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    Real quick, everyone here in our household is still doing great. My wife went back to work Monday. With both boys now at daycare for the summer (at separate locations), we are now mostly back to our regular routine from before the lockdowns began in March. Last night I got a haircut for the first time since the end of January. Suffice it to say, I needed it badly. It's nice to have short hair again. When I arrived, they took my temperature and asked a few questions regarding my health. Fortunately, everything checked out, and I was permitted to continue with the appointment. I had to wear a mask the whole time (as did the woman who cut my hair), but it worked out pretty well. It was weird being out again, but I did feel safer with the mask on. At the end of the visit, I gave my stylist an extra large tip — just under 100% of the actual bill. I've been fortunate enough to continue working this whole time. She said they were closed for 11 weeks. I figured if I could help her out in any way, I should do it. I think she was pretty happy about it.
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    If the total cost for both the PS5 and Series X is under $1,000 (excluding tax), I will likely buy both this year because, fuck it, I’m a grown up with a job, and I want them.
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    So...l finally ended up making a decision on the TV. (Not really having much of a choice after the plasma started having screen issues). I have decided to upgrade as much as possible. Started with a 4K disc player,and went with the Panasonic DP-UB820. I had actually bought a Denon X1600h - the day before they announced the 2020 models with the new gaming features and HDMI 2.1. So that went back and I’m getting either the 2700H or going to shoot for the 3700H. In the meantime,I jury rigged my setup around my new baby... We ended up getting a LC CX. (I waited too long to try for the C9 - it’s sold out here in NE). I wasn’t sure that my limited living room space would handle a 55” inch - but I figured if it didn’t that I would just drop down to a 48”. All I can say is,OMFG! What a difference in picture quality! Watching Alien and Gladiator in 4K w/HDR is like nirvana! I’ve been getting 4K discs for a couple of years now,and I feel like a kid in the proverbial candy store... And the gaming? Destiny feels like a whole new game! The details,and the “snap” of the look of the picture have me in awe. Thank you all for the advice, I appreciated all the help!
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    #TeamHardwareReveal headquarters right now
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    Wow, and here we are, back where we were in April. It sure looks like tomorrow may break a one day record of new cases in the US. It seems like we are on the precipice of a much worse outbreak, given the degree of pandemic fatigue, or just outright idiocy in the form of resistance to mask-wearing. Sorry if that offends, but really, if people can't give the slightest damn about the well-being of other people in their community, they really don't deserve to be part of one. Some people are calling this the second wave, but I don't think it's accurate, we never got close to the end of the first one.
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    It just occurred to me that the PSVR is really the first PlayStation hardware to use this design language. I mean look at it, it fits right in
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    “How are you?“ My youngest boy (the one who tested positive) went back to daycare last week. My oldest is now at his summer daycare program for the summer. My wife is still home from work for the remainder of the week. If she doesn’t develop any COVID-like symptoms before Monday, she can go back. She’ll have been off for about three-and-a-half weeks by then. She originally took a week-and-a-half off to watch our youngest after his daycare closed, but after the little guy tested positive for COVID, she had to wait an additional two weeks after he had been symptom-free for three days before she could go back. I’m doing fine as well with no symptoms to report. I’ve been working from home since the end of March, so not much has changed for me, other than it’s been a lot busier (and noisier!) during the day when I’m on the clock. I has been weird having everyone together at home for so long. All of our routines have been thrown off. If my wife returns to work Monday, we’ll go back to a routine that’s similar to what we had before the lockdown started in March. The only difference is that I’m still working from home for the time being. It will be good to return to “normal,” whatever that may be. I’m just glad that our little guy was breezed through the infection unscathed and that none of us caught it (as far as we know). It does make me a bit cautious about going out again, especially now that businesses are starting to reopen here in Minnesota again. We’ll see how it goes.
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    Finished my New Game Plus collectibles run making LoU2 my 12th Platinum’d game.
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    Ugh. Happy 20th Anniversary all the same. Really feeling for a lot of people who have missed out celebrating anniversary and birthday milestones property amidst all this. Wait... Second wife? How many do you need? 😀
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    A PC, two tablets, a cell phone, my refrigerator, my xbox web browser, the experimental web browser on my Barnes and Noble Nook, a guy who wears sunglasses and an overcoat and reads Robot Monkey's posts to me over the phone. No issues. Carlos.
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    Pulled the first couple of boxes of DVDs out of the storage unit over the weekend and have kicked off the MakeMKV party with "Barton Fink." Here we go!
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    I’m going to buy both and hardly have time to play either of them because I’m a grown ass man with a highly demanding job.
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    A guy on the internet offered to sanitize all my bills for free, so I sent them in. I'm sure I'll get them back soon, completely Covid free. Carlos.
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    Post the Microsoft reveal, Sony apparently have a State of Play planned shortly afterwards with more reveals... Silent Hill, pretty please.
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    Seeing this game running at 60 fps... Please give this to us on PS5, Sony.
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    Bought my first 24-70/2.8 today (not my photo) Actually my first f/2.8 zoom. I've mostly used primes in the past. Lost of Canon news coming up this month. Sony and Nikon supposedly announcing a few things as well.
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    Joel, I'm just gonna say the obvious. That no one else here has the balls to say. YOU need to do those exact same glamour shots with those exact clothes. I mean, you have to. Right?
