multi-stage boss fight to finish the whole thing off. WiiU emulation is fine, minus the mic. I nearly gave myself an attack trying to do the blowing actions, which has me dreading trying to work Spirit Tracks and the pipes. So of course that’s next... Current Ranking: 1) Wind Waker 2) Link to the Past 3) Ocarina of Time 4) Link’s Awakening 5) Twilight Princess 6) Oracle of Seasons/Ages 7) The Minish Cap 8.) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 9) Majora’s Mask 10) The Legend of Zelda 11) Phantom Hourglass
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    My 1TB Fusion drive in my late 2013 iMac died today. I’d been having performance problems for sure, and was thinking it was something with the newest OS update. I’ve already got a 500GB SSD DIY kit coming from OWC (that’s a lot of acronyms!). Everything is backed up but my most recent one is in the cloud on Backblaze. I’m currently running the iMac off of a SuperDuper backup from last last year 😅, and on a 5400RPM USB3 drive, it’s so slow.
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    Seriously though, Larian KILLED it with both Divinity games. SUPER hyped about a new Baldur's Gate! Especially with the originals getting console ports soon!
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    Raiders of the Lost Ark (rewatch) - Klaus Kinski could've played the role of the Gestapo agent Toht. Learn something new every time I watch this movie. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (rewatch) - For the first time in ages, finally found out that the name of the place was Pankot. I thought it was Bangkot, which sounds very similar to Bangkok. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (rewatch) - Still my favorite of the whole series. Logan's Run - That's a lot of nudity for a PG rated movie.
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