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    I used my Ovaltine magic decoder, this is his message,... In order to ensure that "the App Store is a safe place for all users and a fair opportunity for all developers, " we need $$$$! If Valve gives a cut these concerns will melt away like they were never real.
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    You can now pre-load the Pre-Launch Tournament Demo ahead of the June 1st unlocking. You'll get a pre-classic pre-Mario costume for your pre-troubles which will pre-carry over to the full game when you buy it. The demo will be online only, although it does also say you can practice against the CPU as well.
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    Old thread but, nowhere else seemed appropriate for this post... The wife got me a new Nespresso machine today. It’s the Expert Series with the separate milk frother: https://www.nespresso.com/uk/en/order/machines/original/magimix-expert-anthracite-grey Anyway, it’s pretty awesome Any Nespresso machine is pretty solid for a single shot coffee but, this one has Bluetooth to set a coffee or change settings on the machine, you can que up a coffee to brew at a set time and it makes a damn good Lungo and Americano with custom coffee and water volumes for each type. Very nice and the milk frother has settings for different milk-foam densities which is something I never thought I’d use but, was pretty cool to have when I did try it. The wife got it through Nespresso themselves on a monthly payment scheme and, the monthly payment amount is credited back to our account for coffee pods each month so it affectively doesn’t cost me anything (we spend about £30 per month on Nespresso pods now and this one costs £35 per month). Never owned a coffee machine like this but it’s almost like a mobile phone contract so that was kinda cool to have as an option too.
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    The piano in the other pack is a thing of beauty. I’ve not even had a chance to borrow my son’s long enough to try the other parts, but it’s mindblowing that it can do polyphonic.
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    MTV's Behind the Music: Max Rebo and Sy Snootles: A Star Wars Story
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    Any time they want to make a movie about Max Rebo trying to get the band back together I'm up for it, though.
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    It is official, expanse saved by amazon . Deal for S4 was completed last night.
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