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    Done. I’m a damned wreck at the moment. I have a million thoughts but I need to let this sit. It goes nowhere I wanted it to go story wise and that’s the absolute best thing about it. Expectations met and exceeded. That’s all I’ll say for now.
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    I’m almost done with the first game and downloaded this one last night. That’s my Father’s Day sorted.
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    This is pretty cool. A blind gamer and accessibility advocate who also consulted with Naughty Dog on Last of Us 2 reacts to the accessibility options in the game. I’ve watched another video with him talking about the options and it is pretty awesome how seriously they took it and how customizable the game is.
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    So this happened. I can’t blame any of you, though, that lays squarely with my BF who is a huge vinyl collector, upwards of 15k records. My resistance has slowly worn down, and in fact has inverted into enthusiasm after being around records and in record stores again (we always hit up local stores when on road trips). If you asked me 5 years ago if I’d buy a record player, I’d have to check myself from laughing in your face. And yet here we are. Oddly, this is now the only dedicated music player in my house. My CD player died years ago (at almost the same time my old amp died, both Rotel, probably wouldn’t buy a Rotel product again). So far, I have to say I’m impressed with the sound. It’s the first time my floor standing Dynaudio speakers have been used for anything other than compressed audio in years, and I’m reminded why I Irresponsibly splurged on them back in the day.
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    One month in... With Like removed: With Haha removed: That's a purty good spread.
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    New official shot of both versions horizontally placed..... Disc version looks better horizontal to me. Digital looks way better vertical.
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    One issue: Again, I said I'd read my posts to you for the half the cost and you continue to decline my offer?
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    Both BenjiSales on twitter and Shinobi are saying the Microsoft game-focused July event will be 🔥
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    A few details are emerging at least. Release date October 2nd. $40 game (£34.99 here) and available on Origin, Steam and Epic stores for PC, alongside PS4 and XB1 (no next gen announced, although it will surely have BC on the SeriesX and it will fall under Sony’s release window for new PS4 games to have mandatory PS5 support). Cross play across all platforms. It has (PC only?) VR support. Gameplay trailer at EA’s streaming event on the 18th.
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    Relieved to report that my replacement magsafe charger for the MBP works.
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    Now that it's over, I can now reveal I laughed at your Schwarzenegger meme, but didn't react to it as to not show weakness in the face of the enemy.
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    Spent the afternoon watching 1917. The disc is an absolutely stunning presentation.
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    Heads up that today (7/3) presents a great opportunity to support artists. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share on all sales today. More money going directly to the artist in a time when their primary form of income (touring) is nonexistent. Bandcamp has done this 3 times already during COVID and it's good to see it happening again.
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    WipEout HD is still an absolute beast, though. God, I love that game.
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    After 3 months of not being in each other's presence due to COVID, my BF Walt and I reunited 3 weeks ago, then the following week I got my turntable. So this past Friday, I got a little surprise when he showed up at my place for the weekend. He had prepared, as he called it, a 'turntable warming' gift. Or, what I would soon find out was the first installment of a series of such gifts. The biggest surprise was the original Tron soundtrack, which was the first soundtrack I owned back in the early 80s. I think I lent the album to a friend and never got it back. It is a soudtrack very near and dear to my heart (I did buy it on CD when the 20th anniversary editions came around). Having this record back is such a nice feeling. The Radiohead OKNOTOK special edition of OK Computer fairly knocked my socks off. I knew he had it, but I didn't know that he had two copies! We listened to it over the weekend and it sounds fabulous. And I was also delighted by the Kraftwerk, an album I only ever owned digitally (a download). Having the original artwork is so cool. The ink used on the cover is day-glow like a tennis ball. I laid them out this morning for a photo op.
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    Really, now you want to drag RELIGION into THIS thread? LOL. I'll give you some thoughts after lunch.
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    Vektor 2089 is the 2D top down Wipeout you never knew you wanted, but now need. $5 on itch.io, if you didn't get the big BLM Bundle recently. It's 2D, it's top down, it's got a purposefully glitchy aesthetic, but it plays like a dream on a controller, with panache + style in buckets. Seriously, if you like Wipeout, take a look.
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    MUST you troublemakers turn every thread smutty? (don't answer that). I logged out of everything and the 'remember me' thing does indeed seem to be what was causing it. Now I can berate Romier across all devices with ease.
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    I still haven’t tried Elite in VR. I have a moderately complex setup.
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    I have my media server (Kodi, not plex, but same idea) set up with no RAID at all, because of a combination of living dangerously, wanting to get every byte out of the drives that I can, and a judicious abuse of online backup services. That last one is key-Backblaze offers unlimited backup for one PC, which in this case is my media server. The agent backs up all changes, including versioning for some file types, and the service runs about 50 bucks a year. My backblaze account currently has just over 17 Tb in it. So far, I've only lost two drives, both of which were gradual failures that I could recover from. In both cases, I copied 95% of the data off the bad drive to a new one, and downloaded the rest from backblaze. Now, it did take a few months to upload all my data, but if you have the bandwidth (thank you unlimited internet), it's a viable backup solution. Hanging onto the discs is also a good way to recover, but given the nonzero number of DVDs that I've tried to rip that had just failed, I don't really trust shiny plastic that much these days...
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