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    There’s just not a single thing that I’m not loving about this game thus far after four hours of play. The gunplay/combat is rock solid and fun (especially as you get new powers), the atmosphere is wonderful, the story is vintage Remedy (i.e. Alan Wake style bonkers) with plenty of noir-esque cheese. The Metroid like level design is well layed out with plenty of exploration options for goodies, too. It’s just glorious, really. I didn’t want to put it down despite having to get up early for work tomorrow which is always the sign of an good game!
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    This surprise launched a few days ago and is available right now for $9.99. So think Black Mirror: Bandersnatch but way more interactive. It’s an evolution of the FMV game genre (along with stuff like “Her Story”) and having completed it last night - I really enjoyed it! It’ll take you about two hours to finish and offers a number of branching storylines and endings (I’ve gotten two of them). It’s very well acted with quality production values, a really interesting murder mystery/supernatural story and well integrated interactivity. Yes, most of the interactivity is relegated to menial tasks when but considering the history of these games, I was really impressed with how integrated the actions were. It works with a companion app, too which really helps the “feel” of the gameplay though you can play with the Dual Shock as well. At $10, at worst it’s a movie rental except you play it and there’s reasons to replay. Again, I came away really having enjoyed my time with it and recommend it if you have some extra scratch sitting around. We’re a long ways from the days of Night Trap/Sewer Shark.....
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    It looks like we’re getting another three years of South Park. ‘South Park’ Renewed Through Season 26 at Comedy Central Season 23 premiers on September 25.
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    Unlimited data/minutes/texts as well. But really, check out the cost of a contract watch; when I did the maths it was cheaper to take the watch on contract for two years than buy outright and pay the £5/m
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    I’ve put in roughly 10 hrs now since the VR update (started from scratch) and it has been Really fun again The tutorials and storyline is WAY more coherent now and the Nexus makes a huge difference. inventory was improved a lot too - you still run out of space but not as much and upgrades and item stacking is much better now. I’m loving the game all over again despite the occasional bug or weirdness like playing coop but, not being able to see each other or interact with objects. The strangeness and bugs are still there but, they are still patching it almost daily and it’s already much improved from launch. I’m still trying to remember all the controls and stuff in VR but some controls or gestures are already second-nature (like using the visor). It looks really good now too - I’m able to play on High settings with a 1070Ti after the patches with only occasional stutters and ASW. Honestly, I don’t think I could switch back to the pancake version anymore after only 10hrs in VR; I would consider this a ”headset seller” personally.
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    Of course the old folks here approve of releasing episodes on a weekly basis, it's such a comfortable old timey way of doing things. I'll tell you why Netflix hasn't done this yet, they aren't Disney. Disney can do whatever they want at this point, even forcing customers back into a television release format straight outta 1985! I'm interested in a lot of Disney's content, but I don't have that type of attention span these days. The only thing I wait a week for is football games, and that's only because football teams actually need a week to recover & prepare. Doesn't mean I enjoy waiting, it's something I deal with because I'm old and I like an old man's sport. It'd be near impossible to put the streaming binge genie back in the bottle at this point, but of course Disney is going to do it because they can. (Btw, they should. Even I do understand from their business perspective they should, because they can and it's good for them.) I'll be missing the zeitgeist, I won't be watching anything weekly, I'll binge when seasons are complete. If Disney prevents that from happening, I won't even bother subbing D+. Sure that sounds idiotic, Disney preventing users from doing a season binge after it's complete, but artificial scarcity is in this company's DNA (Disney Vault), I wouldn't put anything past them. I'd keep ranting, but it's Sunday morning and I'm sure you geezers are trying to catch Meet the Press between the commercial breaks.
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    Twitter thread above has some interesting info. Not shown in the video there, but he notes that in the UI demo shown at D23 several movies have bonus features on the streams, from documentaries and deleted scenes to audio commentaries. That’s really interesting. All Disney+ content will apparently be strictly PG-13 and under as I suspected. Unconfirmed but one rep apparently gave the impression that local downloads will include downloading the 4k version.
