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    Beat Saber is the real deal as far as the gameplay goes. I’ve liked a good deal of the songs, but certainly not all. And it is severely limited in the sheer number of songs available, a paltry 15. That’s going to be the most serious handicap for the game. There are just so many more songs available on PC. I don’t know how they plan to do dlc, but I can be pretty certain that by the time Christmas rolls around and the Oculus gets unwrapped that this will be one of the first games we get there. In the meantime this will suffice for learning the base gameplay and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they aren’t going to screw people on the dlc.
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    Mentioned it in the PS+ thread but best way to get it in the UK (£34.99 on UK PSN Black Friday sale) is to buy a £35 PSN credit code for £30.89 from CDKeys, which if bought via Quidco will get you 1% cashback and if using Quidco before midnight you can get a bonus £2.50 cash back too..... which is precisely what I’ve done. I’m not touching this until I’m done with God of War, then it’s Smash Bros time, and an XB1X could also get in my way too but still, nice to have it as I can’t see getting it for less than the £28 it’s cost me here in Sony’s Christmas sales.
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    If you want any asmodee products this is the weekend to pick them up. They drop their MAPP pricing for this weekend only. Got a few emails from online stores mentioning 50% off stuff. Guess this makes up for the rest of the year. I haven't purchased any games yet because because I am hoping to pick up Memoir, and a few others.
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    I got to play Beat Saber for about 20 minutes. It plays and looks great. Tracking of the Moves seems perfect unless you get outside the cameras view of course. There are are a lot of modifiers you can do to change the songs which is cool. I was quite surprised how complex the scoring is, giving you a score for how close to the center you hit the cube and how far you swing the sword. I do think it could have possibly benefited from a Guitar Hero Star Power type mechanic though. The music is probably going to be the deciding factor for longevity though. I’ve only heard a few of the tracks, and while they aren’t really my kind of music, they aren’t offensive and fit the game well. It will be interesting to see what they add through DLC.
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    What a turnaround for this game, man.
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    Narcos Mexico S4 - They really nailed the cast on this one. I can confirm the spoken spanish is true to the area, the slang, the accent, the dialog is very authentic. I didn't quite like Season 3, this is more like S1/S2. It's really a dramatized documentary. I still remember "El Jefe de Jefes" being a monthly mention when I was growing up - sad and brutal shit.
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    Rocket League is getting an Xbox One X enhancement on December 3. From the article linked to in the tweet:
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    Heads up, nerds, this is currently discounted on PSN as part of Sony's Black Friday Sale. Regular Edition -- $39.99 Deluxe Edition -- $59.99 Go get it! I know I will.
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    I tried the racing games and was not really too impressed with them. Gran Tourismo was just so so for me. However, if you haven't done so, give Wipeout a try. I guess the wipeout environment allows it to give you a more feeling of being in the game.
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    Here are other games to try out Platformers: Astrobot Moss Bound Puzzlish/Escape: Superhot Statik I Expect You To Die Shooters: Farpoint (With Aim Controller) Firewall: Zero Hour (With Aim Controller) Doom VFR Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Racing: Wipeout Omega Collection Dirt Rally Driveclub VR (Maybe) Music/Zen/Puzzle: Tetris Effect Thumper Others that I haven’t played, or haven’t played enough of but are well regarded: The Persistance Arizona Sunshine Raw Data To The Top Killing Floor Incursion Sparc Ultrawings Catch and Release
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    Thank you for your quick response. Astrobot/Moss bundle it is. Thanks again.
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    If you have the Moves already (and they’re still working), I would definitely get the Astrobot/Moss bundle. Both those games are great and really show how cool of an experience platformers can be in VR. Both games are a couple of my absolute favorites this year, with Astrobot being right up there as one of the best in years. The Doom Bundle would also be an option, but Doom can be had for $15 right now, while Astrobot and Moss are more than that each. The Skyrim and Creed/Superhot bundles are more expensive because they include the Moves. Headsets are all the same. Any of the bundles available right now (Doom, Skyrim, Astrobot, Creed) include the V2 headset. The only one to avoid would be the GT Sport bundle (if there happens to be one hanging around) as it has the V1.
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    I pretty much concur with all of this.
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    "Feature", not a bug. Everything you had built should be in the stored category & can be slapped down easily.
