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    I've learned two major things in this work from home situations: 1. There is a fuckton of amazing vintage music concert footage available for free on YouTube. It's a great, not too distracting source of background music while working. 2. The only reason I ever really had to go into the office was to print stuff for my wife and daughter. Carlos.
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    My stir-crazy confession: I've been working in my media room, keeping the volume very low, with a card table setup with my laptop on a stand and and external keyboard, monitor. I kept hearing a very slight clicking sound, like when you squish cellophane and it expands, but very sporadic, and spaced minutes apart. It was extremely hard to localize. It was driving me crazy, and sometimes I heard it in my left ear, sometimes my right. I thought it was like a static discharge. I mostly heard it on the left side of the room. After ruling out anything in my computer setup, I was focused on my left surround speaker. It's wall mounted, I thought maybe it's going bad. I went through all the trouble of disabling it, still heard the tic sound. I completely disconnected it, still heard it. Then I thought a piece of cellophane had actually gotten in or between my recliners, so I detached them and gave a thorough cleaning. I did find some candy wrappers, thought that was it. Nope, still heard it. Started thinking insects in wall, started thinking my foundation is settling. Thought it was Jack Torrance's typewriter. I would spend several minutes listening with the volume completely down, hear it for a few minutes, then nothing. Get bored, change the channel or music, hear it again for a few times, then nothing. This has gone on for weeks! Today I solved it. Turns out it is my fucking Amazon FireTV remote. It's very squeaky, like the plastic isn't screwed together well enough. It "settles" after you put it down, I guess contracting after the last time I used it, and maybe even contracting/expanding with the air-conditioning. I mostly put it on my left hand side, but sometimes I put it on my right hand side. Damn, that was crazy. Carlos.
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    I know we’re all having to make compromises in our every day lives right now, but if you think I’d sleep with someone who only has 587,000 Instagram followers you are sorely mistaken.
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    I'd like to share the following about that video. Which I think some of you might appreciate. On Thursday (last week) my daughter said she wanted to record herself singing the Disney song from Tangled and make a music video I told her that I wouldn't do it unless she re-wrote the lyrics for the Coronavirus Yeah, whatever, I re-wrote the lyrics on Thursday night She recorded the song and she edited on Friday We shot the video on Saturday, edited on Sunday, released on Sunday My point is that it all happened very quickly. It is really easy to spend a year, which I have (twice), on a video project. It is refreshing and fun to take one from idea to release in a few days. So satisfying.
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    Challenge accepted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMZrSUWK76I
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    Also, about the whole China business. I agree that they probably have lied. But even without lies, what we did know was quite serious. I mean, they locked down an entire province. Even without accurate numbers, that’s a significant sign that some ugly viral shit was going down. But, if by covering up the truth, China doomed the rest of the world to suffer, how do you explain the way South Korea and especially Taiwan managed to keep their numbers low? They did it by acting swiftly, enforcing quarantine measures very early, and focusing a LOT of energy on developing and distributing tests, all because they know not to trust China. Both countries learned from SARS that China doesn’t share “embarrassing” information. So, sure China probably has hidden numbers, but we should have known better.
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    The easy way out is to point and blame. Don't fall into that xenophobic trap. Our lack of appropriate preparation would be laughable if it wasn't so fucking tragic.
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    China downplaying the numbers is irrelevant. We knew months ago about the epidemic that was coming, and did nothing to prepare for it. Our own government has lied to us more more recklessly.
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    WGBH radio/tv wants to have my daughter on their show to discuss her music video and generally how she, a teenager, is handling the isolation. She'll be recording a segment later today for broadcast tomorrow.
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    In celebration of the specs reveal for both Xbox Series X and PS5, I give you two new emoji: Uncle Phil Spencer: Master Mark Cerny ...located in the LCVG Emoji section of the emoji menu.
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    This is a spectacularly awesome image:
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    Just gonna leave this here..Boris Johnson tests positive
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    My Switch hasn't gotten a lot of use in the past 6-9 months, but with the circumstances and my daughter about to turn six, I realized it was a perfect time to get into Animal Crossing again. I haven't really played much since like 8 years ago when the DS version was out. She has played a little Smash Bros with me, but it's way too complicated and fast to really teach her yet, she doesn't play a lot of other games with me yet. Turns out she loooooovvvvvvveeeeessss Animal Crossing. Her favorite animals right now are raccoons anyway, so in steps the Nook family. She is working on her reading with the dialog, and finally gets what all of the different buttons do and how to move and things with the joy cons. It's been an absolute delight, we have our little tents/houses right next to each other in the game world. So, I hate to spend the money right now, but I need to get a second controller so we can play together instead of taking turns. When we were doing Smash Bros, we were just using a joy con each since this wasn't exactly competition level play, hah. Have the extra joy cons always been the same price as the pro controllers? I'm thinking I will just buy a pro controller so I can use it for some of the other games if they are the same price.