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    Twin Peaks From Z to A is a limited to 25k Collectors Edition of the entire show including the latest Showtime series (The Return), Fire Walk With Me, Missing Pieces, etc. The reason I'm posting it here is that it also includes a UHD disc that includes versions of the original pilot and the amazing episode 8 of the Showtime series ("Got a Light?") in glorious 4K. The box set has a price of $139.99 https://www.newsweek.com/twin-peaks-z-blu-ray-release-limited-4k-return-part-1455541 21 discs and its the most comprehensive Twin Peaks set out there. It releases December 10th and I have my copy preordered.:)
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    I am a totally unashamed and unabashed lover of The Rocketeer comics and movie!
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    Didn't have to configure anything. When you say "Alexa" there's a delay as it mutes the music and when it beeps for the command. It basically integrates into the Alexa app on your phone which I guess is the only configuration you will have to set when you setup the device.
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    Nov 4th for Universal Soldier in the UK: NEW 4K REMASTER OF THE FILM DOLBY VISION/HDR PRESENTATION OF THE FILM Audio Commentary featuring Roland Emmerich, Jean-Claude van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Dean Devlin A tale of two titans - Featurette Guns, Genes and Fighting Machines - Featurette Behind The Scenes - Featurette Alternate Ending Original Trailer Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature Still hoping they will announce the one Emmerich movie I DO want (Stargate).
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    Aladdin (2019) - I mean, I liked it? I didn’t see that coming. The main cast is pretty solid overall, really. Naomi Scott has to be one of the most gorgeous women walking the planet right now and she has a voice to back it up. “A Whole New World” is wonderfully executed here and Massoud does well with the Aladdin specific numbers even if “One Jump Ahead” (one of my favorite Disney numbers ever) didn’t entirely land for me. Will Smith is actually pretty funny/entertaining as the Genie. The problem is he has no business singing. Ever. The hip hop versions of the Genies numbers just don’t work for me at all. At least his performance otherwise is very good and there’s real emotion /friendship developed between Aladdin and the Genie by the end. I have my issues with the production and overly “green screen” feel of the movie and I’ll never choose to watch this over the orginal. However considering my view on these live action remakes, this is quite entertaining and there are far more offensive ways to spend two hours of your life. I dare say you may actually find yourself smiling now and again.
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    It’s nice to come back from a work trip to find some Retro goodness waiting for me. Even if it took Terraonion a damned month to ship the thing. A match made in heaven: The entire Sega/Mega-CD library at my fingertips along with the whole Genesis, Sega Master System, Game Gear and Colecovision libraries between the two FPGA devices providing original hardware accuracy. It’s an amazing time to be a retro gamer. If you want to get a deep dive on the Mega SD, go here:
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    Preorders are up now so I have ordered my new watch from EE Looking forward to the upgrade - and I did go with the 44mm Gold Aluminum.
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    Blackmagic bodies are aimed at indie/low budget cinema, not stills. Or for times when Michael Bay wants to mount one in a car before crashing that car into another car and blowing both cars up.
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    You had me at "Michael Lewis". Thanks for the recommendation!
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    The Josh Gadd Muppets series project (not the short form Muppets Now that was announced) has been canned. This would have been the show that was allegedly set after Muppets Take Manhattan. Apparently it was canned following a change of leadership at the Muppets division. Iger has recent put the former head of parks live entertainment in charge which is interesting. Just - do - damn - variety - show!
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    Thor 4’s shooting at Fox Australia (as did Ragnarok I think). Black Widow’s been shooting at Pinewood, and Dr Strange 2 and Eternals are expected to move in as well. First Dr Strange was at Shepperton. Age of Ultron used stages at both Pinewood and Shepperton too. There’s been rumours of Star Wars productions moving to a site in Dagenham for the Rogue One Disney+ spin off and for the Game of Thrones guys trilogy. I could see Disney just buying UK studio space within ten years, particularly if the £ tanks even further.
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    Happy 20th, dearest Dreamcast... (again) Totally deserving of celebrating its 20th Anniversary three times.
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    Finally amazon is releasing a twitch apple tv app. The beta is now up on test flight.
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    Same here - 2 days battery life while wearing it overnight and recharges in about an hour. I’m really looking forward to the Series 5 reveal and yes, fast charging would be a great addition + more battery life (always).
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    Also, thanks to everyone for playing again this year. I hope you all return to play again next year. Hopefully the Summer won’t start in February next year.
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    Finished! Lots of thoughts but they’ll have to come tomorrow. I did get 1000/1000 for the achievements score on this one so it must have done something right.
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    Sure does and you're not the only one who thinks so.
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    Another person who has a Duchess table (first pic)
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    Outside of the Dark Order (who are just ugh...) and the main women’s match which was solid but I have a hard time taking Riho seriously...that was a pretty great show! Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are amazing.:) The entire tag division is just stacked.
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    Alamo Season Pass acquired $19.99 a month, and I went in for a second seat at $18.99. We were already planning on going to the movies twice this weekend, so it's paid off already for this month lol.
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    At least the PC version can be scaled. So if the framerate is a concern, you can always turn off or reduce certain effects to make sure you're getting an enjoyable/playable experience. The 1060 is actually the recommended spec: CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600x or better CPU SPEED: Info RAM: 16 GB OS: Windows 10, 64-bit VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 580 or better (RTX 2060 for Ray-Tracing) PIXEL SHADER: 5.1 VERTEX SHADER: 5.1 DEDICATED VIDEO RAM: 3072 MB I'd go with the PC version. The base PS4 version looks downright unplayable. If you had an X, I'd say the choice is super easy then but the PC is the clear winner in your situation. I've never used Steamlink so I have no clue what the input lag is like through it. If you've played other shooters using it and never had a complaint, I don't know why you would here.
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    I like this video and the relevant portion begins at 13:00. The fact that Disney animators worked on the Genesis version really shows. The animation is really good, including the backgrounds, even if the colors are a bit more muted. Yep, I'd stick with the Genesis version if forced to choose. It would have been nice to see the Sega CD version make it out as they could have pulled music straight from the movie.
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    I think two is fine to begin with. They’re really trying to sell the Cantina and lightsaber thing as attractions (I think that’s fair for the lightsaber building, but a real stretch for a tiny cocktail bar). It’s a damn shame both versions of Resistance were not ready for either land opening as that’s clearly THE draw to the land. Florida will be fine without it for a few months and I think we’ll see big crowds for opening this week because that’s the nature of Disney World. It’s worse for Disneyland locals having to wait until 2020 for it having received the land itself first. There is actually supposed to be expansion space at both properties for a third ride someday though. I believe it’s allocated on the Resistance side of the land behind Kylo’s tie shuttle thing. The next addition will be the sit down restaurant which has apparently been given the go ahead (but was another surprising omission from yesterday’s presentation).
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    I am surprised Netflix has not switched to that model yet. Keeps people talking about stuff longer.
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    Mentioned that in the Netflix thread. Quite pleasantly surprised that its happening. I’m never sure what determines a Netflix product getting a disc. Usually co-productions lead to some of their shows getting physically releases, but wasn’t this one entirely Netflix funded? I’m not sure.
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    Cntrl-F *types Daredevil* Hits Enter.. Nothing. *Closes Thread*
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    Both Wachowski’s have transitioned at this point with Lily/Andy having done so more recently. Curious why the duo are not directing together. They’ve been badly in need of a theatrical hit for years now. Unfairly in my opinion. Jupiter Ascending was a mess but Cloud Atlas is a bit of a flawed masterpiece, IMO. I enjoyed it immensely.
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    Damn right
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    Your one of the Top Gun-deniers right? If so, let's get together and do a Top Gun and Rocketeer double-feature. I've never seen Rocketeer.
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    BOOM! This is a move that's been a long time coming. It's hard to believe it didn't happen until now.
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    Spider-man factory confirmed. Ew, I forgot about Stormland. Maybe I'll dust off my rift.
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    Not PS+ specific, but Ikaruga is $5 for another day if anyone is interested https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3984-CUSA11630_00-APP0000000000000
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    I told myself before heading north for the eclipse that I wouldn't bother to photograph it, mainly because I know myself and how wrapped up I can get in capturing a moment and end up not actually being in the moment to experience it. But, when I got to Rogue Farms the morning of, there was so much time to hang out before the eclipse started, I decided to set up my tripod and camera with the 70-200mm lens on it. I aimed it roughly where the sun would be and just left it (lens cap on) for totality to arrive. When it finally did arrive, I snapped a few photos and then ignored the camera for the rest. Here is the best of the shots, taken just as totality was taking hold: I kinda dig the lens flares, although normally I'd try to avoid them.
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