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    Update, I went ahead and got the Vizio P-Series. It was $999 vs. $969 for the TCL at the local Best Buy and for the extra $60 I went for the 120hz panel and the HLG HDR. Gets delivered next Monday. Can't wait to finally get into 4K!
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    Give it another chance, I implore you. Season 3 is batshit insane. So glad Amazon picked it up for S4 (and hopefully beyond.) My lists (subject to change, like Joey, as I remember things) Movies ----------- Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse Avengers Infinity War Black Panther Mission Impossible Fallout Searching TV ---- The Expanse Bosch Better Call Saul The Man in the High Castle Doctor Who Games ------------ God of War Spider-Man AC: Odyssey Octopath Traveler Tetris Effect (I'm sure RDR 2 would be on here, but I haven't played it yet, waiting for the 4K TV before starting) Gadgets, etc. ------------- Nintendo Switch (bought this on a whim because I wanted something I could play while laid up in bed with my blown out back. Great purchase!) Xbox One X (don't even have the 4K TV yet, but I can see it's a huge improvement over the standard One, already) Xbox Game Pass (re-ignited my love of Xbox in a big way) Google Wifi (It's only been installed for a week, and I can definitely tell it's a mamoth improvement over my old setup. Super easy to set up, too.)
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    Looks like the 2019 LG OLEDs will have 2.1 HDMI https://www.engadget.com/2019/01/02/lg-oled-lcd-8k-hdmi-2-1-ces-2019/
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    Best Buy and Barnes & Noble are listing Del Toro’s Hellboy for 5th of March. He’d hinted this was on the way. It’s still not known if Universal will put out Golden Army (the first film is from Sony).
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    S1 is definitely slow but the ending is something else. S2 is good as well. I’m waiting for S3 to hit Prime.
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    The kicker is it ain’t worth all that trouble.
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    I think you can skip the dlc and start start a new "+" game to get the tokens necessary to unlock all suits. IIRC, that's what I did for the trophy.
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    If you wind up getting the DLC for cheap at some point down the road, that'll help with challenge tokens as well. There are a bunch of new challenges but no new gadgets, and all the DLC costumes are earned rather than purchased. (I platinum'ed before the DLC dropped, but I still had a bunch of gadgets to upgrade and zero desire to perfect the Taskmaster challenges. The DLC challenges with Screwball are generous enough with tokens that I was fully upgraded after Turf Wars.)
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    Amazon Prime - Homecoming. From the writer/director of Mr. Robot, this is a strange tale of a program set up to rehabilitate returning soldiers with PTSD, but nothing is as it seems. First, I really hate Julia Roberts. I hate that someone, somewhere, decided she is America's sweetheart and some kind of beauty queen, where to me she is neither. That's why she's perfect in this role, about as un-glamorous as you've ever seen her. She is a fine actress, no doubt. Bobby Cannavale, also seen in Mr. Robot, chews scenery like a boss, and it's glorious. Shea Whigham is pretty great too. It's a good story, moving along a little to slowly at times, and telegraphing its twists in stark contrast to Mr. Robot's many WTF moments. The first season really seems to stand on its own, and wrap up completely, but there will be a second. I give it 3 out of 5 Pretty Women. Carlos.
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    I need to watch Killing Eve and give The Expanse another shot.
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    Let’s do some random stuff... Movies: 1) Into the Spider-verse 2) Searching 3) Infinity War TV: 1) Killing Eve 2) The Expanse Video Games: 1) Spider-man 2) God of War 3) Octopath Traveler 4) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 5) AC: Odyssey (I LOVE Ubisoft open-world shitfests ) Anime: 1) Bloom Into You 2) Laid-Back Camp 3) SSSS.Gridman 4) Harukana Receive 5) High Score Girl
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    My favorite thing/moment of 2018 was rediscovering my love for all things retro gaming. Getting back into older games has helped to pull my attention back towards older experiences that I'll happily revisit over playing the latest entry in whatever open world games Ubisoft decided to shit out this year, or the latest Call of Battlefield 12, etc. I love gaming and this year saw some absolutely incredible releases that I played the hell out of but my desire to play modern games is relegated to those titles that truly deserve my attention. Downtime in between those belongs to my retro game setup.:) On that note, my 2018 Game of the Year list: 1. God of War 2. Spider-Man 3. Dead Cells 4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 5. Megaman 11 My favorite movies of 2018 (much more to watch!): 1. Annihilation 2. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (seriously, its incredible) 3. BlacKkKlansman 4. Halloween 2018 5 Avengers Infinity War (Quiet Place and Black Banther would be 6 and 7!)
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    This may change today as I remember stuff . Movies Avengers Infinity War Mission Impossible Fallout Black Panther A Quiet Place Creed II * I have not seen Into the Spiderverse yet* TV Shows Man in the High Castle S3 Haunting on Hill House S1 The Bodyguard S1 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S1 Daredevil S3 Animated Series Voltron Troll Hunters Gadgets Apple Watch 4 LG UBK90 4k Blu-Ray Player Tabletop Games Lords of Hellas Keyforge Giant Killer Robots Rising Sun Starship Samurai Pop Figures Capt America vs Thanos Infinity War Thanos on Throne from end of Avengers Supergirl NYCC exclusive John Mclain Die Hard Baby from Baby Driver Comics/Graphic Novels TMNT Walking Dead Green Lantern Earth 1 Vol 1 Athena Voltaire Dark Knights Metal Vinyl (which in my case is soundtrack release) Mission Impossible (Mondo) TMNT The Movie Justice League Luke Cage S2 Star Trek Discovery Video Games Forza Horizons 4 God of War (still need to finish) Scythe Digital
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    Nice one - I’ll play MOVIES Avengers: Infinity War Mission Impossible: Fallout TV SHOWS The Haunting of Hill House The Fall (older show but I just watched it in 2018) The Bodyguard GAMES God of War Spider-Man Black Desert Online Destiny 2 Forsaken GADGETS AirPods Logitech G305 gaming mouse
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    I was gonna do a top 10 thread but here goes: MOVIES Avengers: Infinity War Mission Impossible: Fallout A Quiet Place Hereditary Game Night Honorable mention: Annihilation, Upgrade, Tully, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, BlackKklansman. TV SHOWS Madam Secretary s4 Blue Bloods s8 Jack Ryan s1 Better Call Saul s4 The Haunting of Hill House s1 Honorable mention: Making Murderer s2, The Resident s1, G.L.O.W. s2, 9-1-1 s1. GAMES God of War Spider-Man Only 2 games I played this year. 😕
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    My desire to finish this before hell freezes over is currently at odds with my desire to explore every ? on the map. This game is insanely overstuffed with content. I’m 10 hours in and it’s been super fun. And hard. No shield means a lot of dodge and parry and I have died more in this one than any other AC game. Which is good; the old ones were a total dawdle. I can’t praise the Mercenary system enough. Climbing the ladder to be the best in Greece and having the mercs hunting you as part of the wanted system is awesome. Some perks along with it, nothing game breaking, make it all the more useful. Overwhelming, but very fun.
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