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    I showed your video to my wife and 4 year old daughter yesterday (they both liked it). My daughter randomly started to sing “I’ll add some toilet paper to my gallery” last night during her bath. Its a hit in our household.
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    I’m just here to post jokes.
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    I've been doing take out from local places that are struggling including a Japanese place I absolutely love. My hope that is some of the lessons learned here on the business side is that delivery service can be an utterly integral and money making affair even for places that don't normally partake in such activities. The same goes for retail. Best Buy has maintained their business and stayed open in PA despite the general lockdown by asking for employee volunteers, increasing the pay for those who choose to work, practicing social distancing with those few employees (along with providing full paid sick leave if necessary) and offering curbside service to their customers. You can literally order online and come pick it up or call ahead and if they have it, the employee will do the full transaction with as little contact as possible stop the spread. Its ashame that it took this kind of calamity for some businesses to evolve out of their "norm" but there are lessons that can applied post pandemic which I think are worthwhile.
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    All the nonsense distractions aside for a moment, nonsense we certainly need right now, I wish you all and your loved ones well and hope you can all stay safe.
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    "Thanksgiving 2020" doesn't even mean the specific day, come on. It means November before THanksgiving Day Had a "loud" discussion at work about how there's no way the next xbox launches on the literal day of Thanksgiving. "But think of the Black Friday sales" is not a come back in that argument, either.
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    That’s so hot. I can’t wait to get one...and use it on my PC.
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    1917 is one of the most gorgeously shot movies I’ve seen since in Skyfall and I didn’t expect some of the turns the story took. I was never not totally engaged with it.
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    Anyone working in a hospital right now is an absolute warrior. And not by choice.
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    Checking in from my Brooklyn bubble. Thankfully I am working from home, which is sort of my natural state. I'm lucky enough to have a nice home office with a door and a home with a lot of windows, so I'm staying sane. Also a grocery store on the block is stocking very well. All things considered, doing ok. Family fine, too.
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    As soon as the lockdown started, I've been thinking of the photographic possibilities, shooting a major ubran center without people. This person took their drone out to film the (almost) empty streets of SF:
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    I'll do you one better...
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    Not even an Animal Crossing fan but I’ve been wanting to get a new Switch anyways and the value on this thing is jumping so if they do announce a Switch Pro, I can always flip it. The base is too damned adorable though and I love the joycon colors and the matte finish on them feels great. Also came across the Japanese physical release of “I Am Setsuna” which is a wonderful little Chrono Trigger like RPG I’ve been wanting to get but wanted to hold off for physical. That time came today.
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    My company is officially WFH starting next week. As luck would have it, I'm off to Joshua Tree for 5 days starting this weekend. This trip was planned months ago, but it feels like a really good time to go to the desert!
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    All is well. We're not touching our faces but I can't speak for mouths.
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    We started to watch Contagion yesterday afternoon. Ten minutes in, when the first two people die horrifically, my entire family (ages 43, 15, 11) walked out, each of them berating me in their own unique way. Then my wife went to Facebook to facilitate a public shaming of me.
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    They said 3-5 days, but we hope it comes back quicker than that.
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    Ugh. Wishing you both the best. How long to wait for the result? I thought I was feeling better this morning but headaches have come back over the last hour or so and I’m getting clammy. The sooner whatever I have fucks off the better.
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    I think I’m just going to take my xenophobic self and just keep trucking. Be safe all, I’m out.
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    Indeed. I love games but not at the expense of human health. Crunch as a practice needs to die in the industry.