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    Sierra stepping up big time: ”Many of you have asked if we will be brewing a fundraiser beer to support Camp Fire relief efforts. The answer is a resounding “yes.” We are proud to announce that we'll be brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA and donating 100 percent of sales to Camp Fire relief. In addition, we are also asking every brewery in America to brew Resilience and do the same. I’m sending a letter to brewers across the country, inviting them to join us in a collaboration brew day on Tuesday, November 27. We are working with malt and hop suppliers to provide raw ingredient donations to all participating breweries and are asking those breweries to donate 100 percent of their sales, as well. We know that the rebuilding process will take time, but we’re in this for the long haul. Our hope is to get Resilience IPA in taprooms all over the country to create a solid start for our community’s future. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support. We're right here with you and we’ll get through this together.”
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    Courtesy of Tyrok over at bluray.com.
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    If you are a Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus member, some of the 4k Black Friday deals are up. I picked up Ant-man and Wasp, Deadpool 2, JL, It, and Equalizer. Infinity War and the Jurassic Park 4 movie collection is listed, but they say in store only for some reason when it's an online only thing. Will keep an eye on it during the day to see if they add more. *add on* -Also BB for the start of the week has a 3 for $40 deal on some films which could make a few a little cheaper. -Target also has some stuff for $15 already in their start of week ad.
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    Looks good... I don't know that it's going to draw me back for a while, but I did have a good time for a week or two after Next was released.
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    In the last month I've had the opportunity to visit central CA on two trips. One was a long weekend road trip to San Luis Obispo, and the other, last week, was a 6 day camping trip to Big Sur. Of course, on both trips time was set aside to visit breweries along the way. In fact, one of my most favorite breweries, The Libertine, is located in SLO. And I ended up visiting Firestone Walker twice, as their headquartered in Paso Robles which was on the route for the first trip and a 1.5 hour drive on the second tip. So why not? 🙂 Here are the hauls I brought back from each trip: The Libertine does only wild ales, many with mixed fermenations including grapes. Their style is more light, effervescent and less dry than Lambic for example. My friend and I combined efforts and went through their entire 20-tap list (in taster form). It was a mixed bag, some were so-so, some were nice and a few were great...this made choosing bottles easier. At Firestone, we only visited their store, which is really huge. FW has the merch thing covered...they have just about anything you can imagine. But they also have a walk-in fridge full of beer for purchase (I stupidly didn't take photos). As for last week, on the way down to Big Sur, we stopped at a small wild ale producer in Santa Cruz called Sante Adarius, which produces some of the best and most coveted wild ales in northern CA. Their small size means many never make it to the bay area. Some of their releases sell out the same day, for good reason. Their Santa Cruz taproom is really tasteful: As far as the second haul: The three on the left are from the 2nd visit to Firestone Walker, the two next to that are Sante Adarius, the cans in the middle are the latest IPAs from Alvarado Street in Monterey (easily a top 5 IPA maker in CA). One the way back home we stopped at Hermitage in San Jose, which produces a full raneg of beers, but I particularly like their sours. And then on the far right are two Breuery Terraux sours I got at Costco in Gilroy. I Always check out "foreign" Costcos if possible, because they often carry great local beers. I'll never forget finding a Cascade Apricot at the Costco in Eurgene, OR. Of all of these beers, I cracked the Dark and Stormy (from the first pic) while camping, and it was decent. It's intended to be an interpretation of the cocktail with lime and ginger and aged in rum barrels. The rum was present on the nose, lime and ginger were in there, but by the finish it turned somewhat medicinal/herbal/licorice. Not bad, but not compelling either. The other one I've opened is one of the 4-pack of the Thunder in Paradise IPAs. This one fairly blew my mind. It's a NEIPA with oats and lactose for thick feel, and the whole thing just works. I've had a lot of "milkshake" IPAs, and this avoids the common issue of not really balancing the richness of lactose with the cutting edge of hops. In Thunder in Paradise, Alvarado has pretty much nailed the balance, which is glorious. The result is a luxurious body surrounded by tropical fruit salad flavors, and just enough hop alpha acid to keep it refreshing, and far from cloying. But most of the two hauls is going into "cellaring" - which is a cooler in my closet 😉 - most of these should age well, hopefully.
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