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    You are right. It is an odd decision. I can't answer if you're stupid or not, sorry.
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    It's not about 8K, I assume most of us want VRR , ALLM, QMS, QFT HDMI FORUM VARIABLE REFRESH RATE (VRR) Like AMD's FreeSync or NVIDIA's G-SYNC, the HDMI group has created their own version of the VESA Adaptive Sync protocol. We don't know much about their implementation yet, but it is expected to not be compatible with AMD's FreeSync. That being said, there is nothing stopping manufacturers from implementing both, as Samsung has already implemented FreeSync on some 2018 TVs and is expected to support both FreeSync and HDMI Forum VRR on some 2019 models. Learn more about VRR AUTO LOW LATENCY MODE Another great feature created with gamers in mind, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), also known as Auto Game Mode, allows supported TVs to automatically enable the TV's low latency 'Game' mode when it detects a game being played. This saves you the hassle of having to manually enable it each time you start playing. It even knows the difference between playing a game, watching a game on YouTube, or watching a movie, and automatically switches as needed. Again, Samsung was ahead of the pack with this feature, as some 2018 models already support it. QUICK MEDIA SWITCHING (QMS) In the past, whenever your device changed the parameters of the signal it was sending, like TV, the screen would go black for a few seconds while the TV adjusted to the new signal. This would be especially noticeable on game consoles, where the output refresh rate, and even the resolution, would sometimes change depending on the content. Quick media switching fixes this issue. When a compatible source is connected to a compatible display, the display will no longer display a black screen when switching formats, instead instantly switching between modes with no distracting black screen. QUICK FRAME TRANSPORT (QFT) Quick Frame Transport changes the way images are transferred from a source device to a display. Frames are transferred at a much higher rate, in order to reduce latency. Total input lag is a measure of many factors, including the time it takes the display to process the image and display it on screen. QFT won't completely eliminate input lag, but it will reduce the lag caused by the transfer time between the source and the display. https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/tv/tests/inputs/hdmi-2-1
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    Thoroughly enjoyed Knives Out. Hammy, over the top acting, over-plotted, in all the right ways for the genre. Third act narrows in on a few actors & maybe doesn't quite make it all convincing, but I still utterly enjoyed it. Great performances all round, was a blast to watch. Paddington - watched this again as part of the Alamo Kids Club series with my son, and had a blast. Audience of young kids who clearly hadn't seen it, and parents who clearly had, going by the mix of laughter + exclamations. It nails the character in ways I never thought possible in a film, and then the sequel does it even better.
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    I finally succumbed to Mark’s nagging and bought this for myself over the Christmas period. With about twelve hours clocked so far I’m delighted to say that I’ve found myself loving this game. I’d only planned on playing for an hour this evening and found myself giving up three. I typically find these kind of jrpg affairs somewhat bewildering, and certainly I do find a lot of the menus, stats and so forth intimidating, but the core gameplay itself nevertheless manages to be extremely accessible in ways I had not expected (thanks in no small part to the more forgiving gameplay settings you can choose I’m sure). I’m so charmed and amused by the school life (what is something of a sexy Hogwarts) and teaching angle of it all, and all the characters and interactions therein. I’m glad for my first play through I opted not to allow students to stay dead should they perish in battle as I think I’d be mortified to permanently lose any of them.
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    1917 was fantastic, one of the best of the year. Maybe the decade.
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    Saw this on one of the Facebook groups 😄 ...
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    https://www.ign.com/articles/2020/01/06/arcade1up-introduces-online-enabled-nba-jam-cabinet-burger-time-special-edition-and-more NBA Jam unit is going to have online play.
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    360 degree beat saber is awesome! Sideloading songs works too, but that really seems better suited for pro level beat saber players. Just about everything I've found is charted at Expert/Expert+, and I'm still working through everything on Hard. I haven't checked to see whether there are more user-created 360 degree songs yet, but I'm sure those are imminent. Only thing that's kind of a pain with it is having to manually re-patch when Beat Saber updates, but it's a minor annoyance every couple months. It's strange because Beat games were the ones who released the mod tools, so it's a quasi-official thing, but probably also a grey area since the downloads come with music. Would be nice if it just worked though, even if they tied it to needing to either own the music, or have it stream from Spotify or something.
