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    Welp, I'm going to Belgium (and Netherlands) this spring. Just secured lodging in Brussels and Bruges. I'll be in Brussels the weekend of the Toer de Gueze, where are group of Gueze Lambic breweries open their doors to the public and release special blends. The days before that, I plan to hit up a bunch of other breweries and pubs in Brussels, including Cantillon, of course, but also several that don't get exported to the US. Then for the Bruges leg, I may rent a car to get to some of the Flanders breweries like Westvleteren and Verhaeghe. While beer is a big draw, I'm also excited to visit these historic cities, including Amsterdam. If anyone has tips for any of these cities, please share. I've not been to any of them.
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    Resident Evil Revelations Let’s talk about Resident Evil Revelations. As always, here are my thoughts on it from the first post: Having played it two times now, I would describe it as a good game, but not great. I don’t have any major, game-ruining complaints about it like I did with RE0 or RE6, but it doesn’t do anything so well that it stands out from the pack. The funny thing is even though my reaction to it this time was less enthusiastic, I definitely enjoyed it more on Xbox One X than 3DS. Having a proper analog stick for aiming is a huge improvement. It’s also a lot easier playing it on the big screen at 1080p and a locked 60fps. The only downside to playing it on a larger screen is that the graphics themselves don’t scale up so well from their handheld origins. While this was technical powerhouse on the 3DS, on a current gen console, it just looks like a budget title from the PS3/Xbox 360. It certainly doesn’t have the production values of RE5 and RE6. Still, the quality of life improvements in controls, resolution, and performance make the console versions the better way to play it overall. I think it’s interesting in that it tries to mix some old-school Resident Evil sensibility into the modern, over-the shoulder games. The emphasis is definitely on action here, but unlike RE5 and RE6, in which you never revisit an area after you leave, here you can and do return to places in order to scavenge for ammo, weapons, and other items. You also collect keys to open up new areas of the Queen Zenobia, where the majority of the game takes place. Unfortunately, there’s not much interesting to find beyond that. This isn’t like the Spencer Mansion or RPD, which were like big puzzle boxes for you to solve. Once you get a key, that leads to the next major area, where you’ll find another key to the next one, and so on. It’s still mostly linear, but you do have the option of going back to places if you wish. If I do have one complaint about the game is the map system. I hate, hate, hate, the maps. Resident Evil always has really good, really useful maps to help you find your way. Not so in Resident Evil Revelations. In this game, you get a little 2D mini-map in the corner of the screen that shows you the layout of your current position. Ideally, you would have access to a larger version of that in the menus, which would show you the layout of the ship, complete with the ability to switch between floors. You know, what you would get in every other game in the series. Instead, you get an awful 3D map similar to the ones you’d see in the Metroid Prime franchise. The difference here is that, unlike in Metroid Prime, you can’t fully rotate the map to look at it from any angle you’d like, making it hard to see how all the areas are interconnected. Additionally, the 3D map doesn’t indicate which way you’re facing, making it difficult to know if you’re moving in the right direction. With that, here are some additional random thoughts from my most recent play through: The episodic structure of the game—complete with, “Previously on Resident Evil Revelations...” recaps at beginning of each chapter—is fun. Given how many plot twists and turns there are in the story, it helps to keep track of what’s going on. I mentioned the controls, earlier, but I wanted to add that I think they are a great cross between RE4 and 5 and more modern control schemes. Gone are the series standard tank controls in favor of a more modern control scheme in which you move and strafe with the left analog stick, and the right stick is used for aiming. As a bonus, the camera also stays anchored to behind your character (unlike RE6). Overall, I don’t think the game is that hard, but there are a few notable difficulty spikes. In particular, the boss you fight at the end of Episode 3 (the comms officer) is extremely difficult. Not only does he take a ton of hits to bring down, you’re being chased by swarms of normal baddies. The final boss is tough as well. Be sure to have a rocket launcher when you get there. Jessica is one of the most ridiculous characters in the series. And this game also features characters named Grinder and Jackass. Not only is her dialog some of the worst cringeworthy in the series, her costumes are just weird. The one-legged wetsuit in particular is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in a video game. I like how you can scan enemies in order to get healing items. It gives you a reason to make yourself vulnerable before taking them out. Good risk versus reward design. Given the fact that you have an NPC with you the entire game, it’s surprising how useless they are. In RE5 and 6, they can revive you if you’re near death, and they can rescue you if you’re grabbed by an enemy. Here, they seem to do neither of those things, nor do they seem to help in anyway in taking out enemies. Setting the majority of the game on an abandoned cruise ship in the middle of the sea is one of the more inspired choices of the game. I only wish that the production values could have been higher to really bring out the best this environment had to offer—things like swaying objects on the ship, more weather effects, etc. With that, I’ve now replayed all the games in the series that I had previously played. My next game is one that I’ve never played at all, and a game I know almost nothing about—Resident Evil Revelations 2.
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    Just a quick reminder that Celeste is now available for free to all Xbox Live Gold members for the entire month of January. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/celeste/bwmql2rpwbhb?activetab=pivot:overviewtab If you haven't played it already, be sure to check it out. I know we all have gaming backlogs as long as from here to the moon and back, but at the very least, play the first chapter to get a feel for it. It shouldn't take more than a half hour of your time, and you'll get a good sense of what the game is like.