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    Yeah, I don't even see how this is remotely hard right now. If this *cough* administration *cough* really goes forward with the plans to open society / the economy in the next couple of weeks, literally millions of people are going to die. We are going to have cremation facilities running 24/7 and no funerals, people have no concept. The names of those in power will go down with those of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc. as mass murderers, that isn't an exaggeration. And that's the kind of thing that tanks your economy for years or even a decade. The economy can be rebuilt, millions of lives lost cannot. People also have to remember this is a world-wide event, not unique to the US. We have been able to get weekly grocery deliveries without anything being out of stock, except for the obvious things like wipes / sanitizer /etc. I am pretty much practicing extreme isolation as my wife is having to go back and forth to her aging parents' farm to help out with the busy time of the year (spring), haven't been in direct contact with a soul outside of my wife and kid for 2 weeks coming up on Saturday. My kiddo is dealing with everything like a champ, she's the best. It pains me to say I would like to support our local restaurants right now through takeout, but am really trying to be careful with money as much as possible until I land another job. I don't think I'm going to be out of work for months, I am getting a lot of hits, I would like to pump a bunch of money where I can locally once I have secured employment. Even if I get the enhanced unemployment benefits that are being bandied about in the congressional packages, I plan to use a bunch for that purpose as well as paying for the services that we normally WOULD be using but can't (haircuts, child care, etc.). I am already doing that somewhat.
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    Rich elitist bastard! Because of you, this is my kid right now!
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    I'm consistently stunned by the visuals in this game. It's legit at a whole other level and easily one of the best looking games released this generation. The HDR implementation is just absolutely killer. If you have the means to play this at 4K with HDR active, you will not be disappointed. The combination of its visuals with a butter smooth 60fps is a real sight to behold and there's enough overhead with this engine that I could see the game running at 120hz on a Series X or PS5 in the near future and I'm just salivating at the thought of such a thing. I just completed "Sentinel Prime" last night (mission 8 I believe) and feel like I'm nearing the end of the game. Such a low mission count sounds like its a brief experience but it really isn't. The levels in this game are absolutely HUGE. A single level can take you two+ hours alone. Factor in finding all of the secrets including hidden combat scenarios and the Slayer Gates and you're talking a good 20-25 hours experience. Speaking of the Slayer Gates - good fucking god. Sheer and unmitigated insanity. If you do not have the stomach for difficulty, I would highly recommend staying away from Ultra Violence on your first run through. The game itself presents plenty of challenge as it throws a larger number of enemies at you then 2016 ever did but the Slayer Gates are a sheer test of will, patience and skill. I spent an hour retrying one last night and it took me about 14 tries to finish it. You will be tense, you will be sweating, you will be frustrated but you'll love EVERY minute of it! Also, because the mechanics of this game are so different than 2016, you have to relearn a lot about how you play. There isn't endless ammo scattered around the environments anymore. You need to use the chainsaw to re-up your ammo supply. You always have one pip of gasoline that recharges but you need to be super mindful about your ammo count. This plays into the fact that enemies now have weak points to. That means that your main assault rifle and its scoped view can be used to knock a turret off of an Arachnotron making it easier to kill. Or you can use the chain gun to decimate a hell knight much easier than with other weapons. The one pervading issue with Doom 2016 is that once you got the Super Shotgun, you were done experimenting. It was the end all be all weapon. Doom Eternal fixes all of that. You will be swapping and using weapons constantly based on the enemy type that you are fighting and that's just /superb/. On the harder difficulties you have to use the tools available. That includes the chainsaw to generate ammo, it includes glory kills to generate health and it also includes the flame thrower which causes enemies to generate shield items. Not to mention the shoulder mounted frag and freeze grenades which can be pure life savers. I can see how this may turn some folks off as this is no longer just about mindlessly shooting demons. You have to think, you have to plan on your feet all while being chased and harassed by endless demon hordes so that you don't end up out of ammo or deathly low on health while getting enough of a shield buffer to deal with the more powerful enemies. It's a god damned masterpiece folks and I cannot give it enough praise. Seriously, if the Last of Us II weren't coming out in a few months I'd be hard pressed to see a game surpassing it for game of the year and that's not hyperbole, that's just how exquisitely designed this game truly is.
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    I'm working from home today and decided to sneak in a quick round of Tetris 99 during my afternoon break. Then, this happened: First time every, baby! Oh, and I've decided that I much prefer playing this game in handheld mode with the Joycons. The isolated buttons of the D-pad mean that I accidentally drop a piece in the wrong spot much less often due to a faulty input. I think if I had tried to use the Pro Controller during this match, I wouldn't have won it.
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    The fat kids mom setting up the French girl with her son is the best. And also “he put his testicles all over me”
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    Yes, and I want my two dollars.
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    Can we add this one please? It has so many uses.
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    If I was Bethesda, I’d sneak release Doom Eternal tomorrow. The opposite of all these big movies, take advantage of the quarantine.
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