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    I think Joey’s intention is to discuss TV shows in the thread, @AlbertA
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    But them 36 inches tho. (I still have my 36 WEGA from college sitting in the garage, but that's where it's going to have to stay because gravity.)
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    First games of the year - taught Clank! to my daughter, and now we're playing the first chapter in the Harry Potter Deck Building expansion, getting thumped again. We haven't come close to beating this.
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    Give me an NBA Jam cab and I'll fix the roster issue.
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    Loved, loved, loved the use of the Incinerator Troop from Force Unleashed in the last episode
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    Great finale! Even better, this brilliant human made a synth wave version of the Mandalorian theme .....
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    It may have bombed at the box office but Dr Sleep was my favorite Stephen King adaptation of 2019. The bluray release will include a director's cut with an extra 28 minutes bringing the movie runtime to 180 mins.
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    I just wait for you all to post stuff game related and I get news from dedicated sources and the google aggregator. It’s too much work sorting through the garbage. Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. I sincerely don’t know when I’m jumping into the next gen, which is weird because I’ve been at every launch since the PS1. My PC is rocking a 2080 with a 1440p gsync monitor. It makes upgrading not as urgent. Now my son is already talking about a PS5 so my desire is for as much cross platform play as possible. Hopefully that becomes a larger priority for devs.
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    Depends. The retro community is great for the most part on there. The problem is some of the follows blast stuff out from people and you end up seeing a ton of shit you have no interest in by default so you end up having to manage a whole lot of what you see. Even following someone as innocuous as John from DF ends up getting you a ton of trash and "hot takes" about stuff. I agree though, its more trouble than its worth more often than not but then I think social media is the bane of our society so I don't use it often enough for much to bother me on it. I'm usually posting stupid funny stuff I come across. The thing to remember is that 90+% of twitter traffic is driven by less than 5% of their userbase. It's a minority of a minority yet we tend to give it such outsized influence. That's a whole other conversation though.:)
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    Talk of Dreams going PC at a later date is also doing the rounds again and that's an even smarter move. I really hope that happens. I still wonder if they will ever make good on early chatter on potentially making PSVR compatible with PC. Perhaps a future hardware revision.
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    So, just got the Death Star off auction for $260. Picked it up and the box is a little beat up, but otherwise looks untouched.
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    Troy and Nolan are on part 9 of their play through and it’s the . Go to about 53:11 for the scene. Someone hug Nolan! Played through the game damn near 10 times and that scene still gets me.:/ Game of the Decade man.
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    It's not a movie you "like" in the sense that its fun to watch. I can understand why people dislike the movie. It's depressing and hard to watch given it has very little levity or any positive denouement by the time its credits are rolling. If anything, any moments of comedy are pretty uncomfortable. It's also pretty disturbing and deeply grounded to a rotting version of Gotham and its inhabitants. I think that's why comic book fans seem to dislike it most. Frankly, I think the movie is at its weakest when its trying to clumsily shoehorn in "Batman shit" if that makes sense. The argument would be well then why call it Joker? Why not? We've had a number of comic book interpretations of the character. Heath Ledger providing probably the definitive interpretation in "The Dark Knight" while balancing it in a real world crime drama. I think we have room in the world for an even more grounded and disturbing version of the character here in the Taxi Driver/King of Comedy mold. I ran through the same emotional gamut with Arthur throughout the film. You feel sorry for him, you want to hug him and then you're creeped out by him and finally you hate him and what society has made him by the end. I watched it again a few nights ago and its definitely a damned fine film.
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    That goes back to my first post wondering if a different rep had maybe given a number or someone had actually tested it. It's something I'd think you'd want to promote. Also, I'd forgotten the 120hz was so low on last year's sets.