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    This may change today as I remember stuff . Movies Avengers Infinity War Mission Impossible Fallout Black Panther A Quiet Place Creed II * I have not seen Into the Spiderverse yet* TV Shows Man in the High Castle S3 Haunting on Hill House S1 The Bodyguard S1 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S1 Daredevil S3 Animated Series Voltron Troll Hunters Gadgets Apple Watch 4 LG UBK90 4k Blu-Ray Player Tabletop Games Lords of Hellas Keyforge Giant Killer Robots Rising Sun Starship Samurai Pop Figures Capt America vs Thanos Infinity War Thanos on Throne from end of Avengers Supergirl NYCC exclusive John Mclain Die Hard Baby from Baby Driver Comics/Graphic Novels TMNT Walking Dead Green Lantern Earth 1 Vol 1 Athena Voltaire Dark Knights Metal Vinyl (which in my case is soundtrack release) Mission Impossible (Mondo) TMNT The Movie Justice League Luke Cage S2 Star Trek Discovery Video Games Forza Horizons 4 God of War (still need to finish) Scythe Digital
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    Nice one - I’ll play MOVIES Avengers: Infinity War Mission Impossible: Fallout TV SHOWS The Haunting of Hill House The Fall (older show but I just watched it in 2018) The Bodyguard GAMES God of War Spider-Man Black Desert Online Destiny 2 Forsaken GADGETS AirPods Logitech G305 gaming mouse
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    Just finished Parasite Eve on PSX. I was hoping to get it in under the wire for 2018 but alas, it wasn’t to be. I’ll update this post with my 2019 count. 38 remains my all time high. I’m dead set on beating that record this year.:) Ah that PSX goodness....
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    I was gonna do a top 10 thread but here goes: MOVIES Avengers: Infinity War Mission Impossible: Fallout A Quiet Place Hereditary Game Night Honorable mention: Annihilation, Upgrade, Tully, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, BlackKklansman. TV SHOWS Madam Secretary s4 Blue Bloods s8 Jack Ryan s1 Better Call Saul s4 The Haunting of Hill House s1 Honorable mention: Making Murderer s2, The Resident s1, G.L.O.W. s2, 9-1-1 s1. GAMES God of War Spider-Man Only 2 games I played this year. 😕
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    January: Resident Evil 2 - $80 February: Apex Legends - $27 (in-game currency) Voez - $35 Steins; Gate Elite - 75.70 March: 428: Shibuya Scramble - $33.50 The Division 2 - $80 Apex Legends Season 1 - $13.49 April: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - $40 Smash Bros Joker Character Pass - $7.55 Katana Zero - $11.83 SteamWorld Quest - $31.49 Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ and Death Mark - $42.78 The Nonary Games - $13.37 May: Worldend Syndrome - $53.49 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - $16.74 Trails of Cold Steel - $53.49 June: Cadence of Hyrule - $31.49 Slay the Spire - $33.49 Total: $680.41
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    If your Gamers' Club Unlocked subscription is still active, Best Buy will be carrying Celeste on the Switch, so you'll get a beefier discount and probably not have to pay for shipping. Different cover art, though.
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    Good call on the UBK90. My C7P looked great before with the Sony x800 but the UBK90 (especially with DV) took my OLED to another level.
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    Well I did get the plutonium that I needed for my DeLorean over Christmas and.... I’ve said too much. That’s a great video. The Dan Houser bit is spectacular.... Also Surf Yosp!
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    Bumblebee - E.T. filtered through the lens of G1 Transformers is the best way to describe this and I’m fine with that. It has more heart and entertainment factor than all of the Bayformer movies combined. The robot designs here are fantastic and the opening montage is a Transformers fan wet dream. The only real sore point with me is that John Cena is a laughable actor and not in a good way. His role could have literally been played by any established actor out there and it would have immediately improved any part of the movie he was in. Outside of that, I hope the movie functions as just a pure reboot. The finale is ambiguous enough that it could be (and it retcons the autobots arrival from the original in the post credits). This is a nice starting point for where to take the franchise and well, I liked it. It finally brings Spielberg’s “a boy and his car” concept from the original film alive except with a female lead who is rather excellent.
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    I meant to post this the other day, but I finished off Resident Evil Revelations on Xbox One the other day. My plan is to try and have my write-up on it out after the New Year. After that, I just have Revelations 2 to finish, and I’m finally ready for the RE2 Remake at the end of January. In the meantime, here are a couple cool videos on RE4 and RE7. Enjoy!
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    My desire to finish this before hell freezes over is currently at odds with my desire to explore every ? on the map. This game is insanely overstuffed with content. I’m 10 hours in and it’s been super fun. And hard. No shield means a lot of dodge and parry and I have died more in this one than any other AC game. Which is good; the old ones were a total dawdle. I can’t praise the Mercenary system enough. Climbing the ladder to be the best in Greece and having the mercs hunting you as part of the wanted system is awesome. Some perks along with it, nothing game breaking, make it all the more useful. Overwhelming, but very fun.
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