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    I agree. The internet has become one giant echo chamber where people amplify opinions into deafening screams of both agreement and disagreement. Usually it's taking someone else's opinion/idea/creative output, pulling apart some portion of it, with the intent of bending it into something not only more bite-sized and click-baity, but more outrageous, and controversial...rinse and repeat until it's whipped the faithful and/or haters into a froth. It's but one of the reasons I come here so frequently. LCVG is an oasis.
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    Alrighty, did more reading after all of the great advice from @Magness and filled in the rest of the gaps after a couple of hours (such as, why I needed an X570 chipset motherboard for the new Gen3 Ryzen CPUs and PCIE4 compatibility). Final list: AMD Ryzen 3700X CPU Gigabyte X570 Gaming X motherboard G.Skill somethingorother 32GB DDR4-3600 memory Sabrent 1TB M.2 / PCIE4 SSD Fractal Design Meshify C case EVGA RTX 2080, Black Edition GPU Man, that PCIE4 throughput is insane, can't imagine what the OS speed is going to be like and should have enough space left for lots of games, didn't want to spring another $200 for the 2TB version, that can wait. Went with the DDR-3600 memory after reading some about how the Ryzen gen3 chips work with the latest chipsets, seems to be a decent upgrade. And RTX 2070 Super cards are sold out everywhere, so bit the bullet and bumped up to the RTX 2080 😬. No way I was going to pay the premium for the 2080Ti. Going to be about a week before everything gets here, the CPU was the bottleneck since the next shipment is hitting on the 22nd just about everywhere.
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    Mindhunter finally returns Aug 16th
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    Everything I've been reading says it's nowhere even close to as dramatic as platters -> SSD, but also if you are buying new, that it's a no-brainer to go that route. On another note, my Ryzen CPU came in way earlier than expected so all of my parts are now in my hands for the weekend!
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    Officially arriving on Halloween this year!
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    Sony could also take an ax and chop their own hands off, well one of them at least. And that act would be about as smart as taking Spidey back from Marvel.
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    I finally saw Toy Story 4 today. I love all of the previous Toy Stories, and like many, thought the ending of 3 is pretty much perfect. But I had high hopes that Pixar would knock it out of the park again. I liked TS4, it’s a very good movie, but there’s just something missing from it. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is just slightly off. Maybe it’s that the story focuses so much on Woody that all the other characters, which make up a lot of the charm and humour, are nearly forgotten. Or maybe it’s just not quite as tight of a story as the previous three. I don’t know for certain, but there’s something. Regardless, this movie will have a very special place in my heart. It was the first movie in a theatre that we took my 3 1/2 year old daughter to. Toy Story was the very first movie she ever saw from beginning to end, and she loves them. We got her a Woody and Buzz for Christmas and this movie has been circled as the first to take her to for quite some time. She saw an ad on TV for it a few weeks ago and has been asking to see it since (not knowing how release dates work and that theatres exist). Taking a kid to a movie can can be a bit of an adventure. You’re not sure how they are going to act or react. Will she get bored? Will she try to get up and start walking around and then start to scream when we put her back in her seat? Will she ignore signs she has to go pee? All of these were a concern. From the the moment she sat down in the giant reclining seats and looked at the huge screen playing a preview for that awful looking Dora movie, she was completely transfixed and enraptured with the whole experience. I tried to talk to her about not getting up, or talking, but she wasn’t listening. Her eyes were glued to the screen from beginning to end, only to remove them during one part that scared her. When the movie was over, we took her to the Disney Store and bought her a small plush Jesse and when we got home, she really wanted to make her own Forky, so now we have to get some craft supplies. Overall, it was a pretty special day.
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    You have no idea. I used to be a high-end thief and I'm constantly being forced back into the game. I've had, like 3 days off in the last 4 years. Because why? Because I'm always burning my PTO on the "one last big score" some shitheel underworld boss has forced me into. Assholes.
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    If you're clutching pop culture so hard that you get burned by some criticism, perhaps you are clutching it too hard. As a gay man, I have really no strong feelings about Swift one way or the other. I can't see into her mind, so I can't tell whether she sees dollar signs or rainbow flags. I've read some arguments on both sides, and I think they each have a point. In the end, that usually how I feel about heartfelt cultural criticism. And by that I don't mean one-off tweets or rageful FB posts, those just get ignored. I mean considered criticism. There is a place for it, and it may require one to separate from things one loves to see another's point of view.
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    As a non-Switch owner, and not about to become one, this is one of the rare exclusives I'm annoyed at. I really want to play a good modern Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.
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    Really wish this had cross-play. I’m on Xbox and loving it, but it would put it over the top to clan up with y’all.
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    Hello from the future!* * September 2018 Initial observations: FaceID is really quite brilliant. FaceID + 1Password? Pure science fiction. I want this on Macs. I love the screen. Bright and engaging with those wonderful OLED colours with the P3 gamut. iOS makes brilliant use of these edge to edge displays in a way I had not fully anticipated until I opened up the forum in Safari. It all looks and feels so right. The speed probably tops the list for improvements. Multi-tasking between apps, app loading, and especially Safari browsing is just a joyous experience now that I am free of that 1GB RAM bottleneck. It's the first iPhone I've had that feels as fluid as an iPad Pro. I instantly understood how some of you might want to use it more than a laptop/desktop. There are subtle little animation flourishes throughout iOS that don't even surface under iOS12 on my 6 at all too thanks to the beefier processing. I took to the lack of home button far quicker than I expected. The swipe/gesture navigation just seems so obvious a way forward that it leaves you questioning why we didn't get to this point sooner. Very impressed with the audio from the little speakers. The illusion of stereo even while watching something while holding the phone horizontally is quite convincing. The camera is a mind blowing improvement over what I've been used to. I know this year they will add an ultra-wide lens, but its the telephoto that's always been of interest to me. It seems great and I'd love it if they can bring it down to f1.8 in future to match the speed of the standard lens. Definitely looking forward to getting out with the phone and the Halide app over the coming week. Does the efficiency of iOS differ from one model of iPhone to another? I ask because on the XS it has reduced my used capacity to a mere 24.5GB which is a huge difference to what I had on the 6 (even after moving my photo library to the cloud). A reduction of a little over 8GB by comparison. And to think, iOS13 is said to halve the size of apps to give us even more space back! I guess I've found myself with the last iPhone that will support 3D Touch. I really like the concept of it so hope it transitions well to haptic press in future phones. I do think it would be smart to roll the app deletion option into the pop up menus upon pressing for 3D Touch though. It seems quite easy to press too lightly and trigger the wobbly app deletion option of old. Speaking of haptics, those little haptic feedback notifications that trigger throughout various usage (such as liking a tweet) are unexpectedly satisfying. I knew it beforehand and ordered one of course, but f**k them for not including the 3.5mm dongle in the box as they did with the X. My wifi and cellular signals indoors don't really seem to be any stronger than my 6 which is disappointing, although I am judging that by the display bars as stupidly I forgot to run speedtest on my 6 before erasing it. With that said the wifi signal is certainly more stable (on the 6 at home it would drop out and default to 4G quite often). I'm excited to see how long the battery lasts. I let it deplete to 10% after taking it out of the box, setting it up and playing around, and it's certainly taken a long time to charge back to full power so hopefully that's an indication that it will last a long time too. Tempting to get an 18w charger but we'll see if rumours are true of them being bundled with future iPad Pros before I consider getting one. I don't think I will get a wireless charging pad anytime in the next year or so. Do any of you guys use one?
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    Saw Spiderman. Thought it was really good. Enjoyed the personal stories way more than the first movie. Liked the iron Man 3 -esque plot. Can't wait to see what the future holds.
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    Man, switching jobs in my company feels like the smartest thing I've done in a long time. They were bereft of an experienced Oracle guy, so along with my other duties, I've become the "pro from Dover" on Oracle problems. So far, I've been extremely lucky with my recommendations and have optimized and tuned some database processes into order-of-magnitude improvements. The people here think I'm a freakin' genius! I just hope my luck doesn't run out. I'm loving it. So busy, but not bored, and that's what I was looking for. Carlos. P.S. In case you didn't get the "pro from Dover" reference... (and you definitely should!) nsfw language.... Carlos.
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    Yup. Done. Look at me being all sensible! Should have it tomorrow. ☺️ Just got the code through to unlock my 6 as well so I can probably sell that on Wednesday (will need to source a SIM for another network though. Should be able to ask Carphone Warehouse to put one in to unlock it for me). Need to pick out a case and get the damn lightening/headphone dongle.
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    Insert for Twilight Struggle done! Sickle/Stars logos didn't come out well because of needing to print them that side down. The little boxes at the top are basically spacers. Map + rules fill up the rest of the space on top.
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    Considered argument can be read and either agreed with or not. But most of what we’re seeing right now is writers in a hurry knowing that there are clicks to be made in talking about any major pop culture trend, and with so many social media accounts in the world you’re guaranteed to say the current number one is racist, transphobic, left wing, right wing, centrist or anything else you need to fit your agenda today. And if you can’t? Well, that’s about a minute’s work to solve.
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    I love that Richard used a 4k stream to get part numbers off the RAM 😄
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    A friend of ours just gave me a few large boxes of NES, SNES, GC, wii, Wii U, Ps2, and Xbox 360 games (and a wii system and snes) to do with as I please (he has more, just need to find the ). NES/SNES are pretty beat up, rest looks in good shape. Going to go through them all tomorrow.
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    "p.s. Make sure you stay all the way through the credits, and I mean all the way through. " Woody joining the Avengers?
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    A flood of Pixar titles is on the way: Brave, Cars, Cars 2, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out. Best Buy is getting exclusive steelbooks. Being released in early-to-mid November alongside Toy Story 4. That just leaves Up, WALL-E, A Bug's Life, and the two Monsters Inc. flicks.
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    I was more positive on the potential of the game, so I'm glad to see this progressing. Of course we all just watched Thor kill a bunch of bad dudes with that fucking hammer, that just happened!
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    News from SDCC and TRAILER https://www.startrek.com/videos/watch-first-star-trek-picard-trailer-patrick-stewart-sdcc-hall-h
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    500. Boom. My buddy was jealous because he was ahead of me most of the time. But I got there first and I think it was off a piece he gave me. He’s only at 499. Sucker.
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    Camera footage but maybe you know...show this at E3 instead of that CG nonsense and terrible messaging cause it actually looks like a pretty decent beat-em-up.
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    Well damn, I didn't think I'd be interested, but after seeing this protoype I may need to buy this.
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    I don't need a car in London, no. At my work desk at home I think, long term, I could see myself getting one purely as I hate cable clutter, and if they refuse to go USB-C on the iPhone in the next two years it'd be worth it just to rid myself of a single use cable (which almost inevitably falls apart). Unrelated... I'm quite amazed how well FaceID works in the dark. I know people have said repeatedly that it works fine, but it's easy to question it until you finally use it for yourself. Really is brilliant. I THINK Animoji and Memoji's are also kind of brilliant too, in an absurd way. That it can recognise an eyebrow raise, and an ear wiggle is really quit ingenious in its own way. Which reminds me, one thing I have yet to try on the new phone is AR! I'll make a point to do that tomorrow sometime.
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    I did. It (and the phone) just arrived. Just backing up my 6 before embarking into the future.
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    Bought this last week to congratulate my son on winning an achievement prize at school. So far he's crafted two pretty impressive levels, and has to show they're even possible to me, as they're way beyond my skill level. I've not really done the time on 2D Mario since World and he keeps creating bits that are only possible with deft use of the cat outfit, bone shells etc.
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    Part of the reason why I wanted the XS over the XR was that it was roughly the same size as my iPhone 7 in the hand. The screen was naturally bigger because of the edge-to-edge screen, but it would still fit in my hand roughly the same way.
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    When I bought my iPhone XS a few months ago, I "downgraded" from a 256GB model to 64. So far, it's worked out well for me for a few reasons. 1. iCloud Storage I pay $2.99/month to Apple for the 200GB plan, and most of that is used for iCloud Photo Library. I have access to all my photos so long as I have an Internet connection, which is about 99 percent of the time. I use the remaining space for documents and other files, so I don’t have to keep them on device either. This also enables me to access all my documents between my various devices (iPhone, iPad, and iMac). 2. Apple Music/iTunes Match I recently subscribed to Apple Music, so I can stream my entire music collection to the phone without having to store the tracks on it. Prior to that, I used iTunes Match, which did the same thing, only I could not play anything beyond what I already owned in my personal collection. I still download tracks to my phone if I think I will listen to them frequently. However, having access to all the music I own at any given time – plus whatever is available on Apple Music — helps save a tone of storage for me, as music was always one of the things that took up the most space on my phone. 3. Data Plan I have a plan with AT&T that gives me 32GB/month with rollover data. Given the fact that I need to pull data from the cloud more often, having as much data as possible is a necessity. Fortunately, my family has yet to use more than our allotted amount. That means with the rollover data, we often have 40GB – or even 50GB – available in a given month. Altogether, these three things make it possible for me to get away with having an iPhone with less storage. A few years ago, I don’t think I could have done it, but with all the options to store and access media and files on the cloud, coupled with much larger data plans, means that I can save some money when I buy my phone, and instead put it towards these services that I use daily.
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    Don’t you mean three games? I mean September's just around the corner, right? Not only that, but depending on how long it takes you to play BotW, you may be playing its sequel as part of this series as well.(Ha ha.) Speaking of which, I know I said in another thread that I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild off and on between other games. Well, that's out the window now. Seeing the announcement of the sequel to BotW announced at E3 gave me the urge to play it again, and I haven’t been able to stop since. A little over a week ago, my Switch said I had played it for 30 hours or more. I looked again yesterday because I played it a ton over the holiday weekend, and it said I had played it for 75 hours or more. So, yeah, that escalated quickly, as they say. I have completed 97 shrines, three Divine Beasts, and recovered all of the forgotten memories (including the 13th one). I’ve also found all four Great Fairy fountains, and am trying to upgrade all of my armor to the max. I also have the Champion's Ballad DLC pack, which I never really played on the Wii U. So, lots of content left for me to do. I may be doing this for a while. Send help.
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    Public beta 2 came out today, so I went ahead and installed it on my iPad. This Safari browser is sooo good. It’s like a real computer 😭
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    So I bought this and finished it tonight. Its pretty unique and has a fantastic, yet puzzling story to tell. It’s very much open to interpretation which I loved! It has a whole lot of 2001 A Space Odyssey and Sunshine mixed together in very good ways. I have a bunch I want to say about this and another smaller scale, but really great game I also recently beat called A Plague Tale Innocence. However, I’m doing more traveling for work so it’ll have to wait until I have some free time in the coming days, In the interim, I can’t recommend this enough if your a sci-fi junkie who loves cryptic narratives and puzzle heavy gameplay that doesn’t hold your your hand.
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    Finished this up this afternoon. I really quite enjoyed it. I just love the feel of this show. Nostalgia overload.
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    Whole family really enjoyed Far From Home, even the kid who turns her nose up at Homecoming/Marvel mostly. Just an all round good action film, with top notch pacing too. And the right amount of humour.
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    SPOILERS KEITH DON'T READ There really is so much great stuff about this film. I'm going to wait until I get home from work tomorrow for a longer post, but I just want to comment on three things. They 100% nailed Mysterio. The illusion stuff was terrific, and love how they tied it into Stark and his employees. Jake G was on point. Spider-Man MCU is 2 for 2 with villains. JK Simmons as Jameson is how it should be, and revealing who Spider-Man was is really setting up a Sinister Six Situation for the next film. They have plenty of villains set up for it already with Vulture, Shocker, Mysterio (they still have the tech), and Scorpion. And then when I lost my mind, as we have the Skrulls helping Fury build The Peak. Which is the home for S.W.O.R.D , the space version of SHIELD. It was funny that for one second I thought they may be going towards Secret Invasion, and then you realize it's Talos and his wife 🤣 Ben Mendelsohn needs to show up all the time.
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    We watched Apollo 11 in IMAX on Saturday, and it is AMAZING. So obviously I've been rather miffed that it wasn't getting a UHD release, particularly given how much of the footage is 70mm, some of the rest uses stills from the astronauts' Hasselblads and just it's incredible to look at. But Dogwoof in the UK are now showing there will be one! https://www.apollo11movie.co.uk/watch-at-home/ I thought I'd seen enough Apollo documentaries over the years; I was VERY wrong.
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    Done. They actually stuck the landing pretty well. The final missions paid off the first two acts nicely, in fact. This is a huge game though and I’ll bet I’ve spent well into the 50-60 hour range with it and yes, I still think it’s too damned long and needs trimming but overall, this is a fine game from Bend Studios. The core gameplay loop of heading out “in the shit” with limited supplies and surviving runs of missions is just satisfying as hell and on hard mode, you’ll legit be on the edge of your seat as the wrong combo of enemies can and will kill you often. Some gripes outside of the already mentioned bloated length and meandering narrative includes some technical issues that still haven’t been ironed out. The framerate on the bike with heavy weather can be downright awful and there’s plenty of glitches/bugs that you’ll run across (frozen items in the air, enemy pathing issures). There’s a distinct lack of enemy variety as well. There’s a great deal of discussion about the Freakers mutating but you won’t see that much on display. Also, the human enemy AI is frankly terrible. No getting around that, really but they are about as dumb as a brick. Still, framerate and all - the game can be downright mind blowing visually. It has one of the best HDR implementations on the market and the quality of its main character models and its story sequences are fantastic! The score is also excellent if a bit stretched thin considering how many hours you’ll be listening to the same themes. In the end, despite its lack of originality and niggling issues it’s a good deal of fun and adds another quality IP to Sony’s already impressive stable of games. The sequel will be of much more interest to me given how well the initial outing turned out.
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    Everybody - Slay the Spire, dammit.
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    I put the iPadOS Beta on my 11 inch Pro and holy shit is it awesome so far Obviously it’s a beta and there are a few bugs I’ve already come across (Safari crashing when using dictation, music app not showing the current song playing on home screen, etc) but, its just the first day. For the most part it’s working great and I’m not sure I would switch back despite this just being Beta 1...
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