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    The fam loves Wingspan. In fact, yesterday I received my 4 month old KS pledge of upgraded character markers from Meeple Source because now the culture is all about ordering even normal everyday products through Kickstarter. Zzzz
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    Burger time, bad dudes, Karate Champ and Cave Ninja
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    I’m still watching. It’s much better than I feared from Chibnall. It’s just evened out a lot - every episode has been good, rather than rapidly swerving from dire to outstanding like it used to.
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    Witcher 2 all done. I couldn’t put it down....again.:) It’s held up wonderfully even years later and despite juggernaut that was Witcher 3. More thoughts later. It’s late and I’m tired.
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    I’ve wanted Suspiria on UHD but $40 for the disc is just too much.
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    PS4 without question. Base Xbox lags pretty rough on most multi-plats at this point. Lower resolution, more framerate issues, etc. Higher tier consoles it flips, the X is usually in pole position outside of some rare instances.
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    Yep the intro movie is pretty much the Adda/Foltest/Striga episode.:) Adda plays a big role in the first game, too. Remember the games are basically sequels to the books.
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    Only time people win KoT by points is larger games. Smaller games are always brawls.
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    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is today's offering.
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    Got this as an early Christmas present and I’m liking it so far. I’m not far into the campaign but, it is fun so far and looks really good and was (thankfully) patched to support HOTAS setups before I got it. It’s pretty old-school with lots of mech load out work, customization and min/maxing which I like in a mech game (very MW2 inspired) but, you can go with simplified load outs too if you want - still, I wouldn’t say it’s very newbie friendly. The primary complaint I have is that there is no VR - it’s a mech game, you play in the cockpit and Vox Machinae showed how brilliant this type of game works in VR but, no support currently 😕 Dissapointing but, there are mod tools releasing soon so maybe I’ll get my VR mode. Reviews: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/12/how-mechwarriors-return-took-me-back-to-the-early-90s-mall-in-my-mind/ https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/mechwarrior-5-mercenaries-review/
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    Satisfying ending is very satisfying. They tie it up real good.
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    Looks like they are still having a few issues with Hagrid’s ride. We want it to ride at night on our second day but they shut it down early and it was full to capacity around 5 PM and wouldn’t let more people on. We rode it a couple more times the next day however by being at the park early again. We used the single rider lone for the the second ride, but got delayed as they shut down the ride for about 30 minutes. Easily the best ride at Islands of Adventure next to Escape from Gringotts followed by Hulk. The queue elements are great and the ride itself is well made with no 3D fluff - a hybrid of rollercoaster, drop ride and fast linear acceleration .
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    Newer Standard ipad is great for basics which I use it for.. Got one a month ago, and been very happy with it.
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    Yes the 10.2. https://www.target.com/p/apple-ipad-10-2-inch-wi-fi-only-7th-generation/-/A-78305935?preselect=54184213#lnk=sametab My wife actually won a Mini in a raffle and it was quite nice. But they are also quite a bit more expensive. And hard to find in stock.
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    Programmable back buttons are a pretty common add to the Elite/Scuf controllers out there and as Cameron said, are quite popular for first person shooters and fighting games. Considering it’s a pretty affordable solution, it’s seems like a nice add-on though pretty late in the game. Being able to get L3 and R3 onto actual buttons is a win.:) The OLED screen is kind of weird though.
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    Driveclub (2014) and Forza Horizon 4 (2018): Two hugely satisfying and accessible racers. Driveclub had a rough start, but improved consistently with every patch and release of DLC. It's the closest a driving game as come to help scratch an itch that the MSR/PGR series left in its absence. Forza Horizon 4 meanwhile was uniquely entertaining, spectacularly so in fact. I'd typically wince at the idea of an open world racer, but Horizon takes the concept and executes it to damn near perfection. It might even be the most fun I've ever had with a driving game. Hard to imagine where they can top that achievement with an inevitable fifth instalment.
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    And people think those of us clinging to vinyl are nuts.
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    They announced today there will be new story DLC next year 😀
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    The Irishmen was damn good, but that last hour could have been cut down a bit.
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    It will be interesting to see how he turns Watchmen into an unfulfilling series without any resolution.
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