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    This has been a godsend when I picked it up 3 years ago for boardgaming with family and friends...
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    Sounds like some Texan relatives I have.
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    Ordered my TMNT cabinet today. It’ll be here next Thursday!
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    My Star Wars Arcade showed up today. GameStop gave no email notice of shipping and the website still says In Progress-Waiting for Product Availability. I won’t be able to put it together for a week or so as I injured my tailbone and there is no way I can sit in the position needed for long enough to do this. I also need to move some things around in the back room to make room.
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    I think they are much better than the ones Sony came out with a few months ago. I’ve been really pleased at how well they did blocking out busy airport and airplane sounds.
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    Retro trip today and damn I miss me some light guns! Time to pair with my CRT and have some old school fun.
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    I am at the location after the first planet, and I lost track of time playing so much. The only thing they need to add is a comparison between what you are wearing and items in your inventory/shops. That’s my only UI complaint.
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    Compleat Strat in Manhattan is doing a Ding and Dent sale on Saturday which i planned on going to anyway, but i messaged them about Marvel last night. They are doing early release, and have Put a copy on hold for me. I will probably give away the copy coming from TC for my extra life event.
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    I haven't played 7th Continent, but one of my buddies who is deeply into narritive games loves it. Middara is enough for me lol.
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    As I mentioned in the main PS4 thread, I grabbed this while I was trading in my base PS4 for a Pro (it was between this and Spiderman). I should preface this by saying I've never played a Remedy game, and in general I've not played many Metroidvania type games, and indeed I'm pretty terrible when the action ratchets up and I'm faced with multiple enemies. But so far I'm really enjoying this game. Where a lot of story-heavy games lose me either in cumbersome controls or storylines/pacing that don't hold my attention, this one is suffering neither of those for me. But what really has kept me coming back is the mood of this game. It just oozes style and creepiness in an understated way. It reminds me of a David Fincher movie, although some parts remind me of Kubrick too. It has a very well developed sense of place, even if that place is frequently bewildering and unsettling.
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    And happy 20th to the European launch. Only console I have ever stood in line at midnight to purchase. SEGA are doing a vinyl giveaway on Twitch in celebration:
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    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Absolutely fantastic! This movie is a masterpiece, tense and gripping, seamlessly switching between flashbacks and the main plot, and framed with some beautiful Breaking-Bad style cinematography. It really delivers. I give it 5 out of 5 roof pizzas. Carlos.
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    I legit laughed my ass off at this. If you’ve never watched the videogamedunkey, you’re in for a treat.
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    I would really love to know the backstory on that joke. It has to be the name of Seth Macfarlane's x-wife's boyfriend or something. At least, I hope so.
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    Lol Keith! "You win this time Ralphie, but we'll be back" Black Bart - Christmas Story
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    The new IPad is very nice, as is the keyboard case. The screen is not that much bigger then my original air, but it’s still a nice improvement. Glad I was waiting for BF so I saved myself $160 bucks which will now go towards something else that needs upgrading.
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    Haven’t tried the VRR support as of yet. It’s next on the list (primarily because I have to hook the X up to the set direct since the receiver won’t pass it). On the subject of uniformity/banding - I’m not one to hook up a slide and look for stuff but I loaded up Pan’s Labyrinth on Blu (Criterion) and loaded up a few sections of the Blair Witch game, Both of which present some challenging near black/low black level scenes where DSE and banding would readily appear and I’m happy to say that this new panel is even better than my 55in B6 which I thought was pretty great (after I had the panel replaced due to banding issues). I picked up the LG UBK90 today on sale for $229. Time to dump the Sony X800 which I’m about sick of seeing freeze up on every damned movie I throw at it. Good riddance. Dolby Vision here I come.
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    It’s A Wonderful Life arrived today. I won’t be watching it until next month but, again, I’m already familiar with the 4k/DV release that went to iTunes last year and can vouch for it being lovely. I was surprised to see that the UK package is different, in this case better, than the US release. Whereas the US disc bundles the old (colourised! 🤮 ) Blu-ray in with the UHD, the UK release bundles a remastered B&W Blu-ray in with the UHD. Kudos to Paramount UK for that decision. So if anyone wants both the UHD and the new Blu-ray of the 4k restoration then it’d be worth importing the UK release.
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    Think the artist may get into trouble for this. Looks great though. Love the barrel launches and the presence of Funky Kong’s plane complete with all the items on display.
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    Sorry it's not more but I've thrown $15 in via Phil.
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    Played a bunch of Marvel LCG solo (one and two character) this week, and a four player game today. I really enjoy the game and will be playing a lot more of it. Though like Arkham LCG , I would stick to 1-3 players, unless you are playing with 4 who know the game Inside and out to keep things moving quickly.
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    Holy shit - Oppo 203s are going for like $1,300 aftermarket. Tempting to cash in on that madness lol.
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    I mean... you have all those jars and shelves ;). GF and I had a ton of fun playing with this last night. Just about to unlock the co-op mode, which is when we’ll really tear into it. It’s super cute and fun, though I do find aiming the vacuum with the right control stick more fiddly than I would like...
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    Ant Man and the Wasp 3 is a go, looking like 2022. 4 films a year incoming,
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    Typing of the Dead!!
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    Yeah, that's an egregious oversight. The comparison tool is clunky enough as it is, but then you can't even compare items from a vendor with what you have on/in your inventory? WTF?
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    There was a reason I never expounded on my playthrough because it was just so blah. And I found the end tedious, especially after and you go round and round that path forever before getting to the house. And the tension of the house was mostly killed since you mostly just stare at the ground to get around obstacles. And, like you said, the house just goes on for a long time. Pretty good walking sim, but glad I didn't pay for it. Performance wise, saw no problems on PC.
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    Top 5 all time: The longevity of the PS2 was insane. It was still kicking around and selling well 10-12 years after launch. That’s nearly impossible to duplicate today.
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    I was very pleased having purchased the itunes 4k release of It's a Wonderful Life last year, but to see the disc compared to the Blu-ray is astonishing: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?d1=13510&d2=13511&c=5294 Do pick this up if you love the movie. It might send a message to Paramount to keep doing catalogue discs, and to other studios to consider more b&w classics (you don't see it in the screencaps obviously, but the HDR is very nice and very respectful).
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    The screw threads might not last with repeated dis/reassembling. As far as ease goes, it would probably take a lot less time to break down than put back together. Cosmetically, the artwork, should be fine. As long as you take care with how it’s stored. Moving them while assembled isn’t all that bad either, with help and a dolly.
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    I’m back from my trip to California, and despite developing some large painful blisters on both my feet which made it hard to walk around, I had a very good time. I was in San Diego for work and then drove up to Anaheim to do a couple days at Disney. It was an interesting experience being there all by myself, and while it did give me the freedom to do whatever I wanted, I did miss sharing in the experience with others. I’m really looking forward to going back with my daughter soon. A few takeaways from Disneyland in general: - The crowds for midweek in October were quite a bit higher than I was expecting. They weren’t awful, but required a bit of management to avoid standing in 60+ minute lines. - Custom Disney themed T-shirts are a THING. Especially for families travelling together. I know this has been going on for awhile, but it seems like everyone was wearing them. - I don’t know if I was imagining things, or if my eyes are starting to fail me, but there seemed to be a chronic issue with scenes being under lit or not lit at all in many of the dark rides. Mr Toad was so bad I could barely see anything. There was also issues in Splash Mountain, major issues in the graveyard of Haunted Mansion, and few issues in Roger Rabbit. - Riding the original, full length Pirates of the Caribbean after more than 10 years was a special treat. The versions in Florida and Paris are good, but they aren’t the same. The build up and pacing in California is just fantastic and made me remember why I love that ride so much. The main show room with the Pirate Ship and the town also does a better job at hiding the ceiling and makes it look like an endless black sky. - The lines to get your picture taken with photo pass photographers can get insanely long at popular spots. When you had to pay for Photopass separately, they used to beg you to let them take your photo, but now that it’s included with so many things (like Maxpass), they are in much higher demand. It’s almost worth using the Magic Morning to get some photos taken. It’s also weird seeing all the ride photo booths shut down or turned into gift shops, now that ride photos are included in photo pass (but it is a welcome change). - The Disneyland app is more or less required now, and it does let you do a lot (I barely looked at a paper map the whole time I was there). But it is slow, the WiFi is spotty in the parks, it CONSTANTLY logs you out of your account which gets extremely frustrating, and things would sometimes just disappear (my reservation for Oga’s Cantina was on there all day and then disappeared right before my reservation time). - MaxPass is well worth the money if you’re there for a full day. It’s great being able to reserve Fast Passes while in line for another ride, and saves you having to run around the park. It also lets you see what the return times are at a glance and compare the different rides. There were a few times were I got a Fastpass where the return time was within minutes, and the standby time was 40+ minutes. - I really really wish they could reconfigure some of the queues to better accommodate FastPass and Single Rider. It’s just sad that the beautiful Indy queue is basically sprinted through to get to the ride, and the whole standby queue is now outside in the overflow switchback area. Half the indoor queue for Star Tours is now also wasted (I think to accommodate Single Rider) and gets pushed outside to the overflow queue. - Fantasmic on the Rivers of America is fantastic, and really puts the WDW version to shame. The stunts they were doing on the Columbia for the Pirates of the Caribbean section were mind blowing. Will probably look into reserved seating dining options next time to get an even better seat. - I’m glad I got to experience Hyperspace Mountain, but I do prefer the original and would have preferred it over the Star Wars overlay. The amount of Star Wars in Tomorrowland feels weirdly out of place now that Galaxy’s Edge is open. I also feel the same about Haunted Mansion. I NEED my Grim Grinning Ghosts. - The wait times for Peter Pan is ridiculous. Galaxy’s Edge impressions to follow later.
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    I sold my Walmart MK cab and will be picking up the Costco version this week, they had at least three when I left.
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    going to play as soon as I get home
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    Yeah, I saw people on Twitter saying it was good core work and I know that they basically do all cardio, which is exactly the boat that I’m currently in. I’m also a big fan of body weight training over weight stuff; I am not intending to buff up, just smooth down the ravages of time, so this will hopefully aid me on that front
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    The Last of Us Part II, apparently. Neil Druckman: Take as much time as you need, Naughty Dog. Just make it good. EDIT: I posted this in the thread for The Last of Us Part II as well, so we could continue the discussion of the delay over there.
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    I have it on PC. Its really good and tough. Physics are pretty solid except when the car goes off road then it moves in bullet time. Good career options with some tough tracks. Great graphics.
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    Regarding this point -- never underestimate a publisher's ability to re-sell a game to you! I predict three main selling points for next-gen remasters: Full 4K resolution at 60fps Ray tracing support Optimized for the internal SSD with near-instant load times If they do this -- and they will -- it will probably be enough for many people to re-purcahse these currnet-gen games, even though they already have a version that can play perfectly fine on the new consoles.
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    Not that I’ve seen yet. I’m excited to start Ep2 after Asgard’s Wrath. I just wanted to add to this - VR is a major game changer and for me personally it has been the biggest in 15 years or so. There are a lot of games that benefit from advanced technical features like HDR, 4K and more currently ray tracing and I don’t think these are bad by any means; I really like that they are becoming more common. But, I would argue that all of those would have benefited from a VR option even more. The sense of immersion in the game environment, even on a “fan patched” game like Alien Isolation - let alone on a full game like No Mans Sky is just mind blowing. I played and loved Alien in flatscreen mode but, my memory of that game was forever changed (for the better) after playing it again in VR. NMS is similar for me in that I liked the game and put in 50+ hours on the PS4 and another 20 hours on the PC version but I’ve already played another 40 hours in VR since it was added and am still playing and enjoying it - it really gave the game more “impact” for me. I couldn’t tell you much about the 1st time I saw a cool critter on a new world on the old PS4 version despite how much I liked the game even then but, I could describe at length the first time I walked into a subterranean cavern in VR. Combined with touch controls VR is really revolutionary IMO and the Quest is such a great bridging of the 2 VR options out there that I can’t help but recommend it to any gamer
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    So, I started Trails of Cold Steel II on Saturday and it’s fantastic. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first game with some extra systems bolted onto it. The story is a direct continuation, which is great. I haven’t enjoyed a long-form story like this since Mass Effect. For an RPG to continue this kind of through line is pretty rare and I’m down with it. I played the first one so recently that the combat is a bit old hat, also it’s getting in the way of the story beats that I’m dying for (finding out what happened to everybody from the first game is taking forever...), but the turbo function is there to judiciously move you through the easier fights. It’s also still pretty challenging, even at lower levels on normal difficulty. You need to keep your party healed most times. Just adore this series - I’ve already clocked over twelve hours in less than a week of starting.
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    Friend of ours had his 40th on the weekend so he rented a cottage and we trekked up there for all day Saturday and gamed for about seven hours straight. All party games this time, we were in a mood. Basically all the new stuff I picked up. Just One is fantastic if you have six or more players; the scoring means nothing but the game is basic and fun as hell. Letter Jam was amazing. It seemed very odd when explaining it, but it plays really well. It’ll be a go-to six player word game for us. We played both of those twice, then had a game of TrapWords, which is okay. It’s Taboo but you pick the words. The concept is solid but it’s strictly okay. It’s also dirt cheap so okay is fine with me! Finished up with two rounds of Time’s Up, and I assure you that I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I always saw glowing reviews of TU and wondered how that was possible - now I know. Good times and it’s back to Gloomhaven tonight!
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    And done. I was on the way to getting 100% on this, but eventually got to the "fuck it" point and finished off the game. It's a fun ride, and the traversal stuff is fantastic. It's strange though-what this game really left me wanting was a new Prince of Persia. I wonder how well Sands of Time has aged? Anyway, worth a look on gamepass if you have it. Looks fantastic on an X with the framerate toggle on.
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    Moana is out on 5th November in the US with Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Zootopia and Big Hero 